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Too idiot to make it, too idiot to quit.


The IGF reviews are here.

Posted by desdemian, 10 April 2015 · 0 views

The IGF reviews are here. The good news is that they all concur to the same point. The bad news is the point they all concur to.

Consensus: Good idea. Boring implementation.


I really like the idea behind the game however in it's current state it is no fun to play at all because the process of animating the character feels to tedious and slow.

Rethinking my hud

Posted by desdemian, 31 March 2015 · 0 views

So... about my hud. This is my current hud design (graphics not final).


I made it based on YouTube's control bar...


mixed with Adobe Flash's time line......

One year report (trailer inside).

Posted by desdemian, 22 October 2014 · 855 views

Alright, my friends.
It's been 12 month since I started this project .

Here are a few stats of this whole journey:

Number of months without a home: 12.5
Countries visited: 7
Cities visited: 43
Money spent:
- On me (food, bed, transport, tourism& stuff): 8000 **
** 3000 in Korea alone. It was crazy, i was blinded by SC2 and kpop stars. I regret nothi...

My character is growing...

Posted by desdemian, 13 October 2014 · 344 views

I said i was gonna post more often. I haven't. Sorry.
I'm working 24/7.

To make up for the lack of updates, I want to show you the evolution of my character in the last year.
I talked before about finding the right proportions .

This is how the character visually evolved all along this year. From prototype to current version.

I'm trying to set up a...

One month to IGF! And my game is unplayable...

Posted by desdemian, 22 September 2014 · 177 views

So, one month to the IGF submission deadline.
What have I been doing the past 11 months?
I have no idea. Sometimes projects just don't seem to move forward.

To top it all... today I had a completely stranger play my game. This is the first time somebody has played the game without knowing anything about it. I told him nothing. Just run the game and fol...

Bugs Funny.

Posted by desdemian, 10 July 2014 · 379 views

Bugs are usually source of headaches...

99% of the time you encounter a bug in your game you will be flooded with confusion, anger and the need to lift your fist and curse the gods. Because that's what programming is basically about... cursing the gods for your unfair destiny (why didn't you make me normal?!).

But sometimes... just sometimes... bugs are...

My sketchbook...

Posted by desdemian, 07 June 2014 · 6,497 views

As i was reading Asteroid Base's post about sketchbooks: http://www.asteroidbase.com/devlog/8-ugly-sketchbooks/#more-496 , it was a nice surprise to see three different people and the way they treat/use their sketchbooks. Even though i consider myself 100% a programmer, my sketchbook looks more like Jamie's: drawings mixed with math (more like geometry in...

Finding proportions for my main character

Posted by desdemian, 02 February 2014 · 1,070 views

I've always been a fan of short legs, short arms, big headed characters. I don't now why. Maybe too much Dragon Ball when i was younger.

But for my current project a character like that would not work. I needed a character kinda "athletic", that could make different poses (action movie type poses) and you could recognize this poses from the distance. A c...

Being Collin Northway

Posted by desdemian, 12 November 2013 · 890 views

So, my story starts a few years ago.

I was working on a personal project called Greengineers for the Microsoft's Imagine Cup contest.

After the contest was over, I dropped development of the game. A few months later i hear about this game called Fantastic Contraption, which shared some similarities with Green...

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