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/* Why you crying? */

Rendering Tree Sprites

Posted by JTippetts, 02 February 2016 · 394 views
tree, render, isometric, sprite and 2 more...
It's been awhile since I did anything 2D-related, and I'm a little bit worried that some of those particular hard-earned skills are starting to fade from my weak brain. Last night, I was talking with an individual in the GD.net chat about trees. This person was drawing trees and looking for advice on how to make them, so I shared a little bit about my own...

ANL Expression Parsing

Posted by JTippetts, 13 January 2016 · 1,415 views

Over the last several years, my noise library (ANL ) has been a sort of sink for whatever miscellaneous time I get in between work, kids, the house, game development, game playing, etc... It has evolved quite significantly from its roots as basically a libNoise knockoff. One of the key goals I have always had in mind has been to decrease the redundancy an...

Jasper's Place

Posted by JTippetts, 27 November 2015 · 192 views

So, I haven't worked on GC in quite awhile. I've been playing a bit of Path of Exile lately, so my urge to play/work on a turn-based RPG is at a pretty low ebb.

I typically play games at my PC in the dining room. I have dual monitors, and on the other one I've typically got Thomas the Train cartoons or Leapfrog counting/letters cartoons running for my ki...

Working on the Quest Map

Posted by JTippetts, 24 September 2015 · 167 views
goblinson crusoe, hex, tile, rpg
Lately I've been working on the quest map. The quest map will be accessible from a special kind of workbench, the Map Table, that you can construct as part of your base. Using the Map Table will bring up an interface showing the island map with various markers denoting quest locations. You'll be able to select a quest marker to embark on that quest, which...

evo's Game Jam and thoughts on organization

Posted by JTippetts, 11 September 2015 · 193 views
evolutional, game jam
So, evolutional recently challenged himself with his own personal game jam . In the process he created a simple clone of an existing game, 2048. He used the opportunity to work the rust out of some disused skills and learned a few lessons along the way. I've engaged in this kind of personal, on-my-own jam-style project before, and I understand how it can...