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Fluffy trees

Posted by JTippetts, 24 April 2015 · 0 views
trees, fluffy, goblinson crusoe
So, I downloaded Blender 2.74 and did an experimental tree using the normals trick mentioned in the previous post. The trees do, indeed, look fluffy now:


The official Blender exporter for Urho3D doesn't as yet support the normals modified by the normal edit modifier (although I was linked...

Useless filler

Posted by JTippetts, 21 April 2015 · 0 views


I find that I am really enjoying the gameplay with elevation involved. Exploration, especially with tall trees added, has become quite enjoyable even if there is really nothing much to find or do. There are a few tweaks that need to be done, however. One is th...

Moving components to C++

Posted by JTippetts, 13 April 2015 · 0 views
Goblinson Crusoe, Urho3D and 3 more...

So, I've gotten the game fully back to where it was before. Works great. But I have a pretty big project to tackle now.

You see, a LOT of the game functionality is written as Lua script objects attached as script object components to Urho3D Nodes. Which is great and all, but the thing is that the Lua bindings use tolua++...

Implementing elevation

Posted by JTippetts, 09 April 2015 · 0 views
Goblinson Crusoe, elevation and 1 more...
Because I said in the last entry that I would likely not implement elevation as a gameplay mechanic, tonight I started on implementing elevation as a gameplay mechanic.


GC can now climb up and down hills, as long as a given step is no more than one layer above or below his location (specifiable, of course, so that flying...

Hex tile height and lighting

Posted by JTippetts, 07 April 2015 · 0 views
hex tile, lighting and 1 more...
With the reversion to the more basic hex block shapes, I have begun experimenting with using elevation. I don't know that I would actually use elevation in the gameplay mechanics, but rather just as a look-and-feel thing. It wouldn't necessarily be a difficult change from a gameplay perspective to use elevation, but then I would need to animate for elevat...

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