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/* Why you crying? */

Urho3D and Pyrotechnics

Posted by JTippetts, 28 August 2015 · 0 views

Urho3D's architecture is based on a component system. You may have heard the term. Essentially, Urho3D provides a hierarchy of Nodes, where each Node comprises a set of transforms (position, rotation, scale), a list of children Nodes, and a list of components. Components provide the behavior and characteristics that turn a regular old Node into a game obj...

Flame Shotgun

Posted by JTippetts, 27 August 2015 · 0 views

In honor of Washu, I present to you the flame shotgun.

And a shitty, low-res video of it in action:


Posted by JTippetts, 25 August 2015 · 0 views
goblinson crusoe, hex, turn-based and 1 more...
Creepers gonna creep.
The swordsmen, I can probably take, but the three shaman are probably going to mess me up. If they don't murder each other first, that is. The red goblins tend to have unstable tempers.

I've been getting back into it. I came to a realization some time back. I tend to...

World Map Candidate

Posted by JTippetts, 09 May 2015 · 0 views
goblinson crusoe, world map
Here is a very quick, very rough mockup of what I currently have in mind for the world map:


The tags/locations on the map would be clickable, either on the map itself or on the list to the lift. (Appearance and detail will, of course, vary in the final solution.) Exploring a hex takes you to a turn-based exploration map....

What's it all about?

Posted by JTippetts, 05 May 2015 · 0 views
goblinson crusoe, rpg, quests and 1 more...
I am still in the process of converting critical components to C++ classes, rewriting some of my procedural world generation layers to avoid returning by value from the Lua API, and other such nonsense. It goes slowly when I have just so, so many dandelions in the yard to eliminate, so many square feet of lawn to feed and water, so many trees to tend and...