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Merry Prankster Games

Temple of the Abyssal Winds Beta Feedback Thread

Posted by gdunbar, in TotAW 29 September 2014 · 78 views

This thread is for myself and beta testers of Temple of the Abyssal Winds (http://prankster.com/totaw ) to give and respond to feedback that comes up during the beta.

Beta Testers Needed!

Posted by gdunbar, in TotAW 22 September 2014 · 473 views

Temple of the Abyssal Winds is ready to go for iPad, and I just need a few intrepid beta-testers to go through and find the last few bugs. Help out, and enjoy a classic-style RPG at the same time!


To find out more about TotAW, check out the website: http://www.prankster.com/totaw/index.htm Chapters 1 and 2 are ready for...

The Infocom Project: Infidel

Posted by gdunbar, in Infocom 21 August 2014 · 190 views

Today I completed my 14th Infocom game, Infidel! For more information about my attempt to finish all of these games, see here: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/717/entry-2259971-the-infocom-project/


So, Infidel. The good:
Unique, intriguing setting (Indiana Jones!).
Pretty small, foc...

The Infocom Project

Posted by gdunbar, in Infocom 21 August 2014 · 184 views

Well, this may be of no interest to anyone, and certainly has little to do with my indie game development, but it's my blog, so there! A project I've been working on for decades has been to win all of the old text adventures by Infocom. These classic games were released during (and just before) my teenage years, and thus hold a special place of nostalgia...

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