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Screenshot Saturday 173

Posted by et1337, 30 May 2014 · 450 views

Last week was a huge update, so this week is a bit smaller.
First, we’re hard at work on the animations. Here are some early WIP animations:
Posted Image

There are also a ton of new player sounds to accompany those animations, but those aren’t very screenshotable. Posted Image
I also vastly improved the god ray effect from last week, so everything is much smoother. Here’s another 4K screenshot of it:
Posted Image

In other news, Geel has been working on a brand new time trial mode. Check it out!
Posted Image

I also launched an Official Wikifor Lemma in partnership with Gameiki this week. It’s not very active yet, but I’m sure it will grow as people find more nifty things tucked away in the game.
Lastly, we are in full-scale preparation mode for various game expos and competitions. The first one we’ll be at is the Midwest Game Developer Summitin July. Hope to see you there!

The animations and new model are looking excellent. This game is really starting to look polished now.


I can still remember when you first started this as that third person thing with the cartoon ninja-spongebob-squarepants-type character. Come a long way since then :)

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