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XXChester's Blog

Play Snake Rawr Rawr Free

Posted by XXChester, in Release, Game 19 March 2013 · 751 views
XNA, Game, Snake, Rawr, C#
Play Snake Rawr Rawr Free Hello everyone, some of you may have noticed that I quietly released my game Snake Rawr Rawr back in November due to it being unfinished but contract work had come in that required me to put the game on the back burner. I decided to release the game the way it was as it was already a lot of fun albeit missing some critical features that I wanted in the ga...

Generic object translator

Posted by XXChester, 29 August 2011 · 980 views

This is the long overdue followup article to this journal entry about my generic object translator. This new object translator is extremely simple to use and add to if necessary. It replaces the hacked together object translator of said previous journal entry.


Move on....rewind

Posted by XXChester, in Debugging, Motivation, Stone walls 06 May 2011 · 422 views
Debugging, Motivation

Move on....rewind

Lovely story of my development experience and getting completely stone walled.

After several years of professional development, I am finding there are certain things that are guaranteed in programming. Things such as motivational spikes, finding needles in haystacks, and just about every time; nothing works the first...

XNA 4.0 Scripting

Posted by XXChester, 09 April 2011 · 2,427 views
XNA, Sripting, XNA, XNA, Gaming

XNA 4.0 Scripting

Objectives of this journal:


Step by Step server and Source control setup

Posted by XXChester, 13 March 2011 · 1,071 views
svn, cvs, RDP, Subversion
So on the weekend my servers HD failed and I had to go through the joys of resetting up a SVN server and what not. As I was going through this again I was thinking; "You know I really need to write a doc this time on how to do it so it is really easy if I ever have to set one up again". Everytime I have set a server up the same couple of things get me eve...

Great Couple of days

Posted by XXChester, 28 February 2011 · 262 views

So I have had a great couple of days lately. Last week I finished my latest game using the Irrlicht graphics engine which just proved that I am at the point now where I am able to fairly easily jump to different graphics engines to make games. On the weekend I took my first stab at writing an A* Implementation based on the details of how it should work...

My Development Experiences Thus Far

Posted by XXChester, 14 January 2011 · 213 views

This is just an entry of some things every beginning developer should know and things that I have run into and learned from my development, beginner to beginner.

Greatest Programming Experiences;
-Learning to start small. My first project(finished) was a Tic-Tac-Toe game....small right? It should have been, but by the end it...

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