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Matias Goldberg

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In Topic: Which hairstyle looks best?

Today, 04:06 PM

A squire without a knight. On a quest for the king, even though the king never asked him. 20 years old. Clumsy, courageous, idiotic, and good-hearted. Able to wield a sword, and a magic wand or a bow and arrow. Average wealth.

ok these are the feelings that evoke on me:
1 & 4: He is clumsy, kinda nerdy and intelligent. Not good reflexes due to his hair covering his sight. Not really good with a sword, probably better with magic. Good heart.

2: Not very smart, gets provoked easily that gets him into fights & trouble. Probably got into the king's quest because he had a confrontation with a pig owned by the evil guy; and he just wants to get revenge on the pig.
He's like 1&4 except his hair is not covering his sight (which makes him better w/ reflexes) but the spiky hair denotes danger/angryness/confrontation; hence he can't be very smart like 1&4.

3 & 8: Rushes into a fight. Brute force and brawl over everything else. Wants to become a chevalier by proving his worth in senseless self-imposed quests for the King. Cares for others and willing to sacrifice himself for them, good heart. Stereotypical hero.

5 & 6: Either comes from a wealthy family or pretends to come from one. Manners over everything. Quite narcistic. Likes to crack jokes. Brags more than what he can chew. Wants to prove he can rescue & get the princess in senseless self-imposed quests. Kind of like Don Quijote, he lives in his own imaginary world.
Btw #6 reminds me of Guybrush Threepwood.

9: Strong, bully, borderline fascist; but in a funny way not in a serious tone. Overall combat skills balanced. He's into a quest if there's something for him.

12: Either he comes out of a Toriyama's story (Tapion, West Supreme Kai, Crono from Chrono Trigger) and thus he has ridiculous exaggerated powers and damage resilience (which is useful for comic relief); or he's going through a "nobody understands me" adolescent phase, which often gets exploited by the villains. Ultimately good of heart. Average wealth.

7. 10 & 11: I've got nothing in particular evoked on me that's worth highlighting.

Given your draw style, I got the impression you're looking into some comedy or parody, rather than serious (i.e. not Dark Souls; more like Epic Battle Fantasy). Your style strongly reminds me of Larry of Karryon (there's only 2 episodes, a few mini game, and several games)

In Topic: Which hairstyle looks best?

Yesterday, 07:02 PM

TBH each one of these are expressing a very different and unique personality. Tell us more about the character, their background, story and setting and then I can better decide which one fits better.

In Topic: Is OpenCL slowly dying?

24 September 2016 - 11:42 PM

The thing with OpenCL vs Vulkan is the former will prioritize accuracy while the latter will prioritize performance. Although some Vulkan implementations could provide strong IEEE and double support extensions, it doesn't change the fact it will be fancy add on whereas OpenCL it is a must-have and the core focus.



Take into account also WebGL. WebGL is quite popular now. And I suppose that due to difficulties to implement Vulkan in browsers it will be so for a long time.

There won't be a WebVulkan as Vulkan provides a degree of low level access that is a massive security nightmare that browser cannot afford to allow.

In Topic: Is fread considered a seek memory on disk operation?

16 September 2016 - 05:36 PM

Check out "Reading and writing are less symmetric than you (probably) think"

In Topic: Alpha Blend for monocolor (or min/max depth buffer)

13 September 2016 - 11:30 PM

Thanks Matias. One more question: I feel like the request for knowing min/max depth for each pixel is very common (...)

Actually it's not common. It is common though to compute the min / max of a block of pixels (e.g. an 8x8 block); which can be done as a postprocess once you're done rendering opaque objects.
On consoles you could have that information from some internal working of the Z buffer (Either it was Hi-Z or Z Compression), but it's not available on standard desktop APIs. AFAIK not even in D3D12 & Vulkan.

...especially when we need to do efficient raycasting for volumes (so we don't have to march all the way through the bounding box for sparse volumes). What's the standard way industry used for sparse volume rendering?

There isn't one. This is a heavily researched topic now that we have the horsepower to do it at acceptable framerates; and so far the techniques vary depending on what you want to render and how the researcher approached it (i.e. clouds, volumetric particle FXs, godrays, Global Illumination, AO)