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In Topic: Best Programming Language for Simple Multiplayer Sport Simulation Game

19 May 2016 - 01:50 AM

For a mainly online and text based game I'd go for some kind of web technology rather than a native application.


Personally I'd use HTML5 and code in Javascript which would be the path of least resistance.   There are tons of other languages and technologies around but this is the default language for getting shit done on the web.  Also you'd probably be able to speed up your development by leveraging other libraries that are available for Javascript  (like displaying charts or spreadsheet style data).

In Topic: maybe it could, possibly, this pass, do THIS sort of thing, for now

18 May 2016 - 06:16 AM

Do you have a producer or project manager, as well as the designer?

Yes somebody should be pruning your tasks to make sure that they are ready for development.


How are you assigned the tasks?
Are you in some kind of Agile team.

If so how can your ScrumMaster even accept a story into a Sprint without a properly defined goal / criteria.  How are QA even supposed to test this if nobody knows what it should do?



Can you not just reject the task and assign it back to the designer until they've decided what they want you to do?




In short to answer your question.  No this isn't normal and you are entirely justified in complaining about this.

In Topic: Best gaming platform in the future with marketing perspective.

18 May 2016 - 02:13 AM


Avoid visual studio?

I've always heard this opinion that visual studio should be avoided (since its owned by Microsoft!), and I get confused.

I currently have Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and its great, the debugging tools are also helpful. I feel that if I develop with something like Code::Blocks, I'll miss a lot of features.

I don't think you neccessarily need to avoid Visual Studio just that you need to be able to code without becoming dependant on it.  I spent most of my time C++ coding in Visual Studio but then it was a massive shock when I got a job at a big game studio where it was policy not to use it (the whole company used Vim and command line).  Also in my current company the C++ programming test involves debugging using valgrind from a Linux terminal.

Yeah so don't avoid using it just be prepared for when you can't use it.

In Topic: Prototype feedback for iOS games

17 May 2016 - 02:29 AM



I'm assuming I don't have to pay for the apple developer license (like when you submit something to the App Store)!



You can test on a device without a developer licence since Xcode 7 was released.  However you will be limited as to what kind of apps you can develop as without a developer licence your app won't be able to use Game Centre, In App Purchasing, iAds, Sharing keychain or user properties with a notification centre extension or Apple Watch.  Theres probably a bunch of other limitations.



Any suggestions doe where are good places to look for testers? I know here for sure but anywhere else?

Just use Google their are dozens of sites and communities available that are their for the sole purpose of recruiting beta testers for iOS apps.

In Topic: how can neural network can be used in videogames

16 May 2016 - 07:17 AM

Article here about how Codemasters used a Neural Net for Colin McRae rally 2: