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In Topic: Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

Today, 01:41 AM

Oh wow. Interesting stuff. Some very good points. I agree with you that a similar game wouldn't fare too well, but what about a game that has better gameplay and a solid amount of non-gps content? Maybe some AR usage too?

A game I have played for a while is Zombies Run:


This game encourages exercise in the real word to collect money and resources to build up your base.  SixToStart the guys who develop it have a number of other exercise games that encourage you to get out and about.  I'm not entirely sure if all there games actually use the GPS or are just using your devices as a pedometer but, they are still different in that you are encouraged to get off your arse to go and play them.


In Topic: Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

Yesterday, 12:41 AM

The GPS part of the Pokemon Go isn't unique or original.  People have been trying to make these kind of Map / GPS games since we had GPS available on mobile phone.
I can remember playing one called Triangles on my Sony Erricson back in 2005.  The thing is that other than Ingress none of them have really taken off.  

If you did a Google search for GPS games before Pokemon Go was released you would have found dozens of results (Its a bit tricky now since searching for anything to do with GPS and games will just return Pokemon Go stuff now).


In answer to your question No I don't think a large number of people would be interested in a similar game without Pokemon branding.


Ingress was OK but, at the time it was popular it was because it was owned by Google and they were pushing it onto anyone with an Android handset or a Google+ account.

Pokemon Go has done well but only because of Pokemon.  They could of released a Flappy Pikachu game and it would still have done well.

In Topic: Stackoverflow And Money

28 July 2016 - 07:27 AM

Agreed, that's way too high for London. London does pay more compared to the rest of the UK but a typical web developer with 3yrs experience does not get £90k for working in London. I've seen under half that for cool startups and never above 2/3rds that for someone with only 3 years experience.

But then a contractor can earn much more.  The low end is £350 per day up to around £650 per day.

In Topic: Stackoverflow And Money

28 July 2016 - 04:22 AM

It is fairly accurate for a London developer working in "The City" or Canary Wharf but a little high for the majority of developers who work outside of finance.

In Topic: Help Deciding On New Language

25 July 2016 - 02:10 AM

You could try Monkey which is very similar to BASIC:





Or also Haxe which is also a very easy language to get to grips with: