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Intelligence is...

07 January 2015 - 03:57 PM

...when a person with a generally accepted "low level of intellect (e.g. poor IQ / exam scores)" achieves that of a person with a generally accepted "higher level of intellect" through insight, intuition and hard work (applying ones self etc).


Discuss. How do you define it?

F# to C++ Translator, feedback requested

22 February 2014 - 06:03 AM

Hello all,


I am in the process of making a library to convert F# to C++.

Here is an example:

module Functions =

    //must declare delegate with same name as let bound function
    type Add = delegate of int * int -> int      
    let Add(a,b) = a + b

open Functions
module Host =
    let main() =
        //get function pointer to exported C++ function
        let m = FunctionPointer<Add>

As you can see it is quite straight forward to use.


So how does this work?

F# allows you to read the definition of a function / member at runtime so in the above example it reads an AST of the form "let Add(a,b) = a + b".

Within the FunctionPointer definition that AST is transformed into a C++ AST and  then outputs the code into a template project, runs MSBuild, copies the dll to the program folder, dynamically loads the dll and gets the exported function.


I can then call this function directly from F#.

I am not finished.


Why am I doing this?

1. It is fun.

2. Maybe it will be useful.


Does anyone here think this is useful?

If so what would you use it for?

What functionality would make it more useful for you?


Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards


Training programs on the TV, why not?

04 January 2013 - 02:00 PM

Hi everyone,


When I was a child we had TV shows on the in morning on channel 4 which taught kids about numeracy and spelling.

Why doesn't the BBC use the same approach with adults?


I see no reason the BBC couldn't broadcast a show teaching people basic skills which employers would appreciate. It doesn't have to be advanced, just enough to wet the appetite. It beats the hell out of strictly come dancing sit idle in front the TV learning nothing.


Sure, most people wouldn't tune it but some people might and get the point. Kid's did, I did.


For example, a short course on programming and where to learn more (the internet). My girlfriend who has no ability in programming (or logical reasoning) managed to write a simple picture viewer by reading an MSDN article. It took her 30 minutes.


There is bound to be other fields that this would apply to.


I realize that some of these pointless shows create vast amount of revenue through advertising and sales to other countries but I think what is more important is getting people trained and into jobs at a low cost.


A lot of people don't realize that job training really is something you have to take a personal responsibility for rather than wait for the government to hand out jobs/training.


I thought about this after reading this BBC article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-20905415


Agree / Disagree ?


Thanks for listening.

my win7 experience

22 January 2011 - 05:55 AM


In work I have win7 and it has been great since IT set it up from an uptodate image. However installing win7 at home has been a major headache.

During installation I selected "Install updates automatically (recommended)" - this was a big mistake.
It silently installs about 60 major updates. Since I am unaware of this process I begin installing wireless drivers (imo this should be unneccesary, my wireless is quite standard, its belkin).
BSOD During driver install
Install again -> success
Download other drivers
Repeat for about 10 BSOD's until I realised this automatic update has been screwing with my system while I install device drivers.

Many more random BSOD's as other random security updates are applied.

The BSOD's stop when all but 3 updates have successfully installed. The remaining 3 throw errors and still do.

Sometimes my wireless drops and there are several ways I can potentially fix this:
- Select "Troubleshoot problems" <- this used to work, its not so good now, I have a 20% success rate.
- Briefly unplug wireless device <- used to work, not so good now, sometimes it takes minutes to detect that I have unplugged it and typically crashes windows explorer
- Uninstall device, reinstall device <- sometimes works, sometimes locks up device manager.
- Restart machine <- works but wireless could drop at any time.

Some days it is fine, others it is not. In device manager I sometimes have #3 and #4 of the same device.
I've reinstalled drivers several times with no luck.

My last problem was when I restarted (to fix wireless problem) it said "Installing updates 1 of 3. Please do not power off your machine". This completely froze. I manually restarted.


Reactions of governments vs information in the wikileaks cables

08 December 2010 - 07:53 AM


(I realise there is already a thread about this but reading it briefly I feel it has derailed)
I wouldnt be the most up to date person on Wikileaks but does anyone else feel that the reaction from governments to wikileaks is more important than the wikileaks themselves?

The lengths they are going to silence Julian Assange seams quite extreme to me. I think if they had just let it slide there would have been less blow back. They cant stop the leaks, even if they assasinate julian it will still get out. Eventually the people and media would have grown bored of the leaks and the impact would have been minimal.


Also, will WikiLeaks change the world in any significant way?