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Adding plagues/diseases to an MMO or RPG.

10 September 2012 - 02:16 PM

I recently heard about the corrupted blood incident that happened in World of Warcraft (basically there was one boss that could hit players with a damaging status effect that infects other players on contact, someone teleported out of the boss battle and started infecting people outside that dungeon and it spread all over the game world).

It sounds pretty cool and was quite an event (I understand they did a more official thing later with a zombie disease).

So, I was thinking how would it be if there was an MMO where diseases were more common and kind of built into gameplay? Or what sort of diseases would be interesting to have without making the game unfun?

Disease ideas:

Base zombie virus - Players are infected by contact with infected zombies (attacks or lingering around their corpses). The disease results in a minor reduction in some stats. If the infected player is killed their corpse will rise up as a zombie (with stats similar to their original level). The disease doesn't really seek to kill the player, just infect them so that when they do die they leave a zombie who can infect and kill others. The disease is cured upon respawn. The zombie takes a while to rise after the hosts death, and during that time other players can burn or destroy the body to prevent it from rising.

Food Mold - A disease transferred through eating tainted food. Tainted food grows molds on it which spread the disease and lowers their healing properties. A person infected with the disease finds that food in their inventory slowly become tainted and moldy (thereby reducing their healing value). Potions tend to be immune to this due to preservatives and being bottled. It basically destroys alot of the various food items/vendor trash one finds laying around. Tainted food may eventually deteriorate into lumps of mold which could then be crafted into something else (like converting all the moldy food into a sort of penicillin compound).

Base Vampirism - An infection spread through biting attacks made by vampires or infected people. Slowly gives the infected undead properties (lower healing from magic, vulnerable to things that hurt undead, etc) and they gain a bite attack that lets them drain health. However, they also register as undead and many mindless undead will be nonhostile to them unless they attack. Stays with them after death but can be repeatedly cured with the right medicine/quest. May also have various items that can cure the disease during its initial stages (like the first few days after infection nothing major aside from stat reduction but the undead properties show up later on) or to outright prevent infection (things like charms made of garlic or silver).

Just a few ideas, I'm curious how one could add diseases to a game that enhances gameplay and might give people ways to interact/play that don't involve just fighting monsters. Also, if some diseases have beneficial side effects then they might be better if they can't be cured with normal magic and require special potions. Basically, if someone intentionally gets vampirism or the food mold in order to fight undead or turn food into crafting stuff then you don't want other players to just zap them with spells to take away their bonus.