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Medieval Times Alpha release

19 May 2014 - 06:58 AM


I would like announce my new single-player game called Medieval Times. It’s an RPG game with emphasis on adventure and exploration, available for Windows.



Some of the games features:

  • Story driven action.
  • Puzzle and exploration.
  • Hand drawn isometric background objects.
  • Pre-rendered 3D character graphics (over 800 frames of animation on main character).
  • Real-time combat.
  • Control movement with either mouse or keyboard.
  • Use, drop, push or pick up objects.
  • Interactive character dialogs with hand drawn NPC portraits.
  • Simulation of time, night and day.
  • Dynamic shadows and lighting.
  • DRM-free.

The game takes place in an open world. Once you are on the road you are free to explore the land. This means that you can have multiple quests going on at the same time and that they don’t have to be completed in a predefined order. It is up to the player to decide their own pace of gameplay and preferred path of exploration.

Combat is played in real-time. Each attack and block has to be timed to be successful. However, equipment also plays an important role in the outcome of a battle. Insufficient armor or a dull sword is not advised.

NPC dialogue is non-linear. The choices you make can have a significant impact upon the world.

The game’s graphics are rendered in a 3D accelerated isometric projection with hand drawn background objects and pre-rendered characters. All graphics, sounds and music have been especially created/composed for the game.


You are a local peasant (Edmond) from a small village called Mosscroft. Everyday seems ordinary and dull until you are set on a mission by the village noble which leads to unexpected adventures.

He is given the task to travel to the neighboring village called Fairbridge to find new seeds for sowing. Eager to find some change in his life he gladly accept the task; anything to get away from the farming shores and errands. However, Edmond quickly realizes that life is not so easy on the road. Bandits raid the country side, attacking supply caravans and unproven travelers. He must build up his skills if he is to survive in this unforgiving world…

Alpha demo, release and campaign
I aim to release the game early 2015. There is already an alpha release that is freely available for download.

I currently run an indiegogo campaign for Medieval Times. If the campaign does not meet its funding goal I will release the game nonetheless but with less content and length of gameplay.

Home page – http://www.oddgames.com/medieval-times
Indiegogo campaign – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/medieval-times
The alpha demo – http://www.oddgames.com/mt/medieval-times-alpha.zip
Development journal – http://www.gamedev.net/blog/639-oddgames-development-journal/
Thank you for reading!


16 July 2012 - 05:28 AM



Save game

13 June 2012 - 04:28 AM


I'm developing a game which uses lua for scripting. I am at a point in development where I want to have save files/states and I am wondering what's the best solution. My scripts usually have a table where most of the variables reside, I use no coroutines in my scripts. Is it a good idea to somehow iterate through the lua stack and save the variables to file?

I have searched around a bit and found a library called pluto but I am not very confident that it will work with the latest lua build (5.2). Moreover it seems to have issues with 64bit systems.

Any thoughts on lua stack saving is greatly appreciated.

Clean lua stack

09 May 2012 - 02:51 AM

I'm trying to clean the lua stack by using the following piece of code:
int i=0, prev=1,count=0;
while(i!=prev || count<10){
  lua_settop (luaVM, 0);
  lua_gc (luaVM, LUA_GCCOLLECT, 0);
  i=lua_gc(luaVM, LUA_GCCOUNT, 0);
But it doesn't clean entirely. I still have variables that are not 'nil' when the while loop has finished. The variable 'i' never turn zero but I guess that is expected. I do a minimum of 10 garbage collections just to be on the safe side.

Thanks for reading.

Normals inconsistent

19 March 2012 - 10:14 AM


I have a problem with normals. They look slightly different in two different programs (game and editor). A picture to illustrate:

Posted Image

The game normals produce a slightly more round shape while the editor has the result I am looking for. I have been looking through my code searching for the cause of the inconsistency but can't find it. I am 99% certain that the normal and light positions have the same values:

Posted Image

I have tried glEnable(GL_NORMALIZE) and glLightModeli(GL_LIGHT_MODEL_LOCAL_VIEWER, GL_FALSE) (and true). Are there any other functions that I might have overlooked that can produce these differences?

Thanks for reading!