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Looking for critique/advice for my resume

26 April 2012 - 11:07 AM


I am building a resume to apply for QA game testing jobs. I have done research to see what would be good for a resume and I've read a lot of different things as to what should go into a resume--particularly one who does not have previous experience and that will be reflected in this resume.

I know two of my biggest problems are that my resume is currently 2 pages and that my work experience is pretty irrelevant to game testing but I feel everything I have written is necessary. This is why I need more opinions and eyes to help me decipher these things.

Thank you for the help and advice. I appreciate it.

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Advice on choosing 3D Modeler or Game Designer

23 February 2012 - 11:35 AM

I've been trying to focus my attention on something specific and as I throw out more fluff, I'm now at a place of trying to figure out do what I want to focus on being a game designer or 3D modeler?

My dilemma is that I enjoy both. Naturally, when I play games I don't naturally look at the graphics from a modeler point of view but from a game designer's point of view. I look at games in general from a game designer's perspective. I also enjoy leading. Not being a bossy prick but someone motivating and encouraging to team members and people I work with to create something awesome and the teamwork.

As a 3D modeler, I enjoy the creation and the finished product. I enjoy the problem-solving and the attention to detail and love the feeling of being satisfied with something. I'm not sure if there is much collaboration involved in this position but if there is, then it would be that much more enjoyable.

I also have a wife and a family but I am 25 so I'm not at then end of my life. :)

Thanks for any opinions and thoughts y'all have. Just trying to get some focus so I can sink my teeth into something.

Making an educational game

04 March 2009 - 07:28 PM

All my life I've been playing games of all kinds of genre's. I have a fair understanding of gameplay mechanics and what makes a game good or bad. But I have to make an educational game for my class and this is one genre of game I have absolutely no experience with. The only thing that pops in my mind is interactive tutorials. I am supposed to turn in a concept with ideas tomorrow and even sketches (only two days to do this in a class that is not focused on game design at all) and I'm not even sure what my subject of my game will be. We're allowed to make a game about anything as long at its educational--that does not mean rated "C." It just must be educational. I'm going to be researching games that are educational but if anyone has any games in mind, let me know.

Choosing a platform

21 June 2008 - 06:06 PM

My team and I are beginning our first game project--Pong. To go with that though, we plan on putting in a small story and possibly some 3D backgrounds. Seeing that we don't know exactly how to go about this, I was wondering what sort of platform we should do this type of project on, what type of engine may be needed and recommended type of programming. I don't mean to sound like I haven't done any research but I've done a ton of research and after all the research I've done, there's always something I'm missing and I believe these are it. Thanks for any help. I do appreciate it. EDIT: Actually, a better question would be what kind of platform would be practical for a no-budget team since we don't have a great amount of resources.