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Should I learn photoshop

21 November 2012 - 03:00 AM


We are currently small team that makes games for smartphones only. I am facing a little problem.

I work in 3ds max and UDK and my colleague works in Photoshop and UDK. I make the model he makes the texture. However, its getting really hard to make communication channels effective. We are wasting time, because it takes long for me to explain which part is which. What I want to ask is should I learn Photoshop in order to fix this communication problem or is there another way to fix it? Is it common that 3d artist also works as a texture artist ?


Some questions

11 June 2012 - 02:56 PM


So I have few questions that consider story design.

The first one would be about dialogues and voices. When I have a game scene where there are dialogues what is the most appropriatetechnique to use ? Should I write text where when you enter a particular area you trigger the conversation with someone, where basically text is written on the bottom od the page? Or should I use some cut scenes? Or combine both and when combining, should there be some kind of relationship ? For example a cut scene represents that you have moved on to the Act 2 of the story. What kind of relationships are the between the cut scenes and the "in gamplay scenes".
I know that will you use voices or not in dialoguesdemands on the budget, but how expensive can it get? Is it possible that this kind of service can be found online ? Could I search for someone with equipment and so on, or is this thing done locally ? How expensive is it (considering that the people are not famous ones)?

The second one is about game trailers

The answer could be vague so it would be better if someone knows some good articles that I can read mattering game trailer? The main concern is how do I actually present my game in 3-4 min trailer ? Should it be story? Backstory of main charachter? Some gamplay scenes? I looked for different kind of trailers and some said everything about the game wich for me personally killed the game and some said very little about the game and it was all about the story. I don't want to do that. I would like to know techniques used for creating trailers, what do you present that would be just enough for ? I know they are totally different from movies, since in the movies you present the basic plot you go and watch awesomedialogues and scenes, but in game you sort of discover the plot, trough gamplay and environment.

The third one is about a part of the story I am struggling with

I have this part that deals with a tragic moment. The story begins with two people and you as one of them. Letter your partner dies. How do I create bond with this other guy and the actual player ? Should I try and make some rescue scenes or some emotional dialogues (dont want to go to emotional, it could get, well, weird)? Some articles about this would be useful.

Thanks Posted Image


28 May 2012 - 09:11 AM

For the last month or so I have been following a book and 3Dbuzz tutorials in order to learn Unrealscript. I am beginner in programming, my main field is modeling and animation, but I wanted to test my self as indie so started using UDK and its tools. I am really love UDK and I kind of got hang of it. Licensing terms are also suitable for me. So as you see my choice is UDK and I do not want to go on any other.

Today I found out about this article: http://gameindustry.about.com/od/trends/a/Unreal-Engine-4-First-Look.htm
Some of you may have seen it some may not.

The problem is that it says that Unrealscript will be removed and C++ will come as a replacement. Which is probably good, but is it good for me, indie game developer?

I have seen posts that talk about how beginners should not start with C++ and yet it is obviously the one that I need to learn. I am kind of demotivated when it comes to learning Unrealscript and yet C++ may turn out hard.

Should I stop to learn Unrealscript and move to C# and than on C++ so I can get the hang of it ? Or should I continue learning Unrealscript and once I feel comfortable with it move on C++ ?

What are your opinions on introducing C++ on Unreal Technology and if you have read the article about UDK 4 what do you think it would turn out, for professionals and indie ?

Thanks :D

That was a good story

26 May 2012 - 07:48 AM

Hello guys

So I have few questions that kind of are bothering me..

For the last month and a half i think I have been writing the basic plot, outline, of linear story and I thought it would last 3 days :/. When I have came to an almost end I struck a large problem that I was not able to see while developing.

My story started to look more like an NPC story than an actual main character personal story. It start with problem that main character has but as he searches the solution he learns about things few had know. However it soon turns out to be story about the NPCs rather then the character and his aim (even due they still exist, but became smaller in comparison to what he/she had discovered). I could try to make his "new findings" his new problem, but it would probably turn out confusion and unreasonable. I made my story to be highly logical and where player wont get in the position where he fights a certain enemy without particular reason that is connected to overall plot.

What are your suggestion I should do about this problem ? Go do it all over again or should I rearrange the problems so that they highly concern the main character (which will be hard I think).

The second question is about complicity of the story. My story currently is very complicated, but not in a Spanish soap way. Every part of it has deep meaning and it is higly connected to more parts on the plot. I design it so player would become emotionally attached to it by providing him details that will create that spell. Star wars i complicated and highly successful. Shadow of Colossus is totally contradictory to the Star Wars and it is as well very successive story as Star Wars.

So my question is what you thing story should be, complicated or simple ?

Thanks Posted Image (sorry if it is already written or discussed since this is my first post)