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Game visual style idea

09 August 2015 - 04:06 PM

Hi everyone,


Recently I've been to some pretty awesome, dramatic locations where I took some video footage


I've been toying with different ways of stylizing the footage to give it a unique, darker feel I particularly like.


Here's a very short clip (with added music), but you'll get the idea of what I'm after:



I think turning raw video clips into something like this allows to create some interesting video game locations. Because of how it turns out, I think it would be possible to embed different dynamic elements onto the footage (characters, buildings etc) in a very fitting, convincing way.


The first type of a game that comes to mind is a good old point-and-click adventure, where you interact with specific dynamic elements in each location then move onto another scene.


The other is actually a side scroller / platformer - as long as the original video was shot in a res high enough, it should be no problem to "zoom in" to a fraction of a scene and let the camera follow the running / jumping character in a usual way


What do you guys think?

Space Toads - avenge the Burger of Truth in this free shooter for Google Chrome

14 September 2013 - 07:43 AM

Hi Everyone,




Recently, I've finally completed my very first game - Space Toads.


It's a classic, top-down shooter with fast-paced action and relentless hordes of enemies. Your main goal is to survive as long as possible and get the highest score. I was told that one can experience "Galaga flashbacks" when playing the game smile.png


All you need to play is some sort of a normal PC / Mac and Google Chrome (may work fine in Safari or other webkit-based). To save your score / get ranked etc you need to sign in with Twitter - don't need to do this though.


Controls are simple: Arrows - Move, Space or Ctrl - Shoot, Esc - Pause / Unpause


You can play it here:



Also, here's my IndieDB page if anyone's interested:



Hope you enjoy it, and looking for feedback





Space Toads - looking for feedback

08 February 2013 - 07:44 AM

Hi everyone,


I present to you Space Toads, my browser-based retro arcade shooter (born from the ashes of a different game I posted here some time ago;)


The game is under development, what is currently playable is the survival mode (which is supposed to be difficult), there will be a "campaign" with various levels, etc. but not until the survival mode is complete and awesome





Please use the latest Google Chrome, I will look into other platforms in the future, but right now I am focusing on Chrome


Click here to play Space Toads


Hope you enjoy it, looking for ideas, suggestions and other constructive feedback



Space Retards

09 January 2013 - 04:47 AM

Hi everyone,

I would like to present to you my very new html5 game I am currently working on.

So, here's some info:

All I can say is in my game you are not a hero trying to save the princess / world / vegeterians, etc. My game gives you a unique opportunity to become a Space Murderer. A vile, nasty, evil bastard with a mission to commit genocide on good, innocent Space Retards smile.png At this stage I don't want to get into a lot of detail about the story, since no matter what this game is all about:

It is a classic, arcade-style, 2d top-down shooter at its core. I am aiming at a distinct AtariNESque experience with a bit of a modern twist.

You move with arrow keys, you try to murder with either Space or Ctrl (both Ctrl and Space do exactly the same thing). So again, a classic '1-fire-button' setup. Simples.

Three Words: Genocide and Survival. The good, innocent retards are not so helpless after all. The very looks of you make them go apeshit, trying to crash right into you. The action can get intense at times, as it's supposed to.

An average PC / Mac, with an average NVIDIA / ATI graphics card and latest Google Chrome browser (no plugins needed) open in a full-size window, ideally 1600x1050 screen resolution.
Playing Netflix at the same time, streaming Flash stuff, etc. in other active tab will affect the game huge time, so not recommended.




The game can be found here:


Space Retards


Hope you enjoy it:)


Any constructive feedback welcome.

Animify - feedback needed

11 September 2011 - 02:34 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on a jQuery plugin providing some funky <canvas> animations. The goal (other then improving performance & sorting bugs) is to achieve this 'it always gets it right' quality, so anyone using it can get some impressive results effortlessly.

It's an early dev stage, there are bugs, and plenty of work to do, but you can see some cool stuff already.

So If you could have a look at animify.com and tell me what you think (check the demos) I'd be really grateful (I know, I know, it's not a webdev forum but still..)