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Zack T.

Member Since 16 Jan 2011
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PerformanceTest1 FPS counts (PC)

17 January 2011 - 09:50 PM

Just out of curiosity, what were you guys' FPS counts for the PerformanceTest1 PC project
(The one with

Matrix m = Matrix.Identity;
Vector3 v2;
 for (int i = 0; i < 100000; i++)
 	m = Matrix.CreateRotationX(MathHelper.PiOver4);
 	m *= Matrix.CreateTranslation(new Vector3(5.0f));

 	Vector3 v = m.Translation - Vector3.One;
      v2 = v + Vector3.One;

In it)?

I got 30 FPS, and while playable - its still pretty bad.

That Showoff Thread

17 January 2011 - 11:21 AM

Well after seeing how many of you guys have previous programming experiences(Even other guys from flash! Posted Image) I really want to see some of the stuff you've done in the past. Since my past is kinda minuscule I'll post just about everything (at 19 years old I don't have much Posted Image) but here we go:

9th grade highschool is when I started programming in flash, and for the first time ever really. Here's what came of that:
http://www.newground...31606965365cae1 (Arrows + Space)

Then after several failed attempts after that I finally made(and released) this:
http://www.newground...tal/view/463757 (there's a bit of a story to that if you care to know)

A few more game prototypes later and I stumbled onto flixel which is now my favorite framework ever(one step above XNA.. mainly because XNA is new to me). Heres my first dive into flixel:
http://www.newground...d3d69e388569356 (Arrows, X, C, P - Down+X to slide, infinite doublejumps, Up to save(really works!)
Few features on this one - The saving/loading works, damage works, and the map in the pause screen works 90%(minimap doesn't center the map on the player)

And now most recent is trying X-Flixel which is the XNA port of flixel, its great for 2D games but it seems like it doesn't play nice with XNA(Meaning no 3D, or even some of the 2D stuff from XNA) but its super fast.

So lets see what you've got! Show us what you're made of! =D

XNA Workshop Member Introductions!

16 January 2011 - 11:41 PM

Well I suppose with 250+ people in here its going to be a bit chaotic. So let the chaos commence!

My name's Zack, and you're probably better than me. I like to do 2D games with flixel and I'm an XNA convert from flash. XNA is so much cleaner and faster than flash it makes my head spin. I really don't have a whole lot to showcase for what I've done but I am pretty proud of the few things I have. Perhaps I'll make a thread about showing off everyone's stuff later. But uhh, yeah, post let us all know who you are, how you got here, whatchya been doin' stuff like that.