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In Double dragon I deflect the knife throw with a kick! Worship me! ;D Updated 22 Jun · 0 comments

About Me

   Sentimental blathering (general)


   I'm one of those guys that should have died a long time ago but for some strange reason I'm still alive. I believe I've been given a... fourth chance in life and now I'm part of a family that counts five members: Me, my wife my twin sons and my daughter.

   I own a "liqueur store" with my brother and my brother in law and we have to work day to night six days a week in order to make it through the so called "economic crises" in Greece. The spare time we got in our hands is almost non existent (work-family) but we manage to keep alive our rock band by doing one rehearsal per week if we're lucky and one live performance per month. "Sun, rain in life", our band, is a dream that managed to keep us together through some very rough times. We love our songs, even though we have recorded 18 out of 150+ songs since 1995 due to poor management. Here's the link for anyone who's interested to listen to our beautiful yet poor produced/recorded sound: https://www.facebook.com/sunraininlife


   Part II (gaming)


   Games is all I ever known since I was a little kid. During my kindergarten years, my father brought home an Atari console. Until this day I believe this was a "fatal error". You see "Asteroids" and "Space invaders" introduced me in a world that kept me away from real life for many, many many years. Atari changed to Amstrad, Amstrad changed to IBM PC, IBM PC changed to Amiga 500 and Amiga 500 changed to Pentium and so on so forth, coin ops were my "night out" through whole summers and every time I happened to revisit the real world I found it to be bitter and cruel for my "made up-iconic" taste.


    Part III (dreams)


   After all those years of gaming experience, I should have become a programmer or a developer of some sort. Unfortunately I couldn't follow school and today this is something I truly regret. I admire the whole developer's "brunch" of the gaming industry and I would like to get involved, yet my knowledge is somewhat poor to actually be able to contribute in coding or any of the "rough stuff". So, the only thing I'm left with is dreams. Actually living and re-living a dream. A dream of making my own games and how great they would have been. No matter how hard I try to "shake them off me" they always come after me and haunt me like ghosts...


   Blathering conclusion


    ...So, here I am, in the developers forums, doomed to be mocked at or at least test your patience to the extreme. It's funny to have conscience of what's going on with you and not be able to shake your head up, awake and have peace with your reality, after all this is what I wand... this is what my wife and three kids want.. 

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    Find out WTF has happend and things are coming to an end! ASAP!

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