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In Topic: Using MakeHuman..is it cheating?

01 April 2014 - 08:21 PM

As a 3d character designer I will advise against it.

Not because it I  think it is wrong to use modeling software like Makehuman, I myself have it installed and have followed there progress for years, but modeling a full human is the highest form of 3d modeling and it sharpens all of your modeling skills.


Making any 3d model takes a lot of planing, if you want the Iris of the eye to retract or a person's mouth to dimple at the end, then you will have to model it that way.

These small things along with your idea of a character while you model it is what brings them to life.


Makehuman's topology and edge flow has taken leaps from where thy started, but it will not suit all of your character needs.


I have started to make base meshes using Zbrush. I found it much easier to sculpt the base rather than modeling it. Then converting it to low poly by retopo. 

In Topic: Using MakeHuman..is it cheating?

27 March 2014 - 12:44 PM

If you were trying to sign to work for me and my big world project.

I would ask you if you can model a human from scratch, and if you can't, I'm gonna fire you, but if you can,

I would say to you, "Use whatever tools you can to meet that deadline, else I will fire you".


Many of the 3D modeling tools nowadays are allmost automotive which is not bad, but if you are not able to create the same level of detail those tools provide you, then you should work on these skills some more.


PS: This is my point of view if I ever get to the boss position, that's how I will proceed to hire people.

I agree on your point of view. :) I just wanted to focus more on the stuff that matters to the people that will be evaluating my artwork. biggrin.png  I'm not exactly doing this on my own will. This is some sort of a job.laugh.png  I just wanted to use all the time that I could be using on improving the output rather than working on things that Art Directors or lead designers wouldn't really care that much about.  These guys just wanted stuff to get done. biggrin.png  But I completely agree to you. I am capable of doing that same amount to detail manually. But I think I'll do much better with my current workflow. laugh.png

In Topic: Using MakeHuman..is it cheating?

27 March 2014 - 11:43 AM

IMO using such a tool as a starting point to make your own characters is perfectly fine.

Why should you reinvent the wheel?


When I'm coding I can use thousands of libraries that other people have written and use those with my own written code to put together a finished product.

Why should artists not do the same?


really? wow. that's nice. Maybe I should also try that when I can't find solutions to my game's issues. It's really great to know that I'm on the right path. :)

In Topic: Using MakeHuman..is it cheating?

27 March 2014 - 11:16 AM

:D Because simply I have those childish worries where other artists might look down at me when they read that I used makehuman to create the character instead of creating it from scratch. But since you said that, I will go ahead with this workflow. :) 

In Topic: Optimizing Random Generated Terrain Rendering for a Side Scrolling Game

18 March 2014 - 10:03 PM

You may not NEED to optimize the code. Be sure that you do and measure the cost of your rendering function before you start tinkering with it. If you decide some optimizations are necessary, measure again after you're done to be sure you didn't make the problem worse! smile.png


You only see one screen's worth of stuff so rendering the entire world is a waste. Let's say you have X and Y coordinates for your player. You can calculate a rectangle of world coordinates that you should draw by drawing everything within 30 tiles of your player (or whatever number works for your game). Subtract 30 * tileWidth from player.x and add 30 * tileHeight to player.x to get your minX and maxX values. Do the same for your min/max Y's and then only draw the tiles and enemies that are within that range.


Here's a post that explains that idea in a little more detail, along with some other tricks for reducing texture swapping costs.




- Eck


As far as serialization goes, it's just a matter of coming up with a logical file format. Since you're using SFML, have a look at the tutorials for user data streams:




If you're saving your "world" it could be as simple as outputting your x and y coordinates along with the tile id into a text file one line at a time.


Loading it would be just the opposite. You just create one tile for each line you read in, and add that to your world.


There should be PLENTY of tutorials online about file i/o for whatever language you want.


- Eck

Thanks alot. :D This is a good start on fixing this issue. :) I will try and update if it's fixed. :D