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Best 3D Landscape SW for exchange

30 August 2012 - 03:00 AM

Hi all.. i'm building a high detail 3D landscape (an entire continent + isles and seas/oceans around it) that will be the main area of *something*.. where the *Something* can be a game or simply a "big box" to travel in and where people can add their own stuff.

Just for example, beside copyright issues, you can think to a detailed JRRT Middle Earth map where people can add their Argonath Models.. or their Hobbiton/Bree town models.. or people who don't have fun with 3D modeling can simply roam around..

Well.. my ACTUAL need is to build this big landscape model in a format that can be exchanged between almost every engine that can handle it.. that's because i still don't know what will be the final use of this model, but i need to create it only 1 time :D I don't want to have the problem to rebuild it several times because the output file format is closed to a single engine/software.

So, I need your advice... actually, i'm building it in pure vector shape but the area is REALLY big (you can think to 8k x 6k miles width) and can't find a tool who can handle such a wide area..

Anyone have some tips for me? Such as scaling the model in the proper way or know a tool that can handle a very big model without slicing it/needing to cut it in X subzones/submodels.

TY in advance :)