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Journal Entries

TheChubu's Journal > Trimming Eclipse's Fat

Posted 27 September 2015

Hi! In this entry I'll describe how I do my Eclipse installs, with only the stuff I need.

Trimming Eclipse's Fat

So the issue is the following: Eclipse is kinda fat. At least that's the general idea.
Now the issue is that it isn't precisely Eclipse which is fat, its mostly the prepackaged distributions Eclipse.org has for downloading, for example...

TheChubu's Journal > Extending Java classes from JavaScript

Posted 23 August 2015

Hi! So this entry will be dealing with the Nashorn JavaScript engine found in Java 8+, specifically, how to extend a Java class from JavaScript and use the resulting JavaScript object in the Java side.

Extending Java classes from JavaScript

First this what I want to do:
Extend a Java class from JavaScript implementing a specific method.
Fetch the r...

TheChubu's Journal > From YAML to renderer in 50ms

Posted 17 July 2015

The idea of these couple entries will be to describe how I load my renderer's pipeline from a YAML file. In this particular entry I'll be describing the renderer architecture as it is right now.

From YAML to renderer in 50ms
Part 1

Hi! I'm going to take a different approach with this series. I'm going to upload a PDF with the entry, or I ri...

TheChubu's Journal > Megamorphic calls

Posted 29 March 2015

I'll be having this journal to post random stuff probably! So...

Megamorphic calls

JVM distinguish regular calls from megamorphic calls (actually it distinguishes bimorphic calls too but whatever).

Regular calls can be optimized for, they can be inlined, or at least you can have the vtable round trip avoided. Whats a "regular call" ? Well its not n...

dustArtemis ECS Framework > Entities can be a plain integer too!

Posted 22 February 2015

In this update I'll talk about the latest features of dustArtemis, int based entities and component pooling.


dustArtemis is a fork of Artemis Entity System , which is a BSD-licenced small Java framework for setting up Entities, Components and Systems.

Entity Objects

Artemis used Entity class as a sort of abstraction, it gave t...