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Need help with a story

29 December 2012 - 04:46 AM

Hi everyone,

So I'm developing a TPS set in the present day, in which you play a criminal. I know what will my game look like, but I have trouble creating a good story. My first concept was:

"After a heist you have been betrayed and left to die. With last bits of strenght, you manage to call your girlfriend, who helps you and takes you to the doctor. After spending several months recovering, you begin searching for person who betrayed tou, and your money."

I have a problem developing a story after this point, because I don't want to create a cliche, or just another stupid crime plot.

So I need your help and advice to make this a good story,

Thanks in advance,

Unity, yes or no?

17 December 2012 - 05:01 AM

Hi everyone,

I want to create a TPS, and after creating a couple of models for the game, my brother suggested that I should complete my game in Unity, because the engine that he's woriking on isn't finished. So I checked out Unity, and everything looks good and shiny, but when I went to read the review about it, all I could find was: "Bad engine, avoid", or "Unfinhed engine". So I want to ask you is Unity engine, a decent engine, or just another game making tool like the FPS Creator or Game maker. What are your experiences in Unity?

Thanks for the advice,


Breaking in from another country

15 October 2012 - 05:53 AM

Hi everyone,

This is my first topic so I will try to make it short. I want to work in the USA as QA, because in my country there isn't any gaming company or gaminig industry, but I don't know anything about imigration law, visas, work visa,etc. I know someone will say read the FAQ, and yes I did, and it wasn't very helpful. So I'm looking for somone to explain to me what should I do, to come and work here in the United States. And one more question. What's the status on the job market in the gaming industry, with the crisis, and all. Just because the USA is big that doesn't mean jobs are guaranteed, right?

Thanks in advance