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What do you think of this?

11 November 2012 - 03:36 PM

I am currently working on a theoretical game idea for a college class, as part of it, I am posting this rough summary of the games current features and plot idea for review. Any questions or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The Game is as follows:
• Game "made" for the Computer
• Movement is controlled by the keyboard, and the mouse controls camera movement and interaction with the world (this is fully mapped out, esc for options menu I for inventory, etc).
• Genre is RPG /adventure fantasy
• Customizable character, skin color gender, and facial features.
The plot: Your character struggles to survive in a medieval world were mythical creatures and magic aren't considered to be anything more than “old wives tales” or made up stories for children. Despite this, the character spends the majority of the game trying to escape from a monstrous creature no one else can see despite any lasting effects on the game world, that always manages to find the character eventually, and that reappears within 1 in game days’ time should the player manage to kill it.
Goal: The Ultimate goal is to find a way to permanently rid yourself of your pursuer and prove yourself innocent of the crimes committed by the creature that you are blamed.
Plot facts:
• Multiple endings - how it ends depends on how high your bounty grew before you finally killed the creature at the end of 5 game years time.
• The frequency of creature attacks changes based on how many npc’s are nearby, the more there are, the longer it goes without attacking, but the longer it waits the more people it kills.
• No one ever sees it, its rampage might end with a village in shambles and partially eaten bodies in the street, but no one ever sees it but you.
• People remember you instead, what this ultimately means may change based on the game’s end, but were you see a monster, they remember you, and every tragedy committed by the creature makes it harder and harder to remain within villages and towns.
• The landscape is randomly generated, locations and quests are never exactly the same. A castle might be to the east surrounded by woods in one game, but far to the north near hills and river in another.