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Few basic questions in Game development

26 January 2013 - 11:06 AM

Hello everyone,


Good morning. I am totally new to game development but i have good understanding of C++. So, i am thinking of writing some 2D games for mobile platforms (only iOS and Android) in C++. 


the basic questions I have are - 


1. Can i use C++, OpenGL ES and Box2D (for physics) alone to create iOS and Android games? my understanding is i can use these to create games graphics, logic and Android/iOS APIs to detect user actions like swiping/touching etc. Pls. correct me if i am wrong. 


2. If i am right in the above question, then is that approach a difficult one compared to using frameworks like Coco2dx, mosync to create games


sorry if these questions seem too silly...am very new to game programming and just started smile.png


thank you