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CG or GLSL ?

06 June 2014 - 07:41 PM

I want to learn a shading language and was wondering which would be better for the long run.


I already know a small bit of HLSL, Cg and GLSL, but my knowledge is four to five years out of date.

I would like it to be Cg or GLSL because I prefer using Panda 3d or Blender for my own pet projects, yet which would be better to learn?


The kind of shaders I wan't to make are tessellation, physics based shaders and any other interesting ones I learn about.

I am hoping that someone who stayed in touch with shader development could advise me.

How to rig a car for a 3d game

09 May 2014 - 05:26 AM

Recently I modeled a car for my game and made a physics rig for it, only to find that it didn't work at all.


This is the first car game I am working on and I would like some advice.


Is there a difference between a rig used in a game like GTA to one used in NFS ?

Where can I learn how to rig a car?

What physics is involved in a car game?


I am especially concerned with the wheel axis, my own rig's wheels would turn witch ever why thy wanted.

Legal question about 3d max student license, exporting a mesh.

09 September 2013 - 08:58 AM

I am inexperienced with a lot of laws regarding contracts.


The 3D Max student license agreement states that you can only use it for personal education and not for commercial use.

This obviously means I cant sell a mesh made with 3D Max under the student license, what happens if I import it to a other 3D modeling software?


If I import a 3D Max model into Blender it doesn't really load the model in, it rebuilds a mesh based on the mesh of the 3D Max model

does this mean it changes the license to Blender's license instead of the student license?

Can I now export the mesh with Blender and sell it?

If I did do this, how would thy ever know?

What is your poly budget?

08 July 2013 - 07:26 PM

Being a 3D artist I am often asked to join others in there game projects, from years of experience I have learned to ask these three questions first.


Have you made a 3D game before?

Can I download it?

What is your poly budget?


In truth, I really only care about the third question, I will still join a project of a beginner if thy prove thy did some research.

The answer: "modern game engines do not need poly budgets." means that the game, will not see the light of publication.

Even a number, that I consider to be too high could mean the end of the conversation, but how much is too much?


I fear that two years of working in the CGI world has numbed my understanding of the needs that game designers have.


Now I am asking those of you who have worked or have a good understanding of 3D graphics, how much polygons do you use?


I understand that it depends on the project so feel free to elaborate, if you want you can answer in a data form e.g.




3rd Person Shooter.


Hero 5000 Polygons(10 000 Tri)

Edit: Bones 22

Enemy 4000 Polygons

Edit: Bones 18


Large prop: Building 500 000 Poly

Mid Prop: Tree 10 000 - 8 000 Poly (Static mesh)

Small Prop: Gun 2500 Poly


Ps: If we could use unlimited polygons, I will be one of the first to right a atom based game engine.

How to make a Animation manager?

19 June 2013 - 02:13 PM

Recently the 3D game I am working on made a dramatic change from a active turn based game to a real time fighting game.

The real time combat now needs more skinned meshes to run animations at the same time, this is causing a large drop in the frame rate.


I already have a graphics manager that handles the LOD, zoning, batching etc.

What I need is a manager aimed only at animation, so far I am restricting animation updates for objects in back but this isn't working as well as I had hoped.


If there is any one who has done something like this or have any ideas I will be very grateful for your help.