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Sondre Drakensson

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Our Oculus Rift concept transformed to 2D (aiming for Steam Greenlight 2016)

21 July 2015 - 12:31 PM

I just wanted to share some information about our upcoming game. Since this game is all about its design, i wanted to share it here on the "Design" section of the forum. I have copy-pasted this from my presentation for a steam dev group, so that's why the text is marked in grey but i don't understand why but....ok. I sincerely hope to hear your tips and/or concerns as well as questions. I have been ignored much and then im stucked with only my own mindset. I believe a vision becomes solid when more people share opinions and not just one person. Im sure you understand that. 


"In the year of 2020, virtual-reality has reached a new level. One high-school in Vancouver holds their yearly Virtual-Reality Game Championship (The VRGC) where competent students gets inserted in the digital world to compete against others in various activities"
Forbidden Gameplay 2D is a 2D science-fiction multi-genre game. It is a scroller shooter, visual novel, and our pioneer genre Tactical Point-and-Click. You will play as 19 year old Liz Dille who undergoes the training sessions guided by her handler, video game design student Evalena from Sweden. Because of the fact that the game is set in a VR world, the game's design compliments that very much. When the screen tells you to push the A-button, what do you do? You don't push the one on your controller! No, you control Liz's finger to push the U-button on her personal "control panel" on her arm. And like that the game continues on. When the player.....YOU outside the screen, needs something explained, the tutorial messages that pops up on the screen will all have the same headline: "External Tip to External Player". Compliments like that is what i mean, and so it goes on. The game will also contain elements already seen in existing games such as Infinite Running and Scroller Shooter and Visual Novel segments.
The idea for FGP2D came already in 2012, but was then first imagined as a normal AAA title in modern 3D, with epic visuals and for the Oculus Rift. As i grew impatient, as well as lacked the skills necessary to make a 3D game, i decided to transform the project to a format.....and in an engine i knew i could pull it off with. I realized that this transformation would take away some of its originality and make it more complicated, but maybe that's a good thing? I decided to tell myself that "you know most people are propably going to hate this, but it is necessary!". I was unhappy with the AAA games being mostly the same over and over again, so i saw it as something wich had to be done. My goal changed, my goal was not to make an epic game anymore, not even a good game. My goal was to make an untraditional game and a strong niche title. Together with my loyal and wonderful artist Francis Cole, we decided to go for it. I hope to break into Steam Greenlight when the right time comes. It is all up to the people to decide this game's fate and if my alreade planned sequels will be developed. You could say that we are currently 30% done with the game, we are finishing the most complicated stuff first, leaving the smooth dessert last, wich will take much less time hopefully.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and would like to share concerns, advice, questions or other things. A vision becomes solid when more people share opinions. This is my first project after 4 years of practicing with Game Maker Studio and design documenting. I was involved with a professional 2D project from December 2014 to May 2015 for a multimedia company, but the company cancelled it for various problems.
Thus i am left with only this wich is my sparetime project.
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YOUR Opinion About This Type of Gameplay

05 July 2013 - 03:29 PM

Im currently creating my debut: A 2D Space Arcade game where you as a spaceship,

eliminate various enemies by pressing a certain button on the keyboard.

For instance, M to remove Missiles and A for Asteroids. Kinda like the old game "Typing of The Dead" only that in this game its not the main gameplay but a part of it. And this part, is the only part i want your opinion on currently. What do you think?


My goal is not to create a good game, but to create an OK acceptable game.

WTF Overdose (beta demo)

14 June 2013 - 05:14 AM

PosthasteGames is happy to announce its videogame debut is under development for pc. It is developed using the Game Maker 8 lite engine and will be a 2D platformer combining point and click. The game is going to introduce (the world?) to P&CC: Point & Click Combat.

We warn you, the type of anal and perverse humor in this game can be both good and insulting to some.

John, Ghost and Sondre, our three heroes must find out why it is raining fruit all over the kingdom of Kakkbag (cock-bag/testicles)




It is recommended to read the game information section before playing the game. If you dont, and there is anything you dont understand in/with the game, dont come and complain to me. Read the info section, its choice and consequence. We also believe it is possible to give constructive criticism without being an asshole :) But beware, the demo might look crappy, this is of course not the meaning.

And conserning P&CC, it has not been inserted yet

Wants To Make Silent Hill Prologue about Alessa

06 March 2013 - 01:47 PM

This is an idea i came up with that i dream about making if i become a game designer later in life, and i want your opinion

After noticing the fall and weakining of the series quality and strenght wich gets more and more severe for each entrance (product)

i started to think about creating something that woud rebirth the interest of the series followers and restore the dignity by focusing on something that has never been done in the franchise, but wich is not really going to be a horror game.


I want to take you back in time, long before Origins to show you the life of the series most important character: Alessa Gillespie.

I promise to give you the type of horror driven by psyche and ambient, like the first games, but i most warn to that this is not going to be a horror game but more like a dark depressive Drama with some Horror moments.


In this prologue, we are going to follow (play/control) Alessa Gillespie, a fatherless girl with paranormal abilities, that lives with her cold

and abusive mother Dahlia, a religious fanatic and member of the towns cult and religion. We will participate in her hard and lonely

days plagued by the problems at home, and at her school were the students are turning against her because of her abilities.

Her only friend is Claudia Wolf, another iconic figure from the series, that lives with her violent father (Leonard Wolf).

We are also going to take a short follow of psychiatrist Michael Kauffman and nurse Lisa Garland, who both interacted with Alessa in her

final moments of human-life.


Later in the game/story it turns out that Alessas mother plans to use her daughter in a sick ritual that triggers a series of events that in the end, transforms the town into the hellish place we have seen in the games before.


I also want the game include two modes. The Historically Correct mode where the story is as above, and the Fictional mode where the story is as the Historically Correct one but with a few self-created events and parts, including RPG-like choices.

You coud say that it is the Extended Directors Cut.


Now please, tell me what you think smile.pngIgnore woud hurt me more then shit-talking and insults smile.png


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