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Shane C

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Too good to be true?

20 March 2016 - 06:04 PM

Hypothetically speaking, I could:
1. Buy RPG Maker MV for $80
2. Craft a storyline better than your typical mobile game, taking 3 whole seconds
3. Make a RPG using premade assets
4. Throw in a couple of songs not in the kit for flavor
5. Release it on the App Store, because you can legally release games made with the kit even using the kit's assets AFAIK - just read the terms
6. Probably make a thousand dollars or more, since the premade assets would be up-to-snuff quality, and since you're really not competing with much, even among other people who used RPG Maker
What are the flaws in this idea? It sounds downright evil and diabolical, because most of us or at least me have it embedded in our brains to actually try harder than a kit like RPG Maker, even if we fail badly.....

Hardware/Software Rant

19 March 2016 - 01:26 PM

Android devices - I find Android takes on most of the good traits that Personal computers do. There is a certain area of if you want to do DIY things, Android products are easier to do it with than Apple's. The downside is that the software selection isn't as good as iOS. I mean, there is no Hyperpad, no Codea, etc on Android. And I know it's hard to find a good IDE on one.
PC - Windows 10 is pretty good despite my skepticism, but I feel like with PCs, you don't get as much for your money these days as with Android devices. Take the Google Pixel C Android tablet for example, it has a 2560x1600 display, it's portable, it has a processor that's as capable as a laptop Core i3 in many areas, and very decent graphics performance, all for $375 if you use the developer discount. I have not seen such a deal on PC. Intel processors, which still remain in the lead over AMD, have also only been increasing in performance by 10% each refresh these last few or several cycles.
iOS - I love this platform, but in order to make an iOS game, having a Windows PC and an iOS device isn't enough. You actually need a Mac of some kind AND an iOS device. Screw Windows PC. By the time all is said and done, you're set back $1200 in Apple products.
Mac - I've never really owned one, so no comment.
Overall, I'm disappointed with PCs for personal reasons though. I recently bought a new one just to find it wasn't fast enough for me, and the return policy says I can't take it back for that reason.
I'd love to just buy a Google Pixel C or Ipad Pro and be done, but the Android devices kind of lack tools, and I could actually make a game of some kind directly on an iPad, but you still need a Mac to distribute it once you're done.
I also realize that rants in the Lounge don't always go well. They usually result in flaming, arguing, or "ok" responses. But I'll post now, and worry about the consequences of my actions later.

My design idea - contains many elements

17 March 2016 - 07:37 PM

You play as a realistic-looking bat which stands on two feet in a 3D action game where you can move as fast as Mario and punch, kick and butt-stomp. I originally wanted it to be a cartoon bat. But any design I come up with looks like a cartoon bat I forgot the name to which starred in a PS1 game. I have to be careful not to copy it. Copying the PS1 game isn't the intent.
It takes about 5-10 hits to destroy your average enemy as well, versus 1-2 in most platformers and many more hits in beat-em-up games.
So the whole game plays out in a single city. Don't ask me why I don't like the concept of splitting things into many levels. The villain will probably be a cross between Dr. Robotnic from Sonic, and Dr. Wiley from Mega Man, but with the wackiness of a Crash Bandicoot villain thrown in.
The game will probably remind you of something made by Insomniac Games in style. Also, besides being able to punch, kick and butt-stomp, the bat can also glide through the air Knuckles the Ecidna style.
(For engine, I'm mostly interested in using the Unreal Engine 4. I have it downloaded on my computer and accepted the EULA.)
Currency by favors in the game - In order to pay for the piece of fruit or that powerup, you have to do a favor for the shopkeeper. Such as completing a mission.
The basic camera view would be like a 3D Mario game, but you can switch camera view to look like the camera view of a RTS and the like. I thought it would be a neat little feature.
Finally, the icing on the cake: The hero competes with other superheroes. And he has to reach the goal of defeating the final guy first before they do and there's a time limit. Sort of Metroid Prime Hunters style. Turns out the princess is only attracted to someone who can be a totally competent superhero and you want to be him.
You can lie back and let the other superheroes defeat the small enemies littered around the city, but it's not going to take time bonuses off the clock. Heh.
Oh yeah, and this leaves questions like, how do you get to the final guy if you only have one level? As you fight enemies along the world, you have to do additional fetch-quests which ends up causing a stream of events which irritates the final guy so bad, he comes out into the open finally.

Performance on Android

16 March 2016 - 03:52 PM

Playing around with UE4 to eventually make a game, and I tend to take a systematic approach, planning ahead. I was wondering, would something like a Samsung Galaxy Tab A run the following at native resolution (1024x768)?
125k triangles base that will go through 2 passes, 50 draw calls, 50 512x512 textures.
That is total. Basically I plan on having 50 pieces, 25 of those pieces being environment assets and 25 being characters. Each character would have 2,500 triangles and a 512x512 detail texture using this example.
Does that sound low, high, or just about right?
Also, I'm going to get told, "combine some of those materials to reduce draw calls if you can". I know smile.png.
Also, I plan on you being capable of seeing almost everything in the world at one time.

State some games that have too simple of storylines and some games that have too comple...

30 April 2015 - 12:40 PM

For research purposes, I want to know what games you consider to have too simple of storylines and what games you consider to have too complex.

To get us started, I will actually try to answer my own question:

Too simple:

Too complex:
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XIII

Just right:
Golden Sun
Final Fantasy VI

Feel free to go off on a tanget in discussing this if necessary. I won't stop you.