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In Topic: Where should I start learning game development?

Today, 09:17 AM

So back to the OP, if you want to make games, in a nutshell you'll need to know C++ and linear algebra.

You do not need to know C++ to make games. That's clearly a false statement, proven by the many, many games made in other languages/engines.


For AAA studios, knowing C++ might be a requirement, but the original post specifically mentions indie studios, which typically do not have the same criteria for e.g. performance as AAA studios have.


I also don't agree with your claim that saying "C++ is harder to learn" is equivalent of saying "you are too stupid to learn this, go look at something else".

In Topic: Should I support D3D9/OpenGL 2.x hardware, or not?

Yesterday, 05:53 PM


This can also be used to help gauge your market/target audience.

In Topic: Chess moves

19 December 2014 - 06:18 PM

Could you fit all possible chess moves on a 5TB external hard drive, excluding repeating states and stalemates? And then use that as a lookup table for an unbeatable AI?

No. There's just too many moves.

In Topic: better way of loading images? SDL2

18 December 2014 - 08:25 AM

So basically, for loading images, pointers are pretty much great? I guess I can carry on using them then

Pointers are a powerful tool, and they are well suited for this (and other) uses.

However, like most other powerful tools, they can also be used in horrific ways. In software development, they are often the source of bugs that can be both hard to track down and application-fatal.


You should definitely consider spending time on learning how pointers work, if you don't understand them right now.

You might also want to look into the newer pointer "versions", which aim to make development easier and less bug-prone. These pointer types are called "smart pointers".

In Topic: SDL2.0 Character Jumping & Gravity

16 December 2014 - 03:26 AM

Pasting the error message (along with the line it's complaining about) would be preferable to a screenshot of the error message.


Based on lordconstant's code, I would guess it's complaining about the player.y variable.

Your sprite code seems to indicate you don't have a y variable for your sprites, but you do have a rect.y variable. Try that.


That said, I would second the suggestion that you look at some tutorials, like the lazyfoo one that was already linked. It will guide you through a lot of these initials issues you're likely to face/question.