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A Keyboard and the Truth > 96 Mill product page goes live, new info & gameplay video

Posted 22 October 2016

Greetings All! 
For those of you that were looking for screenshots, gameplay video and just more info concerning 96 Mill; 
The product page on edigames.com is now live! 

A Keyboard and the Truth > 96 Mill Nearing Completion

Posted 20 October 2016

Greetings All, Just wanted to mention that 96 Mill is nearing the end of it's beta phase, and will be out for release soon! If folks are looking for a last minute beta peek, please message me today or tomorrow (Friday) with an email address. 
Feels good to be near the release phase!

A Keyboard and the Truth > AdventureGamers.com first look at 96 Mill

Posted 03 October 2016

"In EDI Games' upcoming 96 Mill, players are sent in to assist a demolitions expert in bringing down a building with a troubled history of scandal and mysterious disappearances. What could go wrong? If you're an adventure gamer (and you are), here's hoping the answer is "plenty!" when the new horror adventure from the creator of STATIC: Investigator Train...

A Keyboard and the Truth > 96Mill Testers Wanted

Posted 27 September 2016

Greetings All, 
Interested in alpha/beta testing our upcoming game 96Mill? 
We have several slots open, just message me with your email address. 
And I'll send along a beta key. 
(email address is used for key recovery and communications relating to the game or platform)

A Keyboard and the Truth > 96Mill Teaser 2

Posted 19 September 2016