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Journal Entries

A Keyboard and the Truth > Update 7/6

Posted 06 July 2015

Hello All,

Just got back from a trip to Chicago; I highly recommend Lou Malnatti's deep dish pizza; should anyone get the opportunity!


So progress has been singularly focused on finishing my office space; as I've said before, it is a big job, but I can thankfully say as of right now I am doing final sanding and priming of the drywall.


A Keyboard and the Truth > Update 6/16

Posted 16 June 2015

Greetings All,

Time for a bit of an update.

Not much progress on Revel; I am doing a good job of taking the summer off from it.

...but tons of work in other areas.

My previously mentioned open source project 'object model serializer' is now in fairly complete and stable condition; I am looking for some real world test cases to help make it better; if...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Our first offering on GitHub: object-model-serializer

Posted 08 June 2015

Greetings All,

Part of our summer project plans are to get some older projects onto GitHub with free permissive licenses for both private and commercial works (Currently we are using MIT license).

Our first offering is something I've wanted to see become a common library for a long time.

Serialization of object models in C++

...that is an easier rout...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Update 6/3/15

Posted 03 June 2015

Greetings All,

Time for an update!

As I said in an earlier post I am technically 'off' from EDIGames until autumn rolls around.

...that being said, this is sure some busy time-off.

In addition to the usual necessities of life, I've been doing a bit of work finishing up my new office space; drywall, tape and mud; that sort of thing.

I'm very excite...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Interview with 'SomeGuy' on our development of Static: Investigator Training

Posted 23 May 2015

My wife and I give a detailed account of our FMV adventure game.