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Journal Entries

A Keyboard and the Truth > Progress, it's Happening!

Posted 27 October 2014


A Keyboard and the Truth > TL;DR or (No Images, no care)

Posted 21 October 2014

I am well aware that if a journal post contains no images it tends to get no meaningful feedback.

So, since I am not yet ready to release new screens of Revel; I won't waste your time exaustively listing development minutua that it seems no one cares about.

Instead, I will merely state that development has been going strong; stronger in fact than during...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Revel Immortal version 22-d sneak peek

Posted 23 September 2014

Greetings all,

I had a semi-productive weekend as planned in my last journal entry.

The result is that a pretty significant internal milestone has been reached in the re-design of Revel Immortal.

While it wont be apparent to most of you; a large amount of the technical underpinnings needed to support Revel (view systems, gui, interaction with the accou...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Update 9/19

Posted 19 September 2014

Woosh! ...these months fly-by fast; time for an update!

Lots of things have been happening so I'll report on a few.

New Logo

One of the problems with having named your company 14 years ago, is that trends change.

While I have never really been able to change Ethereal Darkness Interactive (who uses interactive anymore, eh?);
I tend to use the more i...

A Keyboard and the Truth > 8/15 Revel Immortal Progress Update

Posted 15 August 2014

Greetings all!

It's been far too long since my last update (~2 months); I've found myself saying in this time "I should do a journal update..." but said "Nah. I'll wait till I've got more to show."

...thanks to @Navyman reminding me of my overlong lapse in updates; the time has come!

Revel Immortal Update:

It's been a tough summer for sure, and so f...