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A Keyboard and the Truth > 96Mill Teaser 2

Posted 19 September 2016


A Keyboard and the Truth > I'll Just Leave This Here

Posted 19 July 2016


A Keyboard and the Truth > Something Worth Talking About

Posted 14 July 2016

Greetings All,

It's been a good three weeks, and things are finally at a point where I can start talking about them.

First things first:

Revel Immortal

Revel is at an interesting (good interesting) spot right now; we've made all of the changes and porting that we set out to accomplish Jan 1.

This doesn't mean it is 'done' by any stretch, howeve...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Steam Summer Sale

Posted 23 June 2016

Greetings all,
If you haven't checked out our games before now is a great time. Steam is hosting its annual Summer Sale and both of our games on Steam are 85% off! At just over $1 you can't beat it. Check them out if you like adventure and good times.
The Lost City of Malathedra
STATIC: Investigator Training

A Keyboard and the Truth > Update

Posted 15 June 2016

Dang, I can't keep a journal to save my life! 
Well hopefully some folks are subscribed to our Facebook group, it details more regular, though less in-depth happenings. 
So notably, end of May through June 16th I was away, a bit of business, and a lot of fun; trying to get in a few weeks of vacation. 
Though I wasn't completely idle on game...