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RE: Looking for Hobbyist Game Dev Team

26 September 2012 - 08:38 AM

From my last post (which was locked), before you all jump down my throat entirely, when I went to the Classified section last night, the "Regular Member" option was not available/visible to me at the time. Otherwise, i would very much have posted there. So, I apologize for that.

I'm not going to bother arguing with the rest of the posts from that thread. I'd generally hope people would give me the benefit of the doubt.


Looking for Hobbyist Game Dev Team

25 September 2012 - 11:11 PM

Hey all,

Every couple of years I try something like this. :)

I'm an experienced software engineer (been coding since I was a kid w/ QBasic and then C), in the IT/development biz, and have done some hobby game programming (basic engine from scratch, some fooling around with XNA, and had started a UE3-based side-scroller as well). I'm equally comfortable with C/C++, C#, Java (JEE, Spring, etc.), VB.NET, and myriad other languages/frameworks (PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, some Python, etc.). Also comfortable with object oriented design, design patterns, etc.

Anyway, I'm looking to expand my hobbyist game programming experience. I work a full-time job (and then some), but if it's a casual project with some direction, I'd be happy to kick in whatever I can on weekends, after work when possible, etc.

If this sounds even remotely interesting, drop me a line. I am looking for people who have at least as much experience as me, and hopefully even more. Not to be rude/prejudicial, but, no kids, please.

If you have any questions about my skillsets/experience, just let me know.


PS. I'd post in the "Classifieds" section, but, I'm not about to drop $7 for a posting like this. :) I remember when you could post things like this for free in the forums back in the day! Also, dinosaurs had recently become extinct...


16 January 2006 - 06:38 PM

Hey there, I was reading through some material and was looking at an implementation of a quadtree. I noticed that the author of the codes has child nodes (the smaller squares of the bigger parent square) that overlap. Would it not make more sense to start out with the four, equal quadrants of the square that don't overlap and break it down from there? Or am I missing something? Thanks!

Promotion/Medal Systems

09 January 2006 - 07:25 AM

Hi all. Remember the times of old, back when there seemed to be more emphasis on actual gameplay and keeping the player really hooked/involved, irrespective of graphical quality (personal opinion there)? One of the things I miss most was idealised in games such as Battlehawks:1942 and Wing Commander (the original). These two games kept me coming back for more--not because they had great graphics (which, for the time, they did, IMHO)--but because of the gameplay, specifically the system of rewarding the player with promotions and medals. It seems--to me, anyway--that games these days don't have a lot of the same reward systems. Perhaps they exist in another shape or form, but off the top of my head, I can't think of too many games that use the promotion/medal reward system. That being said, I am trying to go forward and design/implement a game that makes use of that kind of reward system. Now, I'm not new to gaming (who is these days?), nor am I new to programming (have a BMath in CS/SoftEng); but I'm definitely a novice when it comes to game programming (have made a couple, but nothing that large or complex). My question is this: Does anyone have any input on how to implement such a system? Is it simply a matter of allotting points to a user based on actions, and then seeing if those points meet the various point-requirements for a medal/promotion? Or are there more "accurate" and/or involved methods for implementing the system? Do resources exist that discuss such a system? Any and all help/input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again! Cheers, Duncan

Odd DirectDraw Behaviour (yeah, I know it's DirectDraw)

29 November 2005 - 06:59 AM

Hey all, First off, yeah, I know I'm using DirectDraw (like, IDirectDraw4 or whatever), but I'm just trying out some things. Anyway, I was working on this project last year and had my grahpics working just fine. I stopped working on it because of actual work, and eventually switched video cards (now running a GeForce 6800 GT OC). I've come back to work on it now that I have a few minutes here and there. I noticed now that the background graphics are messing up pretty bad. They're simply DirectDraw surfaces that are copied/blitted to another surface, and then put onto the back-buffer for flipping. I'll put some rough pseudocode here that I think is the culprit: create DX Surface1; create DX Surface2; blit to Surface1; blit to Surface2; copy Surface1 to back-buffer; After some investigating, if I don't blit to Surface2, Surface1 (the main background surface) is just fine! But if I leave the blitting to Surface2 in, Surface1 gets corrupted/messed up. It looks like Surface2 is overwrting Surface1! I've checked the pointer addresses and they're different, so I'm pretty sure I'm not using the same surface both times. Has anyone run across this before? I'm thinking it might be related to my video card, but, I have no way of really knowing right now. Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers, Duncan