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What Language or Languages for Web and Mobile Apps

08 December 2013 - 11:18 AM

  If this is not the correct forum, my apologies.  I thought, since I am a beginner to web or mobile games, this would be the best place to ask the quesiton.


  I have been programming 'forever' in C++ and recently in C# with a sprinkle of Java thrown in for flavor.  However, all my games or apps are the standard .exe, run this in windows, variety.


  Recently though, I have been trying to learn what language or languages I need to know to make games on a mobile device or that can be played from a web site.


  I know the Apple market is fairly proprietary, and thus not owning a Mac, I dont think I have any possibility for developing anything for the IOS market.


  The Android market, has so many different devices I'm confused of which one I should target (or if I even need to target anything specific) and definately what is the best Game Creation language to program it in.


  I would love for my little games to not only be played on a mobile device, but also be playable from a web browser.  So I'm not sure if I could use the same language, or if the mobile device, and the web based, would need different languages for the program to be in.


  My apologies if this is an 'over asked' question.  I promise you I have googled myself silly over the last few weeks trying to find answers.  I seriously just have lousy luck searching for answers.


BTW, I am only able to code from a windows platform.


Thanks in advance for any advice, or links you can provide to help me make the transition into the web / mobile device gaming arena.

How do I import Vector2D

27 January 2013 - 10:02 PM

I need to do some vector operations on a 2d Asteroids type game.


I found this page here.....




Unfortunately, I have no idea what to 'import' to get this to work.


I saw in an online example someone used the following....


import math.geom2d.Vector2D;


when I tried this, I only got....


error: package math.geom2d does not exist
import math.geom2d.Vector2D;


I am totally new to Java, and im not sure what I am doing wrong, other than there might be something I need to download extra?

And if so... how will others run my java app or applet if they too dont have the 'something' i might be missing?


Thanks for any help


Calling object constructors without using new

03 December 2012 - 12:00 PM

In C++ I am wondering if this is possible or not.

I have an object... MyObject
it has a constructor MyObject::MyObject(string objName){ }

Suppose I need to use this object, within another class....

class OtherClass
MyObject obj1;
MyObject obj2;

This will give me an error, because its wanting it to look like...

class OtherClass
MyObject obj1("first name");
MyObject obj2("second name");

However, I wont know what first name, and second name are until later in the program

I could do this.....

class OtherClass
MyObject* obj1;
MyObject* obj2;
... then later on ....
OtherClass otherClass; otherClass.obj1 = new MyObject("first name"); etc.....

But I would really like to have the actual object, and not a ptr to an object.
Is it possible, or am I forced to use pointers.


How do I properly... dispose of a vector<>

21 November 2012 - 06:45 PM

I have always used ... unsigned char* when needing to read in bytes...
however, I am using an API that requires me to use a vector.

So this is what I have in my objects .h file

std::vector<unsigned char> image;

Question is... what do I put in my destructor? Do I need to delete it, dispose it, clear it, take it to dinner and a movie? What?


Flip (Mirror Vertical) a texture

14 November 2012 - 09:21 PM

I have been having issues 'building' a texture from several others. At first I thought I needed to 'blit' one texture upon the other, then I realized, I need to 'render' onto a texture.

So , I have my src textures, and I render them onto my destination texture, this works great, until I then try to use that destination texture, and its totally upside down, mirrored.

After some reading, it appears this is a common issue with rendering onto a texture.

I dont really feel like making a duplicate for all my text drawing, sprite drawing functions just to make them reverse the Y

So, my question is.... once I have my destination texture, is there an easy way to simply Flip the texture, so then when I do use it to render, it will be correct.

I was thinking... is it possible to render the texture onto itself?

such as, if I have my dst texture as my render target, can I simply render it to itself, on a quad with an inverted texture Y coord?

Thanks for any advice.