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    2. I thought about creating something like a blog on my website... not really up to date right now, but I'll be updating it soon. https://www.nhneno.com/projects Check out my youtube channel if you want to se some of my 3D stuff. Hope you'll enjoy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Jt-Ch6AzlhBpx7KC3tZPQ
    3. jb-dev

      Vaporwave Roguelite

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    5. Scouting Ninja

      Player character categories

      Damage (Wizard), Defense (Warrior), Movement (Thief) and Support (Healer). These are the four archetypes in games. Almost every game has them and with good reason, each of these are linked to a type of stat. Some game types have given birth to a new classes I like: Leveling (Slime) this class usually starts with nothing and builds as it kills. Just like the slimes in common RPGs this is a weak enemy that can turn into a potential problem over time. Some games allows this class to take equipment other games actually gives it a combat skill tree to choose from, the best games in my point of view allows it to learn skills from the enemies it kills. Constructing (Engineer) Like so many RTS games this character builds to win. Placing important structures that help the team. Stealth (Spy) Unlike the thief, the spy often doesn't move fast or is in any way agile; instead it is born from stealth games. Moving amongst the enemies, instead of around obstacles. Collecting (Alchemist) This is a character that fights with the level. Either constructing things with collectibles or by changing the environment itself. A class often seen in voxel games. Camping (Teleporter) Like in Puzzle games the teleporter solves problems by moving at their own speed. Often a sniper class this character can reach places a thief can only dream of. Minions (Summoner) A MMO like class. It tries to win by flooding the battlefield with it's minions.
    6. Today
    7. mellinoe

      API Performance

      This is a hard question to answer, because any comparison of graphics API's will inevitably depend on the drivers you are using, the operating system, etc. However, OpenGL and OpenGL ES are very similar (who would have guessed?), but in many cases are mutually exclusive. Mobile systems don't really support "regular" OpenGL, so your only option is OpenGL ES. Some desktop vendors only support OpenGL (like Intel, I believe), whereas others support both GL and GLES (Nvidia). You'd have to talk to one of the driver developers to be sure, but my suspicion is that a huge chunk of the driver code is shared between GL and GLES, if both are supported. There is not likely to be any performance difference, because the API's are so similar. On another front: OpenGL ES is missing a lot of modern features that "regular" OpenGL has, and many of those modern features are aimed at performance. For example, modern OpenGL ES still doesn't support direct state access, which is a handy extension for avoiding pointless bind/unbind calls. Since it's missing some of those performance-centric features, OpenGL ES should be a little bit slower, all other things being equal. If you stick to the stuff that is more-or-less identical between GL and GLES, then I would be surprised to see a difference on the same hardware.
    8. This actually sounds like a good idea. I might give this one a try and maybe add some cyber VR to her martial art aesthetic's and use the gene splicing. Quick question on the side, can a nun and flagellant with supernatural powers also use martial arts from a special church? Thanks again.
    9. JoeJ

      How to solve this trig function?

      There are still 2 braces at the end which i've had to remove: float t = ( 1 / a ) * ( atan( ( d + e * cos(a) ) / ( e * sin(a) ) ) ); float proofLHS = sin(a*t) * d; float proofRHS = sin(a*(1-t)) * e; ImGui::Text ("(4) lhs %f != rhs %f", proofLHS, proofRHS); But the output is still wrong: (4) lhs 0.514684 != rhs 0.410760 This makes no sense because sin(a*t)/sin(a*(1-t)) more looks like output of tan() with some scale, offsets and power, but it's nowhere close to a sine curve. Also no luck with what i got from Wolfram Alpha. I give up. I tried an iterative method, but the solver converged worse than the one i already have. I guess math guys would call my problem nonlinear and nonconvex. It solves for optimal UV map with angular constraints to force isotropy and matching scale / rotation at seams. My idea was to have a simpler solver working on just edges instead on the complex problem of a whole triangle ring around a vertex, but probably the more primitives you solve at once, the better. So my working solver jitters and does not converge to an exact solution, but it is good enough and i use a second less constrained solver to fix the remaining inaccuracy. It's not elegant but it works and i'll have to stick at it. Thanks anyways, guys! (I may revisit the problem if a solution comes up... )
    10. Bradley Latreille

      Aspiring Engine Developer -Help-

      Good Afternoon, I aspire to work in 3D programming specifically on Physics and Engine Architecture, I attend a community college that has a good balance of programming, business and art (for me) with about 80-90% programming courses and 1-2, 3D programming electives each year and sometimes each term. Although the course is more about the process of making a game and teaches you every skill from business to art to audio to teams and business but with 80-90% programming the course warns that about 90% of jobs are going to be programmers and you will have to work twice as hard as an artist to land a *GOOD* job (that's just this course specifically not them all). So while I have a good setup for what I need, I find the course lacks so many fundamental graphic courses that I will need to be an engine developer, I find engine stuff more sciency and technical and this college is more hands on and get things done kinda attitude rather than study it and find out how it works (I live in Canada things differ so much in the States). My question what books should I grab to start writing my own engine along side the course, I want to do just as much of this course as I spend time on engine development, even with 90% programming theres still a lot of useless courses that truly just wont benefit me. I don't mind how much they cost as this is my career and I really want to get serious about this, but my course kinda holds me back as much as its benefiting me. I prefer being taught by those who have written engines before me as these are the people I want to be. Things to know before recommending books: - I have no math skills I am 4 years out of high school so you could only imagine. Although I do understand its importance and will double down on these subjects as well. (Luckily for me there is a Game Development Mathematics course first semester that can prime me) - I know a bit about rendering such as shaders(only Fragment and Vertex so far) and kinda understand how Unreal and Unity work to get there games together minus all the techy management and networking. - I'm not comfortable touching networks, I would rather someone experienced do it right the first time. I understand its part of the engine process but networks become its own ball park once you start getting serious with it. - I understand University is better and that Game Schools are looked down on, but Im not relying on the course to get me work, Im relying on my own engine to show that Im worth just as much as a uni student. TL;DR Im looking for any good books for someone looking to get VERY serious with engine development, more intermediate books than beginner books please as I truly want to challenge myself and my course. If those graphic guys could as well as suggesting books also suggesting tutorials/explanations on things like where to start learning, how to continue learning and what to do when you THINK you've finished learning. Please make sure they are books as I don't trust online resources for learning only for re-learning.
    11. wobes

      ECS and Networking?

      Thank you for your answer.
    12. Using game engines is just like working with a team. Think about it. The artists, the sound composers, helping programmers and other team members will see a custom engine, no different from a commercial engine. When your artist loads a texture they won't think "Oh, I didn't write the code for this. Somehow that makes me less of an artist". When your team member expands on your code, you don't want them to rewrite everything. You don't want them thinking "I didn't make any of this code, I should use none of it". When working on a engine, you should think of it as working along with a team. Yet people have different drives. I have seen hobby developers switch from custom engines to commercial engines and every game they make from there is horrible, they blame the engine and when you show them how to do something they just say that the way the engine does it is dumb. Even so I will still recommend trying a engine, even if only to make yourself angry. Sometimes just seeing how different, how dumb, someone's approach was to something can be eye opening and even life changing.
    13. menyo

      Auth tokens

      I want a token authentication system, you know, so users don't have to bother filling out username and password and can immediately start to have fun. I used to just store a random string both locally and in the database and use that together with the username to create a automated login system but I guess that is relatively easy to abuse. Now I have started with JWT but I have no clue what I am doing. I am running a basic client/server architecture on java using KryoNet. The following code creates and returns a token as a String: public String generateToken(String subject) { Key key = Keys.secretKeyFor(SignatureAlgorithm.HS256); return Jwts.builder().setSubject(subject).signWith(key).compact(); } First thing I am wondering is if this is "secure enough"? I really don't need more security then any other proper game out there. I guess a username (as the subject) is easy to guess but does the key provide enough security or do I need to add additional claims? Now I guess I have to store that key in the database alongside the user credentials and send the token to the client to be stored locally for reuse. Then I can do the following when I need to authenticate the user. Send the token and username from the client. Get the key from the database using the username to lookup. Parse the token using the key and username like so: Jwts.parser().setSigningKey(key).parseClaimsJws(token).getBody().getSubject().equals(subject); Other then login the user how often should I check the authentication token? Would just the login be enough or perhaps just each "sensitive" request from the client?
    14. hplus0603

      First Timer

      I would recommend an existing MUD construction toolkit/language/library. Try Evennia or perhaps Ranier? http://www.evennia.com/ http://ranviermud.com/ Regarding hosting, you can sign up for the free one-year trial of Amazon Web Services Ealistic Compute Cloud (EC2) and get a T.micro instance to install Linux on and run your MUD.
    15. msurma

      Lonely Adventure

      Lonely Adventure is an upcoming first person game where player as a pilot of innovative space ship will try to help humans to survive as a species. He will take a lonely journey to the edge of the Solar system in a slightly irritating company and try to discover the source of an anomaly suspected of causing an appalling asteroids activity close to Earth. Until then he will have to survive deep space dangers and learn the true meaning of inertia. Be prepared for some hidden secrets – not everything is as it seems… We believe that games should not be played passively. So instead of watching the story unfolding before your eyes take an action and make a change. Features Original story about human place in universe. Some mystery to discover Open world with size of 1 mld km without any loading screens Meaningful decisions made not by choosing dialog options but by actual actions performed Several different endings Possibility to immerse in deep space travel Realistic ship maneuver in vacuum space. No artificial friction – real meaning of inertia Destroying objects Mining asteroids for substance and energy Sensitivity to cosmic radiation, lack of sleep, lack of oxygen, over acceleration Repairing damaged ship components Flying school Micro-jumps, a wormhole like travel mechanism Interesting space phenomenons
    16. However that is not the way everyone will see it. Most artist would want the right, to protect their characters from being used in hate crime or in other ways they don't agree with. For this reason many artist and companies will enforce copyright and not even allow fan made content. The rule of thumb for copyright should be: "if you don't own it, then don't use it".
    17. Often referred to as the "Robin Hood defense". It is taking from the rich and giving to the poor without taking a cut. The Robin Hood defense doesn't hold up in court. It's easy to be generous with other people's resources. But if it isn't yours and the person who owns it objects, you're the one who will be on the hook. If it isn't yours don't touch it without permission.
    18. msurma

      Game pitch - help needed

      Hi. I am quite new to this great forum. Could you help me with a game pitch? English is not my native language so I am sure what I have written is less than perfect. If anyone could spend some time reading and eventually correcting language and/or stylistic mistakes please take a look here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gjqzz5SpzicCxpURLgz97KtO_3ATBFeTmEDytU3I3Do/edit?usp=sharing Thanks a lot. Mariusz
    19. lawnjelly

      How to solve this trig function?

      I gradually felt like I was getting there with some trig identities but I haven't tried solving equations since school 30 years ago lol Would you mind showing how you got to that step by step fmatak, for the benefit of us mathematically challenged folk lol...
    20. frob

      First Timer

      What roadblock did you hit? What is preventing you from moving forward? There are plenty of free and open source MUD and MUSH engines to work with if you want to leverage one of those. Or you can write your own, the concepts are not particularly difficult and it serves as the core of nearly all online games these days.
    21. Scouting Ninja

      First Timer

      To make a MUD you can learn almost any language you want. Java, C# and Python is the ones I see mostly used for networking, so I recommend sticking with one of these, They are all easier than C++. Because it is text based, you don't need a engine. Instead just look up things like "Sending string via socket" and basic stuff like that. I recommend searching "Python text multiplayer game" on Google.
    22. Difficulty is always relative. Relative to making the game as a whole, the AI system is fairly small. Tuning the AI system is a big effort because crafting the balance between fair and fun is hard. I don't know about the official Civilization series code, but FreeCiv is open source so you can peek at their AI system. Generally the technique is to create a list of what actions are available, then rank them based on how much each one is wanted. How much they're wanted for civ is based on the government type or AI player's settings as well as immediate needs. The functions calculate the utility of the action, generally called utility functions. The code computes whatever has the highest utility among the options, and whatever is wanted most is what is selected. As an example, when choosing what to build a city may scan what's going on. There may be no immediate risks and the society in general has chosen to expand. The city may choose that building Warrior ranks has a score of 457, Spearman has score 358; growth is important so the points allocated to Scout has score 580, Granary has a score of 874, and Settler has a score of 943. So city chooses to produce a settler. The hard part of these systems isn't building the choices or the decision tree, but fine-tuning the values and their computation.
    23. I think you should combine the mad scientist and martial artist concept. Maybe a character practiced martial arts or boxing as a child and grew up to work in a lab environment. The science of gene editing known as CRISPR is new enough that it hasn't really been explored in sci-fi/cyber punk stories too much yet but maybe you could make the character a scientist that works in a lab editing genes who decides to use the technology to try and become immortal and in order to she needs heart tissue from the most powerful fighters in the world. This would give her a motivation to fight the other characters to the death and really drive home the whole mad scientist aspect.
    24. Regarding using a commercial engine, I find this video interesting about Unity. So basically they track the usage of their 'free' licenses (with no options to close.). If they find something wrong with it, then they will take action against. I don't know whether or not the people mentioned in this video have violated the EULA of Unity or not. However if you value your privacy (unlike myself :P) then you wouldn't want to use Unity, at least the free license. This may or may not applies to other engines in the market. However, I don't think you would mind your own engine tracking your own usage :).
    25. fmatak

      How to solve this trig function?

      Sorry, I copied from the napkin and forgot to add correct braces. Here you go: t = ( 1 / a ) * ( atan( ( d + e * cos(a) ) / ( e * sin(a) ) ) ) ) ) The problem was with the last sin, it should be in the braces as well..
    26. Brian Kirmse

      First Timer

      Pretty sure I'm in the right place. If not I do apologise. I'll keep this short. My goal is to create a MUD, a text based MMORPG. I already have my idea fleshed out, but here at the first step i seem to have hit a roadblock >.> So what I'm asking, is what do I do next? What's the patrh I need to follow? All I know is at some point I'll need to find/make a server to host it. I do know a little coding in html, and in C++, but not much. The online tutorials for the latter just dont seem to be sinking in, so if anyone has any recommendations on that as well it would be appreciated.
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