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    1. Past hour
    2. Jamal Williams

      [Free][Android] Stickman Hello Stars

      Awesome game! I'll play it sometime over the weekend and give it a review.
    3. You need custom sounds ?, i need custom meshes. I make custom synthesized elektronic & digital audio effects/music, and develop in email communication. If you are professional blender/3dmax artist and dont want to worry about your project audio, i am a professional audio artist who can use some help with extra meshes for a 2D shooter. The meshes need to be custom and developed in email communication. While the game is tested there might be new inspiration. Texturing is not really needed, i can do that, if you like you can also do the texturing in good communication. You also automaticly become a game-tester to look how your meshes fit in the game. I only deliver audio at 16-bit quality, music can be 24-bit only i dont have software to edit at 24-bit. You need to know what audio quality you want, the samplerate and bit depth, i can not convert it afterwards, or re-record the session. If it works out, we can keep contact for future projects. I like to finish my game last year, so within this year the project should be done if all works out good. Thanks for reading, please reply if you are serious about working on a retro-game for the hobby.
    4. DavinCreed

      Dungeon Crawler Challenge

      Yeah, that's the feeling. I listed out everything I think I need to do, I'm sure that if I remain vigilant that I'll be able to get it done in time. Also I need to stop going back to try to make everything work better every time I see something that isn't quite right. If I get done in time, I'll have enough time to tweak things then.
    5. Today
    6. Nobody says that it not important part. But it really not so complexive as most of other parts, that works to drive a quality realistic animation ,simulate behavior of enemies and so on. And also phisical optics and computationl geometry, that is background of rendering, have no blanks or factors that very hard to obtain, unlike for example theory of impact, ballistic, and many other theories that is background of simulation. It depends on where to make i line betwin graphics and anything other. For example for particles, only rendering of it related to graphics stuff. Anything else like caluclation of it trajectory and so on related to phisics and other simulation, unlike most of people call anything of it "graphics effects".
    7. Small games require a same set of engine componets as huge games. Only difference betwin small demo and huge AAA game is size of world and quantity of objects and models contained by modeled world. But it simulate same processes and use same algos to render results of simulation. Really most of it much easier than looks on first view. It just require some time to study some related fields like analitic mechanics and advanced analytic geometry and so on, to understand how it really works. And hardest part of it is to obtain mathematical basis required to understand diffirential equations and build schemes of it integration and so on , that you already studied in university.
    8. Why hello there! And welcome to this 28th iteration of this Weekly Update blog! This week, I'm gonna be honest, doesn't really have ground-breaking changes. Instead, it's a mix of refactoring, balancing, bug fixing and refinement... So this is gonna be a short and sweet one. No complex algorithm I promise! Liquid updates First, I've refined most liquid floor that I've mentioned in my previous update. Now, most non-water liquids have distinct waves patterns and particles. this means that we can safely identify a liquid more easily than before. Here's a look at the liquid nitrogen, for example: liquidNitroogenBath.mp4 Better bridges Secondly, I've also refined the bridges of the Island floor configuration. It was previously very blocky and not really bridge-like. So I've decided to remodel the basic bridge square to make it look more "bridge-ish". Then I've also decided to reuse my liana algorithm to displace the generated bridge's vertices so that it follows a catenary curve. This gives the authentic suspending bridge look. Aside from that, I've also added poles, rivets and ropes to reinforce the bridge look. Room Anchors Another really important thing is that I've dynamized the room anchor points. This way, Island patterned rooms will have their central anchor updated so that it actually uses the actual center of the island. This makes props much more aligned and believable. Tunnels Next up, I've also changed cracked walls so that blowing them up actually makes a hole instead of removing the wall completely. Pushes Finally, I've updated to the game's enemies. Just to recap, I'm using Unity's NavMesh Implementation to move my enemies around. It was pretty good, and paired with a proper behaviour tree it works wonders. However, it meant that no matter what the agent won't go out of the navmesh. Effectively this meant that there were no possible ways for the player to push AIs into chasms. Pretty boring if you ask me. So I've decided to temporarily disable the NavMeshAgent component of my AIs when they get pushed. This way we can use rigid bodies to push them instead. Then I've first split the problem in two. First one was that I wanted AIs to actually be able to "get back up" from a non-lethal push (like into water and stuff). Then there's also the case in which I want the AI to die. (like in chasms) To fix the first problem, I've decided to use NavMeshLinks to link two different areas together. It was pretty easy to change the map generator code to include this, and it works wonderfully. The second one was a bit hard to implement, mainly because it required NavMesh raycast in the update loop. I'm not a fan of this, but right now it works. Here's a video showing enemies getting pushed in a chasm: ByeBye.mp4 And here's some getting pushed in a poisonous lake: PushedAndTunnel.mp4 Minor Updates Fixed a bug with the Inputs bugging out if the mouse movement was too big Fixed bugs with my floor marching cube algorithm. Next week Oh wow, look at the time! We're getting close to my "playable demo" deadline! The next couple weeks won't be feature heavy. I only need to fix bugs, optimize some stuff, refactoring and also coming up with some kind of demo mode. After that, you'll be able to get your hands on some kind of demo. After that's done it's gonna be the usual suspects: Modeling, enemies, capacities, relics and so on. There's also some game designing that needs to be taken care of. There's a particular aspect of the game that has been boggling my mind for a while, and I just need to get things straight.
    9. Why I did told you to start alone was in order you to gain some experience. Nothing replaces experience. If you don't have any or few, then you'll feel lost in a team. You will not loose time by learning alone. Knowing some graphics things is one thing, which is important right, but knowing how to make things go round is something else. There are many good advice here, that's true, but if this is just to do what other are telling you to do, you'll miss important things. That's just my two cents, and I'm not a professional game programmer, you have to know it. This is globally wrong. Among all other things you wrote (and I'm not one who gave you a downvote). In my own engine, graphics is the biggest part, far from any other things. In all companies I was working, graphics part had also an important part. If your graphics part is very small compared to other things, you did not give enough importance to it.
    10. i made the tile set and main char im having problem to start building the beach in unity could some1 help?
    11. Okay yeah I know about the other part of the engine. But I am rather interested in building a graphics engine. Everything else can be third party Yup, I know. Maybe you are right and I should start alone first. I just thought that maybe someone else would join me. I only got half of your response, but I guess you are correct that anything more complex requires a huge amount of work and dedication. But that's alright, I am not trying to compete with other software build by hundreds of professionals. It will be a small engine that can be used for demoing purposes and minor games. Anything else is just unrealistic ;D
    12. But grapics stuff is a smallest subsystem of gaming engine.It make for engine same part of work that cout for console application. Hardest parts is collision prediction, physic simulation and AI. Also very complexive parts is a custom containers and smartpointers that much better fit needs of engine than stl, and main of complexities for c++, that have to be solved prior start making actual engine, is a custom c++ parser, intended to generate full set of RTTI, that required for automatic serialization/deserialization of objects trees and automatic generation of UI for visual editing. It really perfect. I guess you need a couple years to get in background required for actual creation of full featured engine (i mean something more complexive than engine for esingle-player tunnel walker or primitve space shooter with spheric only colliders that can be done in 1-2 weeks), but now you have a fundamental basis required to do it. And you can do it parallely with preparation of helper components. Welcome to discuss any algo that yo need to discuss. And may be later we can make some hobby cowork together. Really i currently not making a components of engine just becouse not finished yet a RTTI generator, required to loading complexive scenes and models and automatic network protocol generation, and some other preparation work like in-scene UI framework and so on. Only requirment - no pyton,js or something else that have outdated GC and and memory managment model that not acceptable for realtime software. Native modern programing languages with modern memory and resource managment abilities only. Really i could not se anythin but C++ that fit it requitments.
    13. There are fewer and fewer programmer wanting to go this way. If this is your first shot, I suggest you to start and move on alone. You will learn a lot, discover things and so on. Once you will realize what mistakes you've done then come back to the community and ask to make a team, telling your strengths, what you did well, your unknowns, which part of the engine you can do, and so on.
    14. Awoken

      Dungeon Crawler Challenge

      hahaha, I bruised myself and then in a vain attempt to heal my bruise I bloated and stuffed myself and lost even more health. Awesome side effect. Would I then walk and attack slower too because I was bloated and stuffed? Also, great pixel art. Looking forward to seeing that little rat run around.
    15. I've taken note of this. Alwways signaled before present. Seems like it's safer to signal after present in the event I want to prepare for the next frame? 🙂
    16. Guys just give me some hints. If the glTexImage2D() is configured correctly , if the width of the source images is multiple of 4 and my sharers and vertex data are fine, what else could go wrong?? Nobody has the experience to tell me? What should i check first?
    17. But I want to write an engine not use an existing one
    18. Use Unreal Engine 4 and it's C++
    19. Thank you! I finally got it to work thanks to your method (apply_pose()). Everything else was correct, I guess my fault was that I thought the inverse_bind_transform was everything I needed to render it correctly but since I didn't implement the animation part of the tutorial yet I missed that I needed to do another step first. No wonder I couldn't find anything wrong with what I had, I just didn't have enough. I need to try and educate myself more on how exactly each transform manipulate space, since it's all still abstruse to me it's hard to know where the problem lies! I can now focus on the animation part, thanks for sticking with me! Appreciate your elaborate explanations.
    20. Possibly. There is work submitted to the queue (which you pass to creation of a swapchain) by the Present API. Are you signaling after that or before?
    21. I want to create a spin the wheel game for a website that has about 32 segments/sections and collects the user name and email address which are then recorded into an excel file.
    22. Hope this means you liked what you saw and we are glad we could cheer you up!
    23. _Silence_

      Deferred shadowmapping

      Normally this should be that. Test for shadows only if the fragment is not behind your near plane.
    24. jbadams

      Dungeon Crawler Challenge

      Welcome to the challenge!
    25. Vincent Chase

      Deferred shadowmapping

      I've fixed the ortographic projection for the light camera and now shadows look a litle better. There's still one artifact left that I don't know how to solve. Any idea why it happens? The shadow map cuts the plane for some reason and I don't think it has anything to do with far/near planes.
    26. In case not known yet, this tool allows to model and output both triangles or voxels IIRC: Could be helpful in case a transition to real voxel engine becomes necessary unexpected.
    27. TonnyStark12

      DORU an idea i'm brewing up just need opiniouns

      good one. thanks
    28. You should differentiate between voxel *visuals* (i.e. blocky looks) and voxel *gameplay features* (i.e. block-based editable terrain and such). While they often come together, neither necessarily implies/forces the other. If you want to create an RTS that just looks blocky, but has totally classic RTS mechanics, you don't need a voxel engine, and if you had one, it would only make a lot of things a lot harder. Just create your 3D models in voxel style and load/render them like any other with a "normal" 3D engine. However, if you do want things like de- or con-struction of terrain, buildings or units based on voxels, you'll need a real voxel engine. In this case, you couldn't work with simple one-piece 3D meshes manually created with e.g. Blender. You'd need an underlying voxel data structure from which you'd have to dynamically generate your 3D models at runtime. This requires much more effort. From a pure rendering point of view, voxel engines are still based on 3D triangle meshes just like "normal" 3D engines, since this is simply how (almost) all graphics APIs and GPUs work. The difference is the run-time creation of the meshes based on the underlying voxel structure. 3D models in "traditional" game engines are "hollow", "empty shells", so to say. There is no logic behind them which makes them look the way they do, other then the artist's creativity. The shapes of 3D models in voxel engines, on the other hand, are backed by the voxel system, which itself is "invisible", but defines spatial structure in the background. I hope this helps
    29. Okay some new/improved things: Mini-Map! Displays player location(direction arrow doesn't point in the "moving" direction yet though..), arena level locations(still just 1 atm) and turret locations. Turrets now pay out 20 rings on disable! The good kind of feedback. There are now 10 turret installations in the park(in a circle around the hill for now) to keep the jump rings company. These installations will be more "interactive" and "adaptable" in future builds. But it makes freestyle play a little more entertaining as is. I've also done some more player control tuning and have locked a few axes out of the physics simulation, this has eliminated the left/right drifting on straight thrust. It's also made the player even more accurate to steer and aim. You might still find yourself slightly airborne when you cross a terrain mesh seam(invisible) but they shouldn't cause you to spin out of control anymore, just a random vertical bump.. Still trying to figure out how this is happening.. haha. Can somebody let me know if the NPCs in the race courses are too easy to beat? I am not challenged by them in the least anymore... lol Some of that might have to do with improved control accuracy and easier flight too. Thanks again to all the folks who have given me feedback so far, it's beyond invaluable!! SlingBot Boarding v0.4.1:
    30. reading this i think of that: ... but just for inspiration. As long as you are not sure about anything, i would try to work with you current engine and wait for problems come up or not. (With current GPU power i would not expect so many problems.) There are really many options... It's mainly about the size of voxels, if they are mostly static or constructable / destructable. Likely you want to clarify this early to prevent heavy changes later. (I think the video above uses CPU for rendering, but i do not remember how i should know this. The game is pretty good btw.)
    31. Hi yeah, the next possible project is a voxel based RTS game, im just wondering if i can use my 'traditional' engine and just draw the arts in voxel form or like there is a need for it to be pure 'voxel' engine but i dont know what it actually means.
    32. Maybe I can help you. Ofcourse I can be caught on some questions but I used to be a thermal analyst (mechanical engineering) for about 9-10 years on projects from telco, automotive lighting, commercial aerospace and non military D&S (sounds like oxymoron but D&S is the name of branch).
    33. Yes, I agree with this. But why do I have to signal again? At the end of every frame I put a commandQueue->Signal right after commandQueue->ExecuteCommandLists. This means when I upload work to GPU, there will always be a Signal at the end of it. So why do I have to signal again when I want to clean up. Why can't I just wait for that Signal I put after the ExecuteCommandList? Is it caused by the extra system call thing mentioned on this page? My code is here. Uncomment this in main.cpp to enable debug layer. // debug layer if (!EnableDebugLayer()) { MessageBox(0, L"Failed to enable debug layer", L"Error", MB_OK); return 1; } Uncomment the above two code snippet to see this error.
    34. kseh

      Dungeon Crawler Challenge

      It feels simultaneously like there's plenty of time and no where near enough. But you seem like you're in good shape. Looking forward to seeing the result.
    35. One way to go about it is to code what to do when the user enters a verb in a separate object, a Behavior object. Such a behavior object decides what should be done for a single item. Each item thus has a behavior object for each verb it responds to. If the user types "open chest", the system looks for an 'open' behavior object in the chest item, and runs it if it exists. One Behavior class may always open the item, while another class would first look for a key Item in the inventory, for example. Thus if you give the Chest Item a AlwaysOpenBehavior object, it would always open, while if you give it a OpenWithKeyBehavior object, you will need a key to open the chest item. This means that for every kind of 'open' you need to code a class, but that's unavoidable anyway (somewhere you do have to specify all possible variations that you want to have), but for different items with the same open behavior, you can re-use the same behavior class to make another 'open' object. The next puzzle you'll run into is that you want to have a zillion items, each with a zillion behaviors. I would suggest you store such information in a textfile, so you can easily edit it, At startup, you load the textfile into the program, and build all items with the correct behaviors into your Level/Area.
    36. _Silence_

      Deferred shadowmapping

      On you first post, you wrote: But looking at your shadows you don't look to apply any orthographic projection. It looks like if your light is coming from a point at the long of the blue line, at the top of your screen. Try first to fix this. Ensure that your scene if visible from your light point of view. Your cone has no shadows, this is also very weird. Put some ambient term, this will allow to see better how your shadows are looking. Finally, do you follow any tutorials ?
    37. goodamr

      Numbers Planet: Games and Puzzles

      This is a collection of more than 25 simple and challenging games about numbers and math.It includes the following games:----------------------Math Addition +, Math Multiplication x , Math Division ÷ and Math Subtraction -: Connect 3 or more numbers so that their result is equal to one of the targets.Connect Numbers, Connect Numbers 2048 Style: Match 3 games where you connect 3 or more same numbers.Columns 2048 Style, Columns Addition Style, Columns Erase Style: Match 3 games where you direct the falling columns to make 3 or more same numbers adjacent to each other.1 + 2 = 3, Arithmetic Challenge: Math addition, subtraction, division and multiplication game. Touch the correct answer.Duel 1 + 2 = 3, Arithmetic Duel: Math games where 2 persons are competing on the same device. The score will be counted for the person who touches the correct answer first.Matching Cards Easy Level, Matching Cards Medium Level, Matching Cards Difficult Level: Math matching memory games.Draw Numbers: Match 3 game where you draw the top numbers on the empty bottom blocks, making 3 or more same numbers adjacent to each other.Merge Numbers: Same game where you touch the group of the same numbers.Numbers Battle: destroy all numbers by shooting the correct bullets on each number.Numbers Clock: Shoot numbers on the clock so that their positions are ordered in ascending order.Touch Numbers in Order: touch the numbers in ascending order from 1 to 30 as quickly as possible.Sliding Numbers: Sliding puzzle game to arrange the cards in ascending order.Who jumps? 1 or 2: Touch the right or left half of the screen so that number 1 or 2 can jump without colliding.Falling Blocks: direct falling blocks to complete rows with no spaces.Chess Knight: direct the knight to touch all the squares of the chess board with the least number of movements.Color Arrow: touch screen when the color of the arrow is the same as the color of the opposite side of the circle.Classic Snake: Direct the snake to eat the apple.---------------------------- More games will be added in the near future.If you are left-handed: you can change the position of the buttons to the left of the screen from the settings page.Feel free to tell us your feedback, ideas, suggestions, requests, bugs and rate our game.Enjoy playing !
    38. Kryzon

      Is limbo game 3d or 2d

      Some articulated characters in Limbo are definitely done with sprite meshes (subdivided flat meshes with a transparent textures that can be deformed to animate the character, like using Spine, Moho or Live2D Cubism), plus there's lots of layers and shader effects (lots of blurring, glows). So it's not 3D in terms of camera angles, but it's definitely using 3D technology for rendering. So I'd consider Limbo as 2.5D.
    39. goodamr

      Columns 2048: Match 3 Numbers

      You have to direct the falling columns to make 3 or more same numbers adjacent to each others only horizontally or vertically. Then, their sum will be converted to the nearest number in the series (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ...), It’s the repeated multiplication of number 2. It’s game over when there is no space for the falling column to land. It’s a beautiful and addicting game especially when the adjacent numbers are falling in a way similar to the falling dominoes. If you are left-handed: you can change the position of the buttons to the left of the screen by touching the hand icon in the main page.
    40. I believe there was a bug in current releases regarding outputting the names of final released objects, except resources. That was fixed relatively recently. The easiest way to know that a given command queue is idle is to signal a fence on it and then wait for that signal to complete. You can either do this on an existing fence with a higher value that you know hasn't been queued yet, or by creating a new fence and signaling it to 1 greater than its initial value.
    41. Hey Everyone, Yup, that's right i'm offering free music composition for your pixel art style game. I was one of the few composers who worked on a game called Dungeon Souls I've mainly worked with Orchestral and Electronic stuff, but recently getting into 8-bit, chip-tune style. If you're looking for some music for your game, my music can be found here: Orchestral - 8-bit - If you have any questions let me know! Regards, Nick
    42. DavinCreed

      Dungeon Crawler Challenge

      I'm late to the game, but I'm going to attempt this challenge. I made a small tile set for it. I also had a few versions of the main character before I settled on something very basic. The first version, I was going to use an asset I got through Humble Bumble, but it didn't fit right. So I tried to modify him enough to make him fit what I wanted, and that didn't work out too well. So I tried making my own from scratch (the bald guy on the right), but that didn't seem to fit very well either and might have taken a long time to create the assets. I even tried making a simple smiley face that would change color and expression based on its health. The version I settled on was pretty basic, but I think still fits well into my vision. I can always improve on it later. So I cranked out most of the animations I'll need. I also made some rat graphics to be the first enemy. My plan is to mostly make my game a lot like the ASCII Rogue I spent a lot of my young years playing. I also had an idea floating around in my head for years about a health system a little different than the usual. It's not an entirely original idea, but I really want to try it out to see if it will work out as a fun game mechanic. The system is geared around injuries and how those injuries affect the body. Loss of blood affects strength, energy, speed, eventually consciousness, and other things. So a cut has more long term issues than the initial damage. It also heals over time. I'm not trying to make it realistic, I just want to provide more consequences and ways to die than the usual hit points depleted, ran out of food and die instantly. I don't know, I hope it works out. I had made a few prototypes in js, the last one was very complex. But for this I decided to boil the concept down it's the most basic elements for testing out the concept. So I made this prototype: It's a lot more basic than my previous prototypes. There are only a few entry points and once it's in place it shouldn't be much work to utilize. One addition I made over all the other prototypes, is that I added in food and water so that the player can die from starvation like in the Rogue game I used to play. I'm making my game in UE4, so now I need to convert it to work inside that. Which is another reason for me to create a simplified version of it, to make it easier to move over. I plan to add toggles to the game to turn off food and/or water needs for the difficulty setting. So now, in less than a month, I need to port the prototype health system, program the items, weapons, armor, and enemies, then create the dungeon generation system. It sounds so easy when I put it like that...
    43. I encountered this problem when releasing D3D12 resources. I didn't use ComPtr so I have to release everything manually. After enabling debug layer, I saw this error: D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12CommandQueue::<final-release>: A Command Queue (0x000002EBE2F3C7A0:'Unnamed ID3D12CommandQueue Object') is being final-released while still in use by the GPU. This is invalid and can lead to application instability. [ EXECUTION ERROR #921: OBJECT_DELETED_WHILE_STILL_IN_USE] I wanted to figure out which queue is it so I enabled debug device and used ReportLiveDeviceObjects trying to identify the queue. But it showed the same error. All my queues had names and ReportLiveDeviceObjects worked on other resources. After googling around, I found this page. It was a similar problem and it seemed it had something to do with finishing the unfinished frames. Before I made any changes, my clean up code looks like this: void Cleanup() { // wait for the gpu to finish all frames for (int i = 0; i < FrameBufferCount; ++i) { frameIndex = i; //fenceValue[i]++; //------------------------------------------> FIRST COMMENTED CODE SNIPPET //commandQueue->Signal(fence[i], fenceValue[i]); //------------> SECOND COMMENTED CODE SNIPPET WaitForPreviousFrame(i); } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // FROM HERE ON, CODES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUESTION, THEY ARE HERE FOR THE SAKE OF COMPLETENESS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // close the fence event CloseHandle(fenceEvent); // release gpu resources in the scene mRenderer.Release(); mScene.Release(); // imgui stuff ImGui_ImplDX12_Shutdown(); ImGui_ImplWin32_Shutdown(); ImGui::DestroyContext(); SAFE_RELEASE(g_pd3dSrvDescHeap); // direct input stuff DIKeyboard->Unacquire(); DIMouse->Unacquire(); DirectInput->Release(); // other stuff ... } Obviously it didn't work that's why I googled the problem. After seeing what is proposed on that page, I added the first and the second commented code snippet. The problem was immediately solved. The error above completely disappeared. Then I tried to comment the first code snippet out and only use the second code snippet. It also worked. So I am wondering what happened. 1.Why do I have to signal it? Isn't WaitForPreviousFrame enough? 2.What does that answer on that page mean? What does operating system have anything to do with this? For you information, the WaitForPreviousFrame function looks like this: void WaitForPreviousFrame(int frameIndexOverride = -1) { HRESULT hr; // swap the current rtv buffer index so we draw on the correct buffer frameIndex = frameIndexOverride < 0 ? swapChain->GetCurrentBackBufferIndex() : frameIndexOverride; // if the current fence value is still less than "fenceValue", then we know the GPU has not finished executing // the command queue since it has not reached the "commandQueue->Signal(fence, fenceValue)" command if (fence[frameIndex]->GetCompletedValue() < fenceValue[frameIndex]) { // we have the fence create an event which is signaled once the fence's current value is "fenceValue" hr = fence[frameIndex]->SetEventOnCompletion(fenceValue[frameIndex], fenceEvent); if (FAILED(hr)) { Running = false; } // We will wait until the fence has triggered the event that it's current value has reached "fenceValue". once it's value // has reached "fenceValue", we know the command queue has finished executing WaitForSingleObject(fenceEvent, INFINITE); } // increment fenceValue for next frame fenceValue[frameIndex]++; }
    44. Geonamic

      DORU an idea i'm brewing up just need opiniouns

      On desktop, there should be a blue-highlighted "Edit" word right between your post and your signature, but it seems like you have a timer on being able to edit posts because I can't seem to edit my most recent post... I'm not sure how it is on mobile or any other device. I tried the mobile version of this site, and everything seemed so much harder to work.
    45. We've turned the door to the escape pod into an automatic door. When the player enters the collider of the escape pod doors, the doors will open using an animation. Similarly, when the player exits the doors' collider, they will close with a closing animation. Only the player can activate the doors, no other objects. The script for this action is similar to the script that triggers the elevator animations. Another script was made that parents a key card to the player once the player picks the key card up. The key card will stop being a child of the player once the player releases the key card. This enables the key card to travel through different scenes with the player. - Kristen
    46. ProjectTaival

      Project Taival

      Hi, my name is Marco Tinell and I started up as an Indie Game Developer in December 14th, 2018. It has been my dream since I was a child to be able to do games for a living. I have always loved to be able to think freely - no matter how silly some idea might sound at first, I just have to entertain the idea to see if I can find some non-obvious creative value in it. Innovative ideas need analytic thinking, which have helped me tremendously on anything that requires creativity, like creating 3D models to plan out carpentry solutions as a carpenter. My goals for this project are; • Get better at 3D modeling on more various selection of modeling software. • Learn to make presentable music. • Study on how to make animated videos from scratch. • Get to know some basics about several game engines, before choosing the one that I will use. • To improve my storytelling and compilation skills. • Bringing to fruition a marketable end result and registering a Game Development company.
    47. ProjectTaival

      PC Project Taival

      Something about me and my vision for the project: I have been interested at making games since I was a teenager, but never had the courage to even try, due to my personal issues I have encountered in life. But that has changed recently, as during the years of recovery I have gained more confidence in my ability to learn new things and have had extensive experience in Google Sketchup, as the picture above shows. After reading how it can be used in conjunction with Unreal Engine and Unity 3D, I decided to give it a try, no matter how hard it could turn out to be. This project is an attempt to have a new beginning and thus a very important step forward in my life, which makes it all the more important for it to be a success. I'm not seeking triple A quality and try to keep my goals achievable, but at the same time want to try my utmost to bring my vision to life without sacrificing too much visual fidelity. Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear -series has also been a huge inspiration to me and I think that at least one aspect of Hideo's advice can be used in the Project Taival as well - "Betray your audience". I want to make this game in both story and mechanic wise, to be as unpredictable as possible. I started up as an Indie Game Developer in December 14th, 2018. I have always loved to be able to think freely - no matter how silly some idea might sound at first, I just have to entertain the idea to see if I can find some non-obvious creative value in it. Innovative ideas need analytic thinking, which have helped me tremendously on anything that requires creativity, like creating 3D models to plan out carpentry solutions as a carpenter. To summarize some features of the game, here is a short list of things; - The game will be in First Person perspective. - It is going to be divided in multiple games, so be sure to expect a sequel. - All the final assets are going to be original content or modified from free assets. - Paid assets remains a possibility, depending on the amount of donations and pre-orders. - The game is based on modern days, but the roots of the story are much deeper in time. - 2 layer game world, similar to Silent Hill, but different. My personal goals for this project are; • Get better at 3D modeling on more various selection of modeling software. • Learn to make presentable music. • Study on how to make animated videos from scratch. • Get to know some basics about several game engines, before choosing the one that I will use. • To improve my storytelling and compilation skills. • Bringing to fruition a marketable end result and registering a Game Development company. For all the latest information, you can subscribe to these social media sites; The best kind of free help you can give me, is advice and constructive criticism. I'm always ready to learn more on how to market my creations and first and foremost develop them in the first place. Second best and free kind of help you can give me, is to spread the word anywhere. Thank you for time.
    48. kseh

      GameDev - Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Part 2

      Looking good. I'm curious to see how the rooms work out.
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