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    2. Kamal Wafi

      i need help in unity

      hey guys , i already start learning unity , and im working in my first game , i found a problem which stop me . i want to keep the Cartesian coordinate without moving like this https://imgur.com/a/XCSMtc0 and not when the ball move it become https://imgur.com/a/bMORNPw so then when i add force to vector y i will find no problem but when the vector move and start looking not up , then the ball it goes to a place which i dont want (left or right)
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    4. Just out of curiosity, if you don't want your strings stored in the exe, and you don't want to read them from a file, where exactly do you plan to get them from?
    5. Aras Pranckevicius (@aras_p) on twitter shared his talk on Entity Component Systems and Data Oriented Design for junior/future engineers at Unity. The talk is not Unity specific and is applicable to more general cases. You can find the slides at http://aras-p.info/texts/files/2018Academy - ECS-DoD.pdf. Sample code is available on Github: https://github.com/aras-p/dod-playground. View full story
    6. Aras Pranckevicius (@aras_p) on twitter shared his talk on Entity Component Systems and Data Oriented Design for junior/future engineers at Unity. The talk is not Unity specific and is applicable to more general cases. You can find the slides at http://aras-p.info/texts/files/2018Academy - ECS-DoD.pdf. Sample code is available on Github: https://github.com/aras-p/dod-playground.
    7. Jastiv

      Advice needed

      That is why I wrote Wograld and dedicated my life to it. I realized this would be a problem in the past, present, and future if I don't do something about it, so I decided to make a completely open source free culture content game and put it out there. Now my only problems are 1. finding alpha testers. ..... 7. profit. If I were in your shoes (I'm not) I would just work on some free software games. Try a small project, not something like the linux kernel.
    8. Masterbuiler64

      Composer Looking for Interesting Game Projects!)

      I'm looking for a composer for a 3D adventure I am planning on developing here in the future. I have a composer as of now, but frankly he isn't that good, so when I saw this I decided to ask if you would be willing to help me if I gave some inspiration songs from other games. Thanks in Advance! Dalton
    9. What games we can play now? We all can play games where we can progress personaly (individually) with some little co-op, where few people of few parties trying to defeat heavy boss. But lets ask two questions: Why do they join into small groups? Who gain profit from the raid? Lets think about second part first. Answer is easy, because everybody want to progress in their own powers/abilities/etc, that is why only player who participate in the raid can gain profit from any raiding activity (all party members in common case). Lets continue with first question. Why do people who wants to progress as fast as they can will join into parties? Because they have no other choice, they just can not do this on they own because of lack of strength or game limitations. This causes lots of problems in communication between players because some of them are strong enoght to make raid in party, and some of them just want to collect rewards and are storng enough to make raids on their own. Second group of players that will join parties are those, who just want to chat. They join raids just to spend time with other players. I don't want to recognize intentions, whether player wants to talk. play or hopple raid. The main reason is this group of players is not intentioned to collect rewards. With this in mind lets try to define co-op multiplayer as networking game where player's own progress is secondary to common game progression. In order to be less abstract, lets imaging tree like main goal progression where every player of the server "votes" for one or another branch by doing actions that corresponds to specific progression of common goal. On each step of common goal there are no futher goals, but one shim that will give some time to develop new common and personal goals. For an example: ship with colonists have done emergency landing on undiscovered planet that is suitable for living, but ship is highly damages, almost all equipment are broken. Also there are problems with power supply, that is why some of capsules with conolist are going to activate "awaking" protocol (on new player registration). First goal is to recover ship's main control pannel with almost no tools, when goal is achived, shim goal is to get through tons of broken equipment in order to reboot system via "lever" in oposite side of the ship. Topics of discussion are: How to force players to focus on common goal instead of personal without limitations in actions? What genres of existing games can be applicable in what aspects of co-op multiplayer and how to organize ability of every player in the games to participate in each and every aspects of the common game progression? What goals can be interpreted as common and what properties it must/should/can have? How to blur an edge between personal and common goals via actions that affects both without harming induvidual story development/progression?
    10. LukasIrzl

      Tales of Vastor - Progress #7

      Tales of Vastor - Progress #7 - Improved art Content What's done? What's next? Beta content What's done? Last week I ordered a few books in order to improve my drawing skills as well as the time spend on a single piece. There is still a lot to improve, still, I am pretty amazed by the progress made. New backgrounds If you want to know more about the books I ordered and the software used, feel free to contact me. I really like talking about art and stuff. The contact information will be shown at the end of this post. New animations As mentioned last week, I wanted to create new animations for the character - the paladin. Here is one of those new animations: I pretty much like how smooth the attack animation is done. What do you think. Keyboard handling - UI adaptions The keyboard handling of Tales of Vastor is progressing every week. There are still a few screens to adapt though. In order to make the character selection during fights even more visible, I added an outline shader to the selected character. It will be shown for the currently selected character which can be switched by using the left and right buttons, or simply by clicking on it with the mouse. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the problem with outlining every part of the character. Only the whole character should be outlined in the future. Story adaptions The whole first chapter is currently configured and the others will follow soon. I am glad, I made the story config as easy as possible for me. It was pretty hard to implement that, since I never created something like this before. What's next? more backgrounds for dialogues and fights as well as re-designs of previously created ones a new character a new map? Beta content In about a month, the closed beta version will be released. It will be the next big milestone, as I want you to test most of the game and give feedback to improve Tales of Vastor. If you are interested, you can write an email to office@lukasirzl.at. Planned content major story update more characters more items more worlds more fights Simply more of everything. If you have feedback, you can contact me via mail or direct message whenever you want. Be sure to take a look at Twitter as well, since there will be more frequent updates. Thank you!
    11. LukasIrzl

      Tales of Vastor

      Tales of Vastor is a hand-drawn 2D fantasy party-based RPG with challenging fights and a linear story line. General Information Tales of Vastor offers challenging party-based fights as known in Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and other titles as well as a thrilling linear story which is guided by a narrator. The art style is heavily influenced by games like Odin sphere and other Vanillaware titles. Story It all began, as you spent time with the princess on the hills. She worried about the princes behavior lately and asked you for a favor. Suddenly, you heard a noise. Of course you grabbed your sword and took a look around. You got hit on your head and were not able to keep your eyes open. The princesses cries were the only thing you noticed until finally waking up. Cold walls of a prison cell were the only think you recognized. As well as a mysterious men standing in the shadows. Will you be able to find out what happened to the princess? Gameplay In order to find out more about the princesses disappearance you need to travel along different points on the world map. Based on the progress, different events will be triggered. As you progress on the map, fights will be triggered manually or automatically. Depending on your level, different enemies may approach. Each one with different behaviors and equipment. Alongside to casual enemies, bosses will stand between you and the princess. The fights are turn based with two parties - your party and the enemies party. You are able to attack the enemy with the casual attack or use power attacks, which are special abilities learned over time. By using your power attacks wisely and not wasting your power, you may be able to defeat the enemies. As you progress in the story, you will be able to choose new party members. Be careful who you choose, since you will only be able to have one companion at a time.
    12. Define WINVER and _WIN32_WINNT to 0x501 (_WIN32_WINNT_WINXP) before #include'ing <Windows.h> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/porting/modifying-winver-and-win32-winnt?view=vs-2017 L. Spiro
    13. Oh sorry, I forgot that you were talking about similar strings. Somehow I thought that this way it wont go into exe file.
    14. Greedy Goblin

      The Berg

    15. hplus0603

      Games and blockchain.

      Any blockchain that is popular will have exactly that same problem, because it's inherent in the design of the technology. If it's small and fast, then it's not popular, and if it's not popular, you will have a real problem trying to keep mining from becoming centralized such that a Sybil attack can take it over.
    16. You need to be familiar with printf, sprintf, and related functions if you are going to be a programmer. All the information on what they do and how they behave is very heavily documented. In my example, szBuffer is a local heap buffer (or you could allocate with new [] and free later with delete []) and MAXLEN is the length of that buffer. It should be long enough to handle the longest possible string you could put into it. If it goes over 1024 bytes you should strongly consider allocating szBuffer rather than putting it on the stack. The source string ("Some very long string %u . .." in this case) will exist once in your executable and then format-copied into szBuffer with the changes you make during the format. The rest you have to learn on your own via the documentation. L. Spiro
    17. 😁 Thanks I agree with @rnlf_in_space that I should not but I never done something like this and I just need to try it. I can't say that I'm much of that expert, wouldn't some code immediately when it encounters " " store the string in read-only segment if it's long enough or store it in an instruction if it's short enough as commented in previous posts? Could you please show me how would you do it? I didn't know I can do this. I red a bit about ::sprintf_s() in the documentation. I see it stores some string into some buffer, that is szBuffer. But what I don't understand is if I write it like you did, wont "Some very long string %u . .." be immediately stored in read-only segment, before I even call this function, at least the part "Some very long string" without %u?
    18. Many years ago, my husband had a co-worker who used to work in the games industry. Apparently he got an exciting position as an alpha tester for games. He had to move all the way out of California. He tested games, but apparently, he wasn't paid enough to afford to live there, so he had to move back to New England when the money ran out. I'm not really sure who befitted from that arrangement, the guy, surely not, after all he didn't end up making any money and just lost it while playing incomplete buggy games. The company, well, they paid an awful lot so someone could live in a high cost to live area, instead of being able to support someone living in a lower cost area. Surely there is a better way to get alpha testers for games now than this lose/lose arrangement.
    19. jb-dev

      Vaporwave Roguelite

    20. Check out my last video where I show you how I create some scary background atmospheres !
    21. Tom Sloper

      Maps - showing player?

      I always expect, want, and yes need, a "U R here" dot at least. If you want to make the players think and observe their surroundings, I have a thought. You could make the map always north at the top (and not rotate it depending on direction of travel). The player definitely has to correlate map features with world features then.
    22. Sounds fine as a voice, but make sure you have the English checked for every line. It should be, "You want to know who you are, and what, exactly, you are doing here." These samples are still too short to determine how well you fit into the game. It sounds like a narrator. How many lines? Can you cover the whole range of emotions needed for this character? There probably aren't many so it may be a good start. I can't tell from this sample how dramatic your voice will be over even the mundane lines. Carrying drama in your voice is important for voice actors. It is hard to judge now but it may work. You will have to produce more content. L. Spiro
    23. If you are interested in learning the free cross platform Lua powered Defold game engine, this tutorial series is a perfect place to start. It covers all aspects of working with Defold, starting from creating your first project, to sprites, animation, input, music, physics, particles, scene loading, GUIs and much more. If you prefer video, there is one of those as well covering the same material as the text tutorial. If you've never heard of Defold, its a cross platform (LInux, Windows, Mac), Lua powered mobile friendly 2D game engine, made available by King (Candy Crush people). It's free to download and use.
    24. Fulcrum.013

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      Strictly it not just a friction. Each track have a chasers that embedded to the ground, so it have much higher resistance to slide than just a friction. Also looks like it resistance is anisotropic.
    25. Has anyone started off being the perfect fit for a game, whether in voice acting, composing, or sound design? Of course not. Practice, practice, practice, and you'll become a top-notch voice actor in no time. You already have an interesting sounding voice to begin with, one that catches the listener's attention. Just work out the fine details and keep learning. Good luck, Crossway!
    26. If your strings are so similar, why can't you generate them at run-time? ::sprintf_s( szBuffer, MAXLEN, "Some very long string %u . ..", ui32Index ); Or similar. This sounds as though this problem is meant to be tackled via out-of-the-box thinking rather than by working around computer-science issues. For what it's worth, using constant strings as just pointers into a data section is reliable enough that it is used in ASKA Engine (tri-Ace) to implement "print-once" error messages. To avoid spamming the console, the string pointer is kept, not an actual copy of the string. This is important for run-time as we do need running builds of the games that also print (or silence) debug messages quickly. So you will use a macro such as "ASSERT_ONCE( someCondition, "The condition failed. Checkmate, atheists." )", and as long as "pool strings" is set then this string pointer will have 1 pointer no matter where it is used, so redundancy checks on the string can be done just by checking the pointer, not the string. This has been very tested over many years and is reliable on all consoles and relevant platforms (and most irrelevant platforms), however do keep in mind that it is only used for debug purposes, as it is not guaranteed by the standard. Code that relies on this should not be put into the wild. L. Spiro
    27. About me: Hi, my name is Christian and I am an enthusiast for games and simulations in the field of artificial life. I am an applied mathematician and have worked in my past for several years as a researcher on mathematical problems for damage mechanics. Currently I am employed as a software engineer. Physics engine: What I want to announce here is a 2D physics engine for damageable and glueable rigid bodys. Temperature effects such as radiation and heat conduction are also simulated via certain particles and internal energy distributions. The building blocks (nodes) of the bodys can be programmed by a simple assembler-like language enriched with physical actions, communication, sensoring and procreation functions. Portions of code is stored in each node as machine code and also potentially subject to changes. The code is processed by tokens moving/forking on a directed graph which constitutes the body. To get an impression of how the engine looks like in practice I attach some screencasts showing different examples. The engine performs multithreaded computations and is encapsulated in a C++-framework. I think it could be used to create realistic effects for space games. I am very interested in your ideas, opinions and constructive criticism. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG61uprKzWg[/media] [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L3Cr2WwHDc[/media] Performance: With the current implementation one could simulate rougly 50k - 100k building blocks with 30 fps using 8 CPU threads (measured on Core i7-6700). There is still no finished GPU implementation but after experimenting with CUDA I would estimate that 300k can be simulated on my GPU (GeForce 960 GTX). To get an idea of of the computational effort please think that every building block in the scene (size of a pixel in the video) can be glued or detached to/from a body and performs calculations or other physical actions. The high degree of dynamics in simulation (damage and coalescence, function of nodes can change) was one the biggest challenge in the development. For broader applications it would be quite nice to port this engine to Unity. But I fear that the performance would then decrease substantially. Editor: In order to demostrate the engine I had developed an editor/simulator named alien. It allows to create and modify simulations filled with bodys. alien provides a pixel view as well as a graph and code editor for designing and visualizing every detail in a scene. As an demonstrating example I have designed a replicating machines that consumes nearby materials (see video below). More complex machines with sensoring, communication and attacking skills are also conceivable. Thus the material in the simulated world could be equipped with life-like or even intelligent behavior. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slba3g7-LK4[/media] More information and download: alien-project.org (it's opensource)
    28. Alec Weesner

      Usage of analog and acoustic instruments

      I'm a firm believer that adding just one acoustic instrument will make your song sound more "human". Even intentionally leaving in mistakes will connect the listener more than perfectly quantized MIDI notes.
    29. I suppose I'm thinking of the bounding rectangle of the polygon. When a polygon object is made, vertices are placed around the polygon according to the sin and cos of the rotation given and its half width and half height. I just want to make it so that no matter the rotation affecting the initial placement of the vertices, that the width and height of the polygon (along the X and Y axes) are the same as those given in the constructor. Can you see a way to do this?
    30. BlueSpud

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not aiming for total realism, but I would prefer that it was somewhat realistic, the game I'm trying to make is not an arcade game. Ill definitely look into PhysX a little more, but I belive that if it did support those features, than someone would have already used them to make a similar project. Cheers
    31. JoeJ

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      I see - you aim for more realism. But i doubt UE does not expose contact velocity. This is necessary for other things like a raycast car, so maybe you can find an example about this (hoping vehicles are not locked up behind another abstraction). But i see two options: Faking contact velocity or controlling the whole tank yourself as i have proposed - to make it realistic you would need to run your own small simulation on top. You would still utilize PhysX for the harder things like collision response. And if you take care to conserve momentum - nothing wrong with that. Or modeling the tracks itself or at least an approximization, probably with some form of wheels and suspension joints. The latter can be a bit demanding, eventually requiring more physics iterations than usual (racing games often run at 300 Hz or more), and also it might be necessary to go deeper into the UE source if PhysX is only partially exposed. For example, IIRC PhysX has some Featherstone solver for joints (intended for ragdolls). This solver should be more expensive but may handle larger mass ratios and stiff joints. Worth to try and ask at UE forum as well... Some personal experince of myself (i've made a physics driven walking ragdoll, no vehicles): In terms of robustness, accuracy and realism, nothing comes even close to Newton. The difference is orders of magnitude, while performance matches PhysX or Havok more or less. There is some effort to make a UE Newton plugin (see their forum), but UE is not designed to replace PhysX, so i don't know how practical this is. The final option is to make your own joint solvers for a detailed vehicle model and apply resulting torques and forces to PhysX. That's how Natural Motion works on top of 3rd party engines for example. So it's mainly a question of how much realism you really need, how much performance allows and how much time you can spend. No easy decision. I hope you get some more answers from people with better vehicle experience.
    32. Vilem Otte

      Maps - showing player?

      For one of the hobby projects of mine (on which I work extremely irregularly), I'm about to add maps and possibly also a minimap. Now I'm still somehow undecided whether to add a minimap or not, and whether to add player into the map or not. While it doesn't seem so important, this may have quite important impact on the actual final gameplay. Not including a player on the map, makes him look at the environment surrounding him, and determine where he is in the map. Which is useful - yet in case he is forced to find something placed on the map, it may be frustrating (again, this depends on what he searches for and how hard it is to find). Also this means that there shouldn't be a minimap, as it would clearly show exactly where he is. On the other hand, adding a player into map will make searching a lot easier, and possibly adding minimap could help him locate things of interest around him - therefore removing frustrating searches of items/places. Although this may make searching surrounding area a lot easier and force player to go straight to the target. So, just out of curiosity - what is your opinions/thoughts on this - can you think off any other pros/cons?
    33. Dirk Gregorius

      Polygons and the Separating Axis Theorem

      What is the width and height of an arbitrary polygon? Width an height make sense for a rectangle, but not arbitrary polygons.
    34. I have been trying to get a .obj file to load and display in three dimensions. The object is a cube. I have spent three days on this and need help, please! I have tried numerous .obj files trying to get it to work. I replaced the double slashes with single slashes in the .obj file so that the super simple loader can get the vertexes and indices. Since I am very stuck, the help would be greatly effective to my experience/learning, may I have the help, please? ALso, recently I switched the functionality from : glDrawArrays (GL_TRIANGLES, 0, 3); to lDrawElements( GL_TRIANGLES, 6, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0); The code is here (pastebin) https://pastebin.com/cTLuqaae The .png of the model and the .obj file are attached too. Thank you, Josheir cube100.obj
    35. Hi everyone. I am programmer from Ukraine. I am not designer , but I want to draw cool art and make cool games. I learning. I walked the long road from zero to publicating game in store. So, I want to tell you about my game. I hope you enjoy my game and you will write feedback in Store or here (In store will be better 😉 ). Thanks everyone who will play my game. Genre: Arcade/Runner Platform: Android (4.1 and higher) Description: Do you think what these stairs is easy ? No! Every stair want to kill you. One wrong move and you begin from start. You should be careful. Try to find good tactic and look a both ! Be careful ! Stairs are anywhere ! Do you want to be a King of Stairs ? It will not easy. Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nazariyoliynyk.dangerousstairs
    36. BlueSpud

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      AFAIK, Unreal doesn't expose this. For their official tutorial on a conveyer, they just use a collision volume and move the objects manually, without going through the physics engine. I think the problem is with the first method is that friciton is a lot of what makes the tank turn, so it has to be modeled rather well to get that working, which is another reason why I'm not trying to fight the engine and use as much of PhysX as I can without applying a lot of manual forces and such.
    37. Assuming you're doing it in proper OO, there are design patterns such as Adaptor and Facade which you might want to read about. In my experience, backfitting a decoupling layer is usually a significantly larger PITA than doing things with that in mind from the beginning. You might want to start by analysing which functionaliy you use from the library and how (at it's most basic, just make a list of objects used and methods called), which is boring from the point of view of a coder but does end up paying itself by sparing you some back-and-forth time wasting that happens when one dives into coding too early and then suddenly discovers something that screws up one's approach. At the same time, you might want to set up some kind of unit testing around the whole thing so that you can test the before and after refactoring results and make sure they're the same. Also, COMMIT EVERYTHING into your source control before you start refactoring! (probably needs not be said, but hey: no harm done) Beware of implicit and non-visible dependencies, such as things like how NULLs are handled in one library vs the other, expectations in your code of getting back empty strings or empty arrays signifying NOT FOUND and now getting back nulls (or vice-versa), how objects are supposed to be initialized or not and other such expectations in the code which are not visible from simply the method signatures. Keep in mind that if your code is tightly coupled to the library, this might be a much vaster task than you expect. That analysis job at the beginning will give you a much better grasp on the size of the task and let you see if for some parts it's less work to redo them from scratch than refactor them.
    38. JoeJ

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      My suggestion is very basic. E.g. imagine a box on a ground without friction (ice), and you want to move it around in a circle. You would first calculate the linear and angular velocity you want, and second calculate force and torque from those velocities so the box moves as intended. I did not think about how to model tracks or ground contact and friction at all. However, this gives me another idea: With Newton it is possible in a contact callback to modify the contact velocity. This way it's easy to do things like conveyor belts and tracked vehicles should work well also. I would assume UE exposes such functionality too?
    39. BlueSpud

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      I'm a little curious how you did that. I initially started using linear force, but opted against it. The reason being is that I'm using capsules for the wheels and applying torque to them to make them move. When they arent on the ground, they don't apply force. If I was to use linear force, AFAIK, I would have to do raycasts or sweeps for every wheel to determine if they were touching the ground or not and should be applying force. I will definitely see if I can find the Newton demo though, hopefully theres something there.
    40. nazarito22

      Dangerous Stairs

      Do you think what these stairs is easy ? No! Every stair want to kill you. One wrong move and you begin from start. You should be careful. Try to find good tactic and look a both ! Be careful ! Stairs are anywhere ! Do you want to be a King of Stairs ? It will not easy. [Download] Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nazariyoliynyk.dangerousstairs
    41. JoeJ

      PhysX Tank Simulation in Unreal

      What helps maybe is to use utility functions to 'convert' linear and angular target velocities to force and torque, because it's easier to control stuff with velocity than with force. (I can look them up in my code if you want...) You could also look at the tank simulation demo in the Newton physics engine: https://github.com/MADEAPPS/newton-dynamics/ (hope it's still there). This is a very detailed and complex demo thought as a stress test for joints (each unique part of the tracks is its own rigid body). PhysX can't do this, but i remember the developer had some headaches about turning too, so maybe there is some insight.
    42. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix the width and height of the polygons when their vertices are given an initial rotation?
    43. My Gincu game engine supports both SFML and Allegro, you may be inspired from it. The game application doesn't know the underlying engine (SFML or Allego), so it's quite what you want.
    44. I want to distributy a game I've made as a simple self extracting zip file. After extraction, the structure should look like this: MyGame (shortcut to MyGame/Release/MyGame.exe) MyGame (folder) --- /assets (folder) --- / Release (folder) --- MyGame.exe I have already managed to make the shortcut point to the relative path of MyGame.exe by setting its target as: %windir%\explorer.exe "MyGame\Release\MyGame.exe". But I would also like to set its icon from a file in the assets folder in a relative way so that upon extracting on a different PC, the icon is already set. Is this possible? Or how is it usually done?
    45. I created a simple project/game around Allegro. The project is tightly bound to the API, including rendering, transforms, audio and other. I would like to port it to SFML but without loosing all of the work I already have done. I thought to create some wrapper around them so the game doesn't even know which one I'm using and I also wanted to be able to switch between them with few lines of code. Has anyone done something similar and maybe has some recommendations how to do it?
    46. Hello guys) Here is my new ambient soundtrack: https://youtu.be/TyAd5X9X5J8 In a week I'm available for new interesting projects)
    47. Hey! What's good? I was wondering how many of you guys rely on analog synths and acoustic instruments for your productions. After listening to many many many videogame music producer reels, it seems to me that this is a very digital market, and that maybe the customer doesn't appreciate the difference between, for example, an analog synth and a VST. I'm not saying one approach is better that the other (I use tons of VSTs myself), I just felt curious about the gear you guys use. See ya!
    48. When I render the frame hierarchy, I want to, say write to the 5th matrix slot in the shader, how can I do that? thanks Jack float4x4 FinalTransforms[35]; l_effect->SetMatrixArray("FinalTransforms", &pMeshContainer->pBoneMatrices[0], pMeshContainer->pSkinInfo->GetNumBones());
    49. rnlf_in_space

      Temporary string literals

      Please don't!
    50. If you XOR the string with itself byte--by-byte, it will consist of only 0 bytes. Since it's all a known length of zeroes, you just need to store the length. Then, at runtime, you just need to allocate the length amount of space on the stack and XOR it once again with the original string, and voila, no need to store the string in the DATA segment, it can go in the BSS segment instead. It's called the "turtles all the way down" method.
    51. Star Rogue is an upcoming sci-fi roguelike platformer for PC, Linux and Mac. In this challenging pixel indie game you will take control over a brave space marine to investigate an abandoned space station full of traps, robots and aliens. In each playthrough you will encounter a different environment full of randomly arranged rooms. With the choice between several weapons, abilites and different items, your playing experience will be unique each time you play. Features Choose between several looks, specialisations, skills and weapons Different worlds with randomly arranged rooms full of obstacles and traps Over 100 different passive and active items Different background stories to give you a motivation Lots of enemies and bosses to defeat Many unlocks for all the collectors out there Video Screenshots Links Website: http://starrogue.julianwehrmann.com Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/438440 Tumblr: http://starroguegame.tumblr.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarRogue IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/star-rogue
    52. dimaCyberpunk

      Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

      Check out instagram of the Chronicles of cyberpunk https://www.instagram.com/dimakozyr/
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