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    2. Thanks for that! I have it implemented and working now, swirling away :). I believe it is a lot more efficient than what I had. For reference, here is the code for calculating the curl direction: float noiseScale = 0.05f; float3 posX = particle.pos.xyz * noiseScale; float3 posY = posX + float3(31.341f, -43.23f, 12.34f); //random offset float3 posZ = posX + float3(-231.341f, 124.23f, -54.34f); //random offset float3 derivX = SimplexPerlin3D_Deriv(posX); float3 derivY = SimplexPerlin3D_Deriv(posY); float3 derivZ = SimplexPerlin3D_Deriv(posZ); float3 curlDir = float3(derivZ.y - derivY.z, derivX.z - derivZ.x, derivY.x - derivX.y); I changed the SimplexPerlin3D_Deriv function to only return the derivatives.
    3. Rutin

      Hot Potato Minigame

    4. Yesterday
    5. I highly doubt it being the compiler's fault but if you do a test program I would gladly take a look at it.
    6. Well then I'll give you my two cents about how to get your project going. 1st - Forget about coding(For Now) One of the great things about designing a tabletop game on PC is that you can directly map a real tabletop experience. Get a bunch of pieces of paper, some dice to emulate randomnes and just design a game arround that(Write every rule down, and also write what every card does). Playtest it with friends as soon as posible, see what works and change what does not. Do this until your card game works and it is fun to play. Iterating this way is faster and cheaper than throwing away many hours of code cause you changed a base mechanic and you will be able to keep learning to program in the meanwhile. 2nd - Go back to PC and implement your game. Be humble, a 2D representation of a card game works and it is functional . Remember, your goal here is to port your game as is from its paper version, do not worry about polish or visuals just get the game working. 3rd - Implement the net code. Being this a card game a naive net code could sufice to have a match working. However when talking about writing/using netcode even the simplest of implementations is a challenge and will take time and testing. 4rd Stop and Think. If this still is a side project for you I would call it done. play it with some friends our upload it somewhere. It is quite a large and difficult project as is. If you love the card game you have created and want to make it a full fledged game then you have two options. Either talk with riot games so they either buy your game or licence you to work with the leage of legends IP(unlikely but hey your game may rock it) or drop the leage theme and create your own lore for the cards you have. In any case by this point you would have a decent prototype to show to investors. Please understand that nothing of this is an easy task. Good luck with your game.
    7. Nope - no warning or anything. The wrong operator just is called blindly. As for it being a compiler bug - it's possible, although it would be nice if I could get some external verification for this since I only have VS set up on my rig. I can't recall if this used to be the case in VS2013 as well or not... As for the code - there isn't much else to show really. This is kinda the minimal example. I might write up a compileable test program when I get back to my computer.
    8. To begin I'm only looking into it as something to learn and have fun with a couple of friends, if I really like how it is in the future, probably going to take a more serious look at the game, and try to upload somewhere so if other people like the idea can have fun with it too.
    9. Have you tried cross platform design writing, for example: robot.h namespace robot { struct private_data; class API robot { public: void doSomething(); private: private_data* p; }; } robot.cpp #include <vertex.h> namespace robot { struct private_data { map::example::Vertex* v; // etc. }; } void robot::doSomething() { private_data.v-> ...; } This was all private data is hidden from users of robot::robot, and only the actual implementation understands what the private_data is. In addition, now you can have win32_robot.cpp, and linux_robot.cpp each with their own definition of private_data. Last thing, about a simple interface to bind is usually done by declaring the function pointers and loading the dll's you are interested in manually. Like, #define GAME_UPDATE_AND_RENDER(name) void name(GameMemory* gameMemory, user_input::GameInput* input, float frameTime) typedef GAME_UPDATE_AND_RENDER(Game_UpdateAndRender); HMODULE hMdl = LoadLibraryA(TempDLLName); Game_UpdateAndRender* UpdateAndRender; if (hMdl) { UpdateAndRender = (Game_UpdateAndRender *) GetProcAddress(hMdl, "GameUpdateAndRender"); } // or for OpenGl typedef void WINAPI gl_uniform_matrix_4fv(GLint location, GLsizei count, GLboolean transpose, const GLfloat *value); gl_uniform_matrix_4fv *glUniformMatrix4fv; glUniformMatrix4fv = (gl_uniform_matrix_4fv *)wglGetProcAddress("glUniformMatrix4fv");
    10. Hi Zedr1k, What is the scope of this project? Is it something you want to make just to learn? To show to your friends? to upload somewhere as a fan game? a long term project?
    11. bump. (this is pretty much a new ad because I changed alot of things)
    12. Hi everyone I’m currently learning programming and getting into the world of game developing. I set to myself the goal of trying to make a League of legends card game in unity, I already came with a few ideas but I’m still talking with friends and researching in different places which would be the best way to proceed with this project. I’m not really sure where is the place to post this but I’m looking for people who could help me, either by how could I put the “soul” of league into a card game if you know what league is about,how to make a card game that feels like a moba, any advice on the best way to develop a card game on unity, different mechanics that I should consider putting in the game, helping me find the right place to post this or Anything that you think could help me on this project. I will be more than thankful with anyone with the will to help me, sorry if you find any mistakes here, not a native speaker.
    13. Gooey

      Getting back to it

      I haven't been around alot recently due to my pc deciding not to work and time constraints but I am back! To get back in to it I decided to make a quick game me and my niece used to play with cards. The object of this game is to multiply the cards quickest and the winner gets the cards. Ok so after messing about for a day with it i have got a single player edition playable. It is not anything pretty by any means but it was a good way to get back into the swing of things. I will add options to it so you can choose the highest card 1-13 and how many decks of them cards. I would like to also make some sort of nice win screen too as at the moment it just takes you back to the Play/Exit screen.
    14. RoamBlade

      rotating sprites

      float r = sqrt(pow(0.5f, 2) + pow(0.5f, 2)); glBegin(GL_POLYGON); glTexCoord3f(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); glVertex3f(0.0625f+cos(angle)*r*up+horizontal, 0.0625f+sin(angle)*r*up+vertical, 0.0f); glTexCoord3f(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); glVertex3f(-0.0625f+cos(angle)*r*up+horizontal, 0.0625f+sin(angle)*r*up+vertical, 0.0f); glTexCoord3f(1.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f); glVertex3f(-0.0625f+cos(angle)*r*up+horizontal, -0.0625f+sin(angle)*r*up+vertical, 0.0f); glTexCoord3f(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f); glVertex3f(0.0625f+cos(angle)*r*up+horizontal, -0.0625f+sin(angle)*r*up+vertical, 0.0f); glEnd(); so, my OpenGl is limited, but are you pushing already rotated and translated vertices? as opposed to sending a quad and applying a proper translation*rotation matrix?
    15. nsmadsen

      Audio-reel progression

      Cool! Some of my thoughts: 1) Orchestral-Epic-Videogame-TV-Movie - I would trim out the first 15 seconds of intro as it's pretty subdued. Start the demo right about 15 seconds or so for the melodic part, especially since the following section returns to that more subdued, lighter texture of the intro. You want to hook the listener in and seconds count here. 15 seconds of intro isn't going to serve you as well as starting bigger then showing the potential client "hey I can also do restrained, more intimate, lighter stuff too." 2) Orchestral-Ballad - this is an interesting approach. I would caution against using the same theme, putting it in a different arrangement then labeling it another song in your demo. Instead, I would suggest creating a longer demo piece that shows how many different settings/arrangements you can put a single theme in. A collage of arrangements all using the same theme. It could feel like a small, nuanced thing, but I could see some clients going "huh... I just heard this!" whereas if you clearly set expectations/labeling it could be a neat selling point. I would suggest, however, doing more than just two settings of this theme. Some settings that come to mind - heroic, sad, large scale, smalls scale, as a march, as a boss fight, etc. Sit down and see just how far you can stretch this one theme. 3) Chiptune is fun!!! I'd just recommend having 2-3 more tunes you can highlight as a collage there because it will show more range in that style. As it sits, the song is on the repetitive side (not a criticism of the song) and you want to use every second you have the listener's ear to your advantage! That's about all of the time I've got to review right now. A few quick other notes - I'd check the volumes of your pieces from song to song. Is it all about the same level? Or are some much louder than others? I think you're definitely on the right path. The music you have up sounds great - I'd just supplement these songs with more versions so you can show your range and flexibility within each style/genre. I hope that helps! Nate
    16. Those things belong to a different era, can't count what predates our lifetime; besides, someone had to make those peg boards, punch cards, etc. Besides, its a matter of principle and pride. I mean, cmon Scratch vs. C (make it Borland Turbo C)?!, this was just a fun comment, didn't mean to much by it. Anyway, back on topic, the point I'm making is, if you want to make a game and have no coding experience, or can't spend the hundreds of hours you'll need on the engine, the selection in this article is pure awesome, and you can probably make a near AAA game without a single line of code. (ok maybe one).
    17. MAJI-JACK

      Hot Potato Minigame

      Progress on a new minigame, playable by blind users. To pass the potato you have to jump and when the timer expires, the last one with the potato explodes. To do: add sounds to indicate which player the potato is on. 2018-11-12_16-28-47.mp4
    18. Hashbrown

      Any tools that write shader code?

      You can also try: http://shdr.bkcore.com/, it's a smaller project but has a clean and slick design. You also have a mesh to work with. Oh and there's also: http://glslsandbox.com/ (GLSL though)
    19. A little googling turned up this implementation of 3D simplex noise (other dimensions plus several other noise types also included in that github) complete with analytical derivatives in GLSL.
    20. CarlML

      Any tools that write shader code?

      You should check out Shadertoy, it displays the shader code for all the effects: https://www.shadertoy.com/
    21. MAJI-JACK

      "Bullet Hell" Mini-game Update

      This week I added options for up to 4 players. Right now, each player is controlled by the keyboard but support is going to be added for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. I also added a basic sound to the bullets that pans and changes pitch depending on where the bullet is on the screen. For example, a bullet coming from the top left of the screen and moving towards the centre would start at a high pitch sound and drop lower, as the sound also pans from left to right. I also added a temporary sound for the player getting hit. Eventually I want to replace these 2 effects with better sounds, along with adding sounds effects for bullets colliding with each other, and player colliding with each other. Difficulty now scales over time, so that projectiles are spawned more frequently over the course of the game. An artist on this project, Carlos, made the background for this game. For other visual assets to fit the theme of the game overall, the players will be blobs, created and animated by Janus, another artist on the project. The "bullets" might be displayed as salt or fire balls to also fit into the theme of the game. Version of the game for fully blind gamers: With the bullet sound effects in the game, I made a version of the game that should be playable by fully by blind people. It can be played completely with sound cues. Players are able to know where the projectiles are coming from and should be able to dodge without looking at the screen. In this version, the bullets are always travelling towards the centre of the screen, and get destroyed at the centre of the screen. The player is also "stuck" to the centre of the screen. When the player presses a movement button, the player is moved in that direction. When all of the buttons are released, the player moves back to the centre. This is to keep the players and sound effects relative to the same position. It was suggested to me to have the sounds relative to the player, instead of relative to the centre of the screen. Then, this version of the mini-game could keep the fun player movement from the original and still potentially be fully playable with only sound cues. I decided to keep the sounds relative to the screen and players stuck in the middle in order to keep the multiplayer aspect of the game. If I had the sounds relative to the player, there would need to be audio channels dedicated to each player, and each player would need to wear their own headphones, which a. takes away from the social aspect of the game, b. would be a mess of physical wires with possibly not enough places to plug in headphones (who has 4 audio jacks?), and c. would be a mess to implement. My updated to-do list for this mini-game in no particular order: Display lives on screen. Replace current audial assets. Add more visual and audial assets. Add support for up to 4 players in the new version of the game. Redo controls to fit Xbox Adaptive Controller. Create a menu to select controls/options/customizations. -Matthew Ierfino
    22. Doesn't your compiler give you a warning? Your code snipets are not enough to be able to see what is happening.
    23. Hey everyone! My name is Ryan and I am the founder of Visualistic Studios, LLC. For the past 3 years I've been working in game development contracting, and the past year I've been working full time from home. Since then, I've received more and more contracts and I'm now at the point that I have too many for myself to handle. I have at least another full time job's worth of programming offers, and around 30-80 hours a month for 3D modeling/animation. I have contracts using Unity as well as Unreal Engine 4, so if you can program in either please contact me. If you are interested in working on these contracts, please send me links to your work and you hourly rate. (Most contracts range be between 18-25$/h, but please provide your normal hourly rate) You can get ahold of me through email - "ryan.hobbs@visualisticstudios.com", or Discord "TSpartanT#4670" Thank you everyone for reading, hope to hear from you soon!
    24. Got you. That makes sense, now I feel a stupid, I should have thought of that before posting: make the sprite quad larger when creating it. Thanks a lot Joe, I'll give it a try right now.
    25. There is no instant easy way to do what you want. You have to generate this logic yourself. OpenGL only understands about triangles and any sprite you want to have rendered is just two trianges forming a square with some texture units in the vertexes to make sure that the texture is mapped onto them. So what you have to do is to pass a bigger pair of triangles to opengl, No changes in your GL code are needed. If you wanted to mimick what unity does you would need to pair some metadata with your texture(The pixels per unit) and then make it so the transform of your sprite class is calculated taking into account that it's scale is a compound value of the scale of your game object * texture sizeinpixels/pixelsperunit
    26. Hi, so I have implemented curl noise for my particles based on the code here: https://github.com/cabbibo/glsl-curl-noise/blob/master/curl.glsl For the noise calculation I used the simplex noise code from here: https://github.com/ashima/webgl-noise/blob/master/src/noise3D.glsl Works great and produces a nice fluid, swirly effect. But, as you can see in the curl code it calls the "snoise" function a total of 18 times for each curl calculation. I don't think that is necessary because other examples I have seen only calls noise 3 times, once for each axis, while calculating the derivates used to calculate curl at the same, in the noise function. Like here: https://github.com/rajabala/CurlNoise/blob/master/CurlNoise/Curl.cpp It uses this noise: https://github.com/rajabala/CurlNoise/blob/master/CurlNoise/Noise.cpp That code uses regular perlin noise though, not simplex noise like I'd like to use (and it is c++ code, I'm using hlsl). My question is, how can I calculate the derivates for the curl as in the last example (PerlinNoise3::EvaluateNoise), but using the simplex noise code from above? From what I read you should get the derivatives almost for free when calculating simplex noise. I'm not so concerned about understanding the exact math behind it, some example code would be great.
    27. Oh I get it _FRIEND is friend and that makes it a non-member. Well I have no clue. I usually start changing things until I zero in on the problem. C++ has gotten so complex it could very well be a compiler bug. I just update my visual studio and got a raft or error messages I didn't get earlier in the day.
    28. Hello. I'm tring to implement opencl/opengl interop via clCreateFromGLTexture (texture sharing) glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGBA8, width, height, 0, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, nullptr); With such texture I expected that write_imagei and write_imageui would work but they don't. Only write_imagef works. This behaviour is same for intel and nvidia gpus on my laptop. Why is it and why there is no such information in any documentation and in the entire internet? This pitfall cost me several hours and probaly same for many developers.
    29. sosnol_gaming

      Bongo Cat DUELS

      The massively popular memes "Bongo Cat" has been made into a smartphone game! Welcome to Bongo Cat DUELS! Wild West is waiting for you. Fight vicious enemies, upgrade cat skills and buy new guns. FEATURES: -Participate in duels; -Get money and experience for winning; -Open new duels; Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.IceSky.bongo_cat_duels Youtube:
    30. When importing sprites in Unity, we get a Pixels Per Unit option. The smaller the value, the larger it looks on screen. This is great for very small (50x32px) sprites I download. My question is, how can I accomplish this with OpenGL? Should I make the sprite larger in the frag shader? I don't want to scale the game object, I'd like the image to be rendered at the size I need without changing the scale, similar to Unity. No code needed, just some suggestions that put me in the right direction. Thanks!
    31. Hi, sorry for my English. My comp specs are: Win 8.1, DirectX 11.2, Geforce GTX750 Ti with latest drivers. In my project I must use color blend mode max via SDL_ComposeCustomBlendMode which is supported in SDL 2.0.9 by direct3d11 renderer only. Changing defines in SDL_config.h or SDL_config_windows.h (SDL_VIDEO_RENDER_D3D11 to 1 and SDL_VIDEO_RENDER_D3D to 0) doesn't help. SDL says my system supports direct3d, opengl, opengles2 and software renderers. What should I do to activate direct3d11 renderer so I can use blend mode max?
    32. The void* operator is a friend member of the logging class - it doesn't need exposure to the global namespace. I personally love structuring my code with namespaces. It's a way to filter everything.
    33. supermikhail

      Borders and a Goal

      Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that: it seemed that the light in front managed to light up the spikes through the ground, which I guess I refused to stand for, because my realism! So I decreased the light's range. I mean, that makes sense. But yeah, the effect before was... desirable. But not necessarily reliable. I imagine if the spikes hadn't been in the second row, the light wouldn't have caught them anyway.
    34. Following the example from the docs, this works: array<int> arr = {3,2,1}; arr.sort(function(a,b) { return a < b; }); I would expect the following to work: bool less(int a, int b) { return a < b; } ... array<int> arr = {3,2,1}; arr.sort(less); but instead it errors: ERROR : No matching signatures to 'array::sort(::less)' INFORMATION : Candidates are: INFORMATION : void array::sort(less&in, uint startAt = 0, uint count = uint ( - 1 )) How do I pass array.sort an existing function instead of an anonymous function? I'm using Angelscript 2.32.0
    35. Septopus

      Borders and a Goal

      Looking at it again from a few feet away, I notice there's no light coming from the big fire in the front. That's what was lighting the spikes before right?
    36. Septopus

      Borders and a Goal

      It contrasts the character a little bit more, but the whole scene has dropped a full stop or two in brightness. Now the spikes aren't showing and the fire is red and dim. Maybe the scene just needs some more light? It's really hard to light a dark scene and keep the dark feel. I would try a character light, just a simple light only as bright as you need to follow the character and light them up, you turn off the shadow so it just looks like the character is picking up more light from the room. I guess some of this could be video related too, did you use a different encoding or any post options on the video? I'm watching the two side by side and they look totally different. Unfortunately, while I'm fairly skilled with lighting in the real world(I've studied photography and lighting), I'm still learning how to make it work in games properly myself, so I can only really give you advice on how it looks right now and not really how to actually FIX it. That being said, if you can make the Scene look the way it did before and the Character look the way they do in the last video, it may look just fine.
    37. SandWitchStudio

      Origin Of Chaos - VR Game

      Hello everyone I would like to introduce you to a game created by me and my friends. Below is a link to the aforementioned game, I would be grateful for feedback and advice regarding what we can add to the game or change. This is our first game, so maybe it doesn't impress, but we hope you like it and then you like our fanpage. Greetings SandWitchStudio https://www.facebook.com/SandWitchStudio/videos/2107253369590028/
    38. Daniel Ricci

      rotating sprites

      If you say so. Once again, someone that stumbles onto this thread will not have learned anything, maybe you should provide your code for clarity with some comments and an explanation of what the issue is and where you had to make changes to get your code to work.
    39. cgrant

      Questions About OpenGL 4.6 + SPIR-V

      afaik, SPIR-V is just SPIR-V the attributes you are assuming/attaching to SPIR-V being byte code really has nothing to do with SPIR-V. The GLSL shader compiler in driver itself most likely utilized some intermediate representation after converting shader tokens so nothing new there. The only difference would be that SPIR-V is standardize while each vendor would have had their own proprietary intermediate representation. With that said it stands to reason that issues you've mentioned wrt OpenGL and shader usage would most likely still remain in that driver path. Apart from being able to create/load the intermediate representation of your shader, I wouldn't expect that much difference between SPIR-V + OpenGL vs GLSL.
    40. BitsNPiecesMusic

      Bits & Pieces Music

      Good afternoon! I finished another track this morning! This uses all 8-bit sounds with some reverb effects to help set the mood. I present to you: Persistence is Futile! Thanks for listening!
    41. Stacey Garrison

      Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

      Ah thank you so much for all this great advice! I really appreciate it. We're doing some animation so this will help a lot with that. It'll probably help with the weird shadows people are talking about if the topology is much better. Again, thank you for taking the time to write all this out. I'll be sure to go through it carefully and learn what I can.
    42. mako737

      UE4 C++ Error

      so i can move UE4 folder to Program files? and that s it?
    43. Bolt-Action Gaming

      This Week in Game-Guru - 11/12/2018

      This week's update may actually make it to the Game-Guru news page, woohoo! We'll see. I've been in communication with TGC's marketing person and it's moving forward, albeit a bit slowly. Official Game-Guru NewsWell, it doesn't appear they have added anything new as of this writing, though typically news releases seem to be done later today or tomorrow. In the interim I can say I found this site: https://www.game-guru.com/news-posts?post_type=guest-authors Which currently only has one post but hopefully yours truly will see the light of day there soon. What's Good in the StoreThis week we've got two entries. One is a timely turkey, as it were, just in time for the grand American holiday of Thanksgiving were we gorge ourselves on copious amounts of food and then fall into a comatose state. A little small, by 'murican standards. Campana productions put this one together and you can find it here: https://www.tgcstore.net/product/32155 Next we have a really nicely done pack of snow-themed assets. It's got everything from buildings to vehicles. I'm also happy to see he included a few free models for you to trial as well. It's well priced at $8.00 which is a bargain by any standards. You can get your copy here: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11058 Free Stuff In the realm of free stuff we're getting into the giving time of year and it shows! Lafette, as mentioned, has a few free things on that pack you should grab. He also made a train station too though. You can get your copy of the 'Free old German train station' here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220209 It appears GraphiX is making headway on his new kit, though I'm not sure if it will be free (though he keeps posting updates to the free forum so.. maybe?). You can watch a video on this interesting sci-fi pack here: https://youtu.be/CToyFLW70d0 Mstockton released some free music over at his site. Definitely head on over and make sure to like the page for him! https://michaelstockton.net/cartoon-casual-game-tracks-volume-1 Honkeyboy released some Lua code for Game-Guru that allows you to setup chatting NPCs relatively easily. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220225#msg2608076 It's mostly to control the animations though so you'll still need to manage all the other elements such as sound and text. Third Party Tools and TutorialsI found this ENORMOUS tutorial playlist on Game-Guru related topics on youtube over the weekend while doing book research: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjSBCevTnYI&list=PLot9BTdhKKd4KV91P7WkIKVsybktHu1Za Random Acts of Creativity(WIPs)This has been an absolutely crazy week for updates so if I missed you, apologies. I *THINK* I got them all. So in no particular order.... Schneeky has a fairly well done Medieval project put together. I'm curious how this will bear out. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220228 Honkeyboy started a new project. Not so sure about this one, but if he polishes it, maybe it'll take roots for him. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220201#msg2607752 A new user "OPENLOAD" made an italian title that looks very promising "Il mio primo lavoro "Memory of the Hedolan": https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220223 Of particular note is DVader, who crawled out of the woodwork to deliver a holiday-themed project. Why this is noteworthy is DVader is actually a fairly competent coder so you can expect some interesting work from a technical standpoint in this project. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220214 Ertlov released a slice of his game 'Into the Ice' for testing - check it out here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/206985?page=3#msg2608009 Bonesy continues to update Cyberfi and it's actually starting to look like a real game. This is a great example of what happens when you focus, buckle down and actually WORK on your projects! Granada's been working on some guns in Game-Guru and I have to say I love the exaggerated look! In My Own Works I'm drawing closer and closer to completing my book, now within striking range of my target for completion. I'm at 110,000 words and counting. Once I pass 120k I'll probably keep going to 125/130k and then remove about 3-5k for editing. This week was all about advanced AI control, sales, marketing, and piracy. Very preliminary editing work began with chapter reorgs and other things. Further this week will be mostly Lua oriented as I wrap up the 'intro' chapter to Lua, then do a complete Lua command reference for Game-Guru, and if I have time work on the Advanced Lua chapter (which I will admit I am somewhat dreading). See you next week! View the full article
    44. jb-dev

      Vaporwave Roguelite

    45. Last week wasn't concretely visual or anything... It was mainly an integration one. There was also some graphical updates plus I've also made part of the options menu. Graphics First, let's talk about those graphics. Previously, the skybox was of a solid colour. This was a placeholder skybox. However, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it was about time to have a better one. I've searched on the internet and found this lovely gradient skybox, so I've added it to the game but with a bit of pizzazz. Basically, I've added a screen-positioned grid pattern and make a big dot in it representing the sun. I've loved it so much that I've decided to add it to my levels too! Here's how it looked previously: And here's how it looks now: I personally like how this looks. Also, previously the directional light that lights the scenes weren't following the colour palette, so I've added a bit of script to help with that, hence the different lighting... Integrations I've mainly had to link up the menus and the actual first level of the game. To do this I've used the Scene loading functions of Unity. I've added a nice loading screen with a working loading bar that fills up to the loading process' actual progression. There is, however, a bit of a hiccup while loading the level. The game window actually freezes and seems like it stopped working... This might be related to the loading process of the Music Player I've previously made: while the process loads in a different thread, the first load is done on the main process. This makes the game hang up until the first song actually loading... This is something I'm currently working on. Options Secondly, I've also added a bunch of drivers to the options screen. Let's take a look at each tab... General This is where general options will be. Right now, there's only a dropdown to switch languages, but eventually, there might be more options if it's needed. Graphics This is where the meat is. Here, the player can set many types of graphical settings, like resolution and quality settings. There are six quality presets: Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High and AESTHETIC (Ultra). There's also a seventh one, called Custom, where the player can set each graphical settings separately. As of now, this setting doesn't do anything, as it is only a driver. Audio This is where the player can set all its audio configs. Mainly this is where the player can adjust any volume sliders. There's also another section called "Others" where other audio settings can be set. As of right now, there's only a toggle indicating whenever or not the VaporMaker is active. There might be more options in the future. That's about it for options: the other tabs are still in development. Minor Updates Reflection Probes! Now there's a bunch of reflection probes in special rooms. This means that lights will feel more natural and specular materials will look better. Shader optimizations. I've optimized some shaders and the game builds quicker. (Speaking of build...) I've created a really dirty private build of the game. While still building, there was a lot of bugs and isn't really presentable. The important thing is that it builds properly and without any hiccups. I've fixed some bugs with state loading and overall scene progression. Previously the level scene was completely separate from the menu screen, meaning that a lot of states appeared twice between the scenes. Because these are supposed to be singletons, many of the level's controller were removed, breaking everything. Next week Next week is going to be the continuation of the integration. I mainly need to fix my loading screen hiccup problems and many other things. Afterwards, I might need to make an actual progression between each level. As of right now, there's only one level with no exits. Afterwards, it's gonna be boss time! And then after it's the usual suspects... I gotta say, with all that integration, I'll be soon ready to actually publish some kind of demo or test build by the end of December.
    46. I know there are some games which stories just changed all. Stories that got us involved in for a long time. Those stories became a really important part of our favorite video games libraries. I'm just thinking about games I really enjoy because their stories are simply amazing. And so, this is my Top 3: Last of Us. This story of a surrogate father and daughter fighting for personal survival, forging bonds, and looking toward the survival of the entire human race is at times triumphant and others painful. The Witcher. The kind of story you will enjoy playing for 200 hours. No doubt. It's a complex but classic story of knights, witches, magic, gods, betrayals, transformations and love. Put everything together and let the story both hits and subverts fantasy and adventure. You can't blink your eyes or you'll loose something important about the game. Zelda: Ocarina of time. Probably the best game I've played in my whole life. Not only for the story (it's another Link story more, yeah, but deeper), but also for what it means to me (my early times playing video games). Obviously, there are much more games to talk about (Bioshock, for example). What are your Top3 Story Games?
    47. Diligent Engine now supports Vulkan on Linux! Check it out https://github.com/DiligentGraphics/DiligentEngine
    48. Update: The Soldier Book. DAY 5. Radio signal is working! Radio signal is working! It’s now transcribing some information. This information is gradually revealed, but at least it’s something. The raides has taken the control of the Northern sector, so they are getting closer to the bunker. That’s something we cannot allow. Our informers have the suspicions that these bandits have in their own a very big quantity of B-Z Ammo. We‘ve just calculated that a horde of zombies will arrive in about 4 days. Mike thinks we have to go now for the B-Z Ammo. That’s the only way to defend, tooth and nail, the bunker. I believe we have no time. We barely can defend the onslaughts of zombies with the few B-Z Ammo at our disposal. We need to get the access to the rest of the Ammo as soon as we can, even if that means the extermination of the raiders. There is no other way: raiders or us. Today I’ve seen a little girl die. She just died in my arms. Infection has killed her. Her eyes, deeply covered with blood, are gonna be opened forever, but not her breath. Once she has died, I shooted her in the eyes. She was already dead by then, and that was the problem. Barely not a soul would fit in the hospital area of the bunker. Our downs are worse than theirs. So, what a zombie means to all the hordes of the living death that still have to come? Gunter and Mike are now recruited for the fight, so they went with the rest of the platoon. Honestly, I don’t’ know if I will see them again. Maybe you all think that killing a zombie doesn’t make a real difference, but when a soldier dies, that’s damn bullshit. Gunter, Mike. Best of luck, guys.
    49. suliman

      Content of dungeons?

      The way I randomize dungeons, the player must always be able to pass an obstacle (but maybe at a very high resource cost if the player didnt plan ahead). Maybe I can have some obstacles/doors that are stricly optional (like opening a bonus room that is not needed to progress). These can be opened if finding a key in the dungeon (found on a mob) or by bringing a "universal key" into the dungeon (very rare/expensive). Doors that (might be) needed to pass to continue should probably remain always possible to bypass (to avoid frustrating the player).
    50. I'm not sure how it even finds the void * version. Is there a "using namespace logging" somewhere? I can't stand namespaces myself. Never use them unless I'm forced to. Somehow they seem to cause more problems than they fix.
    51. Hello all, I just finished my first Android game and published it on Google play... I know its not the next red dead redemption2 but it would be nice to have some comments/feedback on it if its worth it to go on with a release 2.0. or move on to the next game? (red dead redemption 3 ) Anyway thx for your reading time and i hope on some nice reviews! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamlex.android.games.typomania Regards, Tanzan
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