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    2. Shaarigan

      Architecture of and engine editor

      You should seperate a plain Editor and whatever Unity is because Unity is a closed system that runs your game inside the Unity Launcher App on whatever platform you start it at. This means Unity loads it's own version of the .NET CLR or whatever "scripting" you used. At the point you are getting your game code touched for the first time, there has happen a lot that you wont even recognize under the hood of the Unity executable. Real Editor Apps like WorldEdit in Warcraft or Starcraft games are standalone tools that consume and produce just content and toggle to "play-mode" by calling the game with certain start arguments to know what map to load. "Compiling" scripts highly depend on the environment you write and tools you expose from your engine. Is it compiled from source you have two possible options to go for; either you give the full source code of the engine so one could compile it with a given compiler or trigger compilation by any editing tool (the Unreal way) or you go for the Unity way and compile source code to some kind of embedded runtime either you wrote for your own language or use something existing like Mono or LUA. Often there is a build pipeline involved in game development that consists of tools called during build like compiler, linker, package creation for your assets, digital signing and verifying eypecially when building for closed platforms like Playstation or Switch and those pipelines are mostly coded via some kind of build file or code provider (Unity for example rebuilds it's build tool depending on each project you open in editor to have plugins added specific build-steps in there as C# files). My way of handling this in my engine is to have the Editor App be standalone and general. Certain engines may then add certain plugins to the editor to customize workspace and functions exposed to the user and also to control steps like trigger a new build or run the game inside the editor itself. A general interface exists that plugins have to inherit so both, plugins and host application can communicate to each other
    3. Shaarigan

      Aspiring Engine Developer -Help-

      You should know that reading just books dosent get ya serious with engine development. It is a topic about reading about technologies and learn how to implement them in your environment. It is all about practical experience and even experienced developers don't mean to be experts in engine development. A good book I could recommend is Game Engine Architecture, Second Edition along with any C++ Book you could grab to improve your platform near coding skills because a game engine is an OS API consuming and user API producing ecosystem
    4. 3D Artists And Unity Programmers For Doom Like Shooter Game:ROGUE Studio:Rebound Entertainment Current Team:3 Payment:Rev-Share Or Kickstarter Programming Requirements: - Must Know And Have Experience With Unity And Know C# - Must Be Able To Spend 5 To 12 hours a week on the project - Must Be Older Than 15 3D Artist Requirements: - Be Able To Model, Animate, Create 3D Monsters And Characters Or Rig (Must Have at least one of these) - Must Be Able To Spend 5 To 12 hours a week on the project - Must Be Older Than 15 Project Description: You are on the ESL (The Elementary Space Lab). You wake not knowing what has happened, you soon learn that a experimental AI Has gone rogue and created beasts and monsters to kill anything in its path. Now, you know what your mission is. If You Are Interested DM Me on discord at thathuman44#4207 or email me at oneriot3@gmail.com
    5. The other way would be something like Cheat Engine does, for each game you have to know specific memory regions for health, damage taken and whatever variables are describing the "emotional" state of your character. You can then map to those memory regions for each game and define the values you will listen to and create your own events for. But from what you described above (or didn't described) I don't think mainstream game devs would take your yet unknown and exotic device into account for there games so you could rely on modders only
    6. Many thanks for the nice words! As for the melodies, as well as for all the other musical elements, they are all generated algorithmically from scratch in realtime. We don't use any pre-composed midi melodies.
    7. Today
    8. Hey I have recently put together a small portfolio with the intention of going to developers to try get freelance work producing music for video games. I am after some constructive criticisms and maybe a reality check as to weather my music is even close to good enough to present to developers asking for paid work. Link to portfolio: https://cmarshallost.wordpress.com/ Ill appreciate any feedback and advice, thanks.
    9. BitsNPiecesMusic

      Bits & Pieces Music

      Good morning, everyone! I've got another track for you. This one is again quite experimental for me. No video game samples used this time; just church organs, strings, bells, and drums. I am curious if you think the strings are too quiet when they are first introduced. Also, do you think the ending is too subtle? I feel I could extend it a little bit and have it end on a more dramatic note. I appreciate any feedback you might be able to offer! Thanks!
    10. SyncViews

      Auth tokens

      If that is your intent, you can treat this like a regular website "remember me" feature. Generate accounts with no initial email/password (making them impossible to login normally or recover!), which can be filled in later like a normal account update / password change. You might also want to delete such accounts periodically if there has been no recent login. You also want to be sure search bots and the likes don't keep getting new accounts generated for them. Your server side web platform likely provides most of the required components directly, and has well tested libraries (which would also likely give you things like Facebook and Google login). "Remember me" tokens are generally a random value generated by the server and stored in the database in a hashed form (so that in the event of a read-only DB leak, the attacker still cant login), while an original copy is provided to the client. But an alternative is just to have a long lived regular login session token/cookie. The email/sms/etc. verification and password reset features use similar hashed tokens as well, but instead of storing in the browser it is emailed, texted, etc. to you. In the case of short tokens for manual entry (e.g. SMS) be very careful about brute force attacks. All are likely readily available in tested forms for you with suitable protections. Cookies are common for websites as the browser sends these automatically so they work on regular page/document loads, images, etc. Local storage or such would generally be more effort for not much gain, and does not work to authenticate a regular browser resource load as you need JavaScript to deal with it. But be aware of Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), most frameworks will have protections built in, but be sure you don't do anything to go around them. Passwords should absolutely be suitably hashed by a secure algorithm (and no, even a secure hash like SHA256 or such by itself is not enough) when stored on the server, since as well as protecting yourself from a data leak, people tend to reuse passwords and they tend to be words. As for session logins themselves, there are several options, so check what you are using. Some may just store an ID in a cookie (then the server must look this up every request against a centralized store), while others store the actual data in a protected form (signed or encrypted. This gives the server everything it needs and doesn't need a central session store). JWT itself is fairly complex and has some pitfalls, if your framework already provides something, or has well known libraries for user authentication, I would recommend that rather than your own JWT. For a start this is not really the right concept for JWT, generally the token would contain the username/id, etc. itself. In fact one of the points of JWT is that server A can authenticate the user and give the user the token, then the user sends the token to server B. Server B uses that to know who the user is without asking A. This means all the tokens generated by A are using the same key so that B is able to validate them. If you only have one server, or you intend for B to ask A, then what is this adding? It could have just been a large random value. This is actually based off a lot of existing technology but standardised to be usable between different platforms which may be using different languages, written at different times, by different people, and to cover the situation where server B trusts A, but A does not trust B which all sounds great and secure. But still, there are a lot of security pitfalls with it so be very careful. For example B accepting very old tokens that were maybe lost, or allowing insecure algorithms allowing for token forgery. Perhaps the worst case being servers that accepted tokens with the "none" algorithm as valid, or if using a public key, allowing the algorithm to be changed to a symmetric one (using that public key as if a secret key...).
    11. davejones

      Develop drop down lists

      public int State { get; private set; } public void BtnDropDown() { State = 1 - State; m_aniPlayer.SetInteger("MenuState", State); } void Start() { State = 0; m_aniPlayer = this.GetComponent<Animator>(); } The animation state machine has an int for the state but so too does the class. I am looking at how to keep the animator on the current state rather than resetting to idle on being re enabled.
    12. Miss

      MSVC optimization bug?

      15.8 is out! https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/visualstudio/2018/08/14/visual-studio-2017-version-15-8/ Will confirm whether this is fixed in a few hours Thanks MS!
    13. Poigahn

      How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

      It is an Issue for me! Personally, on any law, if it prohibits the freedom of choice, then that goes against our constitution. So I think abortion should remain legal, but Federal Funding should Stop. Student college loans should stop. Corporate Grants Should Stop. Foreign Aide Should Stop. Actually, I know more about "This Country" than you pretend to do.
    14. And how does it look in the HoloLens glasses? From your question it isn't clear whether the problem appears only in Mixed Reality Capture (or whether you don't even have the device and you are using only the simulation). MRC looks quite different than the real view, because it works very differently. The two biggest differences are that MRC doesn't suffer from the very low angle of view and that MRC uses subtractive rendering (like the standard DirectX rendering on a monitor screen), while the physical device uses additive rendering (adding light to the real world view just like a projector). Anyway, I'm not even sure that what you want to achieve is possible with HoloLens. It will scan the lamp with its 3D scanning sensor, and it will use this data to mask the hologram if it's behind the real object. But I'm not really sure it will be able to properly realise that the lamp is hollow and that the hologram should be inside, but still visible from the bottom. The scanner also isn't really very accurate. Oh and btw, if you only have the simulator and not the physical device, then this will not work at all. There is no way how the simulator can know that there is a lamp in the scene which should mask (hide) the hologram
    15. This might be a noob question, but I was just wondering how to make an editor for a game engine. And how to compile scripts and add them to the build. Like how in unity you have an editor app running and that itself can compile and run the actual game build. Do i make an engine that has the ability to compile and run a game then make an editor that can display that game? what is the logic of running a game to test it inside the editor before building? Are there two apps? or is it one app and it just updates everything when you press run and re positions them after you stop play mode? I would appreciate a detailed answer for I have made small game engines in the past but struggled to make the UI for them. Thank you in advance.
    16. Chris Schmidt

      Form Up! Voltron Inspiration

      Thanks! I actually have made a version now with the bass and drums increased a bit, as well as other tweaks. I'll probably upload it next week sometime.
    17. Brandon Sharp

      Looking for feedback on my space scene

      As of now it’s very low poly and kinda just blah. Not very interesting and needs to be textured.
    18. JoeJ

      How to solve this trig function?

      To bring t in the [0,1] range: k = atan( sin(a) / (d/e + cos(a)) ) if (k<0) k += PI t = k / a
    19. I got an itchy twitch finger and put up the new Patreon ideas immediately. Still eager for feedback and willing to add any new ideas or mix things around, but I really felt like kicking off August with the new revamp and just having that ready to go as soon as my first couple YouTube videos go up. And new videos will be popping up twice a week at least for the next little while, just to build some momentum. It's all really exciting stuff and I can't wait to see how it grows. Now then... Onto to the devlog!
    20. Yes, there existing reflections will be really cool, it's worth doing I think.
    21. Brandon Sharp

      Battlebots Unleashed

      A game that I'm developing. Has both bot and vehicle battles. Mostly RPG but will have a Online multi-player battle world that will not be so RPG based. Let me know what you think or any suggestions. All characters will have special attacks that can be unlocked by gaining XP. Somewhat like Final Fantasy you can choose chains to better modify the player. So who knows how many attacks they will actually have. These will be 2 of the main bots. If I cant use the Sweetbot I will create my own but I have a bunch of concepts I have to do. I found these online and thats how I got the idea along with the original Sweetbot. http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y470/sharppy25/if_they_could_transform___mach_v_by_rawlsy-d79phey_zpsckpx5f4z.jpg
    22. lawnjelly

      How to solve this trig function?

      Solve: sin(at) * d = sin(a(1-t)) * e e/d = sin(at) / sin(a -at) d/e = sin(a - at) / sin (at) expanding sin(a - at) d/e = (sin(a) * cos(at) - cos(a) * sin(at)) / sin(at) cotangent(x) = cos(x) / sin(x)... d/e = sin(a) * cot(at) - cos(a) let b = d/e cot(at) = (b + cos(a)) / sin(a) Cotangent defined as: cot = 1 / tan(x) 1/tan(at) = (b + cos(a)) / sin(a) 1 = ((b + cos(a)) / sin(a)) * tan(at) tan(at) = 1 / ((b + cos(a)) / sin(a)) at = atan (sin(a) / (b + cos(a))) t = (atan(sin(a) / (b + cos(a)))) / a
    23. I switched my website from Wordpress so old school HTML, because Wordpress itself is not GDPR compliant and I always live by the rules. Call be boring, but I don't want to risk anything, especially in business. The great thing about Unity is that you make things look good very easily. I used their environment for some time to check out how things are handled their and what they offer. Back then, I decided to stick with my own game engine. The more answeres I read here the more I am sure I will stick with my game engine. I was not aware of that. This alone would be enough for me not to use Unity for my business. Do you remember the shitstorm after players discovered the Redshell component in some games a few weeks ago? This might be even worse. Before I launched my game on Steam, I had 70 test players that were given an early Alpha version that included metrics like play duration, bug reports, when players lose, etc. This information was sent to my servers as soon as the game was closed. However, every single player signed a document in which he agreed to this data collection and it listed all things I monitor. I wouldn't even dream about adding any form of data collection to any of my games. It would be very useful to me to see how long players play my game or which updates let players return to the game. But this would violate my player's privacy. I wouldn't do that! I also don't want to be monitored by other companies. In my last job we had a time tracking software we had to use to write down all our activities for each day. This is fine to me, because my boss paid me to do work for him and he deserves to know what he is paying for. But other companies should not be allowed to monitor me...
    24. Of course you can also store directional stuff at lower resolutions than the diffuse irradiance. E.g. crazy 8x8 enviroment maps at 1/8th of the resolution to support reflections for most natural materials. You could even correct the error by calculating the difference between low and high resulotion data. Options are infinite and it really depends on the game what to do.
    25. lawnjelly

      How to solve this trig function?

      Thanks guys, this has been really useful for me to remember how to solve equations. I've tracked down the error in fmatak's version I think: fmatak has this as being d/e. If you reverse the 'polarity', it all works: Here is my code showing it working, I hope (been wrong so many times in this lol): float a = 1.3f; float d = 0.7f; float e = 0.9f; float b = d/e; float brack = CoSinF(a) / (b + CoCosF(a)); float t = CoATanF(brack); t /= a; OutFloat("t is ", t); float proofLHS = CoSinF(a*t) * d; float proofRHS = CoSinF(a*(1.0f-t)) * e; OutFloat("LHS ", proofLHS); OutFloat("RHS ", proofRHS); t is 0.573 LHS is 0.474 RHS is 0.474 Wow ... just seen mine has ended up exact same as Dirk's!! All this maths stuff does work lol. I'll try and put up how I got to it.
    26. 8-bit_keyboard

      Player character categories

      @Scouting NinjaI understood everything. But what's "Movement" exactly? Do they just move the whole game?
    27. Hi JoeJ, I will go to read the blog you have post to learn something about it. Thank you!
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