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    2. Please Guys I'm currently working on an Open-world PC, VR, and Mobile 3D Game. I'm using Python, Blender and Panda 3D and I'm looking for someone that knows how to use WLAN for the multi-player Game modes.
    3. Elizabeth Powlett

      JAVA Assignment

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    5. Damnwing0405

      Form a team

      Programmer71 : I have sent an email to you dy ya. You can check on it & we can have a discussion ^^ Thanks for your interest in my idea ^
    6. "Open source" describes software for which you can read the source. Under copyright law in most jurisdictions, you are not allowed to copy or create a derived work from such source code unless granted permission by the copyright holder. The usual practice in today's software development world is to provide such open source under a license that grants the right to copy or create a derived work without further confirmation from the copyright holder, and some licenses grant those rights under limited conditions. For example, the Expat and Apache licenses grant copy right under the condition that the copyright holder be waived from all liability. In other words, you can use their code but you can't hold them responsible for anything resulting from the use of that code. A copyleft license such as the GPL adds additional restrictions: namely you must release all the code for your derived work under the same license. In additional, version 3 requires you to grant a license in any patent you hold that applies to the derived work. Some open source licenses restrict you from using the code in a commercial application. The big-name licenses, like Expat, Apache, or GPL, have no such restriction (in fact, the GPL prevents you from adding such a restriction). Many games use open source licenses and have non-free restrictive licenses on their asserts instead. You need to know and understand the implications of using licensed software in your projects. It's unlikely you can just grab someone else's work and claim it as your own without consequences. Do you due diligence and you'll be fine.
    7. I'm interested in this as well, but from the perspective of finding studios to outsource to. I've seen studios posting their work on sites like ArtStation, Sketchfab and Polycount, but there's no easy way to search for them specifically, so you have to sort of wander into them. Personally I have used a general search engine as well (i.e. DuckDuckGo).
    8. gjl

      Will there be more frequent updates?

      Looking forward to it! (Currently using the WIP version)
    9. IratusLord

      #10. Graveyard

      In this devblog we would like to talk about some new features that we decided to add during the alpha test. In order to expand the strategic layer of the game we’ve decided to include a base building to the game. Previously, all attention was focused on the protagonist and increasing his powers as the game progressed but now you will be able to build your own “town” and decide on the type of strategic and tactical perks you wish to pursue. Besides the familiar Iratus’s room there will be 8 buildings available for construction, each of which will provide a certain bonus. It will also be possible to improve these buildings and thus increase their productivity and abilities. But first these buildings will need to be constructed, since only two structures will be available at the start: the Training Room, where minions can earn experience and the Morgue, where minions can heal more rapidly. Moreover, it will be necessary to sacrifice one of your minions in order to construct or improve a building, along with an Architect’s Soul — a special resource, which can be earned in battles or through other activities on the map. You can “dismantle” the improvement or even the building itself to regain the minion that was used in construction. However, the Architect’s Soul does not return, so you should think twice before wasting such a valuable and rare resource. Buildings do not give their bonus by themselves and need minions to “work” there. At the initial stage there is only one slot in any building for a minion. Improvements will open additional slots up to a maximum of four. Minions that you have assigned to a building will not be able to take part in battles but they can be recalled back at any time. That will be all for now. We will soon be publishing a devblog featuring all the buildings and their bonuses. If you have any ideas or suggestions we appreciate you sharing them with us and we will try our best to include the good ones in the future! Unfrozen Team
    10. sausagejohnson

      Profile Mode for Orx demonstrated on Twitch tomorrow

      Following the twitch demo from last week, a tutorial has been created to help users get familiar with the Orx Profiler tool that compiles directly into all Orx applications. The tutorial is available at: http://orx-project.org/wiki/en/tutorials/tools/profiler
    11. CrazyCdn

      Use orbiting planets in 4x game?

      Or you could, like a lot of 2D 4x space games do and have your ships fly "over" the planets to their destination. No physics required. Then just attach them to the parent planet. About the only thing I would fly around would be the sun(s). You could even have a hidden or toggle-able grid/hex/etc system with the sun(s) zones set to non-moveable positions so it has to path around. Space Empires 3-5 did this.
    12. I mean that I don't know where this question was found. See Lactose's question. I don't know what a "test paper" is. I don't usually encounter questions worth "2 marks" (whatever that is) in the wild.
    13. You can't do SFINAE with static_assert. The following works and is a little cleaner than Adam_42's version #include <type_traits> template <typename Λ> auto call(Λ λ) -> std::enable_if_t<std::is_same_v<decltype(λ()), void>> { λ(); } template <typename Λ> auto call(Λ λ) -> std::enable_if_t<!std::is_same_v<decltype(λ()), void>, decltype(λ())> { return λ(); } int main(int, char**) { call([] {}); } https://godbolt.org/z/nH79YZ https://godbolt.org/z/pPzsx6
    14. Guy Fleegman

      Exploration vs exploitation problem

      I don't mean to sound argumentative. I just like how you explained exploration as an unknown in the pursuit of discovering possible exploits (it makes sense) and was curious how your answer might differ from mine. I don't think there is any context to the question though. Just face value. Also, the fact that you feel there might be additional context required kind of supports my position that the question is not worded very well. Curious, what part of the question do you feel needs context?
    15. Make the game you want to make, write the story you want to tell. Disturbing as it may be, there are games (and movies and books) that explore youth as murders and youth as victims. I mean, look at Lord of the Flies which is mandatory reading in many places. In writing your horror script, if the script is better by being 17 or 19, do it. Do you need an explanation about not aging? If so, why? I would consider the reasons she doesn't age are related to the reasons behind her other powers. I would assume with psychic powers and with telekinesis, either she is ageless because of use of those powers, or she ageless for the same reason she gained the powers. If she was abducted by aliens who gave her the powers, that's also why she is ageless. If she is possessed by demons to get the powers, the demons also make her ageless. Maybe assert that she became infinitely prolonged after an accident involving a few rubber bands, a liquid lunch, and a particle accelerator, that worked for Douglas Adams.
    16. The algorithms behind the number generators are standard. There are two, TOTP and HOTP, that are generally used in recent years. You can find many different software plugins and libraries implementing the algorithms, and they should be easy to search for now that you know what they are. The "access my server" part is up to you, you'll need to figure out what you are doing for your system and how to access it.
    17. Hi everybody, Xilvan Design building 3D games since 2004 in Blitz3D, we are now presenting you our kindly official gaming related pages: - The Xilvan Design Website - Now with javascript snow & Background music! (please click on each links, download games & bookmark the pages): Lights of Dreams IV: Far Above the Clouds v10.37. Candy World II: Another Golden Bones v13.17. Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies v3.75. Candy World Adventures IV: The Mirages of Starfield v7.97. Candy to the Rescue IV: The Scepter of Thunders v8.07. Candy's Space Adventures: The Messages from the Lillians v18.37. Candy's Space Mysteries II: New Mission on the earth-likes Planets v8.75. - My Youtube Channel - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019!! Friendly, Alexandre L., Xilvan Design.
    18. I think the question is perfectly clear, although I don't know the context in which it is being posed. The OP was asked to demonstrate his understanding of the exploration versus exploitation dilemma, and he demonstrated that he only understands the exploitation side.
    19. frob

      Suggestions for testing PC game

      What kind of game? What tools? 2D games in the browser you'll want to test on plenty of browsers and systems. 2D games using Unity or Unreal you won't need much if you stick with built-in tech. If you build custom shaders you'll want additional graphics cards, if you build other custom systems you'll want to test those. 2D games using a MonoGame or GameMaker:Studio or Construct, probably the same as the big engines. Test what you customize, don't worry about built-ins. 2D games built from scratch you will want to try several systems, particularly anything focusing on specific hardware.
    20. Guy Fleegman

      Exploration vs exploitation problem

      Yeah, obviously I don't know your course material, but I kind of read the question as a player can choose one of five things to do in each state and assumed that the 27th action would naturally be state 27. However, one part of the question bothered me a lot... "And assume that the player has executed each action a different number of times in state 27," ...and this wording sounds as if the player can do an infinite number of actions per state, which confuses me a bit because then a state is almost meaningless. And then right after, in the same exact sentence... "noting how valuable each action is in terms of the utility of the states reached after each action." ...which arguably contradicts what was said prior in the sentence as each single action leads to a supposed new state. I absolutely detest poorly worded questions, especially by academic minds. They should not only know better, but do better. This question is a bit confusing when under scrutiny. Yeah, I agree with you, alvaro, but I think this question was intended to be more simplistic to achieve an undoubtedly concise, correct answer... or how would you have written the answer to the question for 2 marks?
    21. No, I don't think you understand the issue at all. The result of the action is somewhat random, and the utility is assigned not to the actions, but to the individual outcomes. In other words, every time you take a particular action some utility is observed, but this is only a sample from a random variable, whose distribution is not known. You want to pick actions with high expected utility (exploitation), but you only have a noisy estimate of this expected utility, so over time you want to try every action enough times that you discover which action that is (exploration). Further reading here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-armed_bandit
    22. azhar_r

      Exploration vs exploitation problem

      Thank you for your answer. Since it was already stated in the question that all five actions have been carried out before and the utility values are known, I thought the player would only exploit a particular action with the highest utility value. But I understand your point about coming back to state 27 via other actions with "better" utility values which would then affect the actions being taken from state 27. Thank you for your response. And no, this is directly from a test which unfortunately I don't have the memo to cross-check my answers.
    23. Hi. I work as a project manager at a small game graphic outsourcing studio based on Asia. We have been quite successful in the home country (almost 10 years in this area, have quite of clients) So now we are trying to extend our partners internationally. Already built some partnership with Japan game industries, what I wonder is - how I can start in English speaking industries. These days I made very long mail lists and sending studio portfolio & cover letters to industries. Sometimes get positive answers, but it doesn't feel like productive enough. Is there some websites like Indeed or LinkedIn for outsourcing studio like us? It seems most of jobseeker sites are for the individual freelancer. It would be great if you give me any advice. Thank you.
    24. Guy Fleegman

      Exploration vs exploitation problem

      Your answer seems logical at first glance, but also almost too straight forward to be worth 2 points. I don't know the material that you're covering at all (like zero), but I don't get a sense of a clear understanding of the exploitation vs. exploration dilemma that was mandated in the question. Assuming that the question has been worded carefully and that state 27 is an arbitrary thing... I'd say that the player, upon returning to state 27, may or may not have taken the same actions as before. Thus, if the value of their current situation is better than before, they may be inclined to explore, as they are already doing well enough, and there might be better ways to increase value. If the current situation is worse than the previous time, they would most likely take an exploitative action to try and catch up to their previous value, as exploring gives unknown results. I tend to over analyze, but to understand the "dilemma", your answer would have to give credence to either choice... otherwise, there is no dilemma. Your answer doesn't address any dilemma whatsoever, thus you must describe a situation to that favors exploration as well; 1 point for exploitation and 1 point for exploration. My biggest pet peeve with tests is when a teacher glosses over the influence certain words can have over the direction of a question. Every word in a question must have purpose and many teachers fail their own tests with the quality of the writing in their questions. I hope I'm not doing your homework for you, azhar_r, but I found this question too interesting to resist. 😉
    25. I'm considering making a 2D game for the PC. Here are the specs for my laptop: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel i5 GPU: intel Graphics 620 RAM: 8 GB I'd be the only one working on this game so my scope for testing is limited. Can someone suggest a minimum list of PC configurations I should consider testing the game on to ensure a wide audience has a similar gaming experience?
    26. azhar_r

      Exploration vs exploitation problem

      Its a question from a test paper where I can't verify whether my answers are correct.
    27. DevJarmo

      Learning Netcode

      Thanks! Did I read on another post that you were working on an implementation too? Do you use Discord? I don't use it much for voice chat but for messaging and have been adding other developers I meet.
    28. Tom Sloper

      Avoiding overpowering the MC

      Does MC mean "main character"? You should both nerf one and strengthen the other, so that they meet in a happy place between too easy and too difficult.
    29. Shapes And Holes A new puzzle/arcade game with simple rules but addictive gameplay. Match shapes and holes. Colors don't matter, only forms. Looks like a chalenge for kids? But it's not so easy when time is ticking, colors are different and shapes are running away, going invisible or you need to count them. Complete the campaign of 65 levels with different rules and tiles. Or play levels with infinite time for a high score. Going to release in few days. Would appreciate for your opinion and testing. Available for testing on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CatsHeadsGames.ShapesAndHolesLite Gameplay video:
    30. too_many_stars

      GLSL, Point Sprites, Geometry Shader problem

      I figured it out. The problem was that I was multiplying the vertex by the camera_matrix V and then sen this info to the geometry shader. In the geometry shader, I again multipliled gl_Position by camera_matrix V giving funky results. I only needed to multiply each vertex in the geometry shader by V. Thanks again for the help!
    31. CatsHeads

      Shapes And Holes

      New simple but addictive gameplay! Match shapes and holes. Colors don't matter, only forms. Looks like a chalenge for kids? But it's not so easy when time is ticking, colors are different and shapes are running away, going invisible or you need to count them. Complete the campaign of 65 levels with different rules and tiles. Or play levels with infinite time for a high score.
    32. Hello there! So I've followed along with the Vulkan Tutorial here https://vulkan-tutorial.com/ and I've finished it outside of the multisampling section. And I definitely feel like I've learned a lot. However, it sort of contains everything in one monolithic class. While it has a section for rendering "models" it doesn't actually do that, it's for rendering "meshes." If there's a good guide that sort of starts at the end of this tutorial that explains how to break this up into more manageable pieces, that'd be great, that's what I'm looking for. So if you don't feel like reading further that's the main gist of it. But I'll sort of go over what I'm thinking about here. So for me a mesh is something that comprises of a single vertex buffer and optionally an index buffer. There is one material per mesh. A model is comprised of multiple meshes. Each material would likely contain descriptor set information that helps forward information about the samplers and other data that's needed by the shader, to the shader. Each shader would be a static instance that's setup once and is updated through UBOs (uniform buffers) and push constants. (though I haven't learned about those yet) Meshes would contain a command buffer (primary or secondary?) and a command pool and the drawing commands would be setup for that mesh. Then I suppose I'd want to submit each command buffer in a single vkQueueSubmit() call. Or maybe I'd have a single command buffer and pool for all meshes? Where I'm a bit hung up on is the UBO stuff. All the drawing commands are setup in advance in the command buffers. The MVP matrix for example of course could change every frame per mesh. (per model maybe?) How would I go about updating UBOs per mesh object? Is that something that I could map to memory with Vulkan and then update it with some sort of command in the command buffer? The last thing I notice that I'm worried about are the clear values. VkRenderPassBeginInfo renderPassInfo = {}; // Other render pass code here // Clear values std::array< VkClearValue, 2 > clearValues; clearValues[ 0 ].color = { 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f }; clearValues[ 1 ].depthStencil = { 1.0f, 0 }; renderPassInfo.clearValueCount = static_cast< uint32_t >( clearValues.size() ); renderPassInfo.pClearValues = clearValues.data(); The Vulkan Tutorial does it something like that. I'm sort of thinking that there's one VkRenderPass object per shader. In OpenGL you just sort of set glClearColor once and you're done with it usually. Why would I do this for each render pass? Does that make sense? Am I missing something here? Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated!
    33. You may want to check https://tldrlegal.com/ it has some of the licenses shortened out to how you can use them.
    34. I'm neither a lawyer nor an "expert". But yes, you can use pretty much any "open source" licensed code in your own projects regardless if they are commercial or not. Generally the licenses are about limiting liability of the author for the use of the code as well as making provisions for how the code itself in "code form" is redistributed. It's more about protecting the authors license to that specific version of their code. Once you have changed it significantly and/or compiled it into a program, it becomes something else.. That license you get to pick. Again, I'm not a lawyer, and there are probably a few circumstances where this might not be totally true, but those probably aren't going to have a major open source license type associated with them either. Also, if you intend to release an open source project that includes open source code from other authors, this is a situation where the license type really matters. Some require you to handle this situation very specifically, others don't care.
    35. Yesterday
    36. GuerrillaAndroid

      Avoiding overpowering the MC

      I've been working on a game for a while and think that my fights might be too easy, as a general rule, would it be better to nerf the MC or to buff the enemies?
    37. I always thought "Opensource" meant you could do what you liked but recently I started reading GLP and Apache licenses and found them super confusing. Is there any simple "for dummies" information I can get on how these licenses work? Apache License, Version 2.0 and GNU General Public License for example? There are a number of coding tasks I want to pay with, but I have found "opensource" versions of these that are probably much more robust and better than anything I could do on my own. They all have these licenses but am I simply allowed to install the libraries and use them in my code, then if I created a game with them, sell those games?
    38. Got time for a new project! Here a few tracks: Orchestral: https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/lento https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/atg_demo https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/endgame https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/the-journey-begins https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/yag_id1 https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/bta https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/we-shall-rise-again https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/pirates https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/through-the-mystical-forest Ambient/Soundscape: https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/city-beneath-the-ice https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/ikalla-demo https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/gathering_data https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/tbp-12 Electro /Chiptune: https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/world-map https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/lighthouse https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/elswidemo https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/driver https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/noga-suub2 https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/street-lethal-actionjr-game https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/chiptune https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/fighter-theme Other: https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/mut_demo https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/ees-12 https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/hts_tot https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/living-puppets https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/cartoon-animation https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/leaves-dream-pop-shoegaze-instrumental https://soundcloud.com/nice-noise-on/ti-r13-1 Exp. with adaptive music (Audiomiddleware WWise, FMod), Unity & program. basics Looking forward hearing from you Cheers!
    39. You play the role of a barbarian warrior who is stuck in a strange mysterious world consisting of 7 dungeons. You have to cross the 7 Gates, each placed in 7 levels, to ascend out of this world. Items to be found include: Keys Potions Various weapons Gold Enemies to be found (more to be added after the challenge is over possibly) are goblins and dungeon bosses. So far, all the assets are some assets migrated from a game example found on the Unreal marketplace. I did not make any of the art, only the programming and the level design for one dungeon (so far).
    40. Qunary

      Astroworks Devlog #4

      Devlog #4 - The Garage 18th of December 2018 Really A Studio - Follow us on Twitter! - Subscribe to our Youtube channel for upcoming devlog videos! - Join our Discord server! - Consider supporting the team on Patreon! - Interested in contributing to the project? Fill out our application form or contact a Producer on the Discord server! Who are we Really A Studio (RAS) is an independent game development team. RAS was founded on the 30th of October 2018 as a bootstrap startup with the goal of creating innovative, quality video games. Our incredible team consists of passionate designers, artists, 3D technologists, sound engineers, and content producers from all around the globe working together to create great games. Our first and current project is Astroworks, a singleplayer sci-fi action game set to release in 2019Q1. Astroworks Concept Astroworks is a story-driven 3d arcade space combat action game. Fight against a galactic megacorporation turned evil with multiple spaceship choices, heaps of weapons and abilities, featuring tons of explosions! Embark on challenging missions which include fighting against swarms of enemy battle drones, blowing up enemy capital ships, sabotaging factories, spaceship races and more! Today's topics: Playable Spaceships – The Tagger; The Ripper; The Defiance Tagger Basic spaceship used by The Azure Ghosts members. Originally a mining model adapted for combat purposes the Tagger is small and easy to control. Its size and maneuverability makes advanced Tagger pilots quite the challenge to hit and damaged by any enemies. Ripper Advanced spaceship model used by The Azure Ghosts. Unlike the Tagger model, the Ripper is adapted for combat, especially for the “hit and run” strategy used by TAG during raids. Its armor and mobility makes it very useful for fast and quick combat, but it has problems when fighting for extended periods of time. Defiance Highly armored and resistant spaceship stolen from the Astroworks corporation and adapted for TAG use. Thanks to its heavy armor, the Defiance can sustain large amounts of damage and it is almost unaffected if it collides with other spaceships or asteroids. But what the Defiance has in resistance, it lacks in mobility. The defiance will have trouble from sustained attacks from fast enemy spaceships that can outmaneuver it. (WIP) Previous Devlog: #3 – Supercharge!: Thank you for your attention! Tune in next time as well and don't forget to follow our activity on these sites: Really A Studio - Follow us on Twitter! - Subscribe to our Youtube channel for upcoming devlog videos! - Join our Discord server! - Consider supporting the team on Patreon! - Interested in contributing to the project? Fill out our application form or contact a Producer on the Discord server!
    41. Unity has a sale for assets that might be of interest to GameDev Challenge participants:
    42. UnshavenBastard

      UDP reception - CPU load and packet loss

      Hey, thanks for the reply! 50% CPU, now that you're asking, I didn't pay attention to that detail, lol! I stared at the top of "htop", perhaps it was only 1 core. It was shown with my process at the top, eating most of it, though. I have to look into "time", and kernel level profilers sounds interesting, too, but probably quite involved to set up? Cache coherency or rather its lack... there rings a bell, I think that problem is there. While it does seem very plausible that my CPU just hasn't got enough horse power, I still wonder what iperf is doing better (if not exactly impressively), and why that one day, it seemed consistent zero packet loss after I set 8 MB buffers (4MB was barely not enough, there seemed to be a roughly proportionate effect). I will try out what happens with only one system call! Edit: Ok, I tried it with only receive, without poll, and checking for timeout in a low frequency thread. That reduced the CPU load at best slighty. I wonder why it's not always the same - sometimes the core0 is, given my goal data rate, at 95..99% and then there is no packet loss, but when it gets to 100%, not surprisingly, there is. Core1 is mostly < 2% busy. I disabled the LXDE desktop completely to see whether the barely enough CPU (99%) would be more repeatable then, but it's not. I'll look into whether all parts of my gear supports jumbo frames, to reduce the number of packets/sec I get... => Too bad, the iMX6 won't go above 1500 MTU.
    43. Unity is offering a number of Asset Store bundles at discount until the end of the year. Best of 2018 Bundle Save 33% on ten of the very best assets of 2018, combined in this limited time bundle. Pay only for the assets you don't yet own. This deal expires January 6, 2019 at 23:59:59 PST. 55% off Bundles Save 55% when you purchase the below bundles before December 31 at midnight PST: Procedural Worlds Library Get all the tools from Procedural Worlds, publishers of Gaia and many other popular assets. Polygon Library Get the entire library of POLYGON assets from Synty Studios, one of the top publishers in the 3D model category. Heroic Fantasy Characters 90 characters and creatures, rigged, animated, and ready to drop in your project. Save over $550. View full story
    44. Unity is offering a number of Asset Store bundles at discount until the end of the year. Best of 2018 Bundle Save 33% on ten of the very best assets of 2018, combined in this limited time bundle. Pay only for the assets you don't yet own. This deal expires January 6, 2019 at 23:59:59 PST. 55% off Bundles Save 55% when you purchase the below bundles before December 31 at midnight PST: Procedural Worlds Library Get all the tools from Procedural Worlds, publishers of Gaia and many other popular assets. Polygon Library Get the entire library of POLYGON assets from Synty Studios, one of the top publishers in the 3D model category. Heroic Fantasy Characters 90 characters and creatures, rigged, animated, and ready to drop in your project. Save over $550.
    45. Max Whitehead

      3D Rigidbody Dynamics - Collision Response Problem

      Hi isu_diss, Your impulse computation looks correct to me, but I am suspicious of the way you are applying it. The equations you are using compute an impulse, which is a change in momentum. Momentum = mass * velocity. To apply impulse, you do: newVelocity = velocity + impulse * inverseMass You are using functions labeled AddForce and AddTorque. If you are actually adding force, you would be modifying acceleration instead of velocity. This is not correct when using an impulse to resolve collision. I am not sure if you mixed up terminology and correctly implemented the impulse application, or are accidentally using it like a force. If you are using it like a force (modifying acceleration), try using it like I described above, and hopefully it will resolve your issue. This would definitely result in impulses having less impact than expected. Max
    46. MannyMoe

      Project file in Code:Blocks

      Alberth: Thanks for your reply. I have taken your advice and signed up on the Code:Blocks forum. I hope they can help me. Thanks again! Have a great day!
    47. Lactose

      Exploration vs exploitation problem

      Is this homework? Job interview?
    48. Hello, I am trying to run official Getting Started Example on Playground https://plnkr.co/edit/ with OrbitControls. The first problem was that official OrbitControls is not friendly with TypeScript and I took: https://github.com/nicolaspanel/three-orbitcontrols-ts But this module does not use AMD by default and I recompiled it to AMD for usage with RequireJS library because I have a few files: Program.ts and Scene.ts and I can run my example on Playground only with AMD compilation. Recompilation requires going in node_modules folder for recompiling module - it is not a common way. I created libs folder in my project and copied content of dist to libs/three-orbitcontrols-ts/ it works localy: https://github.com/8Observer8/usage-orbitcontrols-in-typescript-on-playground I put all files in one directory for usage in Plunker and it works localy: https://github.com/8Observer8/usage-orbitcontrols-in-typescript-on-playground-one-directory But when I upload the files on Plunker it does not work: https://plnkr.co/edit/yICv96E7lTK8xu7DohJB?p=preview You will see the error in a console: Please, help me to solve this problem.
    49. Chug Buster

      I hate dialogue systems

      I'm using gamemaker studio. There really isn't much else to the project, I just wanted to figure out how to do dialogue systems so I could in the future if I really needed to for a game
    50. There's no such thing as the compiler choosing an overload based on whether or not it compiles; at that point, the best overload has already been chosen and compilation errors are what they are. SFINAE applies specifically to substitution errors, while the compiler has to determine the actual types for template arguments so it can create the candidate set for overload resolution. Take a look at this example which does what you need: http://cpp.sh/4c7h The reason this works is because std::enable_if will only have a member typedef 'type' if the condition is true. So in the cases where the condition is false, "std::enable_if<false,T>::type" will be considered a substitution failure because the compiler can't find 'type' and perform the argument substitution. However, you intentionally provide two overloads such that one will always succeed and the other will always fails (based on the return type), so the compiler will always be able to generate a candidate set with at least one method (depending on what other overloads it finds).
    51. Here's one way to do it, at least for return types, with the help of std::result_of. template <typename T, typename = std::enable_if_t<!std::is_same<typename std::result_of<T()>::type, void>::value>> auto call(T lambda) -> decltype(lambda()) { auto result = lambda(); static_assert(!std::is_same<decltype(lambda()), void>::value, "This overload can return a value of any type"); return lambda(); } template <typename T, typename = std::enable_if_t<std::is_same<typename std::result_of<T()>::type, void>::value>> void call(T lambda) { static_assert(std::is_same<decltype(lambda()), void>::value, "This overload returns void"); lambda(); } int main(int argc, char** argv) { call([] {}); call([] {return 1;}); } Try it online: https://godbolt.org/z/kGwoi7
    52. cozzie

      Missing pixels in mesh seams

      Thanks @Hodgman. I think I understand, will try to play around with it. The only thing I don’t understand, is what happens with the camera rotations, which is no longer “included” in the view matrix
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