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  • Celebrating 20 Years of GameDev.net

    Today, GameDev.net celebrates its 20th birthday. To the GameDev.net Community and the games industry, I wanted to say Thank You for the last 20 years of inspiration, education, and friendship.

    My name is Kevin Hawkins (khawk). I was 1 of 8 co-founders to launch GameDev.net on June 15, 1999. We started this platform as a passion project, and while I’m the only founder still involved, twenty years later it’s still a passion project for me. But GameDev.net is not about me. It’s about you, the community, and this common ground we have in game development.

    At times, any thoughts considering the scope, scale, and consistency of GameDev.net’s impact on people around the world for the last 20 years leaves me with a curious dose of humble pie that can be difficult to explain - few sites from 1999 continue to exist in essentially the same form as when they were launched. As a community, we all come from varying backgrounds, interests, cultures, and generations, but game development is our common thread through the GameDev.net platform. It’s this common thread found in diversity that I appreciate most.

    If we go back in time to June 1999, a small group of professional, hobbyist, and student developers decided to create a game development community where all types could participate - students, hobbyists, indies, and AAAs alike (all these labels did not exist at the time). A place that provided an independent voice in the games industry where students could learn from professionals, hobbyists could share their projects, and everyone could come together around the science, technology, and art of game development in a friendly, helpful, safe environment.

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    1. Past hour
    2. ProjectTaival

      Project Taival

      Hi all, I'm currently making assets for a new horror game (final name TBA), which is going to be HUGE! Okay, Trump jokes aside, please visit my project sites and let me know what you think - what could be done better regarding marketing or if you know anywhere where I could find people interested in helping out on some of the asset creation for the non-generic stuff and possibly textures and website graphics, or especially - Marketing! If I could find people to handle marketing with me, I would have more time to spend on the assets of this project and complete this project on a faster timetable. The 3 Years is a prediction based on IF I need to do this game alone. Then it might take 3 - 5 years from start to finish. The game is going to have a deep backstory, with mythological elements from a life philosophy of the Finnic peoples of ancient times, which have slight similarities with the Japans Shintoism in that every living thing has it's own kind of spirit. The horror comes from carefully thought out placement of dark, spooky and outright scary elements. My aim is to NOT go over the top with jump scares - only where it really adds to the horror and keeps them unpredictable as much as possible. As an example, imagine this - you come home at late evening, it's cold and dark winter and everything seems normal and you are happy to have arrived at your home. But when you put your key to the lock of your front door, suddenly you hear a slight, cold breath on your year. You are a little startled, but brush it of thinking it was probably just a draft. You get ready to bed, brush your teeth, a slightly spooky calm music playing in the background and you as a player anticipate something to happen when he closes the mirror cabinets door in the bathroom, but nothing happens - yet. You go to bed, everything is normal - to the main character at least, but you see something is not right with the lighting - something translucent and without definite shape is blocking some of the street lights that shines through the windows. The main character falls to sleep, but when he wakes up, everything seems normal at first, but finally you notice, things are not as it should be. Just a little taste from one of the segments how the game will probably start out. The atmosphere is in the main role of the game and most of the scary elements are tied to it one way or another. Strange noises, some might be dangerous, some are not, but there is also going to be an element of unpredictability. I'm aiming at making a game that even I wouldn't want to play in the dark, despite having quite high resistance for horror games and movies. I'm also going to hire some helping hand, at least part time, the moment I can afford it. I'm also planning my first crowdfunding run at #mesenaatti ( https://mesenaatti.me/en/ ), which is part of the Nordic crowdfunding alliance ( http://www.nordic-crowdfunding.com/about.php ) the largest "kickstarter" -like campaign site in Finland. Anyone who doesn't have restrictions on their credit cards can participate. My personal goals for this project are; • Get better at 3D modeling on more various selection of modeling software. • Learn to make presentable music. • Study on how to make animated videos from scratch. • Get to know some basics about several game engines, before choosing the one that I will use. • To improve my storytelling and compilation skills. • Bringing to fruition a marketable end result and registering a Game Development company. For all the latest information, you can subscribe to these social media sites; Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Reddit - LinkedIn - Google+ - Instagram
    3. Today
    4. Zakwayda

      Side-Scroller Movement in a Tile-Based Game

      A common response to this sort of question would be to recommend using an existing physics engine, such as Box2D. Would that be an option? If not (or if you just prefer to do it yourself), some more info might be useful, such as programming language, target platforms, libraries used, etc., and exactly what type of movement you're looking for (e.g. platformer). Maybe you don't want to share your art at this point, but some screenshots showing the tilemap and character(s) might be helpful as well.
    5. I am working on a game for VR where you create spells by drawing symbols in air and combining them in interesting ways to create various unique spells. Here is a video detailing how the mechanics of the game work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2W6GI8HQWw The game takes place in a wizards tower. Different rooms have portals that lead to different "dream worlds" that have distinctive themes. Each world is like a Mario 64 world with different power orbs to collect. Each orb will require you to solve a puzzle or defeat enemies by building spells tailored to the situation. The puzzles are open ended and will have many solutions. Power orbs can be spent to increase player power such as increasing health, mana, spell damage, or move speed. So far the team is just me. I am primarily a programmer with enough skill in blender to create functional assets for the game. I really need an artist to bring their artistic style to the project. Take the art direction anywhere you would like while keeping the amount of work required to finish the project achievable. I don't have the budget to pay you upfront for your work. You will get a share of any revenue that may come from the game. I would also love help on game design, particularly with level, puzzle, spell, and enemy ideas. I'm not even looking for someone with professional experience in this regard. If this project is interesting to you, even if you don’t fit the descriptions above, I may be able to use your help so go ahead and PM me. There are more story details but I left them out of this post for brevity. If you are interested on the current direction for the story I can post it here or PM you the details.
    6. CanvasBushi

      How to Get to the Next Level

      What is this "next level" you're talking about? is that like some kool slang for kids these days?
    7. Yyanthire Studio

      Gameplay Moonrise | Dev Blog #9- Saving

      Welcome to our ninth blog post, Saving! Given our recent completion and integration of saving, we'd like to take a moment to explain how it effects the game. The basis of our saving system is to do one very important thing- prevent cheating, while still being very versatile. And that’s a fairly difficult but interesting task to pull off given our fairly limited number of options we have at our disposal. To start, there are some critical elements we need to store on every save. The most direct of these include player’s Army, their active Map Progression, and their Resources. These variables could be considered our ‘liquid’ variables. That’s because Warriors can be slain in a moment’s notice, we need to keep track of our Fog progression and slain enemies, alongside any various Resources or Key Items player manages to obtain. They can change very quickly, and we need to always ensure a finite state. Then comes the much more ‘solid’ variables- active Map, list of our Maps, Research, Home Base, and misc elements like Time progression. After Map Generation, we need to ensure its stored properly and easily accessible for read/write if its the current Map. Research, alongside player’s Home Base, are largely static elements that will only update at very important moments in time. All of these also have some basis on Time, the in-game clock, and its need to retain a persistent state throughout each save/load/quit. Given our large amount of variables, Autosaving persistence becomes difficult to control. We cannot have there be large pauses during gameplay for the game to save. In addition, given the large amount of variables of combat to save, saving combat as a whole becomes incredibly difficult. Thankfully, we can use some clever ingenuity to still achieve a saving system we desire, that’s fairly well-safeguarded against awful things like the game crashing, player’s computer losing power, and so forth. Finally, the design we need, above all, must favor player convenience. As, with any RTS game, repetitive, dis-interesting content can happen fairly frequently and often, and its not something we want for our project. The design we’ve decided to use is a single, adamant save. From there, only in specific locations in the World is player allowed to save. In addition, every time player transitions to a new map, the game is saved. This single save allows us to get around the paradigm of ‘multiple saves’ per playthrough, it keeps data loss during game crashes/power outages minimized, and it gives player quite a bit of versatility in their ability to save. Defeat in not only this project, but RTS-type games in general, is fairly detrimental. It can sometimes mean a near-total restart. As such, we want to give players the option of being able to save conveniently (and allow for retrying difficult bosses in a simple manner), but not so frequently as to be able to cheat the game. And, lastly, when all else fails- one can Accept one’s own Defeat, to reset things from how they are to a stable, basic standard, and ensure (from a developer’s perspective) against any unknown bugs or corruption. That ends our segment on Saving, thank you for viewing our blog post! Please look forward to more coming very soon! If you’re brand new, consider checking out our trailer and overall description of the game here: https://www.indiedb.com/games/moonrise
    8. Hello, I am Programmer & Pixel Artist who has jumped on and off both hobbies over the years. I have experience with c++, python, and java. I've also done a little bit of web programming as well. I consider myself decent with OOP basics and problem solving. So far I've worked well on teams and think I can fit in on most environments. My favorite types of games are puzzles games or games with puzzles focus but It doesn't matter what I work on I'm interested regardless. I'm looking to do this as a contributor and continue the programming side of my hobby and if applicable the pixel artist too. I'm looking for a group where I can conveniently contribute work but it won't live or die without me. Contact me by private message or by my discord. Vinn (Pound)7922
    9. Yesterday
    10. Yyanthire Studio

      Celebrating 20 Years of GameDev.net

      Thanks for all the wonderful work you guys do, and congratulations on the 20 years! You guys really give us developers a place to share very freely and in a very clean manner, so on behalf of all of us, you're greatly appreciated! Definitely looking forward to some of the updates you guys have in store, and hope you guys are still around for 20 more!
    11. Guy Fleegman

      Did I really remake Minecraft?

      I'm not sure that you understand the crux of what I'm saying, but I wish you luck, Magogan.
    12. Hello - I've been in the process of writing my first game, and have just finished my tile rendering engine. The next step that I need to take is to implement a moveable character, and I have no idea where to start. The character in the game is larger than the block tiles, meaning I can't do anything along the lines of creating a character tilemap over my block tilemap (of the same size) and moving between those tiles. I do not want the character mobility to be restricted, I want it to move relatively freely throughout the world (with physics, of course). The only examples I've seen have involved making a smaller tilemap (i.e. a map 2x smaller) for the character to traverse. The issue with this is that in order to get the level of freedom I would like, that map's tiles would be way too small, and would take up far too much memory. Thanks for any insight.
    13. Are there some ways I can contribute to a game dev group when I'm not program savvy and I just hate coding and find it boring? I had a group last year and I organized the team, drew out some concepts for a level and found some free sprites to use, but I mostly felt like my contribution was minimal. All of the people ended up leaving the group when we barely just got a placeholder character made with a simple jump animation and a platform. I really want to get this made and finished and so I can be a step closer to my long term goals. I just feel confused now on how to go about it. I would do everything myself, but my art skills are limited and I don't think I have a way to draw digitally or scan in stuff anyway, coding bores the shit out of me and even when people suggest stuff that supposedly doesn't use code like Ren'py or Game Maker that still feels like coding to me and then I start to lose interest, and I tried for a while to compose my own music, but nothing sounds right to me. The instruments always sound off in a way I can't quite articulate. I'm most interested in writing and level design I just know I have to get something made so I can go to the next level.
    14. Wcoltd

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      So you're trying to emulate the same flight characteristics on Autopilot as when you are flying manually? Can you post the code for manual flight? I've got an idea.
    15. Mon Card is a collectable card game currently under construction. It is a community project where members of the community contribute card designs and card art. Below is how much work is complete as of 14th of June. Please, if you would like to help adjust that document, leave a message in this thread. ---- Attributes (8) Water Fire Air Earth Light Dark Energy Matter Types (15) Fish Beast Bird Insect Fairy Fiend Elemental Machine Sentient Dragon Mage Toon Angel Devil Divine Each type is part of a tree that extends from each attribute: Fish belong to the Water attribute. Sentient belong to the Water and Fire attributes. Angel belong to the Fire and Air attributes. Beast belong to the Fire attribute. Bird belong to the Air attribute. Dragon belong to the Air and Earth attributes. Insect belong to the Earth attribute. Fairy belong to the Light attribute. Mage belong to the Light and Dark attributes. Fiend belong to the Dark attribute. Elemental belong to the Energy attribute. Machine belong to the Matter attribute. Toon belong to the Energy and Matter attributes. Devil belong to the Dark and Energy attributes. Divine belong to the Earth and Light attributes. **Disclaimer: ** Normally, no type is restricted to certain card effects or attribute, but game initiating cards will be restricted. We can expect most Fish to be water type originally, that's until a modest amount of cards are designed. Example Cards WATER FISH 1400 1000 (4) Hydra If this card is in your hand, and you have one Hydra monster on the field, you can special summon one Hydra from your deck. Tribute three Hydra on the field to special summon one Three-Headed Hydra from your deck. WATER FISH 2500 2000 (5) Three-headed Hydra This monster gains 500 attack for each card of the same name in the graveyard. WATER FISH 4000 4000 (10) Thousand-headed Hydra This monster can attack as many times as there are enemy monsters on the field. WATER FISH ? ? (10) Infinity Hydra This card is ritual summoned using Thousand-headed Hydra and Endless Ocean. This cards attack and defence become however many Hydra, Three-headed Hydra or Thousand-headed Hydra are on the field, in your hand and in the graveyard x 1000. WATER FISH 1800 1300 (4) Red Dolphin This monster gains 300 attack for every Red Dolphin you control. WATER FISH 1800 1400 (4) Blue Dolphin If you summon this card while there is another Blue Dolphin on the field, special summon one Blue Dolphin from your deck. WATER FISH 1900 1400 (4) Green Dolphin If this card attacks directly, add either Blue Dolphin, Red Dolphin, Green Dolphin or Yellow Dolphin, to your hand, from your deck. WATER FISH 1500 1300 (4) Yellow Dolphin When you summon this card, if you control Green Dolphin, special summon one Blue Dolphin from your deck. WATER FISH 2500 2000 (7) Brown Dolphin This card is mix summoned Blue Dolphin and Green Dolphin, Red Dolphin and Green Dolphin, or Red Dolphin and Yellow Dolphin, Purple Dolphin and Red Dolphin, Purple Dolphin and Yellow Dolphin or Purple Dolphin and Orange Dolphin. If you control another Brown Dolphin, you can special summon one Brown Dolphin from your extra deck. WATER FISH 3000 3000 (7) Purple Dolphin This card is mix summoned Blue Dolphin and Red Dolphin. This card must be in defence position but at the cost of 500 defense, it can be switched to attack position. It is switched to defence position after attacking. WATER FISH 2500 2000 (7) Orange Dolphin This card is mix summoned Red Dolphin and Yellow Dolphin. When this card is mix summoned, special summon as many Blue Dolphin, Red Dolphin, Green Dolphin or Yellow Dolphin from your hand as you want. This card gains 1000 attack if you control all three Blue Dolphin, Red Dolphin and Green Dolphin. WATER FISH 1900 1300 (4) Rainbow Shark If you control another FISH monster, you can special summon this card. If this card is special summoned this way, all enemy monsters lose 300 attack and all friendly monsters gain 300 defense. WATER FISH 1000 1000 (1) Quirk If you control another Quirk, you can special summon one Abyss Snake from your hand. WATER FISH 4000 4000 (10) Abyss Snake This card can only be special summoned through the effect of Quirk; when this card is special summoned, the owner of the card pays 4000 LP, and picks three from all FISH monsters in his/her graveyard, they are special summoned to his/her side of the field. WATER BEAST 2000 2000 (5) Aquatic Beast If you summon this card you can special summon one other Aquatic monster from your hand. WATER BIRD 1800 2200 (5) Aquatic Bird While this is face up on the field, Aquatic monsters cannot be destroyed by battle. WATER INSECT 1400 1600 (3) Aquatic Insect When this is summoned, special summon up to two other Aquatic Insect from your deck or your hand. WATER SENTIENT ? ? (7) Aquatic Swarm This card is mix summoned using three Aquatic Insect. Once per turn, you can remove from play one Aquatic Insect from your graveyard to increase this cards attack by 20 WATER FIEND 1600 1400 (3) Sunken Ghost Ship If this card exists in your graveyard, Ghost Ship cards cannot be destroyed by battle.
    16. I found the Udemy tutorials by GameDev.TV to be extremely helpful, and really helped me overcome a block of 3-4 years of non-progress. I had originally tried to make my games in RPGMaker, thinking an engine with so much already done would be easier, but as it turned out the limitations caused me frustration and ultimately resulted in me never finishing anything. The aforementioned tutorials encouraged me to switch to unity, and each goes through building something one game at a time, beginning to end. By the end of the 4th game, you really have a great grasp on effort that goes into what ultimate amounts to some very simple games. This will give you perspective on what it will take to build the game you really want to make. They also have a variety of courses tackling different platforms, art, and some more philosophical type points. Every journey is different, so this may not be your best place to start, but it's been hugely helpful to get momentum going for me.
    17. scippie

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      The thrust in my implementation is fine, it's controlling it on auto-pilot that is the problem.
    18. Hi I work in the games industry now but my background is in media and games studies. I wrote a long research paper on accessibility and dissabilities in video games and game design. I did a lot of research on the subject and I think it is important especially for game devs. Accessibility in game design can be easy and give you a bigger target audience as an estimated 20% of gamers have some kind of disability (by their own account) and most of the adult population will sustain a temporary disability before they retire. That means that a significant number of people might not be able to play your game and that usually go unnoticed. I would love to share my research and tips in some articles if there is any interest in the community.
    19. Hi all, Now that I've got my specular normalization working, I tried to play around with several tone mapping options (not doing any HDR so far), based on this article: http://filmicworlds.com/blog/filmic-tonemapping-operators/ After trying out a number of them, I'm wondering if there's maybe something wrong with the approach in general. The HLSL code is pasted below with some shots of the results. Any input is appreciated. Also, which one would you say looks best? (knowing this is a preference/ taste thing perhaps). A = linear exposure, so input color * 8 B = linear exposure / (1 + linear exposure) (Reinhard) C = Jim Hejl and Richard Burgess-Dawson D = Uncharted 2 In all cases I left out the linear to sRGB/ gamma conversion, because I let DX11 handle this through the proper RT/ texture buffer formats. Also good to know, the scene has relatively low ambient light (0.15, 0.15, 0.15), and the directional light (moon) has intensity 0.3 (color 1/1/1). float3 ToneMapA(float3 pInputColor, uint pExposureMul) { float3 output = pInputColor * pExposureMul; //output = pow(output, 1/2.2f); return output; } float3 ToneMapB(float3 pInputColor, uint pExposureMul) { float3 output = pInputColor * pExposureMul; output = output / (1.0f + output); //output = pow(output, 1/2.2f); return output; } float3 ToneMapC(float3 pInputColor, uint pExposureMul) { float3 output = pInputColor * pExposureMul; float3 x = max(0, output-0.004); float3 retColor = (x*(6.2*x+.5))/(x*(6.2*x+1.7)+0.06); //retColor = pow(retColor, 1/2.2f); return retColor; } float3 ToneMapD(float3 x) // used for uncharted { float A = 0.15; float B = 0.50; float C = 0.10; float D = 0.20; float E = 0.02; float F = 0.30; float W = 11.2; return ((x*(A*x+C*B)+D*E)/(x*(A*x+B)+D*F))-E/F; } float3 ToneMapUncharted(float3 pInputColor, uint pExposureMul) { float W = 11.2; float3 output = pInputColor * pExposureMul; float ExposureBias = 2.0f; float3 curr = ToneMapD(ExposureBias * output); float3 whiteScale = 1.0f/ToneMapD(W); float3 color = curr * whiteScale; //float3 retColor = pow(color,1/2.2); return color; } // PIXEL SHADER (example, could be options A, B, C or Uncharted if(gPerMaterial.Material.IsMetal) final.rgb = d + sMetal; else final.rgb = d + sNonMetal; final.rgb = ToneMapC(final.rgb, 8); // or when I test with tone mapping the lighting part only float3 diffuse = ToneMapA(lightSetup.DiffuseAcc, 8); float3 specular = ToneMapA(lightSetup.SpecularAcc, 8); float3 d = diffuse * texColor.rgb * gPerMaterial.Material.Diffuse.rgb; float3 sMetal = specular * (texColor.rgb * 2.0f); float3 sNonMetal = specular; if(gPerMaterial.Material.IsMetal) final.rgb = d + sMetal; else final.rgb = d + sNonMetal; return final; Off: A - linear - exposure 8 (ALL): A - linear - exposure 8 - only applied to lighting: B - Reinhard - exposure 8 - ALL B - Reinhard - exposure 8 - only applied to lighting C - Jim Hejl and Richard Burgess-Dawson - exposure 8 = ALL C - Jim Hejl and Richard Burgess-Dawson - exposure 8 - only applied to lighting D - Uncharted 2 - exposure 8 - all D - Uncharted 2 - exposure 8 - only applied to lighting
    20. AlexHN

      Reap is released!

      gotta say it is fun!
    21. Wcoltd

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      Did you try pooling objects that interact with the ship collider at thrust points, the rate of SetActive of the thruster particles, bounce off the collider and cause the ship to move in the opposite direction. I have not tried this solution it may be terribly inefficient and lack stability or control. It may allow for more realistic thrust.
    22. Magogan

      Did I really remake Minecraft?

      Hi Guy Fleegman, thank you for the extensive feedback. I plan to add most of the stuff you mentioned, including underground things like crystal caverns etc. The problem is that all of this requires a lot of work and I have to release the game/the next update at some point so I get money to speed up the development. The earth-like planet looks like earth, but that's not much of a problem as long as there are other planets that look different. The luminous planet does look very different (it has snow, too, but that's more or less normal if you consider that it is just frozen water and every planet that supports life has water). There are red deserts and dark mushroom forests. I have pictures of the mushroom forest prominently placed on the website. You have a lot of other interesting ideas but I can not add even one of them to the game in time. I need a lot more content anyway, the problem currently is that every village in a biome has the same quests. I could generate less villages - but there is a limit on how far they can be apart, otherwise I wouldn't have any roads between them at all. I would rather add different points of interest like a graveyard with some ghosts or an enemy base so not every point of interest is a village. I can't do that right now because I need more models with animations and textures for that (and some code to generate quests that send you to different points of interest). Well, an enemy base would work with the existing models, I think I'll add those bases soon-ish.
    23. slagusev

      The problem with ArmorPaint

      I attach files. BLEND and OBJ files panskoe_window.blend panskoe_window_obj.zip
    24. Hi I sent a message as well but I was not sure if you will recognise or not. So I put comment as well. My name is Rabi William I'm doing Streaming on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCigF_H0bjIxRKtohIOrEALg I just found your game and noticed that you were looking for a beta tester for the game. I'm pretty interested in your game and I just wonder if I can play for test. I don't have to make recording clip if you don't want. Just interested in your game. On the other hand, if you don't mind I would like to introduce your game on my channel. My channel is not so big yet (about 9000 subs) but it could contribute your promotion. It's up to you. If you don't want to show any part before publishing I won't. Just let me know. My contact is rabiwilliam04@ gmail.com (please delete space) Thank you for considering this e-mail. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Rabi
    25. Only use dynamic linking for calling C++ from a safer language (prototypes, tools and hobby development) or abstracting away the hardware (can't statically link to graphics drivers and operating system). Scripts or configuration files are used for custom content, because you don't want third-party DLL running on the player's computer with admin permissions, no matter how much the packet insists on being compiled with your tools. I used to make a lot of games with non-self-registering dynamic libraries (can't be used with regsvr32 by missing the entry point) and most of them broke completely when Windows XP no longer assigned current directory to the application path for loading DLLs by relative paths like on Windows 95/98/2000. My older games from Windows 3.1 before I used dynamic linking will however still work without a single defect on Windows 7/8/10.
    26. lawnjelly

      The problem with ArmorPaint

      Never used ArmorPaint but export it as an .obj and post the file here and the guys here can have a look. Probably something obvious like it's not applying a modifier when you export it, or it's upside down.
    27. lukash

      Yet another graphic engine

      I spend this weekend to my engine (and suddenly broke up with the girl ). I completely reinvent material system. I introduce generic materials. It can be described in the text file: passes, parameters, textures, defines. All this stuff will automatically be sent to the shader and editor UI generated. Material is just intance of generic material, parameters and textures can be overwritten. On the basis of this implemented normal mapping.
    28. Daid

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      My quaternion code is here: https://github.com/daid/SeriousProton2/blob/master/include/sp2/math/quaternion.h Vector3 is also there. Note that my "toAxisAngle()" function multiplies the axis (which is a normalized vector) with the angle (which is the amount of rotation) which is why it can only return a Vector3 instead of returning a Vector3 and a scalar (double) for a proper axis+angle. My X+ is "forwards" and "Z+" is up. Not sure how much that matters. Simplified code is then: Vector3d target_position = ???; Quaterniond target_rotation = Quaterniond::fromVectorToVector(Vector3d(1, 0, 0), target_position); Vector3d rotation_required = getRotation3D().diff(target_rotation).toAxisAngle(); double roll = rotation_required.x; double pitch = rotation_required.y; double yaw = rotation_required.z; I limit the roll/pitch/yaw each update, and recalculate the "rotation_required" each update. Due to some damping and acceleration I get a bit of overshoot. But that's due to other things my code is doing as well, I think the math here is sound otherwise.
    29. scippie

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      Ok, you are right, I have really been expressing myself completely incorrectly. Of course, quaternions and matrices are the same for rotation and can both prevent gimbal lock. What I really meant to say was working with yaw, pitch and roll with a constant reference is different and will also cause gimbal lock. But, I really do understand it, no worries 🙂
    30. Target audience? I think the DOS style assembly part would scare away most of the non-programmers. Game makers are supposed to target people who cannot make games on their own and therefore accept certain limitations to what can be made. You can either make it more appealing to beginners using a graphical language generating the script when starting or make it powerful like Java/Basic and only handle the low-level engine and installer stuff for the intermediate programmers. Window manager Linux is kind of being treated like a second class system by SDL's developers, so you can have a look at Google Chrome's code for X-Lib window management which is more robust (because Google has more money and develops their own Linux distributions) even thou the code is equally scattered and hard to read. (Preparing for the rants and downvotes...)
    31. Hello, I'm currently searching for additional talented and passionate members for our team that's creating a small horror game. About the game: The game would be a small sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book (which I'm writing) scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. It would play similar to Dead Space combined with Penumbra and SCP: Secret Laboratory, with the option of playing solo or multiplayer. Engine that'd be used to create the game: Unity About me: I'm a music composer with more than 4 years of experience and I'm fairly new in this game development world, and I'm currently leading the team that'd be creating this beautiful and horrifying game. I decided that making the book which I'm writing into a game would be really cool, and I got more motivated about doing so some time ago when I got a bunch of expensive Unity assets for a very low price. However, I researched about how to do things right in game development so I reduced the scope of it as much as I could so that's why this game is really based in a scene of the book and not the entire thing. Also I'm currently learning how to use Unity and learning how to program in C#. Our team right now consists of: Me (Game Designer, Creator, Music Composer, Writer), 2 3D Modelers, 5 Game Programmers, 1 Sound Effect Designer, 1 3D Animator and 2 2D Artists. Who am I looking for: We are looking for a talented and passionated 3D Environment Artist that's experienced in the modeling of closed environments and is familiar with the horror and sci-fi genre. Right now the game is in mid development and you can see more information about it and follow our progress in our game jolt page here: https://gamejolt.com/games/devilspunishment/391190 . We expect to finish some sort of prototype in 3 months from now. This is a contract rev-share position If you are interested in joining, contributing or have questions about the project then let's talk. You can message me in Discord: world_creator#9524
    32. Hey, Since you know Java, we have a project we are working on called Project 16x16. Its a 2D platformer game with an Industrial dark theme. There will be an intriguing background story, puzzles, epic bosses and more... Here is the GitHub page: https://github.com/Stephcraft/Project-16x16
    33. Dawoodoz

      lurkers.io - added motion blur

      Offline mode? The game wouldn't load for me, so an offline version with a single-player campaign and level editor would feel more robust in case that servers go down for maintenance or my wireless 4G router loses connection. Want it faster? If you want more performance for low-resolution graphics, consider making a custom software renderering pipeline for a C++ version. The GPU is only efficient for a low number of calls rendering in a high resolution. The GPU also spends extra time doing insanely expensive per-pixel depth division for operations that the CPU can do by just moving around color data. Using memset, memcpy, dirty rectangles, passive pre-rendering, multi-threaded work queues and SIMD assembly intrinsics would give you at least 1000 FPS on a quadcore I5 CPU. This gives a lot of extra cycles for game logic, dynamic light effects or targeting low-end laptops.
    34. Zakwayda

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      I'm not sure based on the above whether you're operating under this particular misconception (if not, apologies, and please ignore this), but I'll go ahead and mention that quaternions and matrices don't differ from one another with respect to gimbal lock. You can both encounter and avoid gimbal lock with each, and for the same reasons. (Historically at least there's been a fair amount of confusion about this, so I think it's worth clarifying.)
    35. Dawoodoz

      Demo gameplay feedback

      1. I'd say weather and nature, because scenery is the best thing about simulators by giving the feeling of exploring the world. You mainly need more complex terrain with mountains, hills, bridges, forests, river deltas, canyons, et cetera. Start with randomly generated hills and then erode using a vector-field water simulation to carve out realistic rivers in a large scale world. Then place buildings at strategic locations. 2. Regarding the technical part, I'm mostly interested in having a big variety of vehicle models and seeing people traveling to places. A simple thing like selecting colors and logos for the train makes a big difference in the feeling of customization. Being able to go first person and take a ride with other passengers like in "Mafia" would be a plus.
    36. LeRan


      "Pétanque as a standalone minigame" (PASAM for lack of space) is the prototype of an adventure/RPG game in development. Its goal is to field-test ideas and mechanisms for future development. The future game will, hopefully, be a "coming of age" story of two late teenagers during their holidays in Southern France. Currently, only the very beginning of the story is in the prototype, which includes a pétanque minigame as well. Important : the game was rushed to meet the deadline of a French festival so it is only written in French as of now. While everybody can enjoy the pétanque minigame (choose "partie rapide" for a quick game from the main menu) it is preferable to know some French to play the main quest ("Nouveau jeu" from the main menu if you want to try it anyway). There is no failure possible during dialogs and the tutorial is very straightforward so it is perfectly possible to complete the game without knowing a single word of French, but most of the atmosphere would be lost... Teaser Executable on itch.io
    37. This week I've been working on UI. I've done two things: 1) Finished the first version of Items page. Items page is inventory + equipment + stats. 2) Changed the way game handles UI, fixing a lot of problems and making the process of developing UI much faster. UI still needs a bit of work, but most of it is ready for the pre-alpha demo. Now the only big obstacle left is area loading - I'm still stuck on that. Anyway, I was suggested to write about the combat, so let's get into it. This is how combat works: Holding attack key - can be any mouse button, controller button, or keyboard key! - will charge up attack. Once it is charged, animation plays and attack is executed. Where it gets interesting is attacks themselves. The player always has 3 combat spells: Melee position spell, limited position spell, and open position spell. To execute a melee position spell, your character must be in a melee range of an enemy character. In pre-alpha demo melee spell simply deals weapon damage to the nearest enemy character. To execute a limited position spell, your character must be near something that you can't move through - rocks, walls, cliffs, bodies of water, etc. In pre-alpha demo limited spell restores 10% of health. Currently, it's the only way to restore health. To execute an open position spell, your character must not be in limited and melee positions - away from enemies, edges, and obstacles. In pre-alpha demo, open spell teleports your character to nearest enemy melee range and binds the enemy for 4 seconds. Bound characters are unable to move. In future combat spells will be determined by the equipped weapon - this is where limitless design space comes from. To make weapons and combat have good variety all I need to do is add about 50 combat spells, which is not too difficult. Another important aspect of this system is that level design changes the combat. I can make long, narrow passages where open position spells are impossible to execute, fields with no limited positions to retreat to, and trap-filled mazes where enemies don't let you get close for melee spells. So to summarize, in the end, combat should become varied, highly customizable, easy to learn, skill demanding, and PVP viable. A combat system to be the core of an RPG =] That's all for this entry! If there's something you want me to write in the next entry - let me know in the comments.
    38. Zuurix

      Light of the Locked World

      Light of the Locked World is a fantasy RPG with local multiplayer, inspired by old school MMOs like Ultima Online and RuneScape. The World Gate has malfunctioned and you are taken to Caios II - the Locked World. As you build a new life for yourself, you notice that something sinister is going on. You might be in danger - you must find out what's happening. Features: Light of the Locked World has all of the beloved RPG features - quests, exploration, crafting, and deep character customization - executed in uncommon ways. Combat: Real-time, uses only one button to attack, effectiveness is based on equipment stats and player's positioning skill. Local multiplayer: Take the game to the next level by inviting another player to play with or against you. You have the freedom to compete for rare items, cooperate to overcome difficult tasks, steal, trade, duel, and more.
    39. https://amethyst.rs/posts/release-0-11 Amethyst is a data-oriented game engine aiming to be fast and as configurable as possible. It is written in the Rust programming language and closely coupled with the Specs Parallel ECS. It's still early days for the engine and ergonomics is going to a major focus for the 0.12 release. Anyone new to Rust and entity component systems are probably better off starting with something simpler right now, but we're always very happy to help learners along. This initial announcement outside of the Rust ecosystem is intended to brief the wider gamedev public about what we're working on.
    40. scippie

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      Cool! Yes please, share your code! 😉
    41. Color composition Your hue composition is good by following the 180 degree rule. The luma histogram could be spread more evenly over dark and bright, because local contrast is too intense on the small lines. The blue mask is too dark to see the mouth without zooming in on my computer's gamma settings (50% luminosity at 80% of white). Some highlights with brighter blue can show the shape without breaking the cartoon style, just be aware of using too many tones. Edges Give more focus to the main edges and make sure that the total silhouette still looks interesting if the whole character is faded to black. Maybe he could have some long ears, a cape or shoulder protection sticking out. Frequency domain A bit heavy on the highest frequency, not sure if the style can be easily animated without confusing the player. Perspective The head and upper torso is facing the player's left side, but the legs appear to be facing forward. Adding extruded feet would create a feeling of rotation. Make sure to look at your character in a context while designing, because the characters that look good in a 2D game often look too simple on it's own. It's all about making scale and composition go together with the game as a whole.
    42. Hm, nothing's really coming to mind off the top of my head, but that's definitely something that should be added to an ID3D12DebugDevice or ID3D12DebugDescriptorHeap interface... Or something that's been thrown around a lot which would be merging the pieces of the debug layer and PIX that do state tracking, and making that an optional layer that can be added onto the API without the full weight of the bigger tools.
    43. Daid

      Spaceship controls -> autopilot

      Funny. I solved this yesterday. First, you need a target rotation as quadernion. Then you can calculate the diff quaternion between your current rotation and target rotation. Finally you can decompose that diff into a axis+angle. Which you can use for pitch/yaw/roll On my phone right now, can post some code later. Pm me if i forget.
    44. There are "Idea guys" in many game studios but theyre called writers and/or game designers. This is as close to idea man you're going to get and these roles are extremely difficult and require years of experience. PS: I love seeing Tom Sloper's comments haha just saying No has a certain ring to it.
    45. Short answer: D3D12 or Vulkan. Longer answer: Create something that demonstrates your knowledge. Make graphics demos, games or engines and upload them to GitHub. Blog about them. Learn to debug and profile graphics code using Pix, RenderDoc or NSight Graphics etc. Read graphics papers from Siggraph, I3D etc. and implement their techniques and blog about them. Working in a studio is less about raw programming and more about: * Good submit descriptions (include bug # in the message etc.) * Communicating changes to the team * Maintaining wiki * Realistic estimates, prioritizing work * Bug tickets with enough information and links to other bugs * Watching new bugs in the tracker and closing them as dupes, adding callstacks, assigning to right person etc. * Helping others That's my 2 cents.
    46. Look at Studios like Naughty-Dog, Eidos-Montereal etc... and take a glance at their Visuals and "cinematism". This makes me wonder, which Requirements or perhaps API should you learn in order to land into these AAA-Studios? Also what should you study in Uni to better your chances even more? Thanks in Advance, this is a newbie question so ples don't reply to harsh ,thanks.
    47. There is an exception to every rule, including this "there is an exception" rule. The next time somebody says "I want to be the idea guy, is there such a role?" I'm not going to say "a guy I know heard of one idea guy job at one company somewhere, so Yes, there really is such a role" - I'm still going to say "no." In rare cases where there is an idea guy role, no way is that job going to somebody who does not have game industry experience and a track record of successful games.
    48. No. There are not. I was of that opinion up until 2 years ago when I met someone who was in charge of this. Earlier this year, I've seen a job description (from the same studio) that could really be summed as 'Idea guy' quite honestly. There were some managerial aspect, such as putting this into some kind of a pitch by working with a multi-disciplinary team, but it was really a much different role to the ones I'm used to. I'm still not sure it is a viable one, and I haven't seen it happen at any other studio, and the odds of being employed in such a role with limited experience is quite unlikely, however, it would appear that it 'now exists' in one form of another...
    49. Orymus3

      Celebrating 20 Years of GameDev.net

      I was here, lurking, 20 years ago. Thanks for everything, it was amazing for a neophyte then, and I hope it still is. Here's to 20 more years!
    50. Hi Is there any way to examine content of ID3D12DescriptorHeap (created with D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_HEAP_FLAG_NONE (CPU Visible heap), it that helps). I have some ugly bug in my descriptors manager, that manifest itself every few 100's of frames, when under particular D3D12_CPU_DESCRIPTOR_HANDLE there is some different resource that it should be. (eg. my map of resources on the CPU side states that there should be textureA, while in reality at the end of frame GPU sees there textureB) I want to examine/validate the whole heap content to see if it matches the one that my resource map holds, but sadly I could not see any way to fetch D3D12_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC/D3D12_UNORDERED_ACCESS_VIEW_DESC out of given handle/heap I'v looked into all PIX tabs, and I do not see it either there (well all I want is to get ID3D12Resource asociated with descriptor
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