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    2. Hornok Tibor

      Lack of idea for background

      Thanks for the firts advice, i thinked about that, but I'll tell you why it is not that sample. For the spaceships, I used two color and black outline, which makes very strange the background with stars. So the black outline and the two color is what i tthink is "cartoonish", not mentioning the ship are all small (pixeled). I want something colroful and maybe with particle I made the stars. But I don't have an exact idea so this is why I want to look up some visuals to get it.
    3. Sorry everyone. My last topic was more for my protagonist choice, which I've chosen the nun. And I had a lot written down for that one choice. It wasn't very clear but for this one is just a simple answer. I also need an antihero and I choose the flagellant with the chain/whip. What would be the best way to modernize such a character into the modern day-near future world? What would be a good fighting style and country of origin? And for the rock/statue guy? Would a stone made Minotaur or a stone statue angel be more appealing? Thanks again for everyones help and advice. Hope you all get to see it soon.
    4. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/array-rotation/ Guess its fun to extend to 2D.
    5. Today
    6. My desire to develop games dates to before Game maker or any game making software. I grew up with gaming too, from the NES era, but it was in the SNES era that I got the burning desire. I remember watching my brothers play "Lamborghini american challenge' on the SNES. I admired the beautifully drawn sprites of the cars and the enjoyable pseudo-3D graphics of the game. I wanted to develop something similar of my own. That was before we owned computers(PCs). A little later I remember playing one of my favourites 'Banjo Kazooie'. That is when I declared, I will be a game developer in the future. Two years later we got our first PC. That was when I learned to use it and played my first PC games. A year or so later we got game maker. That was when I developed some great 2D games that are now all lost, including a great multi-epoch RTS shoot em up hybrid game that had it been released online, it would have outclassed every other hobby game released at the time. I just have the natural tendency to develop fun games, and at blistering pace too, working non-stop with little sleep. But I wasn't satisfied. I had the desire to develop 3D games but game maker had only 2D capability. It would be many more years until I could get hands on 3D game making software
    7. I guess one question I've been curious about is this: Making music for me right now is a hobby, but I begin to think about how great it would be to get some of my tracks into a game, or perhaps to one day make an entire soundtrack for a game. Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out or who might decide to venture down this path? Thank you in advance, and thank you for your Vlog episodes! I'm really enjoying them!
    8. blablaalb

      What keeps you motivated to finish ?

      It's indeed very tough to be still motivated. After long time of developing a game, I feel like I'm loosing motivation that has been driving me forward all the time. This is the game I have been developing all the time. Don't know if it is worth continuing...
    9. That makes it sound like there isn't still a good reason that the semantics still exist. They're still required for binding the Input Layout to the Vertex Shader. A struct declared in a shader needs to markup the members of that struct such that the driver/hardware know which member corresponds to which element in the input layout. A VS_INPUT struct can declare its elements in any order and even omit elements that may be included in the input layout, the mapping from the Input Layout to the VS Input is handled by the input semantic names and without them some other system would need to be added to achieve this.
    10. I was just writing an 'offset' function to offset an image by x, y, as found in photoshop or the gimp etc (where the source pixels wrap around when outside the image). In the case where the source and destination is the same image, I was wondering is there a cunning way to offset an image WITHOUT making a copy? The issue is the feedback where a pixel needs to be set to the OLD value of a source pixel, when the source pixel has already been set to a NEW value.
    11. erpeo93

      What keeps you motivated to finish ?

      The only thing that keeps me pushing hard is the fact that I'm doing a game that I really would like to play and where I can basically put all the feautures I want in it, whenever I want. If I had to program crappy flappy bird clones, well then that is _work_, and surely I would need some motivation sooner or later (eg money). But as soon as it's not work anymore, then the only reason why I would do something is because I like doing so. I like creating rpg that I would play, and I like the possiblity to shape the game the way I want even more (you know, crafting, alchemy, monsters, graphic style...) You should start questioning yourself about why "now and then is so hard to stay motivated", because if you're doing the game that you really want to do, then it's pretty easy to stay motivated. That doesn't mean there won't be any up and down, to be clear. But it will be much easier to stay motivated and go ahead if you do something you really want to see coming to life. ps: of course you have to understand what are your physical limitations, and work around them: you won't ever be able to reproduce the graphics quality of skyrim, but adopting evocative and simple art styles you can surely work around that. Leonardo
    12. mychii

      How to avoid bugs

      In my opinion so far, make a code that is easy to understand, it will save yourself and others when the code gets bigger. Make enough informative comments to make sure you remember what you did so you (and others) know what it does. Bugs will be there, but nothing better than codes that everyone can understand to solve those bugs quickly. Secondly, always think ahead of what you write. If you put ++power for a character, think like, when should it be called? how does it added? does the owner of that variable already removed? is it called during attack animation callback? is there a network request failure that should cancel out ++power? etc. This usually comes with experience because you got to make something first to understand what you need and what's going on with your program. Then to make things easier, always test your code. Program yourself some unit testing (and any other kind of testing methods out there) to convince yourself with the code. In easy term, it's basically like a checklist before going on a trip. You'll face trouble on your trip if you're missing something no matter how small it is as long as it matters right? So you got to always do a proper checking on all items you have before going on a trip. 😃
    13. UKT2

      Lack of idea for background

      Hey It's just some advice but it may help. $ If you are trying to bring in some variety to the generic black with white dots backgrounds, I think you it would be good to add some nebulae in the background so that it might break the traditional feel. $ If you are saying you want it to me more cartoonish? Well you have to be specific about that. Because there are many types of cartoons out there and it will be upto you what you want to choose. But remember it will define the artstyle of the whole game. Just for some different examples = Flash art style - the artstyle that flash games used to have. Other different cartoons like adventure time, samurai jack etc. (Just saying those because i love those styles) well last of all and its an idea use real objects like they do in stop motion (it might not have been done before). Well that is it. If you have any issues with it just let me know.
    14. I'm not completely sure that I understood the question. Your vertex buffer input will not be clamped. The output from vertex shader to pixel shader will be clipped outside [-1; 1] range for SV_Position, because it specifies clip space positions. TEXCOORD semantic has absolutely no meaning, so no extra clamping will be done.
    15. Hornok Tibor

      Lack of idea for background

      Hello! I new for game developing and to gamedev.net. I hope somebody can point me to the right direction. I developing a vertical shoot em' up and I want to make some non-traditional backgrounds. I want to make something like hyperspace but more cartoonish and colorful, and of course in top-down. i can't find any good example, so if any of you know any way to get good inspiration to make it, thanks!
    16. Hodgman

      Setting GPU settings and resources

      I wrote about my architecture at: http://www.goatientertainment.com/downloads/Designing a Modern GPU Interface.pptx
    17. I was just wondering what keeps everyone motivated to finish. I read at many tips&tricks to at least finish what you started so thats what i do i really want to finish this game that i'm working on...and i will. But it is now and then so hard to stay motivated ...so i will use your comments to keep me motivated 😉 Thx!
    18. Hello, I have been developing a little game engine which started off as coursework but kept going as a hobby project. Currently I'm trying to figure out a scalable way of setting resources and settings to the GPU, such as shaders, primitive topology, shader resource views and constant buffers. The way I've been doing it so far is sending all rendering data to a renderer class, then have the renderer look at the resources and figure out what resources and settings to set. This renderer class is a singleton which contains a lot of data, such as shaders, g-buffers, a constant buffer for WVP matrices, etc... void DeferredRenderer::DrawGeometryPass(RenderObject* renderObject, ID3D11DeviceContext * DeviceContext) { bool UseBumpMap = renderObject->renderdata->SRV_bump; bool UseDisplacementMap = renderObject->renderdata->SRV_disp; if (UseDisplacementMap) { } else if (UseBumpMap) { } else { } } But this isn't sustainable at all. With more types of renderables being implemented, the renderer would have to check more fields. So by scalable/sustainable I describe a method of figuring out what settings and resources to set that does not result in increasingly messy code (more code is fine, messy is not) and substantially degrading performance with more renderable types. I've had a few ideas such as a material class which contains and sets its own resources, or a material ID which is used by the renderer to figure out what resources to look for and set. But I'm feeling very uncertain about both of these options. Do you have any experience or ideas on how to handle this type of problem? I've been googling and looking up books to try and figure this out, so trust me, I am hungry to hear any idea!
    19. The idea Baldur's gate with a focus on story that puts you through thought provoking quest lines. The demo starts of with you as a little girl/boy on a farm built on an oasis in the middle of a desert with no one else around except the player/child, the father and the hermit. A single rocky spire shoots into the sky and collects moisture causing a waterfall and small river that meanders around the farm creating a sort of island where you start. The first five minutes will have a Zelda like, light hearted fantasy theme about a boy on his adventures of chasing rabbits, getting past aggressive, nesting geese and playing with a dog. Things will quickly turn dark as a drunken father comes out and for reasons not quite made clear, beats the child into unconsciousness. The local hermit who lives on the spire will come out to watch and is noticed by the player/kid just as darkness swallows the vision. The child will then awake at nigh to find himself in bed after a dream about taking vengeance on his father and stabbing him in his sleep. The player will find the knife is just where it was in the dream and must decide whether to murder the father. Either way this will be the end of the demo. Progress The site needs art but you can see it here: http://sophiesgames.com/QuestIon/ You can also click the image and play the game although the UI does not scale on all monitors. It may be difficult to see what to do without all the music and art added. Get in touch for a full walk through and explanation. What we need *VFX – We need things such as a dream like haze, a spell casting effect and screen fades for going unconscious. *Web art – Our website would look great with a fantasy theme. We can do the programming but we need an artist to direct us and make the assets. *UI – We have some parts of the UI but there are a few screens that still use placeholder art. Who i am *BA Hons in Game Design and Production Management *Worked for an education games company for a year *Worked as a commercial programmer in for a CAD package for four years *Currently teach making games in Unity at college Commercialisation, contract, etc This is a hobby team with no funds to pay. We do have someone from Sony who has agreed to help me market this but statistically it will make no money. We strongly advice you sign up for fun or portfolio building. That said, if we make anything everyone accept myself will get a share. If we make a significant amount we will start working on a follow up for the demo and I will receive payment too.
    20. davejones

      First person camera controller

      I have looked on the asset store and there are a few options, it's just I don't feel as if I have reassurance that any of them match my needs. As a result I am left wondering what is the best thing to do. I am going to look into applications that have the type of inputs I am looking for.
    21. Programmer71

      How to avoid bugs

      Time ago I followed some advices about doing a resource manager, after debating a lot and seeing my rates going down, somebody, who was at rockstar level, proposed to use some code of his. At first glance it was great and solved the problem with a relatively elegant solution. I adopted the code ( i admit i copy and pasted it ) and it worked flawlessly for the most of the times. Once, suddenly strange problems appeared during the runtime phase , objects pointed to wrong meshes and everytime i reran the program i got different behaviour, turned out the the buggy code was the resource manager itself that I copy and pasted from here. So i rewrote the code by myself and i didn't experience those stange bugs anymore ( some blocks of memory weren't properly release and remained 'active' even after the program session was closed ). The moral is never copy and paste into serious programming, it is good to learn, but you and only you can solve your problems, and like someone much more experienced than me once wrote, your best debugging tool is your brain, for me it was a lesson learned.
    22. GreyOrange223

      My question about my fighting game protagonists

      Is there any way I could make the flagellant more of an updated, modernized warrior fighter with speculation combat art that uses a chain whip as a weapon as an antihero?
    23. AireSpringfield

      [D3D11]Access Depth Buffer using SV_Depth

      Thanks for your help!
    24. Fulcrum.013

      How to avoid bugs

      you just need to study high math and other related math-based areas for 5 years fulltime. calculus and linear algebra is just a preparation for studing math related to programming. After 5 years university course you will be ready to start study game development. Anybody who says that programmers can be trained faster just lie. Programming language is just a pen intended to describe how to solve mathematical tasks to computer. So it imposible to programm without understanding background math. Also it is will help with bugs. Most bugs comes from misunderstanding or not enought understending of task. So only tool to avoid bugs is improve undestending of mathematical background.
    25. I am using the trello site and its working great. By clash royale cards by the arena, you can generate cards and can win the clash royale game.
    26. Are you using a VCS? Github and bitbucket have an integrated issue tracker.
    27. dimaCyberpunk

      Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

      A little screenshot
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