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    2. WitchLord

      Handle to value type

      Yes. asOBJ_NOCOUNT will allow you register reference types without having to bother with implementing reference counting. It works well for cases like you mentioned where the object instance has infinite lifetime. However, it appears you use two distinct memory models for the same type. You don't want to allow handles to the instances that are supposed to be temporary stack objects, as the handle might stay alive longer than the object on the stack. And you don't want to use instances from the memory pool as temporary stack objects as it would be difficult to know when the pooled instance can be reused. To solve this you could register the type twice with different names. Once for the pool allocated model as asOBJ_REF|asOBJ_NOCOUNT, and another for the temporary stack objects as asOBJ_VALUE|asOBJ_POD. Then add implicit conversions between the two so that it when passing the objects around by value they can be interchanged transparently.
    3. Today
    4. Yes we having dedicated GPU and VRAM both. Actually we are having Core i3 processor which has 8GB of RAM.
    5. RoKabium Games

      Something Ate My Alien

      You are the AI of a very skilled mining ship called Antalasia, currently cruising the remote solar system Bitiax looking for mining opportunities. While peacefully scanning for elements on the nearest planet Metis, Antalasias systems are suddenly taken offline and the ship turns dark for a second before being booted up again with all computer screens flashing “Intrusion detected”. Under control of a pirate ship, you must send down your faithful aliens to the planets below and battle to find the loot that the pirate is demanding! More In-depth: A 2D digging, adventure puzzle game with some retro feel reminding us of the amazing first digger games such as BoulderDash that we knew when we were younger. That is the type of game me and my partner wanted to create as our very first joint project for our studio “RoKabium Games”. Both being avid gamers we hadn’t seen many games in that genre that focused more on the actual digging being the main element rather than being an action plat former or survival and crafting sandbox with the occasional digging part. So last year we started working and planning for our game “Something Ate My Alien”. We knew early on that for a 2-person team to pull of creating a whole video game we had to have a planning structure for a game that wasn’t too large or complicated. So early ideas of making a full blown 3D, interactive, huge sandbox with multiplayer alternatives was just not gonna be a good starting point. We scaled down the idea of a huge concept and decided to rely more on our existing skill set in the game industry. We decided to focus on a more manageable core of that we ourselves would like to play and what we believed other people would also enjoy to play. A finite game story of about 10 hours game play from start to finish, something fun and charming with just the right amount of action/digging/puzzles ratio. We also knew that our game would show quality and engaging graphics being hand painted by myself and it would all be done in a style that would ooze retro, hand painted, uniform and a beautiful game with easy to navigate and clear game mechanics and graphics. We wanted it to be a lighthearted but a addictive little gem suitable for a both younger and a more adult audience. Our game would be exactly how we envisioned it since it would be the labor of our own vision, not working for anybody else. As a digital artist with several years experience in working for game studios and painting game assets, backgrounds, icons, characters etc and being part a team of other game developers, I did have some much needed experience in understanding just how much art is needed for a complete game. Even the smallest game contains more art pieces than you might think. For example, for every animation you do in 2D graphics you have to paint a new image and each animation can have anything from a very basic 5 frames up to 30-40 frames. So for each enemy you draw for example you need to also draw that enemy having an idle position, a walking cycle, a running cycle, an attack cycle, a dying cycle, a jumping cycle etc. So for one single enemy in a game you might have to produce up to around 100 images. Add to that, our game would have at least 10 different enemies for each level and we have designed our game to have a total of 4 levels. Each game level or planet as it is represented in SAMA is built up with a set of ground tiles that has seamless tiling for a smooth and more realistic look. For each tile-set I’m designing 6 variants so the illusion of random and unique ground that looks like it is not repeating. Each world has 4 unique tile types to add variation for the digging mechanics and giving the player more varied game play. On top of normal ground tiles we have variants of 20 unique decals and edges created to blend different types of ground together better and adding even more realism. Inside the ground tiles you can as a player find all kinds of loot. So far I’ve designed 25 unique minerals, 9 different type of gemstones, 8 different kind of gases (each with animation cycles), 28 types of artefacts, 12 different types of complete fossilized animals which consists of 62 separate type of bones to find. There are teleporters, oxygen stations, health hearts, energy boosts, lamps to light up the dark caves, secret doors with puzzle areas to solve to get rare loot or upgrades. There are icons for every item and enemy you can find. All of these visual elements are hand painted by myself and still this is just the bare base of each planet level. When designing the UI for the game we both wanted it very neat and tidy look, using our main colour scheme of blue-green-warm yellow that I first came up with during the conceptual art at the beginning of the project. I also wanted some elements to have somewhat of a computer screen/electronic look with glowing outlines to emphasize that you as the player are the actual AI of the ship and the UI you see is the computer interior. While continuing painting and designing the artwork for SAMA we are getting closer to a first Alpha of the game and we are hoping that with the help of feedback from gamers around us and people interested in our game we can develop a game that is incredibly fun and beautiful to play. See more over at our website: Somethingatemyalien.com or Steam page at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047870
    6. RoKabium Games


      Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
    7. Game AI and AI Science are different areas. For Game AI use "Programming game AI by example" http://www.ai-junkie.com/books/toc_pgaibe.html
    8. theaaronstory


    9. Fast Traveling There's this one thing that has been bothering me lately: the question of waypoints. Specifically the way they're implemented. [Of course one could argue about their right to exist in the first place, but not today.] If not properly used, they have to potential to become cumbersome to operate, and even dismissed entirely (if other options are available, like stamina boosters, teleporting, or other modes of more convenient transportation). That's why I wanted to do something fun with them, by: Letting the player choose where they put them (from a limited amount per chapters), You would be required to collect "key" stones, to operate them, and would vary in quality, which would determine how long the gate would stay open, These stones would be only found in special areas, e.g.: The Valley Of The Unspoken, or in special situations, Each waypoint would represent a unique class in their appearance, rather than being a general circle on the floor, And the big one: Using any kind of teleport in EOTH would mean that you'd have to travel through a dimension, which would ultimately cause you some complications, here-and-there (random encounters, missions, etc.) Vendors On top of having the classic Town at the very beginning, as a base of your operations, smaller settlements, vendors, traveling merchants would be scattered around the map, where you could do your smaller, more crucial business, whilst not having to constantly jump back to town, just to buy a loaf of bread. Semi-Open World Unless gated behind a quest, you'd be free to go wherever you wish (and horribly suffer the consequences). This would allow you a bit more movement of freedom, and would not bind you to go through narrow passages or one-way streets, as well as give you a more satisfying feel of that sweet-sweet exploration. And to make sure you have things to explore, the world would be built around several points of interest.
    10. Do you have or have not a dedicated GPU and VRAM?
    11. It depends on your implementation and the function. For speed reasons, I for example use a Power-of-Two capacity function and FNV hashing with a limited overflow. So i can set my factor to 0.90 and it is still in a good balance between finding a free slot and growing/rebalancing the hash-table. I use hash-tables rarely in my game engine so the memory they consume isn't that important rather than their performance
    12. Shaarigan

      Is it worth continue this game?

      It is always worth to finish a project because you take learnings for future projects from it. If it seems to consume too much time to develop all the features you have planned, reduce the feature list instead of quitting entirely
    13. You need to make games with AI in it. Simple as that. I recommend you get some relevant books - Game AI Pro, AI Programming Wisdom, Articifial Intellience and Games, etc - and make the stuff you read about. You can also get hold of the UE4 engine today and experiment with the Behavior Tree system - but be aware that a behaviour tree is only a small part of AI. That's why it's good to read books to get an overview. I would also recommend reading this beginner's guide to AI in games, but I'm biased because I wrote it.
    14. Hello, I dont really know how to ask the correct questions since i dont know the necessary steps that it takes to convert the given Euler angles from my 3D software to the needed Euler angles in Unreal Engine 4. I made a plugin for UE4 to spawn instances of Static Mesh Actors into the UE4 level based on a text file which holds the Scale/Rotate/Transform information from the objects in my 3D software scene. Basically the plugin mirrors the 3D apps objects into UE4. Everything works but NOT the rotations. So my question is: Euler->??->Euler Thanks!
    15. Kylotan

      Character Writing

      I expect it's amazingly rare for any games company to want to hire someone who only writes characters. It's rare for games companies to hire full-time writers - so any extra limitation you apply on top of that is likely to impede your career.
    16. hmm... @StarcraftRoboticsGuy Did you check the cheats? (Single player only) Open chat <enter key> - black sheep wall - <enter key to activate> reveals the entire map. reference: https://www.ign.com/wikis/starcraft/PC_Cheats
    17. Hello, I am trying to find out how to download Vulkan SDK 1.1.110. Maybe I don't understand it correctly but Khronos released Vulkan headers for version 1.1.115 but latest SDK on LunarG is 1.1.108 which was released last month. But there are some programs like the Vulkan caps viewer by Sascha Willems which use Vulkan header 1.1.110. Vulkan headers GitHub repo: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/Vulkan-Headers So does this mean that the headers for version 1.1.110 will only work when LunarG releases Vulkan SDK 1.1.110 or am I missing something?
    18. IvoryMadison

      Task Management

      Anybody here using any kind of roadmapping software or product roadmap for task management?
    19. pcmaster

      Developing Skills as a Gameplay Programmer

      Hi! What kinds of games have you already made? What 'previous' steps have you taken? My advice is to make more and more :)
    20. Hello, I am having some trouble finding next steps. I am interested in gameplay programming. The problem is that I am not sure where to learn the skills after the basics. Do you have any advice or maybe book recommendations? Thank you.
    21. Hi Shaarigan, Thanks for your answer. Now please look at this uploaded Screenshot in .PNG format. Which are taken in delay of 1 hour continuously by continuously playing my game you can see the minor difference between Textures, Meshes, Materials, Animation clips, Assets, Game Objects in the scene and Total objects in the scene. Although my total system memory usage went from 3.14 GB to 6 GB and this issue cause game lagging and crashing. So please give the way to balance reserve memory , total system memory usage and allocated memory as well after contimuously playing.
    22. Please continue doing so. If you don't know, and you honestly tried to find out about it and failed, you're not the only one with this problem. I first figure out how to solve the problem, first in big steps then checking for all the edge cases, on paper, in my head, or on a white-board. Then I code the steps. The latter isn't very interesting any more at that point in time, since I know that my solution is solid and will work. Coding has become just a lot of typing to to show that it works. If it so big and complicated with so many details that it's not possible to first think things through, there isn't much else you can do but start coding, and see where it goes wrong. The most important information there is why does it go wrong, ie what step did I miss in my design? You integrate that information in the design and try again. Yep, everybody here is a math wizard! Nah, just kidding The minimum required is of course enough such that you can do your work. However, as time progresses, work will change, computers will change, your interest will change, etc. Embrace the life-long-learning idea, don't stop learning ever. I have been doing that for 35 years or so, and still having fun reading about new ideas, discovering new things, and doing new computer tricks. I am still puzzled how math is a problem for a programmer though. In programming you restrict yourself to a small artificial world with concepts like variables and control flow, and its own rules, where you can express solutions to problems. Math is exactly the same in my view, it's also an artificial world with its own concepts and rules, where you solve a problem within that rule set. For understanding jargon you don't know, for 9.9 out of 10 cases, any jargon is explained at wikipedia. That covers trying to understand what someone is trying to say mostly. If you're not 110% sure about it, explain how you interpret it in the context of what you're discussing, and ask for confirmation. It's extremely important that everybody has the same ideas about a topic, or things will derail later due to different assumptions and reasoning steps. Programming is engineering work, highly complex, where things only work if everything is correct down to literally the last bit. A simple confirmation check can easily save hours to days or months of work. As for using jargon, use only what you know is correct, and what the other person is understanding. For all other cases, use normal words, as Tom said. It's a bit longer to read or say, but getting the correct idea across is what counts, using fancy words doesn't count.
    23. zfvesoljc


      thank you both
    24. Zakwayda

      Matrices - translation and rotation

      A matrix by itself doesn't have a property of 'handedness' per se (at least not to my knowledge), and the example in your post doesn't include anything that would indicate handedness - perhaps you're thinking of row vs column vectors? [Edit: To be clear, handedness can come into play when working with certain transforms in certain contexts, but I suspect the term is maybe misapplied in your post above.]
    25. Rutin

      GameDev Books

      Very nice!
    26. DeadStack

      Character Writing

      You can show that you're determined to become a writer by publishing books, independently or through a publisher. How many short and full length novels have you written? Do you have anything that you think might be publishable?
    27. _WeirdCat_

      Texture array question

      From my understanding, One way to bypass this is to create large enough array and additional uniform that stores actual size, but still you need to know how large array needs to be - cause im assuming reloading shader is not an option?
    28. Wow, would be nice to play this game with a group of friends.
    29. taby

      Weird circular orbit problem

    30. DeadStack

      Game with 2D and 3D

      Mario Odyssey has 2d sections in a 3d world.
    31. If there's no modding SDK, then there's no real way.
    32. The first thing I look for in an environmental artist is a portfolio. Without one, nobody will take you seriously. The hardest thing to moel in my experience is realtime trees. Just try it, you'll understand soon. If a model looks crappy, just analyze why. My problems mostly have to do with proportion. Don't be paranoid about performance. That comes later.
    33. Not possible unless you can mod the game by changing up the camera. No, Starcraft is not open source. You can purchase the remastered version through Blizzard, but they do offer the non-remastered version for free through their BATTLE.NET client.
    34. redirectionkid

      Game with 2D and 3D

      I can think of Xenogears (PS1) where your character was represented by a 2D sprite in a 3D world. There are surely tons of examples like this, where 2D sprites and images are superimposed on 3D geometry. Original Doom was this way. Too many examples to name actually once you think about it.
    35. Pepsidog

      Game with 2D and 3D

      Fez does this epically. I could use some refinement, but overall I think this is what you mean. Are you a programmer?
    36. Is starcraft open source?
    37. I recently got a projector off Amazon, and I've had this idea kicking around in the back of my head driving me crazy. It's so simple it's elegant. In a typical game of starcraft, for example, you'll of course be familiar with how the battlefield is typically viewed on a computer monitor, which invariably ends up being a smaller portion of a much larger battlefield terrain. What I'd like to do is simple, but I don't know how to get it done, technically speaking. I want to have my projector project the whole battlefield at once, rather than a limited portion of it. Presto! Tabletop starcraft! Now if I could just get it to project the whole map... Any suggestions?
    38. billybuddha

      Game with 2D and 3D

      Hi all... I'm starting development of a mobile game, and am wondering if there is or ever has been any game that has combined 2D and 3D into the same game. I'm not talking about a game that transitioned from an earlier 2D version into a later 3D version. I'm talking about a game that perhaps starts as a 2D game, then after a certain level of achievement, changes into a 3D game, or vice versa., or combines the two styles simultaneously somehow. Thanks for your help
    39. Diego Gomez

      Matrices - translation and rotation

      Hi, I would suggest you to have a look to this link, it includes a pretty good explanation about the math behind it http://www.opengl-tutorial.org/beginners-tutorials/tutorial-3-matrices/ What really helped me to understand this was to think in a triangle with three points, and apply these matrices to each of them. For instance if you apply the scaling matrix you will see that the result is the same triangle with different scale. I would read this article as well, having a better understanding of the homogeneous space is really helpful https://www.tomdalling.com/blog/modern-opengl/explaining-homogenous-coordinates-and-projective-geometry/ Hope this helps
    40. Pepsidog

      Character Writing

      Try writing a short story or a plot idea. There's nothing wrong with just being a writer, but if you insist on other skills, try programming with stencil. It's much easier than pixel art or animation.
    41. Hi everyone, I am looking for some feedback and hopefully some direction when it comes to starting projects as a environmental artist. What are the first things you look for/at as an environmental artist when starting a project? What are the hardest things to design and why? (yes that one is based on the person) What are the pitfalls I should look out for if I want to be successful as an environmental artist in this field?
    42. I've been playing with graphics programming for years, but to this day, I really don't understand what part of a left handed 4x4 matrix represents a rotation or a translation and how they do it. I just know you multiply matrices together to transform coordinates from one system to another. What is the connection between the vector on the left side of the equation, the matrix and each of its individual elements, and the vector on the right side of the equation? How does [x,y,z] * [x1, y1,z1, w1] [x2, y2, z2, w2] [x3, y3, z3, w3] [x4, y4, z4, w4] Make my spaceship turn and move? I just take it for granted that it does and now it's bothering me. What does y3 actually represent? what does z1 represent, etc? I've read oodles of graphics programming and linear algebra books and I still really don't understand what magic happens and how when I multiply a vector by a matrix or multiple two matrices together.
    43. Hello! In an effort to gather real world perspective, in your experience, what technical skills are most valuable for a video game AI Programmer? Do you have any recommendation of activities to further develop these skills? Thanks for sharing!
    44. GrumpySam

      Soft Summer Rains

      A bit of a slower week again. Programmers have had a quieter week due to vacations and other obligations. Heli controls are still the hot topic we’re trying to get right. If you’re following on twitter you’ve seen the current controls: https://twitter.com/BunchBad/status/1150925531245924352?s=20 Modeling team is down a bit on strength due to holidays. Carrier is being skinned. There are few other 3D items in the preliminary stages of design/modeling. Level designer has made a map we are going to test in the next build that should be ready during the weekend (fingers crossed). We’re trying to get away from the “ready in 2 weeks” quagmire that happens when design bottlenecks and real life hits projects like this. But certain features and bug fixes are so important to the first release that we can’t rush it. “A lot of indie developers who became ‘Overnight Successes’ were working at it for ten years.”- Dan Adelman (Well, we’re not planning on taking 10 years, but still.) Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BunchBad Discord channel: https://discord.gg/7qPBwZg End
    45. Yesterday
    46. Q: Hy guys , i am working on a racing game and i made the roads as a rigged model in maya (joints will control the tracks curves) , and when i imported the FBX model to UNITY i couldn't make the collider match the track when it curves , used mesh collider and feed it the skinned mesh to use to collide but it won't work , made a script to feed it the mesh realtime and it still won't , anyone knows how to do this ? (P.S: i am working on a VR game so performance is crucial)
    47. Tom Sloper

      Partnerships, Collaborations etc

      Moving you to the Partnerships, Collaborations, Etc. forum. Good luck!
    48. congard

      Texture array question

      Yes, I use the same way to "build" shaders. But it is necessary for me that the value be dynamic
    49. _WeirdCat_

      Texture array question

      I bypassed this by changing N to lest say $NumOfTexAtOnceAvil In the beggining when you have loaded proper opengl subsystem you chce k how many texture units you can handle at one render pass, then when you load the shader you seek for this $var_name and change the value to a static constant that you have received earlier. Then you compile the shader
    50. Addiction to Crust [ Transiting radially from center of a croissant to surface is edge wise abrupt. Plotting hardness from the outside inwardly draws a transition from a high hardness value to a, relative to the initial value, a very low hardness. This curve can be applied to sounds to emulate a punch or kick or other. Crusty, abrupt sounds at the end of an input are also very sweet; and gamers love them. Moreover, tick response is a reward. Bullets in Battlefield tick when enemies are hit. Conversely, missed shots don't. The tick can be a sound that is percussive the sound of another collision source. Is all this teaching young kids that competition is collision? Tick is win, but win is also tick. I wonder if we equate hit with win. This is probably an exaggeration. Though, for children a moment can be crusty o turn pleasant . Strictly asking from nature and our social atmosphere, are our jokes going to be, becoming for some, short and arrogant? Does the input response of FPS make kids' joke and celebrate in a crispy and collisive manner? Will collissive, percussive sounds shape slang in our high schools? It has already shaped rap current music. This is surely me being paranoid. And I will spare you theories of communication with insects and sex fueld war machines. I rather not get into that with anyone, and after all we just met. Rather, I will ask you to look out for the young kids playing shooter games around you. Because they might fifty fifty turn into morphers but you don't know what that means. Think human metamorphosis and competition for essential resources, but that's just a theory. Thank you, smell ya later. Responce<feedback<{"tickRoll"}. ]
    51. Hi everybody, Java use for example a capacity of 16 and a load factor of 0.75 from what I read. Is it a good default values? Any recommendation about it? Thanks!
    52. DerTroll

      Is it worth continue this game?

      Well, depends on your goals. If you use this project for learning purposes, it is probably a good start. But if you actually want to make a real game out of it, then you have to invest a lot more time in basically everything. There are so many free MMORPGs out there. What's the feature of your game that makes me want to play it above others? I saw nothing other MMORPGs don't have or what you did better than others. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to make your game bad, but turning it into an MMORPG will cost you a lot of time until you get everything right and if nobody plays your game, this time was wasted. So in case, it is not just a learning project, think about how you get people interested in your game. You can approach it in several ways. It's not necessary to have high-quality graphics to be successful. Best example: Minecraft or text adventures. But then you need at least something else that distinguishes your game from the rest of the MMORPG soup and attracts players. This can be an interesting story, interesting game mechanics or special/appealing artistic style. Greetings
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