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    2. I found the answer to my particular question thanks to the answers here. And also by finding this particular link: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/legal-faq.html I assume it should be the same for other games as well. However, I found out that you can pretty much use assets from opensourced abandonware such as Siege of Avalon. Which would've worked great for me, in Diablo 2's place. But I decided to get my own assets.
    3. I setup my OpenGL context using GLEW with no alpha bitplanes and it works fine - at least on my GPU is works fine. I notice that other people are using 8-bits: const int pixelAttribs[] = { WGL_DRAW_TO_WINDOW_ARB, GL_TRUE, WGL_SUPPORT_OPENGL_ARB, GL_TRUE, WGL_DOUBLE_BUFFER_ARB, GL_TRUE, WGL_PIXEL_TYPE_ARB, WGL_TYPE_RGBA_ARB, WGL_ACCELERATION_ARB, WGL_FULL_ACCELERATION_ARB, WGL_COLOR_BITS_ARB, 32, WGL_ALPHA_BITS_ARB, 8, WGL_DEPTH_BITS_ARB, 24, WGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB, GL_TRUE, WGL_SAMPLES_ARB, 4, 0 }; (example from here: https://mariuszbartosik.com/opengl-4-x-initialization-in-windows-without-a-framework/) I wonder what is the correct way to do this?
    4. Why do you even need those different facilities types if the player doesnt deal with them anyway? Is it just for flavor? A planet could just show the output (like +5 food, +2 prod) no need to list all the factories, farms etc. This would be calculated from the planet type, governor focus and some "development level". You can maybe set how much resources are alotted to the planet in terms of food (population growth) and production (increases development level over time). These are drained from your empire income and spent by the planet. The risk is otherwise that you build a lot of gameplay system (buildings, supply/demand system etc) that seem cool but doesnt tie into the actual gameplay/interaction with the player. And that the parts of the game that DO involve the players direct control suffers (such as overall management, decisions regarding war/diplomacy, research whatever) suffer as a result. If you have limitless resources i'd say you can add many details for the sake of flavor, otherwise focus on what's important first, and if you have time over add (mechanically not very important) bells and whistles then.
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    6. yep, i know i need to create all the code by myself, i just want to learn the concept, it's really hard to find a explanation of this type of script in internet Thanks Buddy!
    7. Hi Jaret, the company in question (assuming you really use Diablo2 assets) has rules for using their stuff in fan art, machinimas (even interactive ones and even ones that make (price) money) or other stuff. I would suggest, that you read them carefully and if you have any questions left, send them an email or ask on their forums. No one here is in any position to make a final and legally binding call on that case.
    8. CyberFlash

      3NDL3ZZ: Base Defense

      Album for 3NDL3ZZ: Base Defense
    9. There is only one condition under which you can use someone else's assets: if they allow you to use them. They can give you the right to use them, they can sell you the right to use them, they can make some other arrangement with you, but in any case the owner of the intellectual property (IP) needs to allow you to use it. If they do, you can use the assets. If they don't, you can't use the assets. Everything else doesn't matter. Fan game or not? Doesn't matter. Open or closed source? Doesn't matter. Commercial or free? Doesn't matter. Nobody ever plays the game you make? Still doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is "did the IP owner allow you to use that IP?"
    10. Website (game currently down – get in touch for a working demo): http://sophiesgames.com/QuestIon/ The game has you play as a young child in an oasis within a large desert. As you explore you will come across a brutal event and be forced to make a decision. It is a short 20 minutes worth of game play where we are aiming for high calibre work to show of something we can be proud of. We have two characters left to animate. Fully rigged and skinned Child – walk, kick, knock down, downwards stab Father – Father attack, father die. Get in touch if you think you can help with either model. I am a developer of 8 years who teaches Unity at college and has experience in the games and commercial sector as a programmer. Most of the programming for the game is done, now we are just pulling it all together with some beautiful art!
    11. I'm so sorry... glad it's settled. Back on topic. What I've noticed that makes me draw better with a tablet: - If you're new to the hardware, don't try to draw anything objective with it yet. You need to do exercises to get used to it. Draw the three types of strokes you're ever going to use: serpentine, loops and cusp type strokes. Practice changing pen pressure along them as well. Draw the three types of edges you're ever going to use: hard edges, soft edges, and hard-to-soft edges. Use a round brush with pressure linked to opacity to do them, and try once using the smudge tool to make the soft edge, and try another time using brush opacity to do it, just so you're aware that there's these two ways to make soft edges. Anything you're going to come across is a variation of those. - Warm up before any serious drawing, no matter how experient you are. This can be with sketching those stroke types as well as sketching a bunch of solids (cubes, circles, cones etc.), until you feel you've warmed up enough. - If you're not using a screen-tablet (Cintiq etc.), and you need to make line art, try to use software that has "stroke stabilization". It filters your pen movements to produce clean lines. There's Krita, Photoshop (the latest CC version), and other programs that offer this. But the coolest software for line art are either Clip Studio Paint or Paint Tool SAI: they have what's called "vector lines", which are varying-thickness paths that you can draw with the pen and later adjust the knots on the curves (as well as the pressure on each point of the curve) so they have the perfect shape you want: - Use navigation in your favor: pan, flip and rotate the canvas to your heart's content if it makes it easier to draw a specific part. If you're doing this with navigation tools (and not manipulating the image pixels) then it won't affect the quality of your image. If you memorize the hotkeys for it, you'll do it automatically. All of the above is about using the hardware and not about artistic training, which you should also pursue.
    12. pcmaster

      Age restrictions with companies

      On my console/platform engineering team there are people between 22 and 40-something. The average is around 30. Although we don't have many developers over 45 in the whole company, it isn't because we wouldn't like to, it's because they've moved to some other fields or industries altogether. Don't be too afraid, merit and not being a dick is what matters, not details like age, sex and such, especially in games and tech firms. I like to be positive about our industry I hope people and companies don't discriminate more in the US than in Central Europe :) Also, your projects and the enthusiasm shown will be more important than your education.
    13. pcmaster

      1943 Plane Game

      Pics or didn't happen! :D
    14. Yes, that's how it usually works. The floating arms are never part of the network(online) game. They are only loaded and rendered for the player themselves. The network(online) characters are usually all full body characters. There aren't any real tricks to this setup. One is a first person camera with some animated arms attached to it so they render just in view, the other is a third person camera with a view of a full character. Generally speaking they are entirely separate things and not really physically tied to the same code. The full body that other players are seeing is an entirely different object that isn't tied to the floating arms object at all. You have to think of them as separate game objects that have different control systems. One is controlled by the player, the other is controlled by the server mimicking the player's movements. Totally different objects, totally different code responsible for them. Generally speaking, if you aren't using a pre-built network multi-player system, then you have to come up with ALL of this code yourself, to fit your game. It's not a matter of finding a good code snippet and copy/paste/done. Best of luck!
    15. If the code you're trying to figure out is working, don't rewrite it simply because it doesn't follow your logic. If the code is poorly documented, figure out how it works (because it obviously does) and add your own comments as to how it accomplishes the task for future reference (and your sanity). All you should be concerned with is that your own coding contributions are clearly, concisely and consistently documented for the next person after you. A coworker might be impressed by how you reduced the lines of code in a function, you might be impressed by how you rewrote a bunch code to fit your programming conventions, but neither of those things will impress your boss. In fact, they'd probably think that was a waste of company time and money. You might be a bit of a perfectionist (I know I am), but you have to pick your battles wisely. Be a perfectionist at documenting and testing your own code. And always remember that there is no right or wrong way to code. Well documented code is good code.
    16. Benjamin Siau

      Introduction to Octrees

      Can someone provide a link to the source code for this please?
    17. This sounds like trademark infringement (for the name "Diablo"), in addition to copyright infringement for game assets: a sure recipe for being sued, since trademark holders need to defend their trademark to show that they care about it (while "harmless" copyright infringement could be ignored until someone decides you are a profitable opportunity).
    18. Guy Fleegman

      How To Make Games Without Programming

      Very nice article. Solid recommendations in there. For those looking to get their feet wet with some very simple coding, I'd recommend Twine. (http://twinery.org/) I always talk about the two different ways of building games as authoring (drag and drop) and programming (coding). I suppose it's "tomayto, tomahto" though. 😉
    19. Let me explain: - I'll create 2 sets of animation ("full body animation set" and "floating arms animation set") So... how it'll works (let's suppose you are playing my game): you are in third person mode in online, you can see your body, other players can see your body. but when you are in first-person mode in online, you can't see your body, you see "floating arms", but other players still seeing your body, not the "floating arms". (i like bold formatting for important quotes)
    20. Spidi

      I Am Overburdened, saving my soul

      Thanks for the warm welcome , it feels good to be back ! I hope I'll be able to create some interesting blogs/vlogs in the upcoming months
    21. Jordan Hoffman

      Free art assets

      itch.io is a great site for both free and paid. Here's a link for free: https://itch.io/game-assets/free
    22. Hello everyone! We are a small dev team from Montreal working on our first VR game, AWAY, and we wanted to share with you the first images of our progress. At this stage of the production, we don't have a lot to show, however we are hard at work on some cool gameplay like hunting, puzzles or races which will be inspired by survival games. While exploring for the first time the VR medium, we are also aiming to produce a very immersive experience with a simulator twist where you will be able to play through the eyes and body of different animals. Check-out our teasers, and if ever you like what you see and like to see more, we’d love to have your support to Greenlight AWAY on Steam. We are planning to release our first playable teaser on March 17th 2017, and the first episode of the series at the end of 2017. Your feedback would be awesome! And any help spreading the word would be more than appreaciated.
    23. A 4X game in space with many, many planets. I don't want the player to deal with economy of an individual planet (building farms and factories) due to micromanagement but I want the player to be able to affect the economy in some indirect way (taxes, decrees, industrial focuses). Also immersion is a factor here (private sector handling these boring things is cool to me and makes me feel like a real Emperor :)). What I have now: The AI (planetary governor) builds infrastructure automaticly, how much it can build depends on taxes (low taxes = a lot of new planetary infrastructure). It can build cities (houses population), farms (produces food - not possible on all planets) and factories (produces goods/ships/etc). What to build is decided a random factor (quite high), planet type (fertile planets tend to have more farms), Empire wide food availability (if there is a food shortage the "food price" goes up and more people/investors find farming profitable), overcrowding (more people means more cities are needed). So, it's quite simplistic and fully automated. I wonder how to proceed from here... Like, in what other ways the player can affect these (without dealing with individual planets - globally instead), if it should be more complex (like light & heavy factories, powerplants), if there should be a more complex supply & demand system (different food types that population eats, consumer goods, machinery production to boost factories output).
    24. Can you picture it...? Yotes Games, out there among the other young hopefuls, trying to convince anybody walking by to give this little pony RPG a shot. By all means, it outta do as great as it did at Orlando Overdrive but with a much bigger crowd over the span of 3 days instead of 1. Serious planning has begun, so far it's only been preemptive measures and bookmarking things to come back to later. Now I'm getting down the fine details of everything I need to know, do, study, and purchase in order to make the most out of this Magfest trip.More on yotesgames.com
    25. Rutin

      Frogger GameDev Challenge - Part 4 - Frog Jump

      Thanks! I'm hoping to get a demo level done within a few days.
    26. jbadams

      1943 Plane Game

      Well done Phil.
    27. jbadams

      Frogger GameDev Challenge - Part 4 - Frog Jump

      What a great frog!
    28. Tom Sloper

      Age restrictions with companies

      ireef, the only "restrictions" you'll find in the professional industry is for people who are under 18 (in the USA anyway). Could be. Can't say for certain. There is a bias towards younger cheaper applicants, as you suspected. My crystal ball is at the repair shop right now. And nothing is ever enough. But don't let any of this stop you from pursuing your chosen path. Smaller companies may be easier for you to get your foot in the door. Broaden your options to increase your chances.
    29. I thought I should post a few examples of my recent work to make it easier to find, so a link-heavy post is forthcoming. Thanks again to any listeners and thank you for your time
    30. Yesterday
    31. CyberFlash

      How to keep a Tower Defense game entertaining?

      Looks my day is planned for tomorrow! Cheers I need the 'aha!' moments for sure! And then I await the challenges!
    32. It's a common problem, analysis paralysis, or something like that, anyhow.. I'm sure you've played them, but like you said, it's been a while and you weren't in THIS mindset. Walk down memory lane with some new eyes. And, maybe pick a TD game that more closely resembles the mechanics you ACTUALLY want to create. I guarantee you will have some "Aha!!" moments and then you'll just be stuck with the really really tough questions, like how to implement said mechanic, or how to improve on said mechanic.
    33. I've been making music for about 7 years, I have hundreds of releases on soundcloud and bandcamp. Recently I have stepped up my post production game, pouring long hours into EQ and mixing. Most of my music is in a moody, "foggy" piano style with heavy experimentation through pitch shifting, overdubbing, and live recording. I use a spectrogram EQ to manually shape sounds and scoop out noise in Audacity. I am familiar with many general concepts, applying compression, reverb, high and low pass filters, and pretty much all of the effects in Audacity and many of the pitfalls and lessons of live recording for guitar and piano in my home studio. I am familiar with some other programs like ableton and fruity loops but live recording is my strong suit as opposed to composing music in a DAW. I rely heavily on improvisation, recording large amounts of audio and cutting it down and manipulating it in post as well as doing overdubs. I can put out a project of piano music in a month or so up to what I think is a high / acceptable standard that I personally am happy with. I am heavily inspired by Akira Yamaoka's work on the Silent Hill series as well as Angelo Badalamenti. I dream of composing music for games or short films, and feel like I'm ready to take on a project like that, as well as being willing to license my already existing music out which I think would be a perfect fit for the right type of horror game or anything with emotional elements. I am currently working on another project that will be released in December or on New Years. I will work for a reasonable amount and have done this out of passion for 5+ years because I love doing it. I feel that I have improved enough now to pursue doing something like this. Thank you so much to anyone who even bothers to click any of these links, and thank you for your time! Here are my links, and you can also email me directly at tristan.best@gmail.com www.soundcloud.com/domonemesis https://tristanb.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TristanBMusic https://twitter.com/tbest253 Other skills: I do all of my own cover art with digital photo editing and subsequently also have about 5 years of experience with that- photography and digital photo manipulation. I can work on marketing materials or art in this way. I play the Piano, Guitar, Synth / String piano etc, and I sing. I have close connections to some other musicians and visual artists. I will be honest if I don't think my music will work for your project or if I'm not sure if I can do something well enough, but I feel comfortable taking on some general audio design as well, including general sound / dialogue recording or noise reduction.
    34. Rutin

      Getting Back In To It Card Game Day 2

      Glad you got through that hurdle.
    35. Generally speaking (not just in IT) - I personally never look at age (aside from legal requirements) when I've had to hire. What I care about is one's competence among some other factors so that individual will be able to mesh in to the current culture and group if applicable. If you're able to perform well and do the job no company 'should' refuse to hire you over a younger application who isn't as qualified. You might get passed over if it's a reason of culture fit and they must have someone today. We don't live in a perfect world sadly so you have to roll with it sometimes. There is age discrimination in the working world, and such companies are not worth working for anyhow, but you have zero control over it so don't worry about it... Just keep applying when you get to that stage. My advice is work on being the best you can be in your chosen craft and give it your all. If you show enthusiasm and competence you're already setting yourself on the correct path. Will you get into a AAA company out the gate? Well that depends on the position, networking, luck of the draw, portfolio, if someone likes you enough, ect... Nobody can guarantee you'll get hired in (x) period of time or at (x) size company, or (x) company, but if you keep pushing to succeed and continue to put your best foot forward you'll be better off than doing the latter. Build your resume up along side your portfolio (if you're a programmer it should be 'code' based, not with "visuals" everywhere and no code) and focus on jobs that will help you do that. If you aim for the top when starting out you're going to set yourself up for failure. Don't be afraid to settle for smaller companies and entry level positions because you're technically at that level anyhow in terms of employment experience in programming regardless of knowledge. One big tip I'll give you is do lots of research on properly creating resumes. So many companies are using automated systems to filter resumes and you'll need to have the correct "key words", or risk getting your resume trashed before a human even sees it. I didn't see what goal you had in your post though? What are you aiming for as you've indicated you want to get a masters... Game Programmers generally don't go for master degrees, that's usually more on the higher up -> executive positions. Game Development has many moving parts, it would be a good idea to define what you're aiming for.
    36. CyberFlash

      How to keep a Tower Defense game entertaining?

      You've been my inspiration for my latest ideas like different tanks weak to different towers, towers getting shot at kinda thing, (I do listen I promise) 🤣 I have played Tower Defense games before like I used to really like em but I dunno brain hasn't really considered things like the questions I've currently had I suppose. I mean like this is just guna sound dumb but hey, I've basically been trying to use my memory instead of going testing them like right now. Like those Bloons tower defense, I used to love those when I was in school but I struggle to make their strats apply to me because they have balloons inside balloons inside balloons.. Which I thought I could translate to as Enemy HP just going higher instead of a new balloon cuz a basic red balloon would equal 1 then a blue would be 2 (These being the number of basic dart throws to pop them completely)... I then thought it'd be all about that math formula/equation so I wrote a post about math and someone suggested going to game design area so here I am lol I'm just bouncing around the place and off the walls too. I think I over complicate things or just get stuck/obsessed on something and don't make progress 😧 is it a motivation thing? But I like games
    37. The topic at hand may seem a bit weird but this has been one of my many concerns moving into this field. A little background about myself before I start my question so that people can understand where I am coming from. I am currently going through a college to gain my Game Development and Programming degree and I am about 2 terms away from completing this milestone in my life. I am also a full time Active Duty military member and have been for 17+ years. My goal is to serve our country until they tell me I can no longer serve but I also do not want to handicap myself once I do retire and I begin to apply for jobs in this field. At the earliest I can retire at 38 or at the latest 48. This leads me into my job opportunity question, will my age and lack of experience in the filed other than my degree handicap me when i begin to apply against the younger applicants? My plan is to continue working on smaller projects as a volunteer and to work on a few things during my off military time in order to build an extensive portfolio to go along with my degree and possible masters before I retire in computer science. Will my continuing education and projects be enough to join a large AAA team or even a smaller company as well? Thank you for reading and I look forward to any posts and information! Franky
    38. I get the feeling you haven't played many of these types of games? Since I've already weighed in on a few specific things pertaining to your game I might make a suggestion that you download a few other tower defense games and try them out. Just find some other free downloads or online games. You can learn a lot by playing somebody else's game. Especially if you pay attention to the timing and overall flow. How much idle time do they give you? Does it seem like the speed of events changes over time? (Use a stopwatch if you need to.) Do new bad guys show up or do the same ones get stronger or smarter somehow? What mechanics do they use to keep the player busy. There was a time not too many years ago where these games were a dime a dozen, and most of them managed to be fairly entertaining because they all pretty much used the same basic formulas.
    39. I've spent 3 hours looking for some good free assets for SCI-FI UI, but haven't found anything I'm satisfied with. Does anyone know some really good CC0 or REALLY CHEAP items I could pick up. PNG's are great, animated Unity assets are even better. I'm looking at references like below, but I'm pretty flexible. - Thanks.
    40. Tom Sloper

      How can anyone draw with an Graphics Tablet ?

      The topic went off-tangent there. Joe isn't the OP, so can we just stay with the original question please thank you.
    41. CyberFlash

      Hopper ( GameDev Challenge Entry ) Blog 01

      Oh ho ho hooo those are some nuclear bees! This is really cool! And that Croc though too I need to visit the 3D world some more! Y'all having tonnes of fun! hehe
    42. So I messed about with my card game again today for a couple of hours. I am happy to say it went well I added two new game modes Addition and Subtraction which took all of about 10 mins. I added some options so you can choose the highest number card(1 - 13) amount of decks(1 - 13) I cheated a bit on the decks as I just used the menu for the highest card number. Adding in subtraction made me realise I needed negative numbers which wasnt a problem till I realised the - wasn't showing up. This caused me a headache for quite the while . Finally after an hour of changing fonts and what not making sure it wasn't something stupid I went back to my text rendering code... This is where I found a massive mistake (bmap.rows - glyph->bitmap_top) / fontSize, with that line. In my head bmap.rows - glyph->bitmap_top would give me a nice floaty number. Instead it was giving me a vary large unsigned(as that is what bmap.rows and glyph->bitmap_top return. A quick change and bang we were back in business! ((float)bmap.rows - (float)glyph->bitmap_top) / fontSize, magic! I then decided I had a few spare mins so i put in a win screen that congratulates you if you get 0% or 100% right flashy colours included.
    43. CyberFlash

      Frogger GameDev Challenge - Part 4 - Frog Jump

      This looks really cool! I hope you get your mojo back and manage to keep going with it! Awesome froggy!!
    44. CyberFlash

      The autopsy of Crazy Chicken..

      Thank you very much! Thank you very much!
    45. Tom Sloper

      Aspiring Character Artist looking for advice

      Just a few tips. A character art portfolio shouldn't have environment art or object art in it. You excel in characters, so focus on characters. Put only your best work in the portfolio. The first 5 images must jump off the screen and put their hands around the viewer's neck and shake, while screaming "dude/girl, you gotta hire this artist!" The rest of the images need to be great, not half-assed. Don't put any pencil sketches in it unless they're stand-alone frameable masterpieces; "show your work" is just for math tests. Your portfolio will be online. Make it dead easy for viewers to find, and to figure out what you're best at, and how to hire you.
    46. I imagine a tower defense game isn't the kind of game that'd get like 500 hours of playtime by one person... or could it be? Howdy! I've been working on a Tower Defense game and I'm a bit of a brute, meaning I just come by and slap some walls up and there's a house. I lack the creative side 🤣 Sure enough I have ideas but those aren't hard to come by and don't necessary mean i'm good at stuff. I'm hitting a wall with my Tower Defense game as I need to get creative with it now.. I have enemies that come in, towers that can be placed and shoot at the enemies and the enemies go bye bye! As time progresses the enemies get tougher and a little bit faster and eventually/ultimately they'll get through the map and smack your HQ and you're done.. But I need to find a way to make sure you stay there long enough to lose... I'm working on an upgrade system for the towers as that must be somewhere near step 1 on the list.. Ideas for enemies as follows: Small tanks that are fast but with low HP, that are weakest against the Gun Turrets Medium tanks that have steady stats but are weak to the flamethrowers Large tanks that are really slow but super durable, except to rockets. Boss enemies that are the biggest, the fastest, with the most HP and that have canons of their own that can shoot and destroy the turrets. So to create the requirement for different strategic placements... Perhaps randomizing the enemy so the player couldn't possibly know which one is going to arrive/how many of that type there will be so they can't just drop 2 Gun Turrets and be like cool I'll do something at Wave 5 now *Smirk*... I currently only have limited assets and I'm working on convincing someone to make more so maybeee I can add more tower variations otherwise I've got Gun, Flame, Rockets, I'm waiting on the new enemies but there's also only 4 types of those... Would that be 'enough' ? I won't be winning any awards with this but I still don't wanna 'just make something and leave it' I still want it to be 'Good' or maybe even 'Great' Could I possibly trouble anyone for some ideas? 😧 The current version of the game is here if anyone wanted to try it out. I would definitely appreciate any thoughts/discussions/ideas etc. Many Thanks!
    47. CyberFlash

      I'm stuck with 'endless' math/formula...

      [I realize as I've just wrote this next line that it is very obvious..] I never thought of 'Game Design' as being the place/department to look at for the ideas side of things 😧 I always thought it was literally a designer is about the colours and how it looks But yeah I'll have a look over there and see if I can get out of my jam 🤣 But yeah totally, its becoming predictable and I attempted to achieve that via throwing out some randomness like randomizing the speed in such a way that if the base value was 5 it'd randomly choose to be either 5 6 or 7 kinda deal.But it just wasn't enough like some enemies would get through but everything sharing the base hp meant by the time it came back around the map (it kinda loops itself) the tower would finish it off... I definitely need to go back to the (moment of realization...) drawing board... Is it called a 'drawing' board because its 'game design' department? 😮 Anyway weird n quirkiness aside. I think the whole 'Most is crap,' part hits me hard too like I just throw out ideas but maybe I should rethink something or 'give it a go' kinda thing. Not like I have much/anything to lose and I have a ton to gain if it goes right! Next update of the game is guna have some godzilla laser beam frogs with explosive reindeers. Or not. That might stay in the crap pile 😅 Thank you for your advice :)! -- On my way to Game Design squad! wow like the section is actually called "Game Design and Theory" 😓😓 now I know!! ty again
    48. Haha, ok. Ahmmm... yo, the truth is i'm a spam bot. I almost passed the 12 years long turing test on this form, but now you caught me, hihi
    49. There is just some confusion, and I caught it too because when you read the OP's post: I have drawn on paper since I was two and I think I can draw just fine but it looks like a 4 year old coloring book when I try to draw with my drawing tablet. I've had one for nearly 5 months and I haven't improved with it. Sometimes I'm more serious about practice drawing with it and totally fail. I simply just cannot draw with it. Yet I see incredible works done by guys who have the same hardware and I have no clue how they got there. The only solution I can conceive is they draw then scan it in or use a Tablet Monitor Such as XP-Pen Artist16 Pro which is waaay beyond my budget right now. Does anyone have any insights? then your reply: I ended up scanning the drawings and using the pen to redraw over the now visible template on screen. This worked, but without the template all my drawings ended up terribly skewed. No idea how much practice it takes until one can draw properly, but i assume nowadays with touchscreens the issue is gone, because you see what you draw right under your hands as usual. Finally i also tried to use the pen to play Quake III, but no luck there either, i still got fragged. It just appears like it's a response from OP when it's actually just your experience on the subject.
    50. No, I am confused now. Anyways, i do not make alias accounts to advertise any products. Even if the OP is spam the question is useful, and because i have used such 'pen' (i do not even know the proper name) for paid work, i shared my experience. Notice my experience was bad, so no advertising here from my side. (Check IPs if you don't trust me).
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