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    2. 0r0d

      How to solve this trig function?

      You just need to look up trig identities and apply them to simplify and solve the problem.
    3. Zakwayda

      AI for large numbers of RTS like units

      The entity/component idea may be tangential to the problems you're trying to solve here, but just to answer this question: You're correct that you'd typically have at most one instance of a given component type per entity. What I mean by 'mix and match' is that you can combine different component types in different ways (with each entity having at most one of a particular component type). Again though, this may be somewhat orthogonal to the issues you're concerned with.
    4. sin(a*t) * d = sin(a*(1-t)) * e I want to solve for t, t has to be in range [0,1], and all other values are known. Using math tools they only spit out special and disallowed cases (I don't know how to use them properly for periodic stuff). Graphing both sides of the equation, both sides are simple sine waves and any intersection would be my solution. But so far i only know how to add 2 waves, not how to find intersections. Maybe somebody has a quick answer while i try from there...
    5. suliman

      Just need help with my final characters

      Lol that COMPLETELY depends on what else your game is built around. Try to make it "make sense" in the world you are building.
    6. ObjectivityGuy

      I'm looking for a writer for a medieval fantasy rpg

      ok i will send you my discord user via pm
    7. As i understand you intend to make something along the lines of dark souls? That means you will have to set up several sub stories to weave in to the bigger whole. In that case you may want a second writer to help out. I also got some experiencw with game projects and can assist if that is needed
    8. Today
    9. Patlatik

      Pixel Boy: Summer Adventures

      Retro style platformer game about Pixel Boy adventures. Can you help our hero to complete his adventure? Simple run and jump, smash crabs and collect bonuses! The BOSS waiting you. You can download game there: Play Market
    10. I've fixed this problem in revision 2525. Observe, within namespace X the symbol A represents the class X::A, not the global variable A, so it is correct the script fails to compile. It was just not correct that it gave an assert failure. (in previous version of AngelScript it managed to identify the global variable A, but that was unintentional and due to the inconsistent symbol lookups used in different scenarios in the compiler.)
    11. ObjectivityGuy

      I'm looking for a writer for a medieval fantasy rpg

      I'm currently having krb write a base for the story, he said it should be ready by Wednesday or the day after and the idea was to review it then change anything needed and when the base story is good enough i would start making some models then look for more members could you explain me what do you have in mind when you say two writers?
    12. Timothy Sharp

      Launchpad Games Discord

      I would like to invite everyone to my discord. I am an upcoming game dev and came up with a name for myself and hopefully a company down the line. Here is the link! https://discord.gg/euPQ4wn
    13. Timothy Sharp

      Help in Naming my Games.

      I was being funny
    14. Epic Games has launched Unreal Engine Online Learning, a new learning platform for Unreal Engine 4 users. The video tutorials illustrate common workflows in great detail to help creators across a range of industries master Unreal Engine for their own projects. Unreal Engine Online Learning content is split into several tracks: Game Development Architecture Industrial Design Media and Entertainment Content is also sorted by job roles and engine features. Videos are available anytime, on demand. Unreal Engine Online Learning includes a lot of the great video content users have seen on the Unreal Engine website in the past, plus dozens of new videos on common workflows, the latest features and much more. To access Unreal Engine Online Learning, use the Video Tutorials option under the Learn tab at unrealengine.com.
    15. Epic Games has launched Unreal Engine Online Learning, a new learning platform for Unreal Engine 4 users. The video tutorials illustrate common workflows in great detail to help creators across a range of industries master Unreal Engine for their own projects. Unreal Engine Online Learning content is split into several tracks: Game Development Architecture Industrial Design Media and Entertainment Content is also sorted by job roles and engine features. Videos are available anytime, on demand. Unreal Engine Online Learning includes a lot of the great video content users have seen on the Unreal Engine website in the past, plus dozens of new videos on common workflows, the latest features and much more. To access Unreal Engine Online Learning, use the Video Tutorials option under the Learn tab at unrealengine.com. View full story
    16. I had some doubts about hex formats(assembler output) and linkers: 1.- So, I disassembly a raw binary(no ELF, PE, etc... headers) X64 assembly code and i got that result: 0: 66 89 c8 mov ax,cx 3: e8 00 00 00 00 call 8 <gh> 0000000000000008 <gh>: 8: 66 89 c2 mov dx,ax I understand how Byte Offset works('66' is the byte ID 0, '89' is 1, 'c8' is 2 and on 3 the call instruction starts(that is why '3:' is there)) but, by that logic, shouldn't 'call gh' be translated to 'e8 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08' instead of 'e8 00 00 00 00' since the byte offset of the first instruction of gh, which is 'mov dx, ax' is 8 and the output is 64 bits? 2.- Using the example of above, if endianness is little end., how the assembler would swap the bytes, by each instruction? Like: Original, no endiannes { 66 89 c8 e8 00 00 00 00(in case that would be correct and i'm wrong in the question 1.-) 66 89 c2 } to { c8 89 66 00 00 00 00 e8 c2 89 66 } 3.- And then, the big end. would be like the original, without endiannes, code of the question 2.-? 4.- Suppose that i mark gh as .globl, then, would the assembler create a map table file where gh is in 'e8 00 00 00 00'(again, in case that would be correct and i'm wrong in question 1.-), and linker will look into such map file, and if another object file calls gh, the linker will then translate call gh as either 'e8 00 00 00 00'?
    17. SyncViews

      AI for large numbers of RTS like units

      Not sure how your suggesting the mixing here. How are several versions of the same "component" meant to play together? Which one gets to run? Do they both run, but then what order? My understanding was that for a given entity there should only be zero or one instance of some component. Kinda along the lines of some ideas I was thinking of, but then the on_*_complete currently are also needing a "view of everything" that I don't like (e.g. that if, else if, chain in the little bit of sample code I had). Will look at those articles and what nested state machines might look like. Well OK, not initially, but want to get out of this every time I do something different its almost from scratch because the state machine and rules don't match so either make a new FSM entirely or I have to refactor a whole bunch of stuff. For example adding in the "helicopters need to take off" rule effected every nearly every basic order they could be issued and a lot of the state transitions. Will look into behaviour trees as soon as I get a chance as well. They are looking suspiciously like what I was thinking with separate commands, but not had a chance to read many articles yet. Putting the state data for them alongside the unit data so the tree does not need to be replicated also seems a good idea, although not sure if in practice that would mean having to have all the possible variables there in one place...need to think about that bit. What I had could look a bit like: class VerticalTakeoffCommand : Command { public void update() { if (unit->vertical_takeoff_step()) unit->set_command(do_after); } private Command do_after; }; class PatrolCommand : Command { public void update() { if (unit->move_step()) { if (++route_i == route.size()) return unit->set_command(do_after); else unit->set_move_destination(route[route_i]); } if (target = find_target_in_range()) { unit->set_command(new AttackCommand(this, target, max_attack_range)); } } private int route_i; private List<Vector2F> route; private Command do_after; };
    18. GoliathForge

      a skeleton application

      I think the easiest way to get into directx programming is with the DirectXTK, especially if coming from XNA/Monogame because of the method naming and workflow similarities. The entire library is not required. You can break it up and only use pieces if you desire. Currently, I'm using DirectX::SpriteBatch and DirectX::SimpleMath. Here is the getting started page where a VisualStudio project template can be installed to produce your starter files automatically.
    19. I know that is a noob question but, between OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0, which one got better performance to desktop and/or mobile devices? I have read in somewhere that the performance opengl is based on code but some games we can compare oepngl version performances, so idk. Which one of both use less CPU & GPU/ got better performance? Thanks
    20. I finally got a chance to play Twilight Imperium 4th edition so I figured I'd do a write up. We had 5 players and it was a blast. For race selection, we used this website about a week before the game http://www.mygurps.com/TwilightImperium.html and selected 3 choices per player. Here's what it rolled up for us (underlined is what we chose): Yellow (Eck (me) ) may choose from The Clan of Saar, The Naalu Collective, or The Nekro Virus. Green (Devin) may choose from The Barony of Letnev, The Mentak Coalition, or The Winnu. Blue (Matt) may choose from The Federation of Sol, The Yssaril Tribes, or The Xxcha Kingdom. Black (Eric) may choose from The Ghosts of Creuss, The L1Z1X Mindnet, or Sardakk N'orr. Blue (Alex) may choose from The Yin Brotherhood, The Emirates of Hacan, or The Embers of Muaat. To save time, I setup the map before hand since I was hosting. I went with a 5-player symmetrical design and tried to balance out tech specialties, resources, influence, and planet types. Here's what I came up with. See the future pictures for how that red section gets essentially "cut-out" for a 5 player game. Map setup With a mostly balanced map, we rolled to see who would get first pick of starting locations. And the last person to choose was awarded the Speaker token. One other house rule we played with was the Speaker would get to pick the 6th Strategy Card. The secondary ability on the 6th card would get triggered after the Speaker activated his Strategy Card. Round 1 start And then we started playing. It was a pretty standard set of early turns where people moved out and claimed a few systems. The only thing of special note was the Mentak (Green) chose Warfare but instead of claiming more of his central pie slice, he instead claimed the contested planet between him and the Hacaan (Purple). This led to immediate border friction and posturing between the two races. Green was there first, but Purple felt pinned in behind the Gravity Rift (black hole). I feel like the Naalu (yellow) are late bloomers so I was quick to make friends with my more combat focused neighbors. Here's what we looked like after Round 1. Round 1 complete I made a deal with the L1z1x (black) player to allow me to claim the green tech specialty planet and move out of the system so he could have the bigger resource value world. The green tech specialty would allow me to get my racial tech Neuroglaive faster and make it so I could hold my own versus all those dreadnaughts. We also exchanged Ceasefires. I couldn't quite take Mecatol this round so I moved adjacent to claim that victory point and set me up for next turn. I made sure to get Sol's (blue's) permission before taking that world and gave him our border planet to solidify the peace. I also traded my racial promissory note to the Mentak which allowed him to move first in the next round. Giving him a slight edge with the coming conflict of the Hacaan's (purple's) fleets. And I bought a sabotage card from the Hacaan which helped fund the war efforts. Publicly trading for a sabotage was great since it made people less likely to play action cards against me. Round 2 Complete Round 3 was very tense. L1z1x (black) chose Imperial, but his dreads could only move 1 (at the start). I delayed my move as long as I could so he was low on tactical counters. Then when he upgraded his dreads, I activated Mecatol Rex. At this point he stated multiple times that if I did that, he would roll through my territory. But this was the same turn I got Neurogalives. I told him I was no longer afraid of his fleets, Mecatol Rex was mine, but I would not strike first. He was still low on counters so he couldn't really do anything but stew this turn. While this was going on, the Hacaan (purple) got pinned in by Mentak (green) and Sol (blue). The space cats started massing a big fleet and told the Mentak (green) player he was coming for him. Blue claimed a few more planets and a couple of points. Round 3 complete L1z1x (black) started an arms race with my peaceful Naalu (yellow), threatening me the entire time. Not much was exchanged besides words however. Black was still token starved so he couldn't attack me without crippling his own position thanks to Neurogalive. Big things were happening on the other side of the board. The Hacaan (purple) used an action card to connect Alpha and Beta wormholes to threaten the Mentak's (green's) homeworld. In response, the Mentak moved their speed 3 cruiser fleets through the Beta wormhole and took the Hacaan's homeworld. My daughter was wandering in and out of the game all day. She was in the room around this time. After the game she asked me if green attacked purple with his cruisers because she saw he could sneak through... #ParentingWin Blue started moving his fleets towards Mecatol but I made some sweet deals just to get his ceasefire. Round 4 complete The Mentak (green) counter attacked the Hacan (purple), but the space cats played skilled retreat. Then they retook their homeworld. The Federation of Sol (blue) started moving towards Hacan (purple). L1z1x (black) built up a ton of PDS and upgraded them meaning I couldn't go crazy in his backyard. The glorious Naalu (yellow/me) made a series of plays over this round to gain 5 points. Imperial - held mecatol +1 Imperial - (Public Objective) Held 6 non-home system planets +1 Secret (Action phase) - Win a space combat versus a player with the most points +1 Secret (Status Phase) - Own two faction technologies +1 Public (Status Phase) - Own two unit upgrade technologies +1 So I went from 3 points to 8 points in one round. I still had the Speaker token so I'd get first choice of strategy card, and as the Naalu I would get to act first no matter which Strategy Card I chose. Nobody could take Mecatol from me this round since I had waited so late in the turn to make my move this turn. I knew there were action cards or agendas that might be able to mess me up, but the only thing that popped up was Seeds of an Empire. Voting on that either the first player would gain a point, or the last player would gain a point. I was scared for a moment because I thought first player might lose a point. Round 5 complete We didn't bother playing out any of round 6 because I was going to choose imperial, score a point for Mecatol, and score a point for one of the objectives that they couldn't take from me. Victory Naalu (yellow/me)! Final score: The Naluu Collective - 10 The L1z1x Mindnet - 6 The Mentak Coalition - 6 The Federation of Sol - 4 The Emirates of Hacan - 3 Final Thoughts: Fourth edition is much more streamlined than 3rd. The 5 player game took 8 hours including a break in the middle for pizza. Being the Naalu and going from 3 to 8 in one turn and then winning the first action of the next turn was really impressive, but it also felt a little bit unfair. Hanging out at 3 points, people didn't feel I was a big threat so they never felt the need to stop dealing with me diplomatically. But I was also on Mecatol Rex for the entire game and nobody attacked me there once. So I don't feel too bad about winning. I liked our 6th card house rule, and I also liked the 5 player wedge cut out. Most of the others didn't like it however, because they felt like it took away too many planets. I don't think they realize that with a 6th player we'd have someone else occupying space AND we'd also have to deal with 5 blank tiles so there would be EVEN FEWER worlds. I know people had fun though because they're already asking me when I'm hosting another round. Maybe we'll play the 14 point game soon.
    21. newinthegame

      Gold-project needs a new team

      Thanks for the fast reply and offer to help. I think maybe I explained it wrong when I said that it was a 2D production. A easy way to explain it is comparing it to games like "Draw Something" The design needs a litte re-touch but should be easy to fix.
    22. Tyeron

      Multi-user VR editing in Unreal Engine

      Gotta say this is exactly what I'm looking for myself and my students. We want to be able to just stay in VR during most if not all of the dev process. We are very excited to be working in Blueprints while in VR and building worlds. Really ready for this, November, or whenever it finally makes it to Beta, can't get here quick enough!
    23. That's true, I do think. It's not helpful, I do fear. Still, I think that a significant reason that indies might struggle to replicate the realism of AAA games comes down to the sheer amount of work involved in making realistic assets. I do think that improvements in tools can help with this, indeed. Asset stores can be helpful, too--but that narrows the field of aesthetic choices to what's available in the store, further constrained by finding assets that both depict whatever is being sought and that together form a cohesive art-style instead of clashing. Finally, the use of assets in multiple projects can result in their becoming familiar, which may hurt immersion. (And that's presuming that the indie in question is in a position to pay for all of their assets, of course.)
    24. Alex Toussaint

      The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI

      I did a bit of research in the field (You know I'm something of a scientist myself). I wrote a little Python game (unplayable, just to see the AI's fighting) which uses genetic algorithms and plays a looot of fights to try to find the best weights to outperform the opponent. I'll leave the link Here in case someone wants to see the code. So, yes! You can use genetic algorithms to train neural networks to play against humans on very simple games. I believe this approach could be used on more complex games, and even combined with traditional if statements algorithms. To finish, huge thanks to the authors for its article as huge in quality as in size.
    25. Thaumaturge

      Week of Awesome VI - 2018?

      Ah, I'd wondered about this myself. So no Week of Awesome this year--that's disappointing, but not entirely unexpected, and quite understandable. Fair enough! (And thank you, Eck, for asking after it, and thus getting an answer. ^_^) One idea might be a four-week, Saturdays-only jam: entrants would be allowed to think about their project at other times, but only develop it (including asset-hunting) on Saturday.
    26. Miss

      Will there be more frequent updates?

      Completely understandable, of course! Some of the fixes I'm personally required to use the WIP version now is the ones I've reported (of course), and also (I believe it's the one that was causing me troubles): "Fixed problem in compiler that didn't release a temporary variable when passing anonymous object to function expecting ?&in" (It might've been something else, but I had some refcounting issues a while ago that were solved after updating to the latest WIP.) And of course any of the symbol name resolver fixes (for ambiguous class names etc) are very welcome too. I don't have anything to contribute at this time, but if Angelscript was hosted on Github, the better accessibility of reporting issues and code contributions would be a great thing to have. Perhaps not many people know how to report Angelscript bugs or how to send in patches, or they don't have or want to make a Gamedev.net account. Github's issue tracker is pretty good for that, and the Pull Requests section makes it a lot easier for people to contribute patches (no need to figure out how to make a diff and then email it, etc.). It also has the diff reviewing like Winmerge directly in the browser, and you can comment on specific sections or just edit their diff yourself. It's a lot more convenient for both parties, in my opinion. Of course, that would all require you to switch from SVN to git, which of course is also a big decision! But perhaps switching to Github would also increase the amount of people using Angelscript, which would be awesome as well. Github mirrors can be nice, but it wouldn't really add value to the issues/pull requests sections, I think.
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