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Latest Updates

  • Herb Sutter Reports C++17 is Complete

    C++ developers can look forward to official support and new features in C++. Herb Sutter tonight announced on his blog the latest status from the Winter ISO C++ meetings: "C++17 is done!"

  • Mobile VR with Leap Motion and Qualcomm

    Qualcomm Developer Network has posted a guest blog from Martin Schubert, who is a VR Designer, Developer, and Evangelist at Leap Motion. In the blog post, Martin describes the possibilities of hand tracking technology, mobile VR, and how Leap Motion is building technology to enable natural interactions with your hands as the controller.

  • AMD Open Sources Anvil, a Vulkan Wrapper

    AMD has open sourced Anvil through their GPUOpen initiative. Anvil is a wrapper for Vulkan 1.0 that AMD has been using internally to develop Vulkan applications.

  • SMU Guildhall Ranked #1 by Princeton Review

    SMU Guildhall has risen to the top spot among the world’s best graduate game-design programs in The Princeton Review’s eighth annual report. At No. 1, SMU Guildhall ranks above the No. 2 Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at UCF.

  • GameMaker Studio 2 Launches, Mac in Closed Beta

    YoYo Games has released GameMaker Studio 2, which is now available from the YoYo Games website starting at $99.99. The global launch follows the successful open beta and gives developers game creation tools to take creative concepts to market quickly.

  • Mozilla Proposes "Obsidian" Web Graphics API

    The Khronos Group recently setup a staging area for WebGL-Next proposals on Github, and this morning Mozilla submitted Obsidian as the first proposal. Obsidian is a low-level API intended to provide a maximum features set of the GPU to web applications.

  • TextMesh Pro Joins Unity

    Unity announced today that TextMesh Pro and its creator has joined the team at Unity. TextMesh Pro is a replacement for Unity’s existing text components like Text Mesh and UI Text, and it has been made available for free on the Unity Asset Store.

  • Serious Games on Mobile to Hit $800m by 2022

    A report available through the Serious Games Association projects that U.S. revenue for educational games available on mobile platforms for consumers will nearly triple by 2022 to $800.2 million - and grow to a billion dollars by 2024.

  • Weekend Reading (and Watching): Pirate Jam

    Vice's Motherboard posted a story on Friday entitled Game Developers Sail, Swim, and Code at 'Pirate Jam', chronicling the story of American McGee and his fellow developers as they embarked on a 7 day, 5 hour per day game jam of sailing, fishing, diving, and development on the Andaman Sea west of Thailand.

  • Google Chrome Brings Support for WebGL 2.0

    The Chromium team announced yesterday that Chrome 56 brings support for WebGL 2.0, a major upgrade to the API which unlocks a variety of new graphics features and advanced rendering techniques.