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    2. I fixed it... it was an error I had in the camera class where some of my camera formulas are off... Thanks, orange451, for all of your help. I looked at this issue for several hours and could not find anything...
    3. Thanks for your reply. Now I have a clue on how to proceed from here. Gonna test all and choose which one is the best for my solution based on performance. Thanks!
    4. jbadams

      Worst time of your life as an indie

      Literally none of the options mentioned required Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Express had been freely available for a couple of years at that point. You're right that they were programmed rather than using a visual editor though, that requirement would have cut down your options significantly to the various ClickTeam products, Adventure Game Studio, scratch, RPG Maker, and a couple of other options. Blender Game Engine was not yet available at that time.
    5. Today
    6. dsgus

      Want to gain sevap points??

      Thanks for the lovely response. Also please let me know if there's another way to reply other than quoting the whole thing... A friend of mine who's been doing pretty well since I've met him, and now has graduated, told me that he wasn't so good at first either, but he found himself some teammates from school, and they did all of their studies projects (either for school or independantly, and including classes like maths) together, and it really helped his motivation and overall performance. I think that's a great idea too. Yet my 2 closest friends from school are so lazy and doesn't care much about these stuff, one of em doesn't even think of actually ending up as a sofware engineer. I've tried to befriend a few succesful people, but they're quite ahead of me and one of them is telling me to start developing an android app together right away like I could do that 😑 I might consider finding some freshman friends or something but I'm not such an outgoing person irl and having 2 years in between might be an issue regarding classes maybe. Do you have any suggestions for finding such people to work with? Can you give any advice to hunt these people at school or do you know any online platforms or communities for finding such teammates maybe? I'd like to hear. Yeah I do that sometimes, not exactly as you've described it but I think of what makes a game good or what could be done better here and there. I also have some notes for a few game ideas. They're not too technically written (with diagrams and stuff as you said) but good enough to describe all the general and specific things I have in mind . Though all of them are AAA games 😂 I'm really unfamiliar with modding except for installing a couple for the Sims 4 this year 😂 My mindset is about training and improving myself and putting building blocks to eventually become a AAA game dev. Like I would refuse to learn Java cause I need C++ or C# to write a game. I know it's an awful way of thinking and not realistic. I'm trying to end my idea of "learning multiple things will prevent me to ever expertise this one thing" tho. Now that I think of it, modding sounds interesting and fun, not sure how it works and if it will help me as the way I think but it's worth to checking out imo. Again, would be glad to hear more about this from you Regarding my depression, I took psychological and psychiatric help for about 1.5-2 years from the beginning of uni for these and some other issues though they didn't really work and I wasn't taking my pills properly etc. And since my family is paying a lot for my school and getting such help is really damn expensive and not working, I cut it. But such issues actually escalated in these last 2 years especially as my academic life went extremely downhill. I think if I can get myself to achieve things in life and develop as a programmer and all, I will overcome these with ease. Doing the absolute nothing irl but achieving a lot in games isn't any helpful obviously 😂
    7. The sad thing is that he runs a marketing firm. There were other questionable ideas I had received regarding the visual design from him, but thankfully I have someone on my team now who actually knows what they're doing. Lesson learned was not to work in business with close friends because it's not worth burning a friendship if things go sour.
    8. There are tons of algorithms that can generate a one-byte checksum. Algorithms include: Checksums: add up all the bytes (or some permutation of the bytes) and perhaps perturb the result CRC: calculate an 8-bit CRC, or some bigger CRC and drop all but 8 bits of the value. XOR: take the XOR of all values, potentially with a rotation in between each byte Linear congruential generators: Each step, multiply your seed with one prime, and add the value of the next byte Any other hash function, where you end up dropping all but 8 bits (or 7 bits, even.) Without the source code of the application, you have to make guesses about what could be going on, and verify those guesses against that data that you have. Sometimes, writing code that tests various parameters against various algorithms and sees how close it can get may be helpful. There really is no "magic bullet" here. To get you started: If you start with the first value (0x7D) and subtract all the other values, you get 0x10. Do you get that same result for all other data packets you have? If so, you have the algorithm there.
    9. You can take two routes: 1) Don't use threads. Instead, set the UDP socket to non-blocking mode, and at the beginning of each tick, read from the UDP socket until it returns "no more data." (The kernel will buffer a fair amount; you can control how much with a socket option.) No threads needed! 2) Use threads, and add a lock around the "swap global for local" operation. Specifically, when you add to the local list, you need to hold the lock while inserting into the list. When you call into the receiver object from your main thread, grab the lock, clear the global list, swap the global and local list variables, release the lock, and return the global list (which is now full of what's been received.) EIther system will work. Also, you don't need async/await at all in this code, because the reading thread can just block in the UDP socket receive function.
    10. sprotz

      Worst time of your life as an indie

      Those were compiler based, had no visual editors. Most needed Microsoft Visual c++ which had a cost. OpenGL was too bare bones needing me to build an engine first. I was a programming and game dev novice, it was hard for me to use them, I was a teen at that time. I used to practice on 3DRad 3.0 whose free version could not create executables. I overlooked Blender, didn't realize it had a game engine.
    11. Scouting Ninja

      What bad game design advice have you followed, and what good advice?

      It counts as game design, at least in this topic. Marketing is a large part of designing a game and this is clearly a design choice. When I think of all the bad marketing advice it makes me cringe. It also always seems to be the people close to developers that give the worst marketing advice, everyone just looks at a few apps and think they know how it works. The whole spirit of this topic is theory vs practice. Because a concept or idea often crumbles when it suddenly faces real life situations. A deceitful marketing strategy not making it past the developer's ideals, not to mention if discover will have dire consequences, is very much within the topic.
    12. GeneralJist

      Want to gain sevap points??

      Sounds like what you might need is a team. A lot of these personal motivational problems can be overcome, or at minimum helped with having a motivated trusted group of people working with you. We all have personal issues, we all have motivation dips, we all have issues figuring out what we want to do with our lives. The problem with good games is they are addictive. It's a hard line to walk between addictive and fun. Some game developers understand that, others abuse their players. But that's another topic all together. When you were playing these games, were you also thinking about how you cold change, or make things better? If not, maybe creating games is not for you. Anyone can play a game and spend hours on it, but a game designer plays and looks at the mechanics and components. working them in their head. Writing and drawing diagrams. Games is an endurance sport. It's great if you can go fast at the beginning, but if you can't finish, or if you can't keep up a good pace, and update likewise, it can become a big drag. Instead of going indie from the start, making your own game from scratch, have you ever considered modding? Modifying your favorite games? That's where I started, and it can be less intimidating, and easier to find like minded people/ The down side, is you can't make money. It can be a good place to start, if your intimidated by the big games. The other thing is you should stop comparing yourself to other people. A good friend once to;d me if you do that, you'll never win. There was also a study done at West point a while ago. They put poor performers with ultra high performers, expecting the work habits to rub off on the low performers. What happened instead was the low performers fell even more, because they felt like they couldn't compete. They also put all the medium performers together, and it turns out they drew on each other a lot more, because they were of similar work ethic. So as I said, find some people that are near your skill level, and try to work together for a while. Also, this might be too personal, but are you on medication for your depression? If your not, you should, especially given how much you've mentioned it. Depending on your healthcare, you might also want to get a counselor. There is no shame in asking for professional guidance. Anyone who puts you down because of mental health issues is ignorant. Mental health is one of the biggest things in our society that people refuse to talk about.
    13. Nice post. The best advice I've ever received was to stop being a perfectionist. The worst advice I've received was from a long time friend who I brought on with my company under marketing... The idea my friend had was to buy fake followers, likes, traffic, reviews, and whatever else we could to give the "illusion" of a trendy and popular app. Long story short, we're no longer in business together, and sadly our friendship went down the tubes as well. I refused to do any of this garbage as part of the marketing strategy used for the app, especially unethical activities. (Opps - I noticed it was a "Game Design" question, so I guess I don't have anything that really stands out on the "bad" side)
    14. DarkRonin

      Worst time of your life as an indie

      C'mon man, you gotta stop blaming the tools. You had tons of free alternatives back then (I was using them). Graphics Ogre3d DirectX OpenGL Panda3d Irrilict SDL Audio DirectSound OpenAL FMod Audiere SDL Input OIS DirectInput SDL A man of your knowledge who has 28 AAA games being coded as we speak (due for release in two years), would have had no problem with any of these API's.
    15. Include guards are used to prevent cycle inclusion, not to (and not need to) prevent multiple declarations (not definitions). Though as frob said, most class declarations are also class definitions so they can't be multiple in one translate unit. Here is an article on declaration vs definition.
    16. Yesterday
    17. GeneralJist

      Getting Into the Industy

      Breaking in is always hard. QA is a good place to start, however, it can be soul draining and monotonous. And as you likely already find out, it doesn't pay much. Best advice is to get your portfolio up and polished. Hiring managers want to see that your willing to stick to it, even when it is tough. A natural question I'd have, is why are you looking to change careers? Online degrees are better than nothing, but ods are if no one has heard of the school, it will still be a hard sell. Something like 80% of college grads don't work in an industry that they went to school for. Even if you get into the Industry, it's likely going to be a long time before you get into a position that has the type of power and autonomy your looking for. Sr. people determine the core structures of a game, that comes with years of experience. The one way around that, is to start your own company, but that has it's own challenges. Games is unfortunately not like most other industries, where if you do good, you get a salaried job with benefits, and your set. That happens, but not for beginners. The Industry expects you to be there for more than 40 hours, and not report overtime. It's very much like how the Electrical Engineering field is. Most get contracts, not just because it's cheaper or the company, but since games are usually based on project by project basis, it's not economical to have as many full service staff. Sorry, but unless your really good, or spend years building up your portfolio, games will not bring in the pay and stability your looking for, it's even worse if you have children. Games is the tech industry on steroids. Only the big corporations have the kind of pay and stability your looking for, but you won't get the power and autonomy any time soon. They are also really hard to get into. Even harder than brand name tech companies. To put it simple, your not getting into the games industry, unless your already in the games industry. That means you need to be working on your own side projects in concurrence with full time work or school. I've done that for nearly a decade, and and it's brought me to the edge several times in the past. It's tough., most people aren't cut out for it.
    18. LostTowerGames


      The quiet hamlets of the Vale stand defenseless... No walls, no moats, not even a presentable fence. You'll have to use your resources wisely to transform each village from farm-town to fortress. Build defenses, train troops, and hold the line with powerful heroes in ValeGuard, a Defensive Strategy game. Gameplay: Valeguard is a unique strategy game that combines Turn-Based City-Building with Real-Time Combat. Each day you construct your defenses, train troops, and prepare for attack. When enemies come in the night, you defend with towers, troops, and heroes with powerful abilities. Save as many towns as you can, while you travel through the Vale. Choose wisely, because each town unlocks unique assets and a hero to aid in future battles. Defeat is not the end in Valeguard. Each play you can unlock more heroes and discover new strategies to achieve victory. Features - Build in the day and defend at night - Gather resources, craft weapons, and train troops - Trade with merchants and buy items on the black market - Build your party of heroes with each successful defense - Random events and levels make each play unique - Hop from town to town as you travel across the map of the Vale - Build walls, towers, and traps to defend your village - Acquire new technologies depending on what towns you visit - Unlock new heroes through special events and quests - Confront the dark generals in a final epic battle
    19. I did. Again, note the difference between declaration and definition.
    20. sprotz

      Worst time of your life as an indie

      @DarkRonin That is because there were 2 reasons. The first is that there were no free alternatives to GameMaker at the time, and I had no capability of online payment to get a paid engine. The second reason is that I wanted to compete with Crimelife 2 on the yoyogames website but to submit to that site required that the game be made with Gamemaker. I used a 3rd party collision detection extension for GameMaker that caused glitchiness and lag for the first game. I tried to improve the situation on the second game but realized it was not enough improvement. It was by this point that I decided to drop that demon of an extension for good but it was too late, Crimelife 2 was miles ahead with 500,000 downloads. 'Gangs of New York' was slowly catching up but reached 10,000 downloads until the yoyogames website got shut down. Looking back at it now, I wish I hadn't used that extension and stuck to GameMaker's native collision system. I shouldn't have overdone it to make it much bigger than crimelife 2, should have made it only a bit bigger or better. Next thing I know, crimelife 3 came out, followed by a few other short but quality games. Sakis, the developer had effectively run away with it and dominated the yoyogames community.
    21. Creativityy Everythingg

      Setting Up-I've just begun

      At the moment the game is in development. There will be a tutorial campaign on Facebook which will be available soon. KW Development is doing all this without any external support. This means that KW Development doesn't get paid and have to finance all the expenses myself (mostly graphics). So stay alert, it will probably be flying out before X-mas. As you have probably noticed, quite some content on this page looks rather funny. Like screenshots, video, half finished pages, etc. Please bear with KW Development, I'm working on it
    22. I believe many of us are constantly asking advice from others, it happens that some of this advice doesn't apply to every situation. Then there is the inevitable Horse$#1t of advice, that just never stood a chance. So what game development type of advice have you received, that turned out to be completely wrong, it must be advice you tried to follow. Keep it friendly and with no names. Bad: "Publish all the games you make"- This was by far the worst piece of advice I have ever followed. Read it in a article where a developer mentioned that they published their first game they ever made and it made more money than the rest of their games. What I didn't know at the time, was that was the developers first finished game; not first attempt at a game ever. Foolishly I uploaded every attempt, ruining my own developer reputation before it could ever takeoff. It never recovered and I publish under a different name these days. Good: "Why not consider hiring? If this is something you want to say "all content created by me" but if you're just needing better sound, hire some one!" This is the short version of it but it was the advice that send me down the right path. For years I had this "Engines are bad, do everything yourself" mentality. Then this advice about sound, something I didn't consider important at the time, made me hire my first team member. It was a small step in the right direction that allowed me to break past my own stubbornness. It still took five years after that for my first taste of success. So any experiences you are willing to share?
    23. h8CplusplusGuru

      How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

      The problem isn't that it's a two party system, not entirely. The problem is that there are a ridiculous amount of naive and uneducated or stupid voters in the country, coupled with crazy corruption and misinformation.
    24. dsgus

      Want to gain sevap points??

      Actually my freshman year was a bliss. We had the "Indroduction to programming 1&2 (1 being fall semester with C and 2 being spring semester with C++)" the rest was common stuff like maths, chemistry, history etc (for fresman and sophomore years there are like 18 commmon classes and 6 software classes, at junior year we actually fully focus on our field). I had fun learning C and C++, I spent time to study them at home, tried making custom little stuff... and for the C++ part, we had to do a custom project. I paired up with my current homemate and he didn't even touch the project so I had to do it all by myself, it was challanging yet I thought it was a good learning experience and I've wrote like a thousand lines of code (eventhough later on I asked for the professor's opinion and found out I could write it 4 times shorter which I did afterwards). I also attended to this Unity course who was given by this crazy talented student who also was a freshman (and is #*@!ing succesful as a game developer already right now, he's gained scholarships and been on the newspaper and shit early this year). It was also fun. During summer I went to this event which lasted a few days and was a mixed thing with software, innovation, networking, seminars and parties, drinking, camping, fun. They've made a little game jam there which I've also attended. Eventhough I didn't last 48 hours but like 20 with lots of cigarette breaks etc, and ended up only being able to make my characters run around, I had a blast in general. But everything went downhill on my 2nd year and my 2nd and 3rd years went awfully wrong (3rd year being the sophomore year again since I failed with a gpa around 1.6 out of 4.0). I kind of blame staying at a dorm at 2nd year (I hate dorms so much) and becoming overly addicted to gaming thanks to starting stupid games of Overwatch and Paladins (they're competitive and they make you have to play everyday all day and grind currency & loot so you can get those stupid skins during limited time events; I quit both games and uninstalled them for good like 3 days ago cause they were cancer for my life). During these 2 years I didn't do any coding at all. We didn't have any classes with coding except for Database Systems which uses SQL. Instead we had several hardcore, God tier maths, 2 software engineering classes that they teach you about work life and approaches and stuff, they were fun but they didn't have anything to do with coding etc. And this, again God tier Algorithms and Data Structures class which I failed twice and is one of the most hard and boring things I've ever seen in my entire life. In conclusion, I know the maths and algorithms etc are necessary, but I loved coding and it was the basis of keeping my motivation somehow cause coding is practical and tangible and somewhat fun, and it keeps you want to learn and discover more as you go. But being away from it for 2 years which past with depression, social struggles and hardcore game addiction made me forget all about it and I'm so terrified of spending 3 years at uni and having almost 0 knowlegde and skill at this point. This keeps me from practicing or enjoying working on software at the moment.
    25. h8CplusplusGuru

      How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

      I am not entirely following you when you say "russia... generalization". Russia *is* a gangster state. It's not a generalization, it's a fact.
    26. Chris Schmidt


      Very cool! In my opinion, some vibrato on the lead synths could really add some life to them.
    27. Creativityy Everythingg

      Enchanted Land

      Enchanted Land is a spellbinding battling, location-based MMORPG set in the most amazing environment ever created - the Earth itself. Choose your own customized character and trek upon an unforgettable journey. Release the mighty spells by concocting simple formulas and battle magical creatures and other players in a strategic combat zone. Earn experience, level up and unlock more spell recipes, better equipment and other skill perks. Walk to encounter creatures and collect ingredients, learn spells, brew potions, find mighty objects and fight other players to earn power and strength.While the world is a stage, you are the lead performer.PLEASE NOTE. The game includes optional in-app purchases. A network connection is required.PLANNED FEATURES:● Ranked PVP. Duel other players in a long (global matchmaking) or a short-distance mode (local duels). ● Non-combat skills● Several spells with different effects● Various equipment pieces with different quality, unique stats and set-bonuses● Slot spell deck allowing for strategy and tactics● Champions
    28. Chris Schmidt

      Swashbuckler Showdown

      True, I agree. The first one was an east-asian, orchestra fusion one actually. =D https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/697711-dragons-of-the-west-—-last-airbender-inspiration/
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