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#animation 2/14

Sweet piggy, isn't it?

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #GamersUnite #screenshotsaturday #unity3d https://t.co/lscyvCxrPR
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  • Silicon Studio Announces Xenko Game Engine

    Silicon Studio Corporation has announced the commercial release of its Xenko game engine, an open source engine designed for development teams of all sizze, from indies working on mobile games to full studios working on AAA virtual reality titles.

  • HTC VIVE Announce Winners of Viveport Developer Awards

    HTC VIVETM has announced the winners of the Viveport Developer Awards (VDA), representing the best in VR content outside of games. The awards are organized by Viveport, HTC's app store for VR, and offer $500,000 in cash prizes in five categories.Winners were chosen by the VDA jury in categories feat...

  • Pluralsight Releases Game to Teach Game Development

    Pluralsight, the enterprise technology learning platform, today announces the release of a free, downloadable game, “Swords and Shovels,” to enhance the learning experience for aspiring game developers. The first of its kind on the technology learning platform, “Swords and Shovels” offers ga...

  • Carmack Shares Tips for Mobile VR Performance

    In a public Facebook post today, industry veteran and Oculus CTO John Carmack shares important tips to improve performance of VR applications on mobile GPUs. In the post, John discusses results found when profiling Pinball FX2 VR with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Profiler, and discusses the resulting tips ...

  • Amazon Releases Lumberyard Beta 1.8

    Amazon has announced the release of Lumberyard Beta 1.8. The release includes 234 new improvements, fixes, and features, and introduces the Cloud Gems Framework, a new framework designed to help developers build cloud-connected features quickly - Amazon claims in as little as 30 minutes per engineer.

  • SteamVR Tracking Licensing Now Free

    Valve has made it easier for peripheral designers to license its SteamVR position tracking hardware by removing the $3,000 training fee and instead offering an online certification course that designers can take for free.

  • Valve Announces Developer Build for Linux SteamVR

    With a recent push to the SteamVR for Linux page on Github, Valve has announced upcoming SteamVR support for Linux platforms.

  • Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit Announced

    Epic Games is inviting all developers to attend Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit, their annual event that is open to educators for free. The 2017 summit will feature a keynote address by Epic Games' Marc Petit, general manager of the Unreal Engine enterprise team, which supports many industries fr...

  • Moddable, Multiplayer Roguelike Isleward Open Sourced

    Big Bad Waffle just open sourced their game Isleward, a multiplayer roguelike game written in NodeJS/JS. In the game the player forms a party and explores different islands, spelunking and completing dungeons in search of treasure, while strengthening your character through looting for better gear and leveling up.

  • Developing Beyond Contest Semi-finalists Announced

    Semi-finalists have been announced for the $500,000 Developing Beyond competition organized by Epic Games and Wellcome. The Europe-based competition, themed "Transformations", runs over the course of a year, awarding finalists increasing funds through each stage to help complete their game. Each sem...