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Meet the Samurai from #StrangePets #gamedev #screenshotsaturday #magicavoxel #unity3d #netdevo https://t.co/yj44PHpTI4
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Interesting Topics
New Replies
unique_ptr trees as the node tree of a 2D game framework difficulties
Started by jwezorek in Game Programming
New Replies
Quebec business grants
Started by totesmagotes in Business and Law
New Replies
Need advice quick!
Started by Evening-Wolf in For Beginners
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PIX for Windows released yesterday
Started by Jesse Natalie in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
Painter-Class and Level-Structures
Started by Angelic Ice in Game Programming
New Replies
I've been a games journalist for 11 years. I've made this vid to hopefully help some devs get their games noticed and covered
Started by JonDenton in Business and Law
New Replies
Critique my work
Started by Allba in Visual Arts
New Replies
Need Review/Critique on icons/map/interface! - Borderlands apocalyptic theme
Started by Alexischristineevans in Visual Arts
New Replies
VOXEL DEFENSE - return to classic TD - need comments and idea how to improve game
Started by Reiben in Game Design
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Clarification on how OpenGL draws entities
Started by TheStudent111 in For Beginners
New Replies
Weird artifacts on borders of triangles
Started by Armus in OpenGL and Vulkan
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Is it true?! (work/life balance in gamedev question)
Started by bublik' in Game Industry Job Advice
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What is expected of a Gameplay Designer?
Started by xSgtWalkerx in Game Industry Job Advice
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How to create new games using Godot?
Started by ryank135 in For Beginners
New Replies
Game Design Portfolio Recommendations
Started by NeilR1507 in Game Design
New Replies
Jump Adventure
Started by marad747 in Indie Projects
New Replies
Fixed Scheduling vs Adaptive Scheduling?
Started by ABeattie in Production and Management
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Generate or precalculate expected results for component test cases?
Started by lucky6969b in General Programming
New Replies
How to start making games?!
Started by yutsura in For Beginners
New Replies
Survive in the Pixel
Started by Caarbo in Your Announcements
New Replies
Training New Programmers on Your Project
Started by _Martin in General Programming
New Replies
Linked list adventure
Started by Finalspace in Game Programming
New Replies
[FREE][GAME] CUBARIUM: Child of Isometry + Runner + Dolly-sheeps?
Started by Mantimon in Your Announcements
New Replies
create texture3D
Started by YixunLiu in DirectX and XNA
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