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The one from @theodysseygame looks amazing
#indiegame #indiedev #screenshotsaturday
https://t.co/0Yyqd4t9OQ https://t.co/NG2kWu2uYz
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Does 32bit RWTexture3D<uint> (or any 32bit RWTexture<uint> object) support atomic ops?
Started by Mr_Fox in DirectX and XNA
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Can we get a separate Vulkan forum?
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GLSL Double Emulation Inconsistency Across Drivers
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Turn-based strategy - Graphic performance issue
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Odd Graphical Artifacting in flat 3D image? Can you solve this mystery?
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Linked list adventure
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Bin packing
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Engine for Serious Visualization Application
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Rarura is out for iOS and Android tablets
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Android Game Development basics
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Modest budget marketing plan
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Realistic expectations for indie game developer
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Augmented Reality - Unity Vs Unreal
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std::vector and iterator question
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Alpha Fighters Steam Greenlight
Started by DesireProwz in Your Announcements
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Triton Wing: overhead shooter
Started by Matt_Aufderheide in Your Announcements
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Perspective Projection Matrix Generation
Started by nicolas.bertoa in Graphics Programming and Theory
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Encapsulating Software Modules/Components
Started by Angelic Ice in General Programming
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Anyone has any experience with Cyber security?
Started by LAURENT* in GDNet Lounge
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RTS: keeping track of air units?
Started by suliman in Game Programming
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Evil War Lite/FREE [GAME][FREE]
Started by araz01 in Your Announcements
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Character Creation and Integration for Video Games
Started by CasualProgrammer in Visual Arts
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How does my game look so far?
Started by newsong30 in Game Design
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DirectInput hooking crashes the game in the EnumObjects.
Started by gzmarshall in DirectX and XNA
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