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    1. Past hour
    2. I've read most of it and replied previously accordingly. Sure a commercial engine has many man years of work on it and that's great.. but what you didn't mention is those engines are so generic and bloated. Which might save you time, but at the expense of your users'.. storage, battery, personal info (engine datamining is a thing and you cant turn it off), etc. etc. I've written/copied BMP, TGA, OBJ, etc etc readers too.. solved problems, no big deal, I don't see your point. "that they have the collective knowledge of thousands of people in themselves." You really like misrepresenting me lol "I agree with @Hodgman limit your engine to your game and I would also add your knowledge and abilities, ie don't go over board with features you don't fully understand. "
    3. Actually, I did listen to several of their videos. But, as I stated before, I just don't usually like AI generative music. AI tends to make decisions that I don't care for and prefer the touch of human composers. AI generated music does have it's usefulness but it also has some strict limitations. Some of this is most certainly personal bias but it seems to be shared by many composers and gamers I've talked to over the years about this very topic.
    4. Jordan Winslow

      How much of your guy's work is film vs game audio?

      It is certainly easier to break into the gaming audio industry than in the film industry, in my opinion. Game audio is more forgiving of experimentation and thinking outside of the box, whereas filmmakers are less likely to stray as far from contemporary orchestration and generally seem to stick with "tried and true" instrumentation. (Depending on the genre, of course, this is why I love Sci-Fi so much! Lots of opportunities for ambient soundscapes and grungy electronic basses there!) Luckily in both film and game production, we are seeing a plethora of new opportunities pop up across the map, as technology is making development less and less expensive and requires less of a steep learning curve thanks to its power. I would say both fields have equal opportunity but in my opinion, the best way to angle yourself as a music producer is as someone who can comfortably shift gears from contemporary scoring techniques for film, and evocative electronic soundscapes for video games 🙂 That being said, it's about 40%-60% for me, film vs video games. Indie game developers are easier to work with and sometimes audio can come into the picture far earlier in game development than in film which generally waits until post-production to even THINK about the music.
    5. Jordan Winslow


      Delightfully Japanese, I love the overall vibe, reminds me of the Katamari games. If I could change anything about it I would probably add a more punchy drum section and speed it up just a tad. I'm not on my reference monitors right now so I can't really comment on the mixing, but on my laptop speakers (which many people still use to play games with, even if it's not the best experience) it is solid!
    6. I checked out your Oceana demo and I very much liked it! It is a very fascinating concept and none of the melodies generated by this system seemed out of place to me. It was simple, ambient and tonal, the way I would expect from an underwater scene. My guess is nsmadsen did not actually listen to the content before commenting, as your primary point in this software is to allow indies without a budget to hire a professional composer or with little access to stock resources to still have interactive music in their game that adapts to the player's movements and the game content itself. I noticed how the tones changed with the shark and the jellyfish and I am wondering have you pre-programmed midi melodies to control instrumentation and respond to in-game cues with a sequence of "danger" melodies when danger occurs and "mystery" melodies when mystery occurs, etc? Or are the melodies actually generated algorithmically from scratch as well? The latter would be very impressive, but either way, I think this is a very cool project and I wish you success with it!
    7. Today
    8. The discussion is drifting away from the topic. I was thinking about not answering your last thread, but this would've made a false impression. You are free to contact me via PM to discuss anything unrelated to this topic.
    9. Quoted directly from your post: That is a CLEAR ad for soliciting for work. Never once in your post did you ask for feedback on your work. Anywhere. You weren't not sharing your work for feedback or discussion. In your original post you also stated this below: So you may not be profiting but you're looking for ways to get your work and your name credited in projects. All of this is okay to do in the classified sections of GD.net but the music and sound forum is designed for feedback, discussion and tutorials. You're not really doing any of that. You're clearly looking for work. ??? How so? There's a hobbyist section which is all for free work which your library would be suitable in. And there's the contractor section for paid work, where your solicitation for paid work would also fit. Locking this thread as it's clear you just want to debate me on this and already knew the forum rules and guidelines - you just choose to post regardless. As I said before - you are WELCOME to post for discussion, to share tracks for feedback and take part in the forum. You're not welcome to solicit for work within the Music and Sound forum. That is for the Careers section - go for it over there. Reach out via PM if you're still confused but I've tried to lay everything out very clearly.
    10. Basically an ad? It's a library of free resources for video game developers to use and in no way do I profit from this whatsoever. There are also no ads on my website so I am actually paying money to give away these free resources to the community. Posting this in the careers section would be entirely inappropriate as this is a free resource, not a paid product or service. What would the proper place be to post free audio resources for the community to use if not the audio section? Here are your forum rules (that you wrote) which I read before making this post: "Please remember that the Music and Sound forum is for discussion, sharing one's work and getting feedback to help you improve." - This falls under sharing one's work. "The Music and Sound forum isn't the place for you to try and get clients. It's also not the right spot to try and get your music placed." - Not trying to get clients, trying to share a free resource. If you have issue with the end of the article where I say "you can contact me as a last resort if you don't find what you need" then why not just edit that out?
    11. Hey there, I'm very new to this forum so i have no idea, if someone has the time to help me out a bit. So.. I'm working on a Kingdom Hearts Game. I nearly finished the Engine of the Game, but i need to make more sprites and animations for the characters. The Game will not be that long or have a real story, i just planned to make all Organisation Battles from Kingdom Hearts II in 2D graphics. The Gameplay will be like KH2 or other Kingdom Hearts Titles. You will be able to change your start conditions like you want (for Example: Lvl 1, Critical & No Experience or Lvl 99, Beginner etc). You will have Items, Abilities, Spells and you can customize shortcuts like in Kingdom Hearts II. I'm open to ideas and suggestions. If you are interested in this Project and want to help me out with sprites, pls PM me. I really need help and if it's done i will buy ice-cream to everyone who helped me I will include a few Screenshot that you can picture what it will look like and if you help i will send you a Demo-Version ^^ And sorry for my bad English Thank you for your attention i forgot to say the sprites and graphics that are actually in the game will not be the graphics that will be in the finished version
    12. This is basically just an ad for this composer and that goes against the forum guidelines. And, outside of his free library of music cues, there's really no real teachable value here as most other music license libraries are not free. In short, the techniques will only work if you use Jordan's library. So... I don't really see any reason to make this an article, to be honest. As a result - I'm hiding this thread. Jordan - feel free to post in the Careers section! We have a Contractors section where you can look for paid work and we have a hobbyist section where you can look for free work. I wish you the best of luck! But the Music and Sound forum is designed for discussion, getting feedback on one's work and sharing tutorials. Not for soliciting work.
    13. Hello! My name is Sean McFarland and I am a freelance illustrator looking to expand my portfolio to include game development. I am learning the industry and would love to contribute to your next project while doing so. While I would primarily be interested in concept work, I am open to providing any 2D assets you may require. You can review my current portfolio at www.seanmcfarlandart.com Feel free to contact me at sean.mcfarland.art@gmail.com for any inquiries.
    14. i'm not suggesting you would. I believe that your engine appears to be going along well and that you probably wont benefit significantly by going to a commercial engine for the next project, beyond that i'm not going to speculate. I'm encouraging you to extend on what you have, build in your 2d components and further improvements to the engine you have. As you said above, you already have various systems implemented - you would have to re-implement those sorts of systems if you changed for your next project. Almost all games experience a decline after the first year - there some exceptions - but it comes down to market cycles, advertising, and no longer being on the 'new' list. You may find you get a bunch of sales when you exit early access and end up on the 'released' list. Right now being in early access for $20, with the screenshots and video you have, you may be turning away potential buyers.
    15. I wouldn't change the game engine anything for this project! My initial question targets my games that might come in the future. The second game is already in production and will be announced in the next weeks. I have a large collection of different video game concepts and I selected something I can create at the same time as Galactic Crew. Since the engine is the same, I instantly had everything from basic game features, settings, UI controls, input management, asset management, pathfinding, state machines, etc. It wasn't much to add before I had a playable mock-up. The main work of the second game is done by freelancers (2D artists, screenwriters, level designers, etc.). This way, I can manage both projects at the same time. I also wanted to start a second project while Galactic Crew is still in development, because it will make sure I can continue my work next year! Like most Indie games, the sales of Galactic Crew declined in the first year. If I want to continue to make games next year, I can either abandon the game and start something new or need a second source of income. I expect the upcoming Steam Sales to be as good as the last ones (the numbers are pretty constant), but this won't be enough to finance an entire year of development after I paid my taxes (they are pretty high in Germany...)! As one can clearly see in the Steam discussions, I care about every single player and issue. Bugs are normally fixed within hour if possible, almost all requested features were added within the next two updates and so on. I also get a lot of very positive e-mails from players who enjoy the game. It isn't done yet, but I improved the game and its engine dramatically over the past 10 months and I will continue my work.
    16. fleabay

      Proffecional 2D Artist For hire

      Proffecional Professionnal Really dude? I'm not the grammar police by any means but that is one word that needs to be spelled correctly. At least misspell it consistently or somewhere in the neighborhood.
    17. .I work with professionnals (books, game) and I have a great experience with individual commissionners since three years. My prices are very reasonable. You can check my portfolio here: bradyrain.artstation Skype: Brady Rain Facebook: https: www.facebook.com/dmitri.veselyi We can negotiate the prices. Feel free to contact me and discuss about the project. Regards, Dmytro Veseliy.
    18. Dmitry Veseliy

      Bradys Art

      I would like see you on my artstation. Have a look at my paintings. Hope you enjoy it and thank you a lot for you time and support. You can check my portfolio here: bradyrain.artstation Skype: Brady Rain Facebook: https: www.facebook.com/dmitri.veselyi Feel free to contact me and discuss about any project. Regards, Dmytro Veseliy.
    19. I took a moment this morning to have a look at your screenshots you have in your twitter and followed the breadcrumbs onto steam. To be honest, i'm not sure what you would get from changing approach right at this moment. In your case I think you have enough of an engine and product that you're in the 'polishing' stages of your engine - there are still a number of features that you will likely like to implement, but the core is there. There is a lot of investment in making the things work that you would have to expend a bit of effort to port to another engine if that was the way you're going. You've mentioned that you're looking to do a 2d art styled game for your next project, what functional differences do you foresee between the 2d and 3d systems you've used in terms of making the game? The challenge moving from a 3d engine to a 2d engine is more in the thought process changes in how you might reference space, fighting with renderers and sprite layering, and the functional difference of sprite animation over 3d object animation - if indeed you go down the sprite path. This however depends on how you approach it, Its easy enough to modify a 3d system to make a 2d game - you could take a cell shading approach to make the 3d object look like a 2d one. I couldnt see if you have animated textures - but i'm sure its on your radar. I will however pause, the game you have on steam isnt complete - and perhaps its worth finishing and polishing up a bit more before moving on - especially at the $20 price point that you've set (at least in my region). At $5 consumers are more likely to accept a product being de-prioritized by a developer within a year, but at $20 in early access there would be an expectation you'd get to 1.0 at some point. $20 puts you out of the band where a number of people will be willing to roll the dice and not really care if it delivers. Consumers are also known to look at the other offerings a developer has before committing to buy a game, so when you release your next game, people may look to your older ones and see how well or poorly you supported it. Focusing on the video (noting this could be old - if it is, update it), you have issues where shadows are moving dependent on the camera (00:09-00:15), shadows thrown at wrong angles (appears to be a point light ~20m from the ground in the middle of the scene - or just behind the camera), the cave scene being very bright even though you're under ground. Your ship to ship combat looks very static, basic broadside and no real movement. Its obvious that the engine you've built has a lot of effort into it, but perhaps needs a little more before being put down?
    20. Yesterday
    21. Typically you'd create an SDK for your device that simply allows games to send information to it, e.g. SetDangerLevel(100). Developers can then integrate your device into their game as they see fit. Mod-makers can do the same. The exact process for making on of these mods will be completely different for every game, because the way they represent health, damage, enemies, combat, events, etc, is all completely different... A mod-maker / developer needs to understand the particular game code from their specific game and insert calls to your SDK at the appropriate places... There's not really a general way to do it.
    22. cfrankb

      LGCK Builder

      LGCK Builder provides a unique development environment that can be easily used by novice and seasoned game creators to get the best results quickly. Our approach is different because the philosophy is geared toward simplicity and re-usability.
    23. TimestopperGames

      [Work in progress] Aurora 2

      Aurora 2 is currently in the middle of development and i would love to hear feedback about what i am doing right or wrong and how i could improve on this since this is the first game that iv'e really tried to make good and planned everything out for!if you want to keep up to date with the development of Aurora 2 then check out the dev-log and tell me what you think! https://gamejolt.com/games/Aurora2/354550check out the TSG twitter page at: https://twitter.com/?lang=enand the Aurora 2 website at: https://timestopper_games1.gamejolt.io/Aurora2/instagram account: @TimeStopperGamesAny feedback would be much appreciated.
    24. Dirk Gregorius

      How to solve this trig function?

      For completeness: // Solve sin(at) * d = sin(a(1-t)) * e // Divide by e sin(a*t) * d / e = sin(a*(1-t)) // Substitute b = d/e b * sin(at) = sin(a - at) // Trig identity b * sin(at) = sin(a) * cos(at) - cos(a) * sin(at) // Add cos(a) * sin(at) on both sides b * sin(at) + cos(a) * sin(at) = sin(a) * cos(at) // Factor sin(at) sin(at) * [b + cos(a)] = sin(a) * cos(at) // Divide by cos(at) and use tan(at) = sin(at) / cos(at) tan(at) * [b + cos(a)] = sin(a) *and* cos(at) != 0 // Divide by [b + cos(a)] tan(at) = sin(a) / [b + cos(a)] // Solve for at at = atan( sin(a) / [b + cos(a)] ) // Divide by a t = atan( sin(a) / [b + cos(a)] ) / a
    25. Thank you I haven't watched the video, but is it compliant to Europe's GDPR? In Germany privacy is super important, e.g. the governmant can hardly install any cameras in public areas for this reason. Using another company's or person's game engine is definitely something good. The purpose of this thread was not to choose what is better: Creating your own engine vs. Using someone's engine. The question was if I should switch in my particular situation. I am very sure that game engines have their value and if someone wants to create a game he should not be forced to write his own engine. When people build their own car in their garage they normally do not build the engine, transmission or tires by themselves. 😄 If the profit is well enough at the end of the year, I will continue making games and then I'll decide whether I switch or not. If I don't switch I am going to put my game engine online so other people might find some inspiration (or not..).
    26. DerekB

      Calculating Vertex Normals

      You may have had some flipped face normals in your input, and fixing that may have made the result of your lighting more plausible, but if you continue to average your summed normals rather than normalising them as JoeJ is suggesting then you are still not getting the correct results. Honestly it's really worth your while to get your head around the concepts JoeJ talked about, unit normals and normalisation are kind of a big deal. Everything you do in 3D graphics will be easier and make more sense if you can understand fundamental linear algebra.
    27. I've been out of the loop for a while and just noticed that term. I tried looking it up on google, but the closest answer was a gamedev topic with a similar title as mine. I read it, but didn't get a full explanation. Is it a method of swapping/replacing data in GPU memory with texture data in CPU memory?
    28. fmatak

      How to solve this trig function?

      Well, let me try: sin(a*t) * d = sin(a*(1-t)) * e d/e = sin(at) / sin(a-at) expand sin(a-at) to sin(a) * cos(at) - cos(a) * sin(at) e/d = ( sin(a) * cos(at) - cos(a) * sin(at) ) / sin(at) simplify: e/d = sin(a)* tan(at) - cos(a) we know a,d and e so sin/cos of them are also constant. we need to put everything on one side except t. ( e/d + cos(a) ) / sin(a) = tan(at) use atan to get rid of tan and move a to the other side. t = 1/a * ( atan( ( e/d + cos(a) ) / sin(a) ) ) if we expand inside of atan, we get t = 1/a * (atan( ( e + cos(a) * d ) / ( e * sin( a ) ) ) ) I hope this is same as what I wrote earlier only thing that worries me is, the units in trig functions. Radians etc. you may need to multiply/divide with PI or something...
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