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    2. Alberth

      shooting bullets

      It helps if post questions instead of statements, as I cannot given an answer to the latter. Anyway, assuming your plane has an direction of flight and a position, you can use those to compute the path where the bullet should fly.
    3. Hi Vilem, Chrome is slightly slower again but the main issue is we have not optimised the game yet so it will take a long time to load if you are on a slow connection (webGL does not support mobile devices either). We are still in development and i would have preferred not to show the project yet but there is a bit of a catch-22 with getting people involved so we can finish and showing them what we have so they want to get involved. It can very time consuming to optimise early content that may well be changed based on player-feedback. If you are interested in helping us clean the site up or creating VFX for the game, we could have a call where i show you the game in the editor. Otherwise, stay tuned and we will soon be releasing a public Alpha. Thanks
    4. Steven Ford


      Ah ok, never used it myself. Just raw Win32 calls - maybe that's why I've been able to overcome my initial dislike of UWP as it is somewhat nicer than what I've been used to 😉
    5. Scouting Ninja

      Quaternion, why divide angle by 2?

      Yes, sorry I should have mentioned that I was only expanding on the answers above. They where correct, we divide by 2 to mirror the rotation around a hyperplane. You could achieve the same static result using -1*theta. The problem is that your rotation animation will look like it is imploding, literally rotating within itself and disappearing. So the theta/2 rotates in on two other axis, 90 degrees on one and 90 degrees on the other; like a Rubik's cube. This is what a hyperplane is, we make a 3D rotation by manipulating 4D. In 3D space we see a smooth left/right hand 180 degree rotation. While in 4D it is 90degree on one axis and 90 degree on the other. Quaternion is one of the common Euclidean Hyperplane types. Divided into two hemispheres. +1 and -1 hemispheres. I hope this helps a little. I recommend working your way up from 1D.
    6. After only Rutin did the baseball challenge, and the difficulty of coming up with ideas that will appeal to all, could it be an idea for us to use a crowd based system for deciding between challenge topics? How would it sound if either the organiser (or the group members) brainstormed a bunch of suggestions, and we used a poll to decide on the most popular choice? That way we could get as many as possible of us to have a go. Thoughts?
    7. I really wanted to try it out - although it was not possible for me. The loading gets probably stuck (or it may just be too huge to download over the network while I'm travelling). I've been trying on Chrome, so that may be another problem. While the project looks interesting, it lacks any information on the site - without being able to run the demo one can't have any idea how it looks/what it plays like (even though as it is in Unity, I might be interested in making at least a bit of VFX, which is kind of a hobby for me).
    8. An early version of the game can be found here: http://sophiesgames.com/QuestIon/ but there is a good chance it wont work as intended due to it being pre-alpha. Get in touch for a demo. The game has you play as a young child in an oasis within a large desert. As you explore you will come across a brutal event and be forced to make a decision. It is a short 20 minutes worth of game play where we are aiming for high calibre work to show of something we can be proud of. All of the other jobs required are done or in the process. But there are positions left: * VFX – Someone to who can work with Unity to create such things as a spell cast visual, lighting and fancy screen fades, etc. * Web – You can see our current site is a bit clunky. I am a programmer but I have no web background and im moving forward slowly. If someone wants to help implement the custom theme, make it mobile friendly, etc. then get in touch! Get in touch if you can help with any of it. I am a developer of 8 years who teaches Unity at college and has experience in the games and commercial sector as a programmer. Most of the programming for the game is done, now we are just pulling it all together with some beautiful art!
    9. Hodgman

      How to distribute pre-release game?

      I think that's a typo. They refer to it as "test flight" on the next line. Test Flight used to be an iOS/Android service for this kind of thing, but then it was bought out by Apple and is now the official way to do this on iOS.
    10. My general rule of naming is, no matter what you name your variables and functions, there are people who will look at your code and think your names are stupid. So IMO you might as well not spend a lot of time mulling over it.
    11. Your family of overloaded functions or your function template (why do you have a struct template instead in your code example?) should not try to list types in its name; it should be named for what it does. Forbidding unsuitable types is a job for the function implementation, presumably by testing compile-time predicates.
    12. mathematical

      Quaternion, why divide angle by 2?

      This is a bit more confusing than i expected it to be. @Scouting Ninja If i'm getting your example correct, you have two angles on the circle ~135 and ~225. When projected onto a 1D line, both angles look the same, even tough they are not. In this example, if we where to divide the angle by 2 it would effectively eliminate the bottom hemisphere of the circle, mapping 135 to 67.5 and 225 to 112.5. This would make it so all 360 degrees are mapped to the upper hemisphere of the circle, meaning if we where to project it onto a straight line, every value would be visible. Did i get that right? Expanding that to quaternions would make a lot of sense. @JoeJ I'm still working trough visualizing the numbers you provided, will probably have some question later. @Maciej Mizerski That's a bit above my head. I was not aware that i,j,k represented rotations of 180. I'm not sure how eliminating the divide by 2 would cause them to be 90 instead of 180... What i think i get from your explanation is that when dividing theta / 2, then sin(180/2) = 1, so at 180 degrees i = 1, I'm not really grasping the significance of this.... I've read a few sources that explain the need to divide by 2 as a result of conjugation, so multiplying a vector would be \(qpq^{-1}\), that is q needs to rotate p half way, then q-1 needs to go the other half. One of the most intuitive explanations i heard about this is that we're not just rotating on one plane, rather both the real and vector parts of the quaternion rotate the vector. So you want to rotate half way, then invert the quat and rotate the other half. Inverting will undo one of the planes that we're rotating on, putting the vector back on a 3D plane.... I'm going to write some code tomorow to try and visualize both qp and (qp)q', see if i can maybe make sense of that.
    13. I think Godot will be an excellent choice for starting. I'm just evaluating it to do my next mini-game, and have been working through tutorials / testing 3d skinned model import. I also used Unity for the previous mini-game and while Unity has many commendable properties (and a wealth of tutorials), the words I would use in comparison to Godot would be things like 'incoherent', 'bloated', 'slow', 'mess'. Perhaps this is partly because at the moment Unity has more features / custom addons which don't necessarily work well together, whereas Godot is younger, more focused and hasn't had the opportunity to make so many design mistakes as Unity. But it is hard to deny, putting on my 'software engineering' hat, Godot (to my eyes) simply seems a far more proficiently written piece of software. Godot also nicely wraps up everything into one simple package, the gd script editor is built in and has autocompletion, debugging etc, no need to install other editors / .net frameworks etc etc. I don't know about on windows, but on linux the entire thing (engine / editor / help files etc) is installed as an elegant single 49 meg .appimage, which is fantastic. That said, I haven't gone through a project life cycle with it yet, and am expecting to encounter bugs / the need for workarounds, particularly because I am using 3d which may be more in a state of flux (and hasn't been proven with a large number of games). The 2d part of the engine seems to get glowing reviews though.
    14. So, i finally made a decision. I will use Godot and learn GDscript, the programing language of Godot, similiar to python. From what i've seen so far, creating 2d games in Godot has better tools (less time needed for the same outcome) than Unity, the user interface is well arranged, and i like it how the projects can be organized. A big THANK YOU to all who gave me advice, even though i didn't chose anything that was suggested, it helped me a lot to check out the right game engines and make a decision.
    15. Hi all, I'm very picky about names and recently I had to add a meta programming class to have one function which accept char, int, float, double, T& and T*. if it's only reference or pointer you would call it TConstPtrOrRef like that: /*! \brief Constant pointer or reference of T. */ template< class T > struct TConstPtrOrRef { typedef const T& Type; //!< Type. }; /*! \brief Constant pointer or reference of T. */ template< class T > struct TConstPtrOrRef< T* > { typedef const T* Type; //!< Type. }; But if you add char, int, float and double then it's not only ref or ptr. Any opinion of a good name ? Thank you
    16. Tom Sloper

      How to distribute pre-release game?

      This is a marketing question. Moving to Business forum.
    17. When you need to share a pre-release version of a game with a showcase, reviewer, alpha-testers, etc, what do you do? I know Steam and VivePort offer some closed alpha-release options. I've seen a service mentioned called "Pre-flight" on the MIVS FAQ (http://super-archive.magfest.org/mivsfaq) but I can't seem to find it. What other options are there and how well have they worked in your experience? -M
    18. In this case we need whatever magic d3dx9 does when it converts RGBA data to U8V8 data (which is clearly more than just lopping off 2 channels based on some testing I have done). If DirectXTex can do that same magic conversion, that would be good. Otherwise I will keep looking for some code that can do it :)
    19. Hello everyone. I have recently been applying for various entry level game programming jobs, but have not so much as heard back from most of the companies. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my resume and programming portfolio, in case they are the reason I'm not hearing back from companies. My resume can be found on my linkedin profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonah-brooks-16b49159/ (I've also attached it to this post) And my portfolio can be found at https://amperian.itch.io with source code at https://github.com/JonahBrooks I've searched the forums for other people asking for portfolio feedback and incorporated most of the suggestions they were given. Would it be significantly better if I made a website with code snippets and videos, or is my current approach more of what employers are looking for? Also, judging by my resume and portfolio, do I even have enough experience for an entry level position, or should I wait until I've made a few more games on my own? Finally, should I aim for self-publishing something on Google Play and/or Steam, or just stick with itch.io demos for my portfolio? Thank you for your time in reading this and for any feedback you may give. Jonah_Brooks_Resume.pdf
    20. Thank you Hodgman. I was wondering that if we already have Map, UnMap and CopyBuffer region then why are these UpdateSubresources function required. I knew d3dx12 had wrappers but didn't quite really hit me to check the definitions there.
    21. In this case all the only "conversion" that you would do would be to chop off the extra 2 channels to create an R8G8_UNORM texture. You can certainly do this yourself before creating the texture resource, but you could also just ignore it. Your shader code will work the same with R8G8_UNORM as it will with R8G8B8A8_UNORM formats if it only uses the first two channels of the texture fetch. If you really want to do format conversions, DirectXTex can do all of that for you.
    22. phil67rpg

      shooting bullets

      well I have studied the tutorial and some youtube videos about linear algebra
    23. By same way. Really you have to keep in mind that you work with triangles not with vertices. Put to output buffer vertices of first triangle and record by the way new indices - it is a size of new buffer before adding a each vertex. Then get a second triangle. Search output buffer for its vertices. By search results you will know new indices of vertices that have to be merged. Then add vertices of triangle that not exists on output buffer yet and remember it indexes. Now you have full set of indices for second triangle so can just add it to output index buffer. And so on for next triangles. Also keep in mind that hardware and as result graphics API like D3D or OpenGL do not support separate attribute indexing. It mean that vertices that have same coords but belong to different poligons as result have a different normals, UV coords or other atributes is a different vertices, so have to be doubled to keep mesh integrity by other attributes.
    24. Hey guys, my name is Jordan Winslow and I am a professional electronic music producer & composer who also happens to be a talented story writer and has a ton of experience with VNMaker, Tyrannobuilder, Renpy, and RPG Maker tools and I am looking for talented artists who want to make a horror game together! My last game I created: "The Watchers" https://jordanwinslow.itch.io/the-watchers My Music: https://jordanwinslow.me/showcase I am open to plot ideas but, based on your artwork, I would like to create an original story that matches our music and art so we can play on both of our strengths. Up until now I have only been able to create visual novels with the use of stock photography and stock videos, but with the use of original art, we should be able to come up with a story that is far more specific to the art on screen. My favorite horror games (For reference) Saya no Uta (Horror Visual Novel Originally in Japanese) The Crooked Man SOMA Corpse Party I have a few pretty awesome ideas for sci-fi or extra-dimensional horror games, I also know of a great real-life story about aliens we could make a game about and I could easily come up with something new if I am inspired by your art! So let's create something awesome together! Send me a message along with some examples of your art and we will either create a team of multiple people together or just the two of us if you are capable of coming up with a decent amount of original artwork! I've got the music, the story and the programming handled unless you want to do the programming and help with the story.
    25. mrMatrix

      FBX SDK skinned animation

      Using spheres I was able to create and animate a generalized "skeleton" to visualize skeletal data from fbx files. But, now when I go to skin the mesh it moves but it all blows up on me. I've gotten and stored the bone space joint animation matricies per frame and multiplied them by the inverse bind pose of the same joint, but to no avail. My shader code for the gbufferAnim is similar to the ogldev tutorial 38 code for assimp. Does anyone think I'm missing something critical here to narrow it down? layout(location = 0) in vec3 pE; layout(location = 1) in vec2 uvE; layout(location = 2) in vec3 tE; layout(location = 3) in vec3 nE; layout(location = 4) in ivec4 boneIdE; layout(location = 5) in vec4 boneWtE; const int MAX_BONES = 100; uniform mat4 gBones[MAX_BONES]; mat4 BoneTransform = gBones[boneIdE[0]] * boneWtE[0]; BoneTransform += gBones[boneIdE[1]] * boneWtE[1]; BoneTransform += gBones[boneIdE[2]] * boneWtE[2]; BoneTransform += gBones[boneIdE[3]] * boneWtE[3]; gl_Position = MVP * BoneTransform * vec4(pE, 1.f);
    26. Brian Delgado

      Composer for you're games

      COMPOSER FOR VIDEO GAMES AND MEDIA Hi everyone! I'm Brian Delgado from France. I'm a composer/Beatmaker. I principally compose cinematic, epic, orchestral, hybrid music. I work with professional trailer publisher/company. I'm really interesting by video games music. To ear my work I have a little music portfolio with my best representatives tracks. 1st : Epic electronic orchestral, mix under orchestral and electronic ambiance. 2nd : A badass trailer rock. It's one of my most appreciated music. A badass guitar riff with some hybrids textures, sound design and rythms. 3rd : Emotional cinematic music. It's a collaboration. Some emotions with the melodie, and the epic end part. I hope you like it. I'm not limitate to epic music. I can compose is others styles (but it's my favorite ) Don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested for you're games or if you are composer and want to talk with me Feel free to check my soundcloud to ear my work : Have a nice day everyone!!! (Sorry for my bad english level)
    27. Yesterday
    28. ChaosEngine

      Semi-complete Newbie

      There are plenty of AAA titles written in C# and even a few in Python (EVE online uses Stackless Python). So you can definitely keep programming in C# or python for the moment. That said... C++ is definitely a large part of game programming especially AAA titles. There are a lot of existing tools, libraries, etc that use C++. If your ultimate goal is to get a job in the industry programming AAA games, knowing C++ is pretty much a requirement. Also, once you learn C++, you will really appreciate the luxuries of other languages 😛 @Rutin has already given the best advice here. Get a good book, download a compiler (Visual Studio has a free version and is widely used in the industry) and start writing programs. Start small and work your way up. I would advise sticking to text-based stuff until you are comfortable with the language, then you can start to look at graphics APIs.
    29. Not sure if you'll find any server that's specifically for minors, but just to add to the list of Discord servers for game dev in general, the /r/gamedev subreddit has a pretty great Discord server with channels for pretty much everything: https://discord.gg/reddit-gamedev Also: is it just me, or is the Discord link on the page for the GDNet server broken? It just redirects me to my Home page.
    30. cosmopath

      Video game soundtrack

      Absolutely build up a portfolio on an easily accessible platform (SoundCloud, YouTube, whatever) before you do anything else. You can have all of the marketing/branding in the world while no one wants to hire you because you don't have a portfolio they can go off of. As Ptietz said above, it's very unlikely you'll be able to use your pre-existing music for an actual game soundtrack, as for a good soundtrack to pop it needs to fit directly and specifically with the theme of the game - so unless you get insanely lucky, I'd view your current work as practice rather than actual usable work for a game soundtrack. There's multiple places you can find projects to join, whether you're looking to get paid directly for your work, you're looking for a rev-share deal, or just a small hobbyist project to join. This very forum is a great way to do just that, in addition to other platforms like Reddit and Nubbl. If you perhaps want to enter the industry in a more professional and higher-level fashion, making connections with people in the industry is super important (and that goes for anything in the games industry, not just composing soundtracks), although of course you'd have to work your way up if that was your goal - you're not going to be making connections with AA/AAA studios right out of the gate.
    31. Maciej Mizerski

      Quaternion, why divide angle by 2?

      There is a theorem (classification of compact Lie Groups) that says there is only one associative, multiplicative structure on the 3-sphere (up to an isomorphism). It's generated by 1, i, j, k such that i^2=j^2=k^2 = i*j*k = -1 So your question is can we have i, j and k represent rotations by 90 degrees instead of 180? Let's assume that they represent 90 degrees, then -1 = i^2 represents a rotation by 180 degrees. But you can convince yourself that i*j*k is not a rotation by 180! So this is not possible. In fact the equations i^2=j^2=k^2 = i*j*k = -1 only hold if i, j and k represent rotations by 180: if Rx(a), Ry(a) and Rz(a) are rotations by angle a around x, y, z respectively, then we must have: Rx(a)^2 = Rx(a)*Ry(a)*Rz(a) Multiplying by the inverse of Rx(a) on the left: Rx(a) = Ry(a)*Rz(a) If you write this equation in terms of elementary rotation matrices containing sin(a) and cos(a), you will find the solutions are: a = 0, 180, 360... But obviously a = 0, 360,.. are the trivial solution (where each quaternion is a rotation by 0 angle). So it must be that a = 180.
    32. Thal


      It looks very complex. Show a video from gameplay.
    33. I tried it. You have a long way to go. Music is annoying. It's hard to read when somebody sings. I tried to enter combat, but couldn't move my ship. I set sails but nothing happened. It didn't move. You need to work more on making your game more accessible. I lost patience quickly because I couldn't move my ship.
    34. Hey all! We’re a small game development team looking for artists or the Japanese-inspired 2D RPG game that we’re working on. To put it shortly, the specific artstyle we're aiming for that currently isn't covered are 2D flat chibi-style sprites akin to Fire Emblem Heroes, as well as more detailed anime-style portraits for character dialogue. I do understand how entering a project based on rev-share can be risky (although this subforum seems to be more oriented towards that). This being more of a ‘project’ than a large-scale commercial development, we really don’t have much of a budget at all, but hopefully what we’ve already done now can convince you that this is a project with potential worth joining. ---- What we have: 1. A full game design document. This isn’t some poorly planned 3-page mess of writing or whatever. We’ve clearly outlined all of the basics that need to be established in our game, including the general gameplay, the story, the desired art style, target audiences, miscellaneous release/marketing information, and all that jazz. Unlike some other poor excuses for GDDs I’ve seen, this has enough detail to tell you everything you need to know about the project. 2. An actual 16+ page script that’s actually in progress! So far we’ve written over 16 pages for dialogue and scripting for the game’s story, fully adapted for real gameplay. We’ve already discussed how each stage of the plot will play into user gameplay, and a portion of it has already been written (which is what the script entails) to fit this. 3. A working prototype. Sure, it’s kind of barebones and without any original artistic assets (can’t have original assets when you don’t have artists, right?), but it’s a functional prototype with all of the core framework for the game already integrated. At this point in time, a big amount of the work that needs to be done is simply implementing the assets that artists make for us into the game, which shows that there’s already been a good amount done on the coding side of things. (Also, we already have an awesome small team newly built from elsewhere consisting of two composers and an artist in addition to the three of us who founded the project - we just need a couple more artists!) ----- If you're interested in the project, I encourage you to meesage me on here (or email me at justin@archeron.io) and I'll direct you to the manager of the project who can answer any questions or concerns before you decide to join the team. I can also do my best to answer questions if there's anything immediate you'd like to know. We currently work in Discord, so I advise you make an account there if you haven't already. Thanks everyone!
    35. Thal

      My first finished game "Cube defender"

      For a first game it's nice. It looks feature rich and playable. Your problem is that you are clearly not an artist. This greatly limits the appeal of your game because it's full of "programmer art".
    36. For reference I am use Unity as my game engine and the A* Pathfinding Project for path finding as there is no chance I would be able to create anything close to as performant as that in any reasonable amount of time. So I am looking to build a game that is going to have a very similar style as Prison Architect / Rim World / SimAirport / etc. One of the things that I assume is going to effect performance is path finding. Decisions about the game I have already made that I think relate to this are: 1. While I am going to be using Colliders, all of them will be trigger colliders so everything can pass through each other and I will not be use physics for anything else as it has no relevance for my game 2. I am going to want to have a soft cap at the map size being 300x300 (90,000 tiles), I might allow bigger sizes but do something like Rim World does in warning the player about possible side effect (whether it be performance or gameplay) 3. The map will be somewhat dynamic in that the user will be able to build / gather stuff from the map but outside of that, it should not change very much Now I am going to build my game around the idea that users would be in control of no more than 50 pawns at any given time (which is something I can probably enforce through the game play) but I am also going to want to have number other pawns that are AI controlled on the map (NPCs, animals, etc.) that would also need path finding enabled. Now I did a basic test in which I have X number of pawns pick a random location in the 300 x 300 map. move towards it, and then change the location every 3-5 seconds. My initial test was pretty slow (not surprising as I was calculating the path every frame for each pawn) so I decided to cache the calculated path results and only update it ever 2 seconds which got me: 100 pawns: 250 - 450 FPS 150 pawns: 160 - 300 FPS 200 pawns: 90 - 150 FPS 250 pawns: 50 - 100 FPS There is very little extra happening in the game outside of rendering the tilemap. I would imagine the most pawns on the map at a given time that need path finding might be a 1000 (and I would probably be able to make due with like 500 - 600). Now obviously I would not need all the pawn to be calculation paths every 2 seconds nor would they need to be calculating paths that are so long but even at a 5 second path refresh rate and paths that are up to 10 tiles long, I am still only able to get to about 400 pawns before I start to see some big performance issues. The issue with reducing the refresh rate is that there are going to be cases where maybe a wall is built before the pawns path is refreshed having them walk through the wall but not sure if there is a clean way to update the path only when needed. I am sure when I don't run the game in the Unity editor I will see increase performance but I am just trying to figure out what things I could be doing to make sure path finding is as smaller of a performance hit as possible as there is a lot of other simulation stuff I am going to want to run on top of the path finding.
    37. This is how I do it in my Mesh class: /// <summary> /// Welds close vertices into one. /// </summary> private void weldVertices( int[] tvis_ ) { const float sqrDistThreshold = DupedVertexMinDistance * DupedVertexMinDistance; var duplicatedVertices = new Dictionary<int, int>(); for( var i = 0; i < vertexCount - 1; ++i ) for( var j = i + 1; j < vertexCount; ++j ) if( !duplicatedVertices.ContainsKey( j ) ) if( (pointByIdx( i ) - pointByIdx( j )).sqrMagnitude <= sqrDistThreshold ) duplicatedVertices.Add( j, i ); // adjust triangles for( var n = 0; n < indexCount; ++n ) if( duplicatedVertices.ContainsKey( tvis_[ n ] ) ) tvis_[ n ] = duplicatedVertices[ tvis_[ n ] ]; } For performance reasons, this method just identifies duplicated vertices and corrects triangles. I later use a different method to remove orphan vertices and invalid triangles (triangles with 2 or 3 duplicated indices).
    38. Bradley Latreille

      Discord for minors interested in game development?

      Unreal Engine http://unrealslackers.org/ Unity Engine http://discord.gg/gamedev posted by /u/ViolentCrumble https://discord.gg/DB62fjX posted by /u/tigrisgames General Programming https://discordapp.com/invite/9zT7NHP A quick google search could find you a lot of discord servers for beginners depending on what engine or API you are working with. Forums are also a great place to meet people with similar interests as well as small game competitions. If you are in University or College you can benefit from the game competitions/events that require student ID's that allow you to meet developers and work on teams with students of all skill levels, being a student most of these events are free. You can also look into finding local meetups/hack comps. Don't get discouraged if you don't know anyone to go to these events with as they will put others just like you in groups together. Sorry I know these are off topic but I thought I would mention other resources as well as Discord that may help.
    39. phil67rpg

      shooting bullets

      cool I am actually taking a college course in linear algebra and I have already studied some linear algebra this summer, I am unsure of how to apply this math to my game, thanks for the link. I will also study this tutorial.
    40. mrpeed

      shooting bullets

      I found this tutorial helpful. http://blog.wolfire.com/2009/07/linear-algebra-for-game-developers-part-1/
    41. phil67rpg

      shooting bullets

      well I am able to get my sprites to rotate and move in all directions, I have drawn two plane sprites, I am also able to shoot a bullet in the up direction, I want to shoot bullets in all directions just like my plane rotates, I just need a hint on how to proceed, go easy on me this is new stuff to me. However I am making progress.
    42. Randy Gaul

      GJK warm starting

      It's a fairly safe thing to do so long as the simplex is not degenerate (which can definitely happen!), so upon warm-starting check for a degenerate case, and if found, invalidate your GJK cache. Otherwise conceptually warm-starting should make quite a bit of sense. The GJK crawls through the volume of two shapes simultaneously -- so any configuration (that isn't degenerate) is OK as GJK iterations will always evolve the simplex towards the origin due to the properties of support mappings. Have you tried reading Box2D's source on warm-starting? It is really quite simple: https://github.com/erincatto/Box2D/blob/master/Box2D/Collision/b2Distance.cpp#L104-L165 . Also a little more info: https://pybullet.org/Bullet/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=3338
    43. Check out the GDNet Chat, it's on Discord
    44. I was wondering if there was a Discord server for minors like myself that are interested in game development. If there aren't would anyone be interested in me creating one? That's really all, I just wanna meet people in my age group that are interested in the same stuff. : )
    45. Bradley Latreille

      [GAME] Ant Empire

      Very impressive! There is a large amount of detail in your game for such a simple concept. Keep up the great work and good luck launching to Steam! :)
    46. The simplest way is to just reconstruct a new mesh: for each triangle of original mesh { create new triangle in new mesh for each original triangle vertex { if new mesh already has a similar vertex use its index; else create new vertex and use its index set vertex index to the new triangle } } Edit: An entire new mesh is not necessary, but an old and a growing new vertex buffer have to exist while the algorithm is running.
    47. Rutin

      [GAME] Ant Empire

      Looks good! I cannot wait to try.
    48. Just WIP. Abandoned alien power station. Inside: Outside:
    49. nsmadsen

      Video game soundtrack

      There are so many avenues and paths to go down. Spend some time getting to know the game dev community as well as building up your brand and online presence. Get to know the lingo used - the systems and software used to create and run a video game. Start building relationships with other people who do art, programming, producers (team managers I mean, not music producers necessarily) and really begin to learn the process and art of making games. And in the mean time, you can start to put your music out on music library sites like Ptietz mentioned.
    50. I had to do this recently but unfortunately I wasn't using a simple vertex/index format so the details where somewhat different. Going from how I did it and from the top of my head, I would say you do something like as follows........ Find the two (or possibly one triangle, if it's on the edge of the mesh) that contain the two vertexes you are going to merge (i.e. they share and edge). These two triangles are simply removed and the triangle list is compacted accordingly. Now you are gong to remove one of the two vertexes that are close to each other and assign any indexes in triangles that reference that vertex to the other vertex. In reality I guess you could just leave the vertex you are destroying in the list and just dereference it, or you could actually remove it and compact the vertex list. Hope I'm steering you in the right direction.
    51. Gas Lantern Games

      Ant Empire

      Ant Empire is a tactical strategy and management game set in a world where ant species battle to become the top empire. This deeply detailed and nostalgic turn-based simulation is a mix of many popular older games-- but with a much more modern feel. Select from 5 unique species that feature characteristics in the game based on how the species actually behaves naturally. Undertake in a unique campaign as each species, or battle in free play with a variety of settings, maps, and objectives. Earn progress towards Steam achievements, unlock new species, or simply try new strategies to build your empire. Colonies develop and become more powerful each day. Nests can grow to become military strongholds, economy powerhouses, research havens, defensive outposts, or even breeding grounds for new colonies-- and much more. Each colony has multiple ways to let them specialize. You can: Adjust the ratio of workers, soldiers, and princesses being produced. Dictate what the workers are doing, rather it be foraging, digging, or nursing. Select a colony focus that gives the colony a particular bonus. Choose the type of food the queen eats, giving different bonuses. Activate abilities such as "Set Food Trap", "Collapse Tunnels", "Add Queen", "Public Works", and "Sacrifice Princess". Go into defense mode, vastly increasing a colony's ability to defend attacks but reducing the economy's power. Build perks to gain bonuses for the colony. Use influence to claim nearby tiles, or remove the claim from tiles owned by enemy colonies. Attack enemy nests, or reinforce friendly nests. Select the type of nest during creation. More abilities and features are in the works and to be added. Use your ants to attack other colonies, or reinforce friendly nests. Soldiers are much more powerful than workers, but do not perform tasks such as foraging for food, digging to grow the nest, and nursing to increase production. Princesses are used to create new nests around the map. Research upgrades by gaining research points each day. Research points unlock new features, improve existing actions, increase limits, and increase stats. Perk points are improvements that benefit a particular colony. Perks are harder to come by than research points. Influence is used to claim nearby tiles for the colony, and remove the claims of enemy colonies. There are a ton of additional features-- a daily log to summarize events, a beautiful graph that compares different stats for each species over time, stats that shows the details of all the ants for every species in a side-by-side window, a tutorial to cover all the basics of Ant Empire, random events, achievements, auto-saves, and much more.
    52. Gas Lantern Games

      [GAME] Ant Empire

      Hello!I have spent the last year and a half developing a game in my spare time in Unity! I am releasing it soon on Steam. Ant Empire is a strategic remake of some older games. It is influenced by games such as Ant Empire and Civilization.I am currently doing a kickstarter to help fund an AI before launch.I have attached some images (tried some gifs but they were too large) to show the current stage of Ant Empire, which is nearly completed.
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