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    2. I would hire an experienced lead engineer, then have him create a TDD (a tech plan). The plan will tell how many people are needed.
    3. BitsNPiecesMusic

      Bits & Pieces Music

      Good morning! I finished a new track! It's still being based around the R.O.A.R. project. I hope you like it! Thanks for listening!
    4. Today
    5. I just saw some examples of games made with flixel, and yes, it is exactly what I'm trying to achieve with mine
    6. I'm interested only in the engine. I like the idea, I was thinking about something like a Flixel port to Java. I will take a look.
    7. The goal is to have a simple and lightweight game framework Simple means something similar to slick2D (but with modern opengl) At the moment, if you ask someone which game framework should we use in java, the answer will be "libgdx" except that most games do not need like 90% of the features, and require opengl understanding, and in my opinion, too difficult to make beginner want to make games, it is really personnal, but I do not like libgdx, that's why I want to make my own So, I do not have "advanced features" planned, libgdx is already doing the job, I want something simple, make the programmer think about the game and not about how creating it, java is a high level language Anyway, the main purpose of this topic is to present the game I want to make, the engine is only a part, if someone is interested but want to make it using another engine, I can think about it
    8. Vaclav

      Shooting a ball in java

      I think this is the best/easiest way to get started: libGDX with Box2D tutorial
    9. Hi, I am working on a vehicle game and I am in need of some good sound effects. The engine sound is the most important but I am looking into other sounds as well (skids, gearbox noises, etc). My plan is to start with the engine sounds. I will need engine sounds at several different engine speeds and I plan to layer these on top of each other in FMOD studio and have the game mix them based on the RPM of the engine. This, AFAIK, is how engine sounds are usually done (feel free to post any and all info about how to do these things, in case you have good links). So, where should I look for sounds like this? I don't expect to find good ones for free some I am ready to pay (a bit) for them. Naturally the sound needs to fit the particular vehicle, but I figured I should start somewhere, so the exact engine model does not matter all that much right now. Thanks!
    10. Vaclav

      Java's Weaknesses in Game Creation

      Hello RidiculousName, In my opinion, Java is much easier to get started with than C++ and its libraries are higher level. I recommend checking out libGDX. However, the best engine to go with would be Unity, it uses C# which is quite similar to Java. As for performance, you don't have to worry much about it in indie games, only one thing to keep in mind: use pooling for frequently created/destroyed resource heavy objects, for example bullet sprites. Most java game libraries provide an easy to use implementation for such object pool.
    11. Hello, What was the reason behind starting a new game engine for your game vs using an existing one? What are the selling points or advanced features planned for your game engine?
    12. Septopus

      SlingBot Sounds.. and A Rabbit?

      So, I've built v0.2.0.. and it's well after 3:00am my time this go-round. haha In this build I've started to implement sounds, currently I have a wind sound for ambiance and a fairly rough(sounds much better in the editor) board/snow sound. For some reason it sounds like the High Pass Filter I applied in Unity isn't making its way into the WebGL build.. more troubleshooting. But it does sound better than NO sound at all... WAY Better!! Game Link:https://www.kongregate.com/games/WilliamOlyOlson/slingbot-boarding Oh yeah, I have the first NPC working too. It was a simple test of NPC steering, and it turned into an entirely new feature of the game! It's called a Rabbit Hunt! Click the Rabbit button and you have 2 minutes to beat the high-score. All you have to do is stay close to the NPC. haha! Within 50m scores 1 point for each frame, outside of 50m loses 1 point. Your direction arrow fades away if the rabbit gets further than 200m away. Just noticed the Courses button is still visible during the rabbit hunt... Shoot... Oh well, hopefully it doesn't let all the bugs out when it's clicked during a hunt... Fix it tomo... later today! After sleeps. BTW, I'm really diggin on the easter-egg potential of this new Rabbit Hunt feature. (no there aren't any yet, but the potential is just ridiculous)
    13. jbadams

      I live

      Welcome back!
    14. Irusan, son of Arusan

      Geometry color flickering to black Uniform Buffers

      I'm sorry I wasn't looking closely enough at your code. But I still think you want to take the model matrix out of there and set it up in an array buffer which each instance of your mesh can use, rather than setting it for each call. Have a look at this tutorial on Instanced rendering in OpenGL. It's a bit long, but it goes through the steps of using instanced draw methods in a lot of detail; first in 2d and then in 3d. I think this is the method you should be using to do your draws anyway (because it is more efficient) but hopefully it will help with your flickering problem too.
    15. I think taking a text approach makes a lot of sense if this is your first challenge, I'd definitely consider this if I didn't have much time available. 2d is traditionally a bit easier, especially concerning artwork, but I think it comes down to what you are currently working with. As I'm pumping out 3d games, it's probably easier for me to do 3d than 2d, whereas for 2d guys the reverse is probably true. One thing you don't mention is whether you are familiar with any languages / engines / frameworks. That will help determine the path you take. Most frameworks will make playing sound effects / music pretty easy, almost something like 'PlaySound("bang.wav")', which isn't a big deal to put in at the right points.
    16. Zaoshi Kaba

      Jerking in D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample

      No. Both builds run over 60 fps. If I disable vsync triangle flies like mad. You're right! I created DXGIFactory without DXGI_CREATE_FACTORY_DEBUG flag and now it's all smooth. Graphics debugger doesn't seem to work so I couldn't check what's going on. Thanks!
    17. G'Day So GameDev.net seems to run these "community challenge projects". The next one is called "Survive, Loot, and Discover! It's Time for the Dungeon Crawler Challenge". I'm not sure this early into my learning process it is a good idea to try something so complex.. but I was talking to a mate of mine and he said the mnemonics created by working on a "real" project would help teach me in a way that is a little more fun than reading through text books and doing exercises. I mean in a way this is a big exercise right? The issue I have is that this has a tight timeline. I strongly believe that setting time restrictions on your goals is the ONLY way to do things, least you find out it is 6 months latter and you have done exactly jack all but memorized all the words to Babylon 5 Season 1. Been there, done that! lol. The problem is that the project runs over Xmas and New Year. Which is a historically super busy time for my family. I come form a ginormous extended family and it is traveling and eating and playing with kids well into late January. Still, that being said a "Challenge Project" satisfies a few things that I think could be really cool for a terminally lazy hobby guy. It gives me needed focus, as in a task to attempt which would use my fledgling knowledge in a practical way. It also gives me an arbitrary deadline to work to. As I said above, I think deadlines are crucial for effective task management and goal achievement, at least for myself. Probably most importantly though is that these project are probably going to get genuine feedback. As a solo, self-educating, hobbyist it is all to easy to loose motivation if there is no feedback of any kind. This is the main reason for my blog. It may be narcissistic I suppose, but seeing the blog getting likes and the view count going up translates as a motivational force for me. Putting my project into a public group with much more skilled people commenting and possibly advising is very appealing. Yeah, but not so much : ( This is a list of the requirements, and it just seems to be so much. There is a lot of stuff here that I have not ever tried.. like sound and music. I have been thinking over the course of the day exactly what I would like to do and how I could use the project to advance my own needs. As I said in my 1st Blog Entry my initial short term goal is to produce a text adventure game. I'm a big adventure game fan. Now a text adventure and a text dungeon crawler have a lot in common. A maze is pretty much just a set of interconnected rooms, inventories, items, currency... there is a lot of overlap between these projects. In fact the engine I develop for a text adventure could look nearly identical to a dungeon crawler for most of it's systems. How it handles maps, items, inventories, object tests, console printing and stuff. Even direct combat is not out of sight for a adventure game. Though it was not something I planned on. The thing is even if I was able to get this project done, and I think I would be able to, eventually. It would probably not have all of the required aspects. Particularly the music and Sound Effects part. I wouldn't even know where to start on that, well I guess I could google it.. there is probably some console command in c# that can just play a wav file or something. The Decision! There is a lot going on at the moment for me hobby wise. I have a paid run through for a new BoardGame called HeroPath on my uTube Chan that is starting on Wednesday, and a scheduled play through of Arkham Horror (3rdEd) that my subs have been bugging me about for months, this on top of the Xmas and New Year stuff, plus I need to continue with my "studies" by working through the books... PLUS all my regular social stuff and actual work that pays my mortgage. I just do not think I have the time, or the present skills to do this project. Yet there is always no time to do anything. People always have excuses for not doing something. I think you just need to go for it... there is never a perfect time to start.. you just gotta START!! So what I will be doing is in the same time frame as the challenge I'll be working on my Adventure Game Project. Basically I am setting my own Challenge Project. The main goal of which is to produce the language processor. Text Adventure Challenge Project Produce a language processor that can phase commands from user input. The processor has to behave either by being a natural language processor or giving the impressions that it's natural language processor I can not use any external NPL libraries. The processor should be able to understand combined commands form the user. "Pick up the ball and throw it at the target". "Walk to the chair and sit down". Stuff like that. Produce a program that allows the player to test the parser on objects in a scene. Well, that's it.. Have fun -A4L
    18. Update: We just need one more 3D Modeler/Level Designer. Experience in character modelling is required
    19. The older GPUs don't have very good integer support in the shaders. SM4 has been supported for a long time, so it could be worthwhile to update your baseline. D3D11 isn't that hard either, if you are comfortable with 9.
    20. A few months back we quietly released a GameDev.net Search Unity plugin on the Asset Store. Sure, you can keep a browser open to GameDev.net or your favorite search engine, but imagine if you could see what GameDev.net had to offer directly from the Unity Editor. The GameDev.net Search plugin allows you to customize your search for all content GameDev.net, only the latest, or the most relevant. Much like our search on the site, you can also narrow your search to specific content areas: Blogs Articles Forums News Contractors Projects and more Check it out on the Asset Store here.
    21. Hello! I'm working on an idea for an interstellar 4X strategy game, and although I have a lot of experience as a web programmer, there are a number of challenges here and I could use some help figuring out my "stack". First, I'd like to use HTML/CSS for my display, even though I initially intend the game to be a single-player desktop game; the browser is a powerful design tool and responsive to changing window sizes, so I need to know how to do that. Second, the simulation is going to get big, possibly millions of rows of data tracking different objects and attributes. I believe I'm going to need a real database as the backend. Maybe PostgreSQL, because I know it and like it. But -- I'd like to package and distribute my game as an "app" or "installer"... can I bundle a real database into it and yet keep that transparent from the user? How? Third, I'd like to build an interactive console into the game, so the user can issue commands to his planets and starships by command-line commands. These would allow him to interact with game objects and perhaps write little scripts for them. (My thinking is that this will allow him to automate the many little tedious micromanagement issues that happen in 4X games when the empire gets beyond a certain size later in the game.) I have no idea how to implement this (either the console itself, or the commands and scripts that the user can enter). I'm an experienced developer of web apps, and Python and Javascript are my best languages. I'm very good at databases and data modeling. But I've never made a program that downloads or is installed on desktop/laptop consumers and is packaged with all its dependencies as an app or executable. To recap, my big architectural challenges are how to implement an HTML/CSS based screen to render my visuals, how to employ a serious database under the hood, how to implement a console and interactive scripting at runtime, and most of all how to package all these things into a standalone program. I'm willing to learn a new language or platform for this, but would also be happy to be able to use what I already know. So... any good ideas for me?
    22. Apologies for the late response. I have had a very busy two weeks. But I have to do it that way. I have to update my camera buffer before I draw each mesh because each mesh has a different model matrix. I can't simply set the buffer once for all my meshes or every mesh will be at the same position in the world. That I could understand. I could set the material once and rarely change it again. That is fine but the camera buffer though needs to be updated every draw call. That is a cool idea. Thanks. But my issue here, again, I thought that constant (DX11) or uniform buffers (GL) allow you to update them before you do a draw call. Like how do I handle this now? I need to update my camera buffer before I do a draw call. I need to update my camera matrices model and view before I do a draw call.
    23. Geonamic

      Monster Types in Monster Catching Games

      Clearly, that person didn't get too far into understanding how complex Pokemon can get. If you know how competitive Pokemon can be, it can get REALLY complicated. If you want to learn about it, read this article. Anyway, I think there can be benefits and downsides to over complicating type fusions, such as your archetype and legendary, but don't always assume that more strategy = more fun. There's a reason why Tactical RPGs aren't an RPG player's cup of tea. Benefits could be higher stats, more abilities compared to dual types and single types, incentives to get these as soon as possible. Downsides could be players always lose interest in new dual types and single types once a full fusion type party has been set up, a lot of decisions for optimizing a full party of them could be more time/thought consuming, people discarding a dual or single type monster for a fusion type could backfire if not prepared well and end up with a lesser ally in doing so starting off. Some things that could potentially be benefits/downsides depending on how you handle them: plot relevance/explanations, how unique designs are, pvp.
    24. I like them a lot... my only constructive criticism, and remember I am actively looking for something to say here... I think these looks great.. Still maybe the eyes need to be bigger. Unfortunately big eyes make people think of Anime (depending on what you want this could be a bad thing) but pixel art by its very nature is so blocky and low rez that personality and expression can really only be conveyed by text and the eyes. The 1st pic you posted for example.. looks great.. but also has more in common in my brain with a chess piece than a human. I mean it can very well represent a human, but it could also easily represent a chess piece but if the eyes were more prominent, there is no denying what it is. Example - duck image search Though it is not a hard and fast rule... I believe that faces trigger some kind of deep natural brain stuff that can make them work or not work in ways you might not expect. We are extremely good at recognizing faces or eyes peering out form the dark at us that even slight "errors" in a face or expression makes our brains go ".. dat weird, bro!.. dat weird.". So if we see a face that looks wrong we go "ok.. that is not a monster trying to eat me, it is a tree stump".. but if we see something that looks like eyes.. we go "ok.. that is a creature out there!!" So maybe a way to bypass that completely is to make the personalities in the animations and the silhouette.... like the wizard.. has the face obscured completely and the warrior's eyes are just dots. So we see something that looks like a face, but we do not see enough to go.. "ok, that is not actually a face". So I think that by removing the face completely, you are removing the "facial recognition" part of the brain response or whatever.. and bypassing some of these problems, also if the eyes are big it dosn't matter if it looks like a face, it only needs to look like eyes. ... what I am getting at here I guess is go for BIG eyes.. or NO EYES / DOTS but the real thing to look at is the silhouette shape and make that dynamic in some way. I have no art skill, nothing I say could be true.. I'm just thinking out loud, so to speak.
    25. Yeah the swap-chain is a bit more of a high-level object, different from most of the D3D12 low level design. Partly, this is because it's a DXGI object, not a purely D3D12-only object. It actually creates a collection of resources (the chain of buffers that alternate between being rendered to and being displayed), manages some synchronization of that buffer-swapping work, and submits the actual commands to display a buffer to the screen.
    26. Yesterday
    27. I'm not 100% sure since I haven't worked with DX9 in many many years, but I don't think that this is possible with that API. DX10 added support for INT/UINT formats, and under DX10/11/12 you can absolutely output an integer from your pixel shader if your render target is using one of these formats.
    28. i just started with pixel art and i want to hear an opinion on this three photos if somebody is kind enough to give me some advice to improve a little more i will be very grateful
    29. Alessio1989

      Jerking in D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample

      Is the debug layer enabled in the debug build? I encountered similar issues on my code too when the debug layer is enabled with 4th gen Intel Core iGPUs (and in very rare occasions also with AMD drivers), but they usually tend to disappear when the GPU loading increase with the scene complexity. Try to run the VS profiler and have a look for some constant heavy loading pattern on the graphs
    30. SoldierOfLight

      Jerking in D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample

      So what you're saying is, the debug build doesn't run at 60fps, but the release build does? That just sounds like overhead in the debug build, whether it's from lack of compiler optimizations, or (more likely) STL iterator debugging.
    31. A swapchain creates things AND submits work. Since you can have multiple command queues belonging to the same device, the app needs to be explicit about which one should have the work submitted against it. And since you can get from the command queue to the device, there's no reason to pass both the device and queue, just the queue is sufficient.
    32. Rutin

      Unity + WebGL + PlayFab + Kongregate = :D

      Working late I see, as always haha! I'll be toying around more today. I'll make an account on there later so I can submit scores.
    33. Kk1496

      Need pixel artist for game

      Which graphics are you looking to improv? Will you be adding any more? Would you like to make the UI more pixel arty? Ive done pixel art before and I have quite a bit of experience in Unity.
    34. Im looking for a pixel artist to improve the current graphics of a mobile game. Here is a video of current beta. Knowledge of unity3d is a plus.
    35. RandNR

      Dread Quest Arena

      Album for Dread Quest Arena
    36. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this, or found a way to resolve it. I'm working on a FPS prototype in Unreal Engine 4 that allows a character to shrink down to the size of a dust-mite. The character starts slightly oversized, at 3.0 uniform; however, when shrinking, it seems like anything past 0.1 has no effect. It doesnt seem like I can shrink the characters perspective past that, even though I'm "technically" shrinking to 0.01 and even as far as 0.001. No difference. Now, from a third person perspective, I can get an NPC to shrink right down and out of site if need be.. I'm thinking it may be some limitation with the camera. Can anyone think of any ideas to solve this, without starting with a word at a much much larger scale? Thanks in advance, -Evan
    37. HunterGaming

      Unreal Engine 4: Dynamically Changing Input Bindings

      You can probably use something like this to get the key. https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/505287/print-screen-of-which-key-is-pressed.html Then you can use that information to update the key binding.
    38. Stephcraft

      Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16

      Created a discord server dedicated to Project16x16 to better organize contributors discussionsJoin using this url: https://discord.gg/zDJSCqd
    39. I have been playing around with a old game source (~2002, dx8) and upgrading it to dx9 (for now) and getting it to work - just for the sake of learning (instead of just writing new code and learning little). But since the source doesn't seem to have working shader logic - it's up to me to fix it. Currently limited to VS_1_1 (asm - because game has also precompiled shaders i don't want to start rewriting before i get it to work to begin with). The shader i have problem with is one they apply to some items added to the map. The ones without shader work fine - the matrix is calculated fine (rot, scale, position etc). Non shader version passes it to SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, (D3DXMATRIX*)w_matrix) And this works fine. Now the shader part passes it to the vertex shader logic that set's all the shader variables. And calls SetVertexShader() And this is where the entire map gets messed up - stuff collapsed to a single point or not even visible anymore etc. So what does the setTransform do in this case that i could replicate with a shader / what should i pass in? Taking basic shader something like this (or even less)? vs_1_1 dcl_position v0 ; Transform to view space(world matrix is identity) ; m4x4 r9, v0, c0 ; Transform to projection space ; m4x4 r10, r9, c4 ; Store output position mov oPos, v0 D3DXMATRIXA16 viewMat; D3DXMatrixMultiply(&viewMat, (D3DXMATRIX*)mWorldMat, &state->mMatView); D3DXMatrixTranspose(&viewMat, &viewMat); pd3dDevice->SetVertexShaderConstantF(0, (float*)&viewMat, 4); // Set the projection space constant D3DXMATRIXA16 projMat; D3DXMatrixTranspose(&projMat, &state->mMatProj); pd3dDevice->SetVertexShaderConstantF(4, (float*)&projMat, 4); Not 100% sure if the data in state is correctly stored - so what should those two actually be or are they even needed to replicate how "D3DTS_WORLD" works? Can u get some world/proj matrix from directx? Spent two days on this and i can't get it working. I can update with any additional info if required. I need a pointer to the right direction with this at least.
    40. ryan20fun

      Unreal Engine 4: Dynamically Changing Input Bindings

      How do you get the currently pressed key? UMG TextBox ?
    41. Jamal Williams

      City Building Pixel Art 3D Remodeling

      I call this a remodeling because I did the art originally in Pixel Art form. Enjoy! I did this last night on a livestream. I am thinking about doing more streams. If you are interested, you can follow me across different platforms. Get To Know Me On My Journey of Making My Dream Game. Check out my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jamora Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/codemaster_jamal/ (If you follow me, I will follow you back. Just send a DM. Preferably Game Development and Computer Science people but, anyone is accepted.) Checkout my deviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/jamora Add me as a friend on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/codemaster_jamal Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bassmasta-3 Link to the Pixel Art I used as reference: https://www.deviantart.com/jamora/art/City-Building-125261075
    42. Vangelis St

      Toltec and the mysteries of the secret island

      @MobilityWins It is already released on steam. @Lotus Really thanks.
    43. The first one. 1 / 65535 becomes 0.98 for example. I'm using it as a bitfield and I'm using additive blending so it really adds up.
    44. I'm checking out Microsoft's DirectX Graphics Samples and having some issues with D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample. I run the sample and, as expected, there is a single triangle sliding across the screen. Problem is that triangle seems to jerk a little bit. I thought it could be synchronization issue but demo seems to be straightforward with just a single frame so that should not be the case. This does not seem to occur in Release build. Only Debug build has this issue. Is there an issue with the sample or perhaps something else is at fault? I have attached mp4 video recorded at 60 fps which shows the issue. debug.mp4
    45. Distance from the centre of your player to the centre of the ball won't help you. You need to look at the relationship between the ball and the line that defines the edge of your player's bat. Here are a couple of tutorials that may help you.
    46. Irusan, son of Arusan

      HLSL is it possible to output integers from pixel shader?

      The docs say "[a] pixel shader can output up to 8, 32-bit, 4-component colors, or no color if the pixel is discarded" which seems to suggest not. RGBA64 is not a DirectX format, do you mean R16G16B16A16_UNORM or R64G64B64A64_UNORM? In the former case, while you will experience some floating point error, it shouldn't be "large"; how are you coding your floats? In the latter case, there simply aren't enough bits.
    47. Im a beginner programmer in java script (hobbyist) and im trying to replicate pong in the p5.js web editor. i have this problem that i cant solve with the player colision, i tried several things. i ahve the distance from the player to the ball but i dont know how to use that information to make a colision detection. i provide you the code below: https://editor.p5js.org/p3nd_/sketches/rkAEBmgeV would be very happy if i would get help.
    48. I wanna know how many and what kind of developer, programmers... I need to create a Roleplay server un SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer). SAMP is a mod of GTA San Andreas that allows players to play online. This kind of RP servers use a lot of commands such like /lock to lock a door, /seat to take a seat, /buy to buy items in a store... etc
    49. You should not do this manually. I DM'd you the full answer.
    50. Programmer71

      Form a team

      Hello i'd be interested into coding for your game, please contact me at vp8671@libero.it
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