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Week Three: Soundtracking

Hi again!   Don't be mad. I forgot to post yesterday. This is weekly and weekly means every Sunday.... It's Monday. I literally forgot. Like.... ooops. Anyway!   This week I worked on Soundtracking my game. I added sound effects too. Let me start off with some inner conflicts I ran into. The main conflict was, "I must create everything myself." Like the coin sound effect, and the door closing sound effect, but guys, there are websites that have CC0 SFX's. I'll just put their names in the credits and call it a day. Resourcing should not be a crime. Not crediting the source is a crime. But that's what I struggled with at the beginning of the week. I then made the music for the beginning levels, the save and load screen, and the opening scenes. I had to revisit one of the songs a few times because I just couldn't get the right feel to the song... But I'm 99.99% sure it's right. If you have any specific questions about my process or my ideology of FL Studio game soundtracking, you could always leave me a message. I do want to drop this link for you so you can get a sample of some good good of what's to come Something interesting also happened this week. I had two people play my game and give me feedback for the first time. To my surprise, it was better feedback than I was expecting and that really motivated me. They only played for about ten minutes, but the amount of feedback I got from watching them play my game was very helpful. I can't say too much about the experience, except that they really enjoyed the game. I saw how the mechanics worked for someone who had no knowledge of the game used the mechanics in their own way. That was helpful.   Until next time!

Louis Brady


This Week in Game-Guru - 05/21/2018

Official Game-Guru News: So there's a lot of traffic at this point on Game-Guru.  Lots of bugs being squashed.  Looks like lighting is getting looked at, specifically an SDK called 'enlighten' as a possible solution.  In the meantime there's a host of new functions on the github iteration of Game-Guru that are lighting related.  Looks like I might need to go make an Advanced lighting kit :)  ...

Also in official news there apparently progress being made on an underwater state for the player, which should really open up the gates as to how water is handled.  Lastly it appears that mega pack 3 has gotten more PBR assets - the roofs really pop with the shine they have now!

Check it out here:

New Products On The Store: 

So a few new things available.  I'm really digging these complex and ornately textured lamps by Mad Lobster.  Reliquia has made some absolutely amazing skies which you should absolutely take a look at.  I've noticed that the quality on campana production's models has gone up, check out this cow skull!  And lastly Shadow Man appears to continue to be on his building-making rampage.

Free Stuff: Good lord, there's a crateload.
https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219680 - A must have ... Reliquia has put 16 free zombies up!

https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219692 - Lafette II has put up two zombie kids and some desert props.  Be aware that having shootable children may violate local laws (Notably in Germany).  Caveat Emptor.
https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219523 - Here's a good AI script for the soldier, a wandering type script. 

So from here, I'm going to stop and just sort of separate things so you can really get a sense of how important these next two are.

https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/215012?page=16#msg2600572 - This has been a Long, LONG time coming.  Amenmoses and Bod have teamed up to make a really awesome vehicle script for a truck - this looks and feels awesome. 

https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219628 - Honkeyboy has added his own flavor to the drivable vehicle scene with this racing bike script!

Those two should keep you busy for a while.  Amazing stuff, truly.  Looks like I owe someone a prize from my bounty board!

Third Party Tools: I'm working on the notepad++ update.  It's a lot of work because they keep making updates over at github!  But it's coming along.  There's a LOT of XML to pour through and verify/cross check.

Random Acts of Creativity: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219296?page=1#msg2600665  - DK's latest update in his wasteland saga.  Looks good though personally I gave him the following input on discord:
"So observations @Duchenkuke for your test #3 - 1) I don't like the new coloring. There's not enough contrast. It looks too black, white, grey, and drab. Sorry! 2) The inventory looks easy to use but I'd really work on cleaning up the interface elements. Maybe use a color other than white (maybe a white-orange?), some asymmetrically sized boxes, etc. 3) The vehicle was awesome. What kidney do I have to give you so I can build a truck driving game for my son? Overall though your level design looks fantastic. Your use of clutter is second to none and honestly aside from the coloration issues I'd say you're coming along really well."

In my own works:
I'm continuing to procure more items and art for the book's sidecar modules.
It's a lot of headache but at the same time there's a big payoff for those who will purchase by getting a combination of high quality free, store, and exclusive assets.

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Bolt-Action Gaming

Why I'm making this game?

After 2 and a half years learning, practicing and making small games, as a team we decided to make the
next step and make a commercial game. We know that we have a lot to learn yet, so for this game we're going to focus on the abilities we already have. This way the development will be faster and don't will be delayed for getting stuck in code
or sprites too hard to make. We have more experience making platformer games, so we're going for that direction, also we think it's
easier for making sprites, coding, and animation. if you're interested check the first game we released as a team!
Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/umbral/153048
Itch.io : https://rengy.itch.io/umbral   Fist sprites for Cow vs the Pig Empire


DRTS May Update - Touch Screen Support And Sound Effects

This update of DRTS brings several improvements to the in-game interface. You can play the newest version at https://play.drtsgame.com Simpler Controls And Touch Screen Support Controlling the game using a mouse does not anymore require using different mouse buttons. You can select and send units, and scroll the camera using any mouse button. As before, zooming works with the mouse wheel and keyboard. This update introduces support for touchscreens. You can zoom in and out using two fingers. Sound Effects I added sound effects to help keep track of in-game events. You can hear, for example, when you captured a node or a unit is defeated. Rendering To avoid choppy movements on the screen, I made some improvements to rendering. The units locations are animated using client-side prediction and easing. Easing is also applied to camera movements.


Tower Defense Indie Game Dev Blog #2: Obstacle Avoidance

What have I done this week This week I have fixed few bugs and finally implemented a fully working obstacle avoidance system which makes my pathfinding and collision/obstacle avoidance system done. Some minor things which I did include: Fixed bug where text rendering causes lighting issues Added calculation of game entity's axis-aligned bounding box from data contained in .obj file Added AABB to AABB collision detection and response Added Ray to AABB intersection detection Made the map size resizable My own solution to obstacle avoidance problem I had really hard time finding information about an easy way to do obstacle avoidance in the way I wanted it to be. So instead I worked few days and came up with my own solution which works pretty well. I think I kind of reinvented a wheel and someone might have a better approach to this problem than I do. But anyways, it's already done and it works the way I wanted it to, which is all I care about now. What I wanted from my obstacle avoidance/collision system For the obstacle avoidance system I wanted it to do few things: Stop the vehicle if it gets too close to other vehicle If vehicles are about to collide (traveling towards each other at the angle less than the threshold angle) then make them steer away from each other Don't ever let two vehicles overlap I tried and I failed Before I explain how it works, I will say things which I tried and which didn't work that well. First thing I tried was to create a separate AABB in the front of the enemy's car and check if it collides with any other car. If it does, stop the vehicle. I thought this would make it so that the vehicles wouldn't get too close to each other and hence wouldn't overlap. Well, that didn't work. Because when both vehicles collide to each other, they will both stop and will get stuck. To fix this, I added an if statement which checks whether the vehicles collide at each other if so, make it so that only one of two vehicles would stop and other would continue driving. But this made them overlap some of the times, which I didn't want. So after thinking for a while, I decided I should add AABB collision response, so that when cars hit each other they don't overlap, but get pushed back. So I did that and now it works pretty good, BUT if the vehicles are travelling towards each other there's no way of knowing which way to turn to avoid the collision. So I decided to scrap this AABB in front of the vehicle approach and try casting rays. Approach which worked My last and final try was to use rays instead of AABB to check for collisions with other entities. This time I say entities because I also want to check if the ray intersects the towers as well, this way we will know which way the vehicle can turn to avoid collisions. So the way I do it is pretty simple. The vehicle casts number of rays from its center towards the front of the car which check for intersection between towers' and enemies' bounding boxes. Then I have a function which does some magic and calculates (from the ray intersection information) which way the vehicle should steer. This steering is only done if two vehicles are facing each other and moving towards. If they are not moving towards, I check if the ray distance is smaller than the threshold value and if it is I just stop the vehicle. There are other few tiny hacks and tricks which I did to polish the system. But this is mainly how it works. Next week I still haven't decided what I am going to do this coming week. But I think I will add different tower types, add GUI and make it so that enemies will spawn inside a building or in a hidden area from where they will come to the game's map. You can see the state of the game here:     My website: http://extrabitgames.com  


TRAILER - Untouched Earth

Hello All! After some great feedback from members of the community, I decided to create a trailer for the game. I welcome your feedback!   _________________________________________________________________________________________ As always, thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you and would love to hear any comments or ideas you have. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at watermoongames@gmail.com. _________________________________________________________________________________________  



May 20th: It's Gotta Be May

Hey-o folks! Boy, it sure has been a while since the last update, huh? There's two main reasons for that: 1. We've been hard at work on the project and gotten down in to the deep of it. And.. 2. I wanted to space these updates out to keep some elements of surprise as well as have some note-worthy content in which to showcase, though, this is a dev-blog on a dev site, so y'know.. spoilers ahead, capi-tahn. I do apologize for the quiet time and thank everyone that's liked the blog, sent in comments and PMs, it makes us feel amazing to see people are genuinely interested in our little game and, during the cold winters of development, all it takes is a warm and fuzzy to keep us goin'. So thank you.   Now, let's get on with the update!  One of the major additions is we've migrated out of the Testing Scene and in to actual maps! How exciting!  Once we've made the area fairly polished, we'll be looking at video demos of the place to give you an idea of the area the main character will start out in.  Another thing we've added in (though still could use some polish) is the day/night cycle. Watching the area slowly transition from day to night is kind of peaceful! Though in areas where monsters are abundant, it could have some serious consequences if you're out after dark!    But fear not, magic initiate! For two new abilities have been prototyped! First, The Ground Smash: Using a combination of the Block and Dash button will send you mashing down on the ground with magical power and sending a shockwave out, hurting nearby monsters and, in certain places, destroying things that lay beneath you. But watch out, this uses up your Mana like cru-aaaazy, and you'll need to beat monsters the old fashioned way (ala: punching them in the face) if you run out. Don't worry, though, Mana is one of the drops from many creatures and objects (aside from that cash-money, yo) so you can keep smashing away at stuff like a Hulk OC. The second of our two new abilities is the Charge Dash, because why walk around walls when you smash right through them? Holding down the attack button (whilst you're bursting with that Mana, that is!) will see you start a charge up attack. After a brief charging period, releasing the attack button will see you fly through at a ridiculous speed, knocking enemies out of your way and, in the event that you hit a special wall, will smash right through it!   Not enough bang for your buck, eh? Well, there's also a few things we've added that are kind of hard to get screenshots of (didn't stop me from trying though.) Scene Transitions Enemy Abilities Menus upon menus upon menus Saving/Loading (Started but not yet complete) More Dialogue options Event System that we'll use to make Cutscenes. Oh, so many fixes, patches and bug squishin'.  We're planning on having the entire first area done soon, so that we can make videos to show off instead of having to rely on screenshots, and who knows? Maybe a bit of commentary will come with them to better explain what we're showing off. I want to sign off by, again, thanking everyone for their comments, PMs and liking the blog posts, it really does help to know people like what we're building, so please keep them coming! I really want to show off more but for now, I'll see y'all next time!                  


#1 Grass and Animated Sprites introduced

Hello, this time i have worked on the ability to animate sprites, small but essential system changes, growing grass (to get a gist of the basic procedure i might use), developing a field of view algorithm for the entitys that are exploring the world Watch a short clip here: Video This took me longer then expected due to some bugs I encountered in the process. Next up I will probably have to carefully think on how I will not only proceed but also if my current setup is worth keeping, as retrieveing positions with my current build is quiet a hassle and will hurt performance once I start using field of view and pathfinding algorithms. I might have to give the world a fixed size (which i have some good solutions to make that aspect a feature).  It would really help me what you guys think has to be changed with dwarf fortress in terms of gameplay, as it decides how the game is built. So I would appreciate it if you could tell me either via PM or here in the comments your opinion on the matter.

GRASBOCK WindyOrange


From the Forum – Issue #181

Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics. Do you use a game module? Corona community developer extraordinaire @roaminggamer, posed an interesting but simple question in the forums: “Do you use a game module?” Asking about how you organize your code. This active thread covers how many of our experienced developers handle placing their game code in their projects. It’s well worth the read! Need sprites? While there are efficiencies in using sprite sheets (or image sheets), do you have to use them? Not always. This thread jumps into circumstances about when you need them and when you don’t. Taps or touches? And when to use them. This thread originates around the question of how to get a ship to fire a laser continuously. How do you get the event listener to make that effect possible? Learn more from our community developers! Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email support@coronalabs.com, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum.
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Project Hopeless 05.18.2018 Progress

Hello gentlemen. I currently wrap up the concept of the game. The idea is to divide the functionality of the game into two groups: a) what a MVP should have; b) all other features. I am also very lucky to have a great designer who agreed to help with textures, sprites and all that stuff. She has no experience in making such stuff for games, but she draws really well, loves the idea and has proper equipment. We chat daily via Telegram.  So, the goal is: by next week finish the concept text of the game and actually start the development. I will publish the doc here. Also, for you to have a perspective of how the game will look, I plan to ask my colleague to draw some concept arts. Hopefully, she'll create some in a month. I not really sure I can do it, but I'll do my best. Best wishes for everybody, Nikita K.



May 18 Project Spotlight: Felicity Toad

Crowdsourcer.io is a growing concept, it allows projects/small businesses to bring in collaborators on a revenue share basis to help them grow and expand. Felicity Toad is one of many projects that is successfully developing their game through this platform and we want to share some insights with you. Felicity Toad has started as a labour of love and grown into a team of co-operative people who are willing to work on the final vision of this original game. Its foundations lay with one Neil Badman, who being 43, has decided to go with a dream. He had spent many years in menial jobs, the most recent being in care, but working in the health sector gave him purpose and meaning, which would profoundly alter the way in which he saw his life. Unfortunately, after a time he fell into disarray, which ended with a breakdown, but without this event Neil would never have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a much stigmatized illness, in part thanks to Hollywood and other uneducated outlets, he says. Unperturbed and with a new and hopefully temporary found freedom, he wondered what to do with his time out of work. He began a band, but couldn’t quite find the sound he wanted despite many auditions and help from friends, so he put this project aside for the time being and pondered what was next.   A gamer turned developer Before his breakdown he had found himself playing various computer games in his spare time, something he had always loved, and stumbled across a game called Oolite, a cooperatively built game reverse engineered from an old classic called Elite, a 3D space game that ran on 32k and even less for the Vic-20, a remarkable technical achievement. Oolite was a modern take on this classic, and being cooperatively built allowed you to construct your own content that would go up on the game’s site, for other people to download. Being a lifelong drawer and creative he took to looking at what other people weren’t particularly working on, settling with the look of the stars and the nebula’s generated from various images within the file system. He spent a year perfecting the use of the nebula generator, which was extremely popular with the player base. After creating a few different assets for this game he moved on and discovered a game called Battle For Wesnoth, a tongue in cheek strategy game that was simple, but very fun. It too was a labour of love by a very involved community and was not only moddable but had its own programming language. It was around here he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and suddenly found himself with a lot of free time, a very frightening time but free nonetheless. Neil needed to find something to occupy himself with, a distraction therapy from the nightmarish voices that were plaguing him, this was when he started to explore and start the band.  He found himself returning to Battle For Wesnoth, as it was a perfect platform to learn something new, whilst creating a story and the characters in it, the start of a therapeutic addiction that instantly rang true for him. This was nearly but not quite all his loves combined, he discovered the joy of creating through programming, despite his extremely messy first attempts. The code was however functional, and a story emerged. Neil wondered what it would be to have total creative freedom other than modding someone else’s build, so he researched and soon found Unity3D, a platform for developing games from scratch that is free up until you make a certain amount of money, if any.   The start of something new Now he needed an idea, he went through the motions of beginning to create the basics of a game, but soon found the technology wasn’t quite there yet to do what he wanted, so it was back to the drawing board. This was the birth of Felicity Toad, a tongue in cheek adventure, but dark and gritty in places. This would be a labour of love, a therapy, and a possible path back into work. It seemed perfect.      The Beginnings of Felicity Toad   Soon the idea was growing, and Neil realized if he was going to build the game it would take years of learning all the different aspects, and as much as he had the drive to get on with it, technology is changing at a rate, and in the supposed time he took to build the game it would be out of date by the time he finished, surrounded by up and coming virtual reality and holographic technology, would a 2D platformer survive in this environment? He needed a team, he didn’t have money and finding people who would fall in love with his game and join up seemed extremely unlikely. After posting on numerous sites, sometimes in the wrong places, he garnered a small amount of interest, but it was through exploring the different sites he could try that he stumbled upon a suggestion posted by someone for someone else. A site called Crowdsourcer.io was up and coming, promising to set people such as himself on the right path with the right help. There was nothing to lose.   Progress Made on Felicity Toad After Signing Up On Crowdsourcer.io   Crowdsourcer.io has helped the project to get its creative foothold in a world already swimming in games, so what would be different about it? Well, firstly he decided he needed to be doing something doable as a first game, so he settled on a 2D platformer, but there are many 2D indie games out there and being developed, even AAA companies still produce 2D platformers of extremely and unobtainable quality to compete with. There was still hope, a large sector of society has a love of independently made games, simply because they can take risks big AAA companies can’t afford to, and the 2D style is very reminiscent yet appealing to all age ranges. So what could be different? What needs to be familiar? This was a balance that needed to be assessed, and the Felicity Toad team have gone a way to addressing this interesting situation.   Neil is still working on the game and making strides to finishing it every day. You can learn more about Neil’s project, Felicity Toad by following the link or finding his project on www.crowdsourcer.io. If you would like to contribute to Neil’s project you can find it here and can apply to contribute! 
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Gameplay Xilvan Design games for 2018!

Hi everybody, i'm ready to announce that Xilvan Design build games since 1993: The Labyrinth. v3.07. Soul of Sphere Platinum v2.75. Alako the Koala. v1.01 Age of Dreams v2.50. Lights of Dreams IV v7.97. Candy World II v8.37. Candy Racing Cup v2.75. Candy World Adventures v5.17. Candy to the Rescue IV v5.97. Candy in Space III v5.47. Candy's Space Adventures v15.75. Candy's Space Mysteries II v6.27. Two updates since last edit: - Enhanced the Space, Missions & Sceneries in Candy's Space Adventures. - Verified bonus, options, maps & more tricks in Candy's Space Mysteries II. - Reverified all of our old games like Candy World II, Candy to the Rescue IV, Candy World Adventures IV. - Maybe a Candy in Space III quest will be available soon. - We are planning Lights of Dreams V. - Worked on the "Level Select Screen" in Candy World Adventures IV. - We are actually debuging all of our games since now then.   They are available for download on my website: - Xilvan Design Websites -   One new link are now available: a OneDrive link. But, there is still a Google Drive & old CNET.download.com link. Hope you'll appreciate !   If you want to watch the videos of our games: - My youtube Channel -   Please, Subscribe to my channel for more infos about our new releases.   Friendly, Xylvan, Xilvan Design.


Latest from GameDev.net - May 2018

It's been a busy year for GameDev.net! Let's start at the top. Projects In late January the GameDev Projects section was launched, allowing members to add their projects to their profiles and provide a place for others to get inspired and updated on development progress. It's a great way for developers to share their work with others in the GameDev community. Did you know... Over 200 projects have been added by members since the beginning of February Projects can include games, game mods, developer tools, and assets Members can view your projects through your profile There is more coming for projects, so stay tuned. Links In February a new Links directory was added. The first question I always get is, "who cares about links when search is good enough?" That's a fair question, but sometimes search is only as good as our search terms - and sometimes we don't know what we need to search. I don't know if Links will really take off, but if you're a fan of having a browsable links database to interesting content about game development, then by all means use it. You can also submit your own links. All links go through an approval process, so make sure your link is relevant to developers.. i.e. we won't approve a link to your game, but we'll approve a link to developer tools, assets, articles and tutorials, etc. New Embeds Speaking of links, have you noticed a few new embeds? Now when you copy and paste a link to a page from Shadertoy, Sketchfab, or Steam we'll show the embed instead of the link. You can still tell the editor to use the link if you want. Here are some examples: Shadertoy: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4tl3RM     Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/b4b02c111e274aaa897340f2339f201b     Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/620/Portal_2/     Articles Speaking of articles, sadly, the community isn't as willing to contribute tutorial content to the GameDev.net community these days as in the past. Most developers are unwilling to share their tutorial content with GameDev.net in favor of their personal websites, which I understand in the sense that writing a quality tutorial takes a lot of time and effort. I've written several tutorials and books myself - it's not easy work. For this reason I am looking at ways to reward developers who do publish with GameDev.net. Payments to approved articles, large Pixel credits (all content results in Pixels), extra help promoting the author, and so on are all being considered. Call for Tutorials So to try something a little different, I'm putting out a Call for Tutorials. I want to produce several tutorial series for the GameDev.net community on a variety of development and business related topics. These tutorial series would involve 3-5 in-depth articles intended to educate the audience on one game development topic. Are you interested in writing a series? Reach out to me (message me!) with a short topic proposal, cost estimate, and if possible any past examples of your work. I'll have a more permanent link and announcement outside of this blog entry on GameDev.net soon. Groups Perhaps the most interesting element added to the GameDev platform recently is Groups. The best analogy I can use for Groups right now is that it's similar to Facebook Groups or Pages, except it's a microsite of GameDev.net. Microsite means that we can use many of the same features available across the rest of GameDev.net in a topic-specific area. You may have already noticed that the Beginners area is now a group. The For Beginners forum is still intact, but with a Group we can augment the beginners area to include links and resources, relevant blogs and news, and more. In fact the Links directory capability is used in the Beginners area to provide beginners with easy-to-find resources across the web. GameDev Challenges is also a group now. I don't know when/if I'm going to open up Group creation to everyone, but there is a good chance that more groups will be created to parallel the forums and create spaces for more topic areas. GDNet+ members may end up with the capability to create Groups with approval. A few ideas for Groups: Unity, Unreal, and other engines Hardware technology/products APIs or tools Topical areas The challenge with Groups is that everyone is used to Forums. Is that a mold we can break as a community? The Front Page Maybe you noticed the redesigned front page? The front page is now default a stream of all of the latest activity. You can also use the tabs to view the latest activity in the various content areas (Blogs, Articles, Forums, Projects, etc). I made this change because on any given day there is a lot happening across all of GameDev.net, and it's worth being aware of interesting activity. Following Members One aspect of the front page I definitely wanted to mention was the Following tab. We have a lot of interesting members in this community - developers who have been in the industry for a long time, students just getting started, and everything in between. You might have friends on GameDev.net, teammates, or future friends. An often overlooked feature of our platform is the ability to follow other members. When you follow another member, you will get notifications about the member's activity (configurable), and on the front page you will be able to see an activity stream of all the members you follow. For example, if you follow me then you'll see this blog post show up on your Following feed. Anything else? Of course, but this is a long enough read. More importantly, I want to hear from the community.  What else can GameDev.net do to be a better resource and community platform for you?  



Hello Triangle - Level 15

Hello guys! We've made another level for our game Hello Triangle. https://youtu.be/y5zWYXBmixQ We haven't added any new mechanics to this level but we combined older mechanics. Future levels will feature more gameplay mechanics. And as always, thanks for following the developement of our games!



Colonize the Ocean with Cities

Dear Colony Managers,
prepare yourselves to build some beautiful ocean districts for your people! In addition there are loads of detail improvements that give the overall playability a huge boost! Mostly based on testing and your highly appreciated feedback. Special thanks to Johannes for improving our german translation! TL;DR Display info icons during colony placement Trade discounts and surcharges Ocean district UI improvements for research, colony shares and workshop List of gameplay improvements New rendering system for buildings and world objects Colony Placement Placing a new colony or frontier building now displays icons on the surrounding fields. The represent the quality of the area by highlighting deserts, fields with high fertility, fossil or rare resources and more. Trade Discounts The price of resources and items always depends on who you are trading with. Space merchants and tech traders will charge a fee that makes buying more expensive and selling less lucrative. Natives and midras on the other side don’t know a lot about space market prices and often sell stuff very cheap. Other colonists, finally, link their pricing to your diplomatic relation. This means it can be very powerful to have a good relation towards another company. Ocean District This new district is now made available in the Lorian mission. The ocean district can be built on coast fields and the open sea. Districts have to be linked to others who connect with the shore. Microplastic collectors clean the seas and recover goods by filtering floating plastic, other waste and impurities from the water. Ocean thermal energy conversion uses the temperature difference between cooler deep sea and warmer surface water to meet part of the energy demand. UI Improvements Research Only display elements of buildings that are already available (the buildings don’t have to be licensed, though) Highlight research options by improved category: energy, food, goods, income, emissions Colony Share Trading Take-over of a city no longer needs at least 50% of shares Clearly display the player’s stake in another colony Tooltip with transaction fee and expected dividend Workshop Unite different item categories in single panel with scroll bars Other UI Stuff Added „mission failed“ dialog to competitions Highlight when an opposing faction is almost winning the competition „Back“ buttons in game are now called „resume game“ to make it more clear Infrastructure buildings now have gray icons Gameplay In competition and free play other factions will no longer wait until you have placed your first city center Forests and other plants regrow much faster now after being harvested or burning Nitroskirlid-pumpkins grow bigger in most areas now Increased number of default tech licenses in competition and free play Graphics & Tech We have completely rewritten our rendering system for buildings and other world objects: Improved render performance Much nicer animations More powerful particle effects


Tower Defence video 2

Just posting this quickly as I will be off for 5 days or so and unable to access PC / work on game, so a little update. Got sound working, although it needs some tweaking I need variations for the sounds but the programming side is all done. I have a sound manager that pools sound sources, don't know if that is more efficient than putting sound sources on all the gameobjects. I also figured out how to put animation events on the animations to play sounds in sync (footsteps, sword etc). Made a couple more quick towers in blender, although there is no separate logic for the towers yet, they are all firing same bullets etc. Changed from using my native huts to some medieval assets from Unity asset store. As these houses are bigger than one grid square there is now a bit more complex logic for placing them, rotating them until they fit on the map. Also the waypoints now lead to the front of the big building which will be your base (I might change the building model though). And added some particle effects. Made a pool system for these, and got the effects themselves again from asset store. There are small explosions, smoke (for your base when being hit), flames, and muzzle flashes, and blood (although this is my old test particle system I made). Did a little tweaking to the area camera to make sure more of the relevant action was 'in frame'. Although all the towers are firing the same so far, I will have them fire different projectiles at different speeds / damage / range. And maybe have some of the enemies attack the towers so you have to repair them. I've got a feeling play balancing might be a bit time consuming at the end, making it not too hard or too easy and having it get increasingly difficult as you progress...



Thoughts On The Game Industry Both Now And Future

At the moment, I see the game industry in somewhat of a recovery state on the AAA side, having to learn to leave behind some of it’s worse aspects in favor of better ones. From toxic and exploitative work conditions to the controversy about lootboxes to Free-To-Play elements in sixty dollar games, it seems the AAA industry has a major issue with greed. Psychological manipulation is favored over actual design. All of that said, Indies are doing very good. Creative, unique, popular games are being made by Indies, and they have as a whole avoided a lot of the issues AAA developers have not. In the next five to ten years, I can see a lot of problems being solved. With discussions about unions starting, much like how Hollywood has unions aplenty for the various jobs, bad work conditions could be seeing some trouble. More generally, although greedy AAA developers are still making lots of money, I feel that as lootbox law is considered, and as consumers become more aware of what’s going on, the AAA industry will slowly be forced to either let up on the greed or be overshadowed by Indie developers who do not let greed guide them. Indie developers will of course see a whole lot of success, with better reputation and creative games that can afford to take a risk leading the way. Many consumers complain about AAA games feeling very similar to each other, while Indie games tend to not get that same complaint. Indies make games that take a risk, and finance them in such a way that one failure cannot sink them, allowing them to take a risk, because the cost of a failure is one they are able to bear if they have to. In twenty-five years, I can see a priority shift. AAA developers will have long since weeded out most of the greed, but will still have a few issues, one being seeking graphical fidelity over aesthetics and design. Around this time, I can see them finally beginning to get what the Indies knew for some time. Indies might have a harder time due to AAA competition improving, but will still have the advantage of having more relative margin for error, as AAA will be very reluctant still to take any gambles. AAA developers will still be stuffing games full of cash, instead of making parallel projects that can as a whole still profit even if one or even two manage to fail. We will consume media mostly the same, if only because consumers will be reluctant to change, but Virtual Reality will have gained some more ground at least. In five years, I want to have graduated from Fullsail and be working on a project slowly. In ten, I want to have released a game or two. Nothing major, just some small works to get the ball rolling. Fifteen is actually an early point in my mind. In fifteen years, perhaps I will be ready to make a game that’s slightly more ambitious. I doubt I will be able to become famous in a measly fifteen years, but if I can start making some money from my games, that would be nice. The only awards I would want would be to have more positive reviews than negative on something I released. I would probably continue living where I am now, also. My plan to reach my goals for fifteen years is to start with minor projects to get my name out there. Small but quality works. Over time, I would get more ambitious, but slowly so. Quality is priority, especially since digital distribution makes it so I can easily release my games, leaving more time for making my games good. I would find what works and what fails. I would learn what audiences I unexpectedly attract, which I should cater to, and how I would do so. As fast as the game industry can go, many games still take years to make form both Indies and AAA. My first few products can afford to take some time, in exchange for a much better first impression.   References:   Statt, N. (2018, March 23). Game developers look to unions to fix
the industry's exploitative workplace culture. Retrieved May 10,
2018, from
https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/23/17156472/game-developers-unionization-exploitative-toxic-workplace-culture-gdc-2018   Sterling, Jim [Jim Sterling] (2017, November 13). The Year Of The Loot Box (The Jimquisition) Retrieved May 10, 2018, from

Eric Sedor


Getting your Corona apps ready for GDPR!

Great news Corona developers! Starting with daily build 2018.3286, metrics collected by Corona-made apps are now GDPR safe. We no longer collect any ID’s or data points that would be considered personal data under these data regulations. We will be updating our privacy policy to reflect these changes. Keep in mind that builds of Corona pre-2018.3286 are not GDPR compliant and if you have apps for sale in the EU they will need to be updated with 2018.3286 or later. Q. What is GDPR? A. GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation“. It’s a law affecting businesses established in the European Union or has end users based in the EU that requires you to get explicit permission from users to collect private data and manage that data. Businesses that don’t comply can face heavy fines.   Q. What if I want to continue to use a public build or older daily build? A. Then you will still need to update your apps and present the user a dialog box asking for permission for Corona to collect data in addition to any other services that you need to also ask permission for.   Q. What is the best way to know if my user is in the EU? A. Because users travel or may use technologies like VPNs, there is no reliable way to determine if a resident of the EU is in the EU. Also, other privacy laws are changing to be more stringent in additional areas. It’s best to ask all users for this permission.   Q. What do I need to do to get permission from our app users? A. There are several steps you need to complete to give your users the opportunity to control their data. Present a dialog to your users explaining that you’re using third-party services that collect private data. Make sure to include a link to your privacy policy. To save space in your dialog, your privacy policy should link to the privacy policies of any service you’re using. Your dialog can present the user an on/off switch for each service to allow the end user to choose which services they want to grant permission to or decline permission. That switch should default to off since the intent is to get “opt-in” from the end user. See the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office document on GDPR Consent Store the settings locally so you can remember their choices. Saving the settings online will require you to store personal data and you would have to ask permission for that. On a settings screen, include options to allow the user to select to turn on or off permissions. When the user changes their mind, then your app can react to those changes. For now, if a user declines to use a service, simply use “if” statements to not initialize the plugin or call any methods of that plugin. If they later change their mind, then you can initialize the plugin and call it’s methods. As services update their SDK’s to offer GDPR management API’s and we update our plugins to support them, you can update your apps to add support. As an example, Appodeal’s new SDK will support showing non-targeted ads to users who don’t grant permission and higher quality ads to those who grant permission. There will be a way to let Appodeal’s SDK know if the user has granted permission or not.   Q. What changes do I need to make to take advantage of a plugin’s GDPR features? A. Unfortunately every plugin provider is implementing this in radically different ways. Some will require you to pass a consent parameter on an initialization call, others are handling their own permission, others will have methods in their SDK to manage data. As we update the plugins to be GDPR compliant, we are also updating each plugin’s documentation. There should be a yellow note near the top of each plugin’s page that points you to GDPR additions to be aware of.   Q. How will I know when a plugin has been updated? A. The best way is to check the documentation page and look for the GDPR note at the top of the document.   Q: Where I can learn more about GDPR compliance? A: See the following: The EU’s official site – https://gdpr-info.eu/ Appodeal’s primary GDPR page: https://www.appodeal.com/home/gdpr/ Appodeal’s GDPR guide – https://blog.appodeal.com/blog/2018/05/08/appodeal-gdpr-guide/ Appodeal’s Blog – https://blog.appodeal.com/blog/2018/05/16/gdpr-qa-getting-closer-date/ Corona is committed to making sure you can be compliant with these laws. If you have questions about this, please ask in our Community Forums.
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PC [Rail Network Simulator] Manual Routing

We mentioned manual routing of the trains in an earlier post. I would like to share some thoughts on this topic. I implemented visual representation of the switches so it’s now visible how they are connected. A player can also change the connections by clicking the switch. Combined with direct control of displayed signals (turn green / red), we have the simplest manual routing mode complete. I played the level from the released prototype in the manual mode and it’s totally different game play. And I liked it. You can try it yourself as I made a special build for you. Note that we did not implement train crash yet ;). Manual routing will be part of the early game in the career mode before the user “unlocks” (through research) automated routing known from first demo. Interlocking In the real world, the routing is seldom as simple as in our implementation. To prevent accidents caused by improper switch configuration there is a system known as interlocking. In short, “an interlocking is designed so that it is impossible to display a signal to proceed unless the route to be used is proven safe (source: wikipedia)”. In terms of our game the player would need to set corresponding switches properly before turning a semaphore green. Then the switches would be locked to prevent any modification until a train passes them. We considered if we wanted to keep our game “railroad accurate” or more like an arcade. We decided to go somewhere in between; to keep the game real as well as entertaining. There was a question why the player would unlock the interlocking that comes with less flexibility (you can’t change some switch when the train is on the move). So we plan to make routing with manual interlocking more comfortable visually. The player will see the route reserved for the train. I will post an update when the manual interlocking is available. Read more on the game blog Try manual routing If you miss our first demo, check it out. Feedback Leave us any feedback you have! We will work hard to deliver awesome rail network simulator ;-).  



Mobile Week 9; Randomization, Effects, GoFundMe

Hello All,  I had done a lot of work on the randomization engine.  I had the game running and working exactly like Binding of Issac where every room was completely different with different paths to take until it hit the max amount of rooms and displayed the boss room.  This took me several days to code and in the end I scrapped the whole system and started over.  I did not like the complete randomization it took.  I felt like I had less creative control over the rooms and there was so much more I wanted to do that would have required so much more coding and dev work than was really necessary.  So I designed an entirely new plan and code.  Now the world will have a structured layout.  There will be 3 paths that can be taken.  There will be a hard path, medium path, and an easy path.  Now on each of these paths there will be a combination of random room generation and static rooms (that do not change).  However this will work much differently than originally designed.  I will have a pool of 25 rooms (to start more will be created) and each room will pull it's design from the pool of 25 rooms.  So you do not know what room you will get ahead of time and each play through will always be different.  This method is perfect because I get to creatively hand craft each room in the pool so I do not loose any creative control and it's actually extremely easy to code this randomization.  The code is done, now it's just creating the rooms which will be my focus for the next couple weeks.   All details laid out in my plan below:   Please let me know what you think.   Also here is a video of the new screenshake effect when the firecrackers explode:   Also we have started a GoFundMe.  Please read about that below.  I understand if you are not in a situation where you can donate but please share it on your facebook, twitter, or with friends.  It will be greatly appreciated.  It's not only to help the development of the game but to help my wife and family.   https://www.gofundme.com/help-family-with-cancer?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=campaign_link_t&utm_campaign=welcome  




I am Eric Kyle Sedor, currently learning Game Design! My overall plan is to take my time, and get my name out there gradually. Better to take a long time to give a great impression than to quickly make a poor one.
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