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    Nicholas Frechette has released the Realtime Math v1.0 (RTM) library. RTM is an optimized C++11 math library for realtime applications that spawns out of work for the Animation Compression Library also by Frechette.
    Do we need another math library? Frechette believes RTM stands out:
    Learn more from the Realtime Math announcement.


    Q2VKPT - Raytraced Quake II

    By khawk, in News,

    Christoph Schied has released the source code for Q2VKPT - a Vulkan-based path tracer integrated into "the first playable game that is entirely raytraced and efficiently simulates fully dynamic lighting in real-time".
    Consisting of about 12,000 lines of code that completely replace the original Quake II rendering code, it was originally prototyped in OpenGL with contributions by Johannes Hanika, Addis Dittebrandt, Tobias Zirr, and Florian Reibold.
    The project is released as open source on Github and integrates the Vulkan path tracer into the Q2PRO client.
    More information and downloads are available at

    Splash Damage, developers of Dirty Bomb, have released the game design document, art book, and soundtrack for Dirty Bomb. According to their blog post:
    The Game Design document includes hundreds of pages of designs, sketches, notes, concept art, biro drawings, user stories and more. It can be downloaded here: link
    The Art Book looks at many of the original concepts for Dirty Bomb; from maps and characters to weapons and vehicles. It can be downloaded here: link
    The original soundtrack can be downloaded here: link


    IndieCade 2019 Accepting Submissions

    By khawk, in News,

    IndieCade is now accepting submissions for the 2019 U.S. and European festivals, hosted in Santa Monica, California and Paris, France in October 2019. IndieCade celebrates diversity in gaming and annually accepts a collection of the industry’s most unique and innovative games from around the world, including the latest console and mobile titles, virtual and augmented reality installations, escape room puzzles, tabletop and card games, performances and live action role-playing. IndieCade invites entries of all game genres and styles to apply, and previous submissions or inclusion in other festivals does not preclude eligibility. The application period is now open through March 15, with late submissions accepted until April 15, 2019. To apply or find more information on submission requirements, visit:   "IndieCade is a celebration of all that is innovative, delightful, and thought provoking in the space of play and an incubator of new and different play experiences and artists,” said Sam Roberts, IndieCade Festival Director, “The festival has been the birthplace of innovative design studios, a playground for virtual reality and immersive experiences, and the first public notice of dozens of indie games that have broken out with the public, changed perceptions of play, and established successful studios.”   All developers who apply for IndieCade 2019 will receive a host of benefits, in addition to being considered for inclusion at the U.S. and European festivals. Applicants will receive complimentary admission to the annual IndieXchange Summit*, a one-day developers-only conference filled with talks, educational sessions and networking opportunities for professional and career growth within the games industry. Applicants will also be invited to submit talks and sign up for playtesting their games during the festival, along with additional workshops, sessions and networking events with funders and publishers. For IndieCade members who apply, additional opportunities for playtesting and receiving written feedback are available. IndieCade membership is currently open for all professionals, developers, artists, gamers and students within the indie game community, and provides an array of benefits including discounts on festival passes and game submissions, entry to special events, partner discounts and more.   An international jury comprised of past IndieCade finalists, independent and mainstream game developers, artists, researchers, academics, curators, game writers and journalists will review all submissions and select the 2019 nominated titles and official festival selections. If a game is selected for the festival, the developers will have the opportunity to showcase their title before an international audience, be considered for 12 prestigious awards and receive two all access IndieCade passes and invitations to events and parties hosted throughout the festival.   For more information about IndieCade, submissions and membership, visit:

    Unity follows up last week's Improbable controversy with an update to the Unity Terms of Service Section 2.4, concluding that Improbable is no longer in violation of the Unity ToS and licenses have been reinstated.
    In a blog post detailing the Unity ToS update, Unity co-founder and CTO Joachim Ante, outlines the new updates to the controversial 2.4 clause and reaffirms Unity's commitment to providing developers with an open platform.
    The blog post goes on to say that a developer can use any 3rd party service they would like - but it's possible, if the 3rd party service is not an official partner - that Unity will not be able to support it for you.
    These changes also mean Improbable is not in violation of the ToS, but Unity makes it very clear that they are not a Unity partner:
    On Twitter, has asked Unity for clarification on the criteria for being a partner and how Improbable failed that criteria. Presumably, Improbable violated one of the three items in the new Section 2.4:
    Previous news and discussion:

    Speaker submissions are now open for Develop:Brighton 2019, with organisers Tandem Events issuing a call for a diverse range of speakers to submit proposals for the event taking place at the Hilton Brighton Metropole from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 July, 2019.
    “Each year we strive to deliver a programme that is relevant to today’s game development community and offers valuable insights and practical advice for all attendees whatever the size of their studio or their area of interest,” said Andy Lane, managing director, Tandem Events. “As ever, our goal is to bring the industry together with a programme of talks covering a wide range of topics our delegates are passionate about.
    “My advice for those thinking about submitting a session is to be clear on who your talk is aimed at and the take-away an attendee would get from listening to you. Good luck everyone!”
    Applicants have until 13 February 2019 to submit proposals at:, where you can also find more information about the session tracks, tips on what makes a good submission and ideas for talks.
    Last year delegates were able to hear from more than 120 speakers across 107 sessions, including keynotes from Shuhei Yoshida, Jade Raymond and Chet Faliszek. Thanks to the expanded three-day format Develop:Brighton hosted more sessions than ever before at a single event.
    Develop:Brighton 2019 will consist of eight tracks, including Design; Art; Audio; Business; Coding; Evolve and Indie. Discoverability, which is dedicated to helping developers get noticed their games noticed, also returns in 2019.
    The 2018 conference and expo was attended by a record number of professionals from the video game community, with 2,369 attendees in total across the three days.  
    For the latest information and to find out when registration goes live visit:

    Adam Brown
    Today I would like to introduce you to a tool that I've been working on that provides a completely new and unique way to build large scale worlds for Unity. For a full detailed description, and video see the Kickstarter that just launched today here:
    For a detailed video see YouTube here: 
    Here are some of the highlights:
    Generate large detailed worlds in seconds with a couple clicks Modify the shape and layout of your world easily with paint-like tools Place your rivers mountains and features exactly where you want them quickly and easily just by drawing splines Get a set of distinct and interesting looking terrain types built in that flow together seamlessly Adjust the detail scale of your world quickly with a slider which lets you adjust the size of the terrain features without disrupting your overall layout Export a static mesh, full terrain textures, or texture tiles for elevation and masks ready for direct import into UE4 using World Composition The alpha is going to be available to Kickstarter backers in March.

    I worked with GrimFox Games to use the alpha build of WorldKit to produce the world used in RoboGenesis. Below are some screenshots of the WorldKit project for RoboGenesis, along with some in-engine screenshots of the world.

    Here are some screenshots showing the WorldKit project for RoboGenesis:

    Here are some screenshots showing the world in-engine:

    In the interest of full transparency, here is a list of other content used in the RoboGenesis screenshots to show off the terrain:
    In-house terrain shader In-house atmospherics In-house fog shader In-house water shader Textures from Quixel Mixer Foliage from SpeedTree Rendered in Unreal Engine 4 The entire world for RoboGenesis took about two hours of work to design in WorldKit. All of the basic landforms and terrain were there on export from WorldKit. About 10 hours were spent in engine tweaking and modifying the terrain to be suitable for gameplay. Modifications included better definition and refining of rivers, smoothing of shorelines, adding ramps to get between some terrain levels, addition of lakes in some areas and smoothing minor anomalies in the terrain.

    Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I hope WorldKit becomes an extremely useful tool in the environment creation pipeline!


    BIG Festival Open for Submissions

    By khawk, in News,

    Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival has opened submissions (free of charge) for its award competition. BIG Festival, now in its seventh year, is Latin America’s largest gaming festival. The BIG Festival Awards strive to give recognition to talented independent developers all over the world. Last year, the event attracted over 36,000 attendees; both fans and industry professionals.

    In 2018, over 645 games from 53 countries were submitted to be reviewed by BIG Festival’s panel of esteemed international judges. The categories for this year’s 2019 awards include:
    Best Game Best Brazilian Game Best Latin American Game Best Art Best Gameplay Best Narrative Best Sound Innovation Best in VR Best Game for Kids Best Multiplayer Game Best Student Game BIG Impact: Educational Category BIG Impact: Social Matters Category People’s Choice BIG Festival 2019 will take place June 22nd to June 30th in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To nominate a game for the BIG Festival Awards please visit:


    bs::framework v1.1 released

    By BearishSun, in News,

    First major update for bs::framework has launched. The update includes a brand new particle system, decals, various renderer enhancements and over 150 other new additions and changes!
    For more information check out the detailed release notes.
    General information
    bs::framework is a C++ game development framework that aims to provide all the low-level systems and features you need for the development of games, tools or engines. It was built from the ground up to replace older similar libraries. 
    It provides a modern API through C++14, provide extensive documentation and a cleaner, more extensible design. While also focusing on high performance with its heavily multi-threaded core, and use of modern technologies such as Vulkan and physically based rendering.

    The fallout from Unity TOS changes continues as Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, and Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable, pen a joint blog post to reaffirm their commitment to developers. 
    Not content with highlighting their differences with Unity, Sweeney and Narula go a step further to setup a $25,000,000 fund dedicated to helping developers in limbo with the events of the day.
    Key phrase: more open engines, services, and ecosystems.
    View the full blog post here.
    Learn more from our post and discussion about Unity's TOS changes and impact to Improbable:

    The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) has announced the nominees for its 22nd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards. Academy members will begin general voting on Friday, January 11 at 2:00 PM PST.
    Winners will be revealed at the D.I.C.E. Awards ceremony on Wednesday, February 13th at Aria Resort & Hotel Las Vegas as the culmination of the week-long 2019 D.I.C.E. Summit. The ceremony will be live-streamed beginning at 8:00 pm PT/11:00 pm ET through IGN Entertainment.
    Fifty-six games received a nomination. God of War leads the nominees with 12 total nominations, followed by Marvel's Spider-Man with 11, Red Dead Redemption with eight, and Return of the Obra Dinn with six.
    The full list of nominees can be viewed here and include:
    Outstanding Achievement in Animation
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
    Detroit: Become Human
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Outstanding Achievement in Character
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Kassandra)
    God of War (Atreus)
    God of War (Kratos)
    Marvel's Spider-Man (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)
    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur Morgan)

    Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition
    Detroit: Become Human
    Forgotton Anne
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Tetris Effect

    Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
    Battlefield V
    Detroit: Become Human
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man

    Outstanding Achievement in Story
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Outstanding Technical Achievement
    ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
    Battlefield V
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Action Game of the Year
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Destiny 2: Forsaken
    Far Cry 5
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Adventure Game of the Year
    Detroit: Become Human
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Family Game of the Year
    ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
    Kirby Star Allies
    LEGO DC Super-Villains
    Starlink: Battle for Atlas
    Unravel Two

    Fighting Game of the Year
    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Racing Game of the Year
    Forza Horizon 4
    F1 2018

    Role-Playing Game of the Year
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
    Monster Hunter World
    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

    Sports Game of the Year
    FIFA 19
    Mario Tennis Aces
    MLB The Show 18

    Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year
    Bad North
    Into the Breach

    Immersive Reality Technical Achievement
    ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
    Beat Saber
    Dr. Grordbort's Invaders

    Immersive Reality Game of the Year
    ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
    Beat Saber
    Sprint Vector

    Outstanding Achievement for an Independent Game
    Into the Breach
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Portable Game of the Year
    Donut County
    Dragalia Lost

    Online Game of the Year
    Destiny 2: Forsaken
    Laser League
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Sea of Thieves

    Outstanding Achievement in Game Design
    God of War
    Into the Breach
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
    God of War
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Game of the Year
    God of War
    Into the Breach
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Improbable announced today that all existing and in-development games using SpatialOS are now in breach of Unity's TOS. While the TOS was changed on December 5, 2018, Improbable received confirmation of breach on January 9. Improbable had just released the SpatialOS GDK for Unity around the same time as the TOS change.
    Improbable is taking steps to help all developers affected by this change, including:
    But this change to the Unity TOS may have wider implications for developers in the Unity ecosystem.
    The clause in question is Section 2.4, which states:
    Specifically troubling for all Unity asset and service providers and developers is that Unity now prohibits "streaming or broadcasting so that any portion of the Unity Software is primarily executed on or simulated by the cloud or a remote server and transmitted over the Internet or other network to end user devices...".
    Seeing as this applies to the Unity runtime and Project Content, this could mean that any kind of processing offload for entity state occurring on a server or cloud provider (such as SpatialOS) is no longer allowed. While Unity does provide an authorized list of streaming platforms, with these Terms in place, developers who planned to use Unity in any kind of distributed network capacity may find themselves in a difficult situation.
    Comments from Epic's Tim Sweeney:
    Further comments from Sweeney:
    Update from Unity
    More from Improbable
    Epic and Improbable Partner Up

    The enterprise use-cases of XR are numerous and growing. But what’s needed for successful implementation? How can you scale roll-out? How do you demonstrate ROI?

    On Tuesday 15th January, an expert panel of speakers will address the key industry question:
    ‘XR for business 101: What’s critical for success?’
    With panelists including:
    Coen Sanderink, Business Developer Digitale Infra, Heijmans Julio Cesar Bolivar Lopez, R&D IT Innovation Consultant, Bayer Jan Pflueger, Center of Competence for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Audi Mark Sage, Executive Director, The AREA Moderated by Amy Peck, CEO, EndeavorVR
    Key discussion points:
    Identifying business need: The what, why and how of using XR for a purpose Success in pitching, implementing and using XR as part of a wider business model Learning from real cases: Problems and solutions in XR adoption Measuring ROI – the hard and soft approach Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear about real life scenarios, anecdotes and advice, as well as get your pressing questions answered by the webinar panel.
    It’s taking place on Tuesday 15th January at 2pm GMT – if you can’t join live, sign up now to receive the recordings later, at

    Buckshot Interactive has launched the FirstShot Games program to help new game writers create and publish their first short game - for free.
    FirstShot Games is a free program that will help people write their first piece of interactive narrative. Through the program developers will write their game, receive feedback, education, and assistance from a professional game narrative designer/writer, release the game, and put that game up for sale. This program is ideal for writers who want to create something interactive for the first time, a gamedev who wants to try narrative, or both.
    Projects must be story-focused and interactive, take less than a year to make, and should be a gaming experience of no more than two hours, or for book-style experiences, less than 200 pages.
    The program is free. You can learn more about the program and apply with a project through the FirstShot Games Application.


    Spine 3.7 Released

    By khawk, in News,

    Spine 3.7 has been released. The new release of the 2D animation tool includes new support for audio, additional IK settings, mesh whitespace stripping, improved exports, and more. Spine has also added C++ support to the Spine Runtime through spine-cpp.
    Learn more from the blog announcement.

    Investment in game-based learning companies was sharply up in 2018, according to leading serious games analyst firm, Metaari. A total of $2.25 billion went to 133 companies. In contrast, $948.2 million was invested in 150 game-based learning companies in 2017.   While the number of deals declined slightly in 2018, funding levels were much higher and investment more than doubled. Almost 100 companies reported raising substantial funds.   Seventeen PreK-12 academic-facing companies obtained funding in 2018. Twenty-one corporate-focused companies producing game-based training were funded.   China is the education technology center of the universe, at least for now, according to Adkins. In 2018, 51 Chinese game-based learning companies garnered a combined total of $539.3 million. Nearly 50% of all ed tech investments made in 2018 went to Chinese companies.    “This is the first time in the history of the industry that China overtook the US. A stunning $7.22 billion was invested in 207 Chinese learning technology companies in 2018,” Sam Adkins said.   Metaari produces annual reports on the global game-based learning market. The reports, available from Serious Play Events, include an analysis of the catalysts driving the market as well as both a demand and supply-side analysis, providing publishers with the ability to choose high-yielding opportunities. In July, Metaari predicted a 37.1% CAGR growth rate for game-based learning products over the next five years. That growth would mean revenues will more than quadruple to well over $17 billion by 2023.    Metaari’s Global 2018-2023 Game-Based Learning Market is available for sale from Serious Play Conference here:   Metaari also produces reports on the Mixed Reality Learning Market and the Market for Mobile Educational Games.

    The nominees for the 19th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, the leading peer-based video game event celebrating the industry’s top games and developers, have been announced today by organizers. Winners in all categories will be honored at the Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA) ceremony, taking place on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 6:30pm at the San Francisco Moscone Center during the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) and held in conjunction with the Independent Games Festival Awards (IGF).
    Organizers are also announcing that the Game Developers Choice Awards will be hosted once again by Tim Schafer, LucasArts industry veteran and founder of Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts 2). Both GDCA and IGF Awards are available to attend for all GDC 2019 pass-holders, as well as streamed via & other to-be-announced streaming platforms.
    The developer-picked GDCA nominations are led by Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 with a total of 7 nominations, followed closely by Sony Santa Monica’s God of War and Insomniac Games’ Marvel's Spider-Man with a total of 6 nominations each. Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, the sprawling adventure set in a richly detailed open world at the dusk of the Wild West era, received nominations for Best Audio, Best Design, Innovation Award, Best Narrative, Best Technology, Best Visual Art and Game of the Year.
    Sony Santa Monica’s God of War, the epic new chapter of the influential action series that features stunning battles with gods and an involving tale of a father’s struggles guiding his son through an unforgiving world, was nominated for Best Audio, Best Design, Best Narrative, Best Technology, Best Visual Art and Game of the Year. Marvel's Spider-Man, the acclaimed action-adventure game developed by Insomniac Games starring the beloved comic book character, was also nominated for Best Audio, Best Design, Best Narrative, Best Technology, Best Visual Art and Game of the Year.
    Other titles receiving multiple nominations include the rewardingly challenging platformer, Celeste from Matt Makes Games, the innovative puzzle whodunnit game Return of the Obra Dinn from Lucas Pope’s 3909, the deeply immersive take on a classic puzzle game, Tetris Effect from Monstars, Resonair & Enhance, and the emotional tale of life and love, Florence from Mountains.
    Any video game that was released and made publicly available during the 2018 calendar year, irrespective of platform or delivery medium, is eligible for free nomination for the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards. Both nominees and winners are selected by the Game Developers Choice Awards-specific International Choice Awards Network (ICAN), which is an invitation-only organization, comprised of leading game creators from all parts of the industry.
    The complete list of nominees, including honorable mentions, for the 19th annual Game Developers Choice Awards is as follows:
    Celeste (Matt Makes Games) Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Marvel's Spider-Man (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Tetris Effect (Monstars and Resonair / Enhance) Honorable Mentions: Beat Saber (Beat Games), Wandersong (Greg Lobanov / Humble Bundle), Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909), Battlefield V (EA DICE / Electronic Arts), Forza Horizon 4 (Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios  / Microsoft Studios)
    Polyarc (Moss) Mountains (Florence) Nomada Studio (Gris) Villa Gorilla (Yoku's Island Express) Sabotage (The Messenger) Honorable Mentions: Beat Games (Beat Saber), Digital Sun (Moonlighter), Two Point Studios (Two Point Hospital), Okomotive (Far: Lone Sails)
    Marvel's Spider-Man (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Celeste (Matt Makes Games) Into the Breach (Subset Games) Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Honorable Mentions: Frostpunk (11 bit studios), Minit (Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio & Dominik Johann / Devolver Digital), Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909), Astro Bot Rescue Mission (SIE Japan Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment), Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)
    Alto's Odyssey (Snowman) Florence (Mountains / Annapurna Interactive) Reigns: Game of Thrones (Nerial / Devolver Digital) Holedown (Grapefrukt Games) Donut County (Ben Esposito / Annapurna Interactive) Honorable Mentions: Furistas Cat Cafe (Runaway), The Room: Old Sins (Fireproof Studios), Pocket Run Pool (Zach Gage), Alphabear 2 (Spry Fox), Twinfold (Kenny Sun)
    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) Florence (Mountains / Annapurna Interactive) Nintendo Labo (Nintendo EPD / Nintendo) Tetris Effect (Monstars and Resonair / Enhance) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909) Honorable Mentions: Minit (Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio & Dominik Johann /
    Devolver Digital), Celeste (Matt Makes Games), God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment), Astro Bot Rescue Mission (SIE Japan Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment), Moss (Polyarc), A Way Out (Hazelight Studios / Electronic Arts)
    Florence (Mountains/Annapurna Interactive) God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Marvel's Spider-Man (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909) Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) Honorable Mentions: Assassin's Creed Odyssey  (Ubisoft Quebec / Ubisoft), Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream / Sony Interactive Entertainment), Celeste (Matt Makes Games), Life is Strange 2 (Dontnod Entertainment / Square Enix), Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge / Good Shepherd Entertainment)
    Marvel's Spider-Man (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Assassin's Creed Odyssey  (Ubisoft Quebec / Ubisoft) Forza Horizon 4 (Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios) God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) Honorable Mentions: Sea of Thieves (Rare / Microsoft Studios), Far Cry 5 (Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto / Ubisoft), Battlefield V (EA DICE / Electronic Arts), Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream / Sony Interactive Entertainment), Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909)
    Gris (Nomada Studio / Devolver Digital) Marvel's Spider-Man (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment) God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909) Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) Honorable Mentions: Battlefield V (EA DICE / Electronic Arts), Tetris Effect (Monstars and Resonair / Enhance), Dragon Ball FighterZ (Arc System Works / Bandai Namco Entertainment),  Assassin's Creed Odyssey  (Ubisoft Quebec / Ubisoft), Below (Capybara Games)
    Budget Cuts (Neat Corporation) Beat Saber (Beat Games) Tetris Effect (Monstars and Resonair / Enhance) Moss (Polyarc) Astro Bot Rescue Mission (SIE Japan Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Honorable Mentions: Jurassic World Alive (Ludia), In Death (Sólfar Studios), Tendar (Tender Claws), Firewall Zero Hour (First Contact Entertainment / Sony Interactive Entertainment), Deracine (FromSoftware / Sony Interactive Entertainment)
    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope / 3909) Marvel's Spider-Man (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Celeste (Matt Makes Games) God of War (Sony Santa Monica / Sony Interactive Entertainment) Honorable Mentions: Tetris Effect (Monstars and Resonair / Enhance), Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Bandai Namco Studios & Sora / Nintendo), Into the Breach (Subset Games), Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Ubisoft Quebec / Ubisoft), Florence (Mountains / Annapurna Interactive), Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)
    The Game Developers Choice Awards also recognize two individuals this year with annual Special Awards categories: Pioneer and Lifetime Achievement. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to esteemed writer and director, Amy Hennig, who has had a multifaceted career in game development, starting with development on the Atari 7800 and including roles as creative director and writer of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted game series. The recipient of the Pioneer Award will be announced in the near future.
    For more information about the 19th annual Game Developers Choice Awards, visit: For more details on the Game Developers Conference, please visit the GDC’s official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS. Official photos are available via the Official GDC Flickr account: Both the Game Developers Choice Awards and IGF ceremonies are available to attend for all GDC 2019 pass-holders.

    Amplifying New Voices (ANV) is returning for a fourth year, on March 17th 2019. Held in conjunction with the Game Developer's Conference, applications and nominations for 2019 close January 11, 2019. Apply or Nominate Today!
    As Gaming, VR & AR industries evolve, we have an opportunity to build the breadth of voices from all aspects of our community. At this pivotal moment, we can help change and shape the space of these industries by mentoring diverse participants who are emboldened to become creative leaders.
     ANV provides a full-day workshop of hands-on training and coaching for applicants who demonstrate high-potential as new voices, with the goal of creating outstanding, activated role models for under-represented groups and perspectives.

    The Independent Games Festival (IGF), which honors the most influential, innovative and acclaimed projects in independent game development, has today revealed the finalists for its 21st annual awards ceremony. The IGF Awards will take place March 20th, 2019 at 6.30pm PT during the Game Developers Conference 2019, and will be hosted by Meg Jayanth, the award-winning writer of 80 Days, the acclaimed globetrotting interactive storytelling game and former IGF Award winner for Excellence in Narrative.
    After an initial screening process overseen by more than 300 judges, over 500 entries for the 2019 IGF Awards were distributed to a diverse set of expert jurors from across the industry for final consideration. The juries for each individual category then selected the IGF finalists after playing, discussing and meticulously evaluating them.
    Among the esteemed award nominees are a few that have received nominations in multiple categories, including most-nominated title Return of the Obra Dinn, the innovative and uniquely stylized murder mystery from Lucas Pope, creator of 2013’s acclaimed Papers, Please. Through the monochromatic perspective of an unnamed insurance adjuster from the East India Company, Return of the Obra Dinn has players investigating the deaths of a crew of sailors aboard a ghost ship, the Obra Dinn. The title has earned nominations for Excellence in Audio, Design, Visual Art, Narrative and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.
    Other titles receiving multiple nominations in the 21st annual IGF include Do Not Feed The Monkeys, a unique digital voyeur simulator that calls on players to spy on characters to pry into their lives, as well the narrative-driven horror-tinged adventure game Paratopic, and the endless sandboarding adventure set against a beautiful and ever-changing natural landscape, Alto's Odyssey.
    Showcasing the breadth of games submitted this year, other notable multi-award nominees include Noita, the magical action rogue-lite set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated, Mirror Drop, the psychedelic 3D puzzle game where players maneuver a reflective sphere in a world full of mirrors, over-saturated colors and infinities, and the Internet-crawling adventure set in an alternate universe in the year 1999, Hypnospace Outlaw.
    The winners of the IGF will be announced at the Independent Games Festival Awards, which takes place the evening of Wednesday, March 20th 2019 at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center. The IGF Awards will immediately precede the Game Developers Choice Awards, which recognizes the best games of the year across all sections of video game development.
    IGF Award winners will receive more than $50,000 of prizes in various categories, including the $30,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Both the IGF Awards and the Game Developers Choice Awards ceremonies are available to attend for all GDC 2019 pass-holders, and will be livestreamed online once again via & other to-be-announced streaming outlets.
    The full list of finalists for each category of the 2019 Independent Games Festival, along with "honorable mentions," is as follows:
    Seumas McNally Grand Prize
    Minit (Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio & Dominik Johann) Opus Magnum (Zachtronics) Noita (Nolla Games) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope) Hypnospace Outlaw (Jay Tholen, Mike Lasch, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Corey Cochran) Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios) Honorable Mentions: Wandersong (Greg Lobanov & A Shell in the Pit); Subnautica (Unknown Worlds Entertainment); Mirror Drop (Ian Lilley); Moss (Polyarc); Unavowed (Wadjet Eye Games); Iconoclasts (Joakim Sandberg); Virtual Virtual Reality (Tender Claws); Beat Saber (Beat Games)
    Excellence in Visual Art
    Forgotton Anne (ThroughLine Games) Alto's Odyssey (Team Alto) Hypnospace Outlaw (Jay Tholen, Mike Lasch, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Corey Cochran) Just Shapes & Beats (Berzerk Studio) Mirror Drop (Ian Lilley) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope) Honorable Mentions: Beat Saber (Beat Games); Wandersong (Greg Lobanov & A Shell in the Pit); Subnautica (Unknown Worlds Entertainment); Moss (Polyarc); Iconoclasts (Joakim Sandberg); Guildlings (Sirvo Studios); Paratopic (Arbitrary Metric)
    Excellence in Audio
    ETHEREAL (Nonsense Arts - Nicolás Recabarren and Tomás Batista) Hypnospace Outlaw (Jay Tholen, Mike Lasch, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Corey Cochran) Moss (Polyarc) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope) Alto's Odyssey (Team Alto) Paratopic (Arbitrary Metric) Honorable Mentions: Creaks (Amanita Design); Holedown (grapefrukt games); Pikuniku (Sectordub); The Messenger (Sabotage); Distance (Refract Studios); Wandersong (Greg Lobanov & A Shell in the Pit); Wattam (Funomena)
    Excellence in Design
    What the Golf? (Triband) Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios) Noita (Nolla Games) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope) Dicey Dungeons (Terry Cavanagh, Chipzel, and Marlowe Dobbe) Opus Magnum (Zachtronics) Honorable Mentions: Subnautica (Unknown Worlds Entertainment); Carto (Sunhead Games); Black Room (Cassie McQuater); JUMPGRID (Ian MacLarty); Mirror Drop (Ian Lilley); Hypnospace Outlaw (Jay Tholen, Mike Lasch, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Corey Cochran); Beat Saber (Beat Games)
    Excellence in Narrative
    Wandersong (Greg Lobanov & A Shell in the Pit) Genital Jousting (Free Lives) Unavowed (Wadjet Eye Games) Seers Isle (Nova-box) Watch Me Jump (Jeremy Gable) Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope) Honorable Mentions: Do Not Feed The Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios); The Hex (Daniel Mullins Games)
    Speed Dating for Ghosts (Copychaser Games); after HOURS (Bahiyya Khan, Claire Meekel, Tim Flusk, Abi Meekel); Fortune-499 (AP Thomson); Marie's Room (like Charlie); Tango: The Adventure Game (Gualicho Games)
    Nuovo Award
    Circle0 (yesyes) eCheese Zone (Seemingly Pointless) Noita (Nolla Games) Mirror Drop (Ian Lilley) Black Room (Cassie McQuater) Paratopic (Arbitrary Metric) Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios) Nth Dimension[al] Hiking (Zachariah Chandler) Honorable Mentions: All Our Asias (Sean Han Tani); Hypnospace Outlaw (Jay Tholen, Mike Lasch, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Corey Cochran); Cyberpet Graveyard (alienmelon); levedad (solimporta); Subserial Network (Aether Interactive); macdows 95 (; The Norwood Suite (Cosmo D); Nerve Damage (Dennis Carr)
    Best Student Game
    It's Paper Guy! (Paper Team) Grace Bruxner Presents: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game (Grace Bruxner) After HOURS (Bahiyya Khan, Claire Meekel, Tim Flusk, Abi Meekel) En Garde! (En Garde! Team) levedad (solimporta) Sole (Gossamer Games) Honorable Mentions: We Should Talk (HeartBeetStudio); Coffin Rot Brewing Co. (Rosser-McGraw Studio); Fling to the Finish (SplitSide Games); Indecision. (Bilge Kaan); Seasons (David Su and Dominique Star); supertype (Philipp Stollenmayer); Atlas' Fate: Between Light and Darkness (Baby Robot Games); Marbloid (Supyrb)
    Alongside the IGF awards, the alt.ctrl.GDC award will also be announced during the IGF ceremony on March 20, 2019. This award will honor the most engaging, intriguing, and well-executed game using unconventional, accessible or alternative physical controls, with a prize of $3,000 given out to the winning game, and all alt.ctrl.GDC honorees playable on the GDC show floor from March 20th to 22nd.
    Also located on the Expo Floor of the Game Developers Conference from March 20th to 22nd, the Independent Games Festival Pavilion will give attendees the chance to play the nominated titles and meet the game creators. Finally, along with the IGF Pavilion, developers can also take part in the Independent Games Summit (March 18th-19th), which highlights the best and brightest of indie development, featuring valuable discussions and networking opportunities. The Game Developers Conference takes place Monday, March 18th to Friday, March 22th, 2019 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.
    Since its debut in 1999, the Independent Games Festival remains a platform that recognizes the efforts and artistic craft of some of the most beloved independent games in history, including revolutionary and memorable titles such as Night in the Woods, Her Story, Papers, Please, Fez and Minecraft among many others.
    For more information about the 21st annual Independent Games Festival Awards, visit: For more details on the Game Developers Conference, which includes the Independent Games Summit, the IGF Pavilion and the IGF Awards Ceremony, please visit the GDC’s official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS. Official photos are available via the Official GDC Flickr account: Both the Game Developers Choice Awards and IGF ceremonies are available to attend for all GDC 2019 pass-holders.

    Intel has announced the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer 2018 R4 release. New in this release are updates to the Trace Analyzer with a new UI and an improved capture system, additional features in the Graphics Frame Analyzer, and an enhanced Graphics Monitor workflow.
    From the release notes:
    Learn more from this video:

    Unity is offering a number of Asset Store bundles at discount until the end of the year.
    Best of 2018 Bundle
    Save 33% on ten of the very best assets of 2018, combined in this limited time bundle. Pay only for the assets you don't yet own. This deal expires January 6, 2019 at 23:59:59 PST.
    55% off Bundles
    Save 55% when you purchase the below bundles before December 31 at midnight PST:
    Procedural Worlds Library
    Get all the tools from Procedural Worlds, publishers of Gaia and many other popular assets.

    Polygon Library
    Get the entire library of POLYGON assets from Synty Studios, one of the top publishers in the 3D model category.

    Heroic Fantasy Characters
    90 characters and creatures, rigged, animated, and ready to drop in your project. Save over $550.

    Super Game Asset is pleased to announce today 10 sets of icons from our original library have been updated, and re-released it in 256x256 resolution format! This will allow our icons to look incredible on almost all platforms and devices.
    Beginning with the EPIC RPG series, and Fantasy RPG series, the following products have been updated with 256x256 resolution
    Basic RPG Items
    Epic RPG Items
    Epic RPG Equipment
    Fantasy RPG – Accessories
    Fantasy RPG – Armour
    Fantasy RPG - Army Skills
    Fantasy RPG – Consumable items
    Fantasy RPG – Hero skills
    Fantasy RPG – Military ability
    Fantasy RPG – weapons
    We are also in the process of updating all our icon library to 256x256 resolution, so check our store often.
    Super Game Asset 2018

    NVIDIA has announced Nsight Graphics 2018.7 with enhanced Ray Tracing support through Bounding Volume Hierarchy visualization, DirectX Raytracing C++ serialization, increased Vulkan debugging capabilities, Vulkan Pixel History, and an improved GPU Trace.
    Learn more and download here.

    Before the year comes to a close, Allegorithmic has one more treat for its users. Today, the team behind the Substance Suite hands over the reins to CD Projekt Red Senior Environment Artist, Mark Foreman, the creator of a new collection of materials designed exclusively for Substance Source. Each of the 15 original materials comes with a medieval flair, designed to give users everything they need to create anything from a high-res sprawling castle to a weather worn hovel and more. 

    Foreman’s resume includes more than a decade of experience as a gaming artist, including work on the award-winning The Witcher 3 and its equally lauded DLCs, as well as time spent texturing as part of the Black Mesa team. To create this collection, he sought inspiration from medieval structures located around the United Kingdom. He then called upon his skill with Substance tools to design a set of materials that mimic the real-world elements used in medieval construction. Each material can be downloaded and applied directly into a project, or modified using a series of simple sliders to create something completely new.
    “I found myself really digging deeper into Substance Designer than ever before,” said Foreman. “I’m usually more than happy to go and edit the graphs themselves or create parallel branches to get the various appearances I might need, but for this collection I really wanted to make sure that the end users could create the exact look they wanted by using the customizable parameters alone.”
    The Foreman Collection is split into three categories each meant to depict life at different levels of the medieval social stratum. The first grouping, “Peasant Hovel,” contains historically accurate representation of the types of real-world structural materials available to the lower echelons of society. Thatch and old stone assets join wattle and daub, while environmental effects like damage, density and even moss can be added.
    The second category, “Vassal Townhouse,” offers a more middle class look at medieval life, both residential and commercial, including materials created to build taverns, churches and manors. Tudor bricks replace the less expensive earthen composites, and windows – a sign of prosperity in the Middle Ages – can be added and customized to fit frames.
    Finally, the “Crown Castle” section offers everything you’d need to create a home fit for a king – literally. From fairy tale castles to Dark Age fortresses, stone walls can offer a look of opulence or intimidation based on the artist’s needs. A polished wooden palisade could highlight the reality of the inhabitants, or be worn and splintered to suggest a wealthy family in decline. Artists can also include additional touches like tiled columns that would be the envy of visitors, or outposts that can either convey charm or strength based on the each material’s customizable parameters.
    When combined with the vast Substance Source library, the new materials can help to create every aspect of medieval life, down to the most specific details. Artists can also experiment with each material directly within Substance Source without having to commit to a download, thanks to a new in-browser preview.

    “The Signature Series releases were meant to connect artists with Substance users, and it has succeeded in ways we never imagined,” Sebastien Deguy, founder and CEO of Allegorithmic. “Each collection seeks to strengthen the Substance Source library by offering a new style of materials, but they also inspire the community by demonstrating what professionals like Mark Foreman can do.” 
    The Foreman Collection marks the third Signature Series release of 2018, joining the icy, arid and jungle-themed environments created by Bungie’s Daniel Thiger, and the sci-inspired collection from game developer Chris Hodgson. Foreman’s materials also help to expand the ever-growing Substance Source library, which now features over 1,700 ready-to-use, tweakable materials. Additional Signature Series releases are planned throughout 2019.
    Substance Source users can examine the collection right now, and subscribers will have the option to download the “medieval tudor brick” material for free.
    Access to Substance Source is available through a monthly subscription. Subscribers receive 30 Substance Source material downloads per month, along with Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Substance B2M for $19.90 (Indie) or $99.90 (Pro). Professional users and teams can also buy the entire Substance Source library, along with one year of updates, for $4990. Enterprise and education pricing is available upon request. Students and teachers can request a license at no cost.

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