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SpeedRun's Journal

4: Adsense

Breakout Clone v1.0

The first release of the Breakout clone is finally here.

The Installer will install directx and the visual studio 2010 re-distributable.

If you would prefer to run the game through a zip file, you can download it from here . You will have to make sure that you have the visual studio 2010 re-distributables as well as the latest DirectX installed on your...

New Release : Asteriods v 2.0

Version 2.0 of Asteroids has been released  Added Redefinable ControlsAllowing Toggle FullScreen/Windowed Immediately The setup can be downloaded here

New Release : Asteriods v 1.1

Version 1.1 of Asteroids has been released  Added High Score Screen. Top 10 scores are tracked.Ship is flashed on on invinciblity for the 1st 5 seconds The setup can be downloaded here

New Project : Asteroid Clone

For my next project, I have decided to make a clone of Asteroids as my second project. I would like to have a finished game by March 31st which gives me a month to finish the game. This time will include all the enhancements required in the engine so that the game is playableWhy Asteroids Its a free form game with irregular goemetry which requires a more...

PostMortem :MPong

I have decided to stop working on MPong. The reasons for this includeI have been working on MPong for so long that it was tough to find motivation to continue working on it.Although I was continuously adding features to the engine, I was not building up my portfolioI want to test my engine with another game and see how much of the code is actually reusabl...

New Release : Mpong

I have a new setup on the Pong Clone that I have been working.New features include Help ScreenOptions ScreenPause Screen (in game)Music and SFX The setup can be downloaded here The archive can be downloaded here

We have sound

I have written a wrapper around DirectSound to take care of the sound. I have also background music which was taken from http://www.nosoapradio.us/ I am currently working on a Options screen which allows to disable/enable the SFX and music channels and also set the respective volumes.

New Release : Mpong

So I finally got around to making an installer using nsis.The setup can be downloaded here Edit:The Archive can be downloaded here ScreenShots  

Playable Prototype

I have finally got a playable prototype up and running.
The game supports both Single Player and Multiplayer Modes.

This also means that I have the following modules finished
  • Game Logic

  • Graphics

  • Input

  • UI

  • AI
You can see the whole list here
What does making Pong...

Screen To World Coordinates

This snippet shows how to convert a point on screen to a corresponding point in the world. It borrows heavily from the concept of ray-tracing.

Let x and y be the point on the screen which we want to convert to the world space.
We need to create a ray which passes through the camera and the point(x, y) in worldSpace
This ray needs to satisfy the line...