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sirkibble2's Journal

4: Adsense

Basic modeling

I'm just taking beginning steps to model simple props. Most of these I'm not taking in poly count because it hinders my mind in actually creating the object. Right now, I'm simply trying to create objects. No maps. No material. Later, I will get to all that but right now I'm focusing on simply modeling objects. They are pretty low resolution...

Disecting Gameplay: Jumping

*Dissecting Gameplay*

Over the course of video game history, there have been a lot of gameplay mechanics used and a evolution of some gameplay mechanics. As game designers, it can be easy to overlook certain gameplay mechanics or not even notice certain ones at all. That's why...

We all need staying power

In the Breaking Into the Industry section under Articles and Resources, there is an article by Cliff Bleszinski titled "How To Get A Job In the Gaming Biz." It's a simple article and it comes...

Learning how to draw

I finished some more lessons on a website dedicated to teaching how to draw called drawspace. Very helpful and effective...

Getting Started

I've been browsing this site for a while and have dabbled in topics but I feel it's time to sink my teeth in. I desire to get in the game industry and it's going to take a lot of work so I'm going to need all the help and experience I can get and this is a great site for that.

I've started a developer blog already at Wordpress but...