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New Site Location!

Posted by , 20 December 2011 · 736 views

Since my blog is specifically a game making blog, I decided it should be here, at GameDev.

For those that don't know, my previous blog was the 2D Game Making Blog. I created a simple game on that blog, but I didn't really like the blogspot interface, especially for code. So, I'm moving it here.

What to expect form this journal in the future? Well, I've re-written my SmashPC game to use a Component-Based Entity System. I'll be posting much of that code here. I did it just to experience it; the game is really too simple to require it. But, I may look at continuing to use it in the future.

I'm thinking of making trying a multi-player racing game. I really like writing multi-player games because you can just make a few levels, no AI to worry about, and, in general, it's more fun to play against other people.

I've also thought about a Bionic Commadno-type game as I loved that game as a kid, but, again, it will take developing levels, enemies, etc. which can kind of be a drain. maybe a Multi-player Bionic Commando game? Hmmm.

Anyway, I hope you follow along. I'm sure I'll be linking updates on the forums here.

Better to bring the content to the interested than to try to explain them how to find it!

Hope to see new stuff here soon!

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