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From End to Beginning

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Roguelike - mouse control and side project


Small update for the roguelike project, well sorta. Im changing all the controls to a mouse based design and ditching the conventional keyboard shortcuts. Inventory and equipment management is far simpler now.. even though the nostalgia is gone :/ Movement is slightly clunky feeling though. I'm suspecting a possible bug in t...

Roguelike - Equipment System


Holy molly I just went through probably the most tedious adventure I've ever been through in my entire programming experience. Cutting out sprites and editing xml files is definitely not my forte. Alas in the end I've got a plethora of weapons and armors included in the game to test out my new...

Rogulike - Download Build 056

Rogulike - Download Build 056 Another build, this time with a complete game? Almost, if you consider being able to go from start to victory a complete game. I think I've got 99% of the base skeleton in place and will be focusing a specific modules of the game from now on. As usual the game requires a numpad and runs in a 1280x720 window... I'll be addressing different resolutions soon...

Roguelike - Refocus

OK I think I got it out of me, had a little fun messing around with the system and trying different ideas. Really needed that to clear my head and break past the tediousness of working on the same project for too long. Along with a huge event in my life that's been taking up alot of my time... well really it takes all my time and will for a while. But tha...

Roguelike - Dodge the Bullets

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas time. Just a quick entry to show another video. Basic AI makes the enemy monsters wanderer and shoot the player. The AI takes a coordinate used as an anchor to keep the creature in a specific area. Along with the range around the point that it's aloud to roam.

Roguelike - Download Build 055

Well I'll admit it, I haven't had much time at all for the project. Finally sat down a couple days ago and got working on it. Then one night while playing Path of Exile I got the urge to work on animating the combat in the game. I wanted to add more feeling to the players actions. Just a simple slide animation. Attacking would cause the attacker to quickl...

Roguelike - Cave In and Missing the Target

Well I caved in, I re wrote the project. I'm even happier that I took the time to write the Grid class. It made what started as just a tinkering idea flourish into a complete rewrite. Estimating it only took me 3-4 days of coding too. Things are finally cleaned up, far from optimal but it gives me some breathing room and clarity. A time system will finall...

Roguelike - dungeon themes

Roguelike - dungeon themes An update before another release :) Putting alot of work into the new dungeon system / floor layout. I'm working on adding variety to the game and testing out some ideas that will have to wait for the next iteration of the game. Though the basics of it can easily be tested this go around. Each floor will now be generated using a theme configuration. Each...

Roguelike - Download Build 050

Roguelike - Download Build 050 Phew that was quite the refactor. Creature system is almost 100% finished. I've left out the status/Curse system for this build. It's not perfect and feels clunky in its hacked together state. But beyond that everything but the dungeon it self is now defined and loaded from external xml files. The project will keep to that standard from now on.

I've put...

Roguelike - grid abstraction

Bugs and frustration.... Looks like I need to do a little more cleaning before releasing. Been so long since I worked on the creature system, I had forgotten how I designed the current template loading. There's a bit of work to be done to bring it inline with how I refactored the item system. Not to come empty handed I figured I'd write about a couple tem...