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Son of a BITCH

4: Adsense

Well, my nice, shiny, brand-new, $150 ATi TVWonder Elite came yesterday. I gleefully opened it up and paraded it around the office in all its glory, gloating in a thoroughly geeky manner. That was all good.

Last night, I left the office in a hurry, and forgot the box in my cubicle. Crazy, I know, but these things happen.

Now, a bit of perspective is in order. This thing arrived in a Medium sized UPS priority parcel box. These boxes are 12 inches by 18 inches by 3 inches. Therefore, the box was not small.

The box contained a video capture card, remote control, manual, a large bundle of cables, assorted packing paperwork, and a bunch of padding materials. Therefore, the box was not light.

I suck at packing things into small areas, so once I gutted the box to look at all my new shineys, I just crammed it all back in, and left the bulk of the goodies sticking out of the top flap of the box. Therefore, the box was very visibly not empty.

Moreover, the sloppiness of the packing was such that it was impossible to pick up - let alone carry - the box without some things trying to fall out, at which point to proceed with the carrying of said box, one would have to pick up the loose items and place them back in the box deliberately.

The box was placed resting vertically against a dividing wall of the cubicle, and was over a meter from the nearest thing that even vaguely begins to resemble trash. Therefore, only a complete idiot would think that the box was supposed to be disposed.

The box was still there, safe and un-messed-with, when I arrived this morning. Therefore, the box was definitely here a while ago.

Alright, screw it - the suspense of all this is probably killing me more than you. The fucking cheap-ass maid service bitches threw the damn box away. A brand freaking new video capture card, with all the trimmings, sitting right on top of the box - just pitched out. The idiots carried the damn box through the office, out the back, to the dumpster, and threw it away. This walk is close to a hundred yards all told. Apparently, the time it takes to traverse that distance wasn't sufficient for enough neuron activity in the impenetrably dense skull of the maid to trigger comprehension of even one of the important points that I carefully laid out above, when the recognition of even a single one of those facts should have been ample cause to NOT THROW THE DAMNED BOX AWAY.

To make it all the more completely retarded, there's a large pile of very visibly empty boxes sitting right next to a trash can in another part of the office. They weren't even touched, let alone disposed.

Oh, yeah, and the waste disposal crew came several hours early today, and emptied the dumpster literally only a few minutes before I turned around and noticed that the box was missing.

So I'm somewhat pissed off at the moment.

Oct 18 2005 05:25 AM

I'm go smack some people around and throw THEM in the dumpster and make them buy you new equipment. That is TOTAL balls.
Oct 18 2005 06:58 AM
That sucks. Did you get to talk to them yet? Did they even say they were sorry?
Oct 18 2005 07:13 AM
Even if the "disposal" of said card was unintentional, what a waste. I had a similair experience with a lap top once. Sad really, I would atleast attempt to recieve some sort of compensation for that. I suppose that's why rocket scientist aren't maids though. No one said they had to be smart, they just have to show up.
Oct 18 2005 07:54 AM
Just to put a different angle on this... are you sure it got thrown away? Sounds to me like the perfect cover story for someone stealing it :-)
Oct 18 2005 07:57 AM
Well, we've managed to get ahold of the manager of the maid service in question, and apparently they all explicitly remember throwing it out (or so they claim) - they even described where it would have been in the dumpster had it not been emptied shortly after the fact. As cynical as I am, I find it very hard to believe that these people would have the presence of mind to coordinate and execute a theft. Besides, I doubt they'd have any idea what to do with a video capture card to begin with [wink]

In any case, we're currently working on getting reimbursed by the service. Apparently, the card is worth more than we pay them for a month's cleanings, so there's a small bit of sweet justice to be had. The guy is supposed to call back after he "investigates the situation."

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