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Did I just get played?

4: Adsense

So I have been working on a server system for a couple of guys. I wrote a backend game server, a node.js/socket.io middleman client agent server. And then I wrote all the socket.io network message code in the browser to make life easier on the client/webpage guy. It took about 2 months and I worked my ass off. We did our first test and the server kept crashing, I fixed those problems. second test again (UGH!)... third test no crashes but they didn't like the flow. So the client guy and I reworked the flow and did one last test.. game worked perfectly and the guys backing the idea LOVED it.

They were all about the project. But I get a call today saying they want to redesign a lot of things and are going to put development on hold and that they will call me back when they are done with there design phase and they didn't see a need to renew a programmer's contract during this phase.

I have this odd feelign they are going to take my tech demo I made for them and go somewhere else with it. I know it was good experience and all but I was just looking forward to taking this to the next level with them. Oh well life moves on I guess.

Oct 31 2012 12:23 AM
Take a look at your contract. Have you agreed to transfer the ownership of the code you have written for them (this is common if you are an employed worker). If this is the case and you got paid for it, all is fine, if you don't get paid for it, then you have learnt a lesson Posted Image

A better option would be to define the conditions of use in your contract, ie. that you keep the ownershipment, they are allowed to use it for project X and only project X, or that the ownershipment returns to you if the project is on hold or has been cancled. Best to ask a lawyer in this case and future projects :)
Oct 31 2012 01:11 AM
You are right they did not rip me off. I got paid and everything, And yes ownership is theres I knew that. I guess I just had idealistic hopes of being a part of this to the finish and staying in this profession and being home with my family. I do aplogize for the rant.
Oct 31 2012 01:15 AM
Well it sucks that they no longer need your services, but that's just business in general. I myself may hire some artists for projects and later down the road hire new artists for different graphic additions based on the concept. But, it all depends on the terms and conditions agreed to in the contract.

I hope you got payed well at least!
Oct 31 2012 01:24 AM
No I cut them a deal and did it really cheap to try and help develop the product cheap (I was only one getting paid at all because I was only one of the 3 that were unemployed). We had talked about it and I agreeded I would do the tech demo for cheap to help get to the next stage where it wasn't all coming out of there pockets. And now that they are there they have decided to not renew my contract for there reasons. Oh well you live and learn. maybe I should delete this post so I don't look like a spoiled brat lol.
Oct 31 2012 01:29 AM
I would revise your contract and never de-value your services again. I know of a lot of companies that are so cheap they out source projects for some guy to get paid minimal then boot his butt off the project and use in house programmers after the hard work has been done.

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