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Recent Entries

Journal of Aardvajk

4: Adsense

Further developments

Been working hard on Om and added a few new features.Figured out a way to have implicit this in functions, as long as they are defined inside the object of which they are methods. Name lookup rules similar to C++, so a parameter or a local variable is considered first, then an object member, then variables in the outer scope.

var x = "foo";var o ={...

Implementing Properties

I seem to have become obsessed with Om, my scripting language, again and have done nothing whatsoever on my game since last entry, just been busy with Om. I justify this on the basis that a) I'll need a scripting language for my game and b) this is hobby stuff so I can do whatever the hell I like :)I've been fairly disciplined about implememnting the bori...

Optimising my scripting language

Decided I needed a break from graphics programming so decided to revisit Om, my scripting language. For those who didn't read the entries about this a few months ago, I came heavily unstuck in my last iteration of this project, since I had decided to implement deterministic destruction in a dynamically typed, JavaScript-like language and it didn't occur t...

QtScripting madness

tl;dr: health much improved, wrapped QtScript in a command line application with a DLL plugin system.When I was messing around getting normal mapping working recently, I decided to use the alpha channel of the normal map as a specular value to allow for per-pixel specularity in my game. I decided to write a little Qt app that would allow me to load the n...


tl:dr; collapsed in the street, spend a night in hospital. Transparent rendering works. Character controller works. Animation works. Have a first person arm-rig sort of working.I'll start with a personal note - collapsed in the street last Wednesday and discovered I couldn't get up. A couple of very nice passers-by stopped and called me an ambulance and w...