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Journal of Aardvajk

4: Adsense

Some progress (added new vid)

Making some decent progress on the game over the last few days.
First up, I implemented a billboard-based particle system, used for the torch effect in the video above. It uses the following sprite atlas that I stole from the internet somewhere and generates a dynamic vertex buffer each frame. Since I only need a position and a...

New Game

Just a very quick entry today since I haven't posted for a while, to introduce my new game. Not that we have much to show yet.

My vision for this project is as follows:
"What do we get if we cross Super Mario 3D with a Rogue-Like?"
The answer - Rogue-Like Platform Game or RPG for short.
Essentially the screenshot shows that we are loading polyhedra from...

I reinvented JSON :)

As always happens when I'm starting a new game, I've started a new level editor. This one, however, is based on my Gx and QGx frameworks and so I'm hoping to keep it generic enough that it might be the last one I ever have to write (yeah, right) :) I'm going to need to have human-readable configuration files for the editor and I hate working with X...

Gx::Camera wafflings

Time for the next gripping installment of the development of my Gx game framework library. The latest addition I'll waffle about today is the Gx::Camera class from GxMaths . The requirement I have for the camera is that it can either be controlled directly by the user, for debugging and development purposes and also run in a sort of tracking mode,...

Building a bridge (to Qt)

Having made a good start on Gx and having set up a game project that links to the Gx headers and lib (in-place in the Gx project for ease of update), I realised that a new game will need a new level editor, which for me means using the Gx library from within a Qt project. This has the most impact on the Gx::GraphicsDevice , which has now undergon...