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Journal of Aardvajk

4: Adsense


Decided to celebrate getting the character controller stable by having a big break from physics for a while and get some graphical stuff working. Getting the model and animations integrated was a quick job as I'd written and polished my code for this stuff in the 2D game (animation controller, blending etc) so decided to implement shadows.

[EDIT] Than...

Victory (rather than death, jolly good)

Victory (rather than death, jolly good) Flying along now the fiddly bits are sorted . Implemented crouching, with the obligatory only stand up if there is room behaviour in the character controller. All seems to work very well so far.

Been messing about today as well with the systems I have to make debugging shapes for rendering. I had a bunch of functions that put vertices into a vertex buffe...

CharacterController II, this time its personal...

CharacterController II, this time its personal... Scrap the last entry with that stupid hack for preventing slope climbing. Turns out there is a proper geometric solution that was easier than I could have ever expected.

When the GJK returns a separation vector, you can dot this (normalized) with the world up vector to produce a value that you can use as the slope clamp. For example, less than 0.8f sets...

Continued adventures in CharacterControlling

Continued adventures in CharacterControlling Somewhere in a dark corner of Eastern Europe, there must be an asylum for programmers who have dared to try to implement a robust character controller. Listen - you can almost hear their pathetic mewling. Poor, lost souls, doomed forever to crouch in the corner of filthy cells, doing trigonometry on the walls with their own faeces.

I shall soon be checki...

Further CharacterController developments

Still driving myself mad with character controllers. Hopefully a bit of progress this morning though.

Part of the issue is locking the character to the floor, so that we only need to apply gravity when he isn't grounded. If we just do this naively, only applying gravity if the distance is greater than a threshold, we can end up with a capsule being groun...