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Journal of Aardvajk

2: Adsense

Edge Shimmy

About time I updated here. Been working on edge grabbing and shimmying. Animations are a bit pants but the basic actions are working okay.

Shimmying thankfully uses the same edges I generated for the edge walking in previous entries here. I just use a closest point to line method to check...

Support functions in a model editor

Adding a rather nifty set of functionality to Charm, the model editor, this morning. Generating shapes based on support functions rather than explicit geometry.

For those not familiar, a support function is a function that, given a shape and a normal, returns the point on the shape that is farthest in the direction of the normal. For a sphere, for exa...

New Level Editor

Got the new level editor working to the point that it can create maps for the game now. Its a lot more flexible than the last one and more easily supports non-polyhedral shapes, such as the cones here. Should be much easier to extend this project as the requirements change, and of course a lot of the code was lifted from the last one so no great dramas...

Christmas Trees (apparently)

Seems to be Christmas in my game world at least, if not in the real world.

Been working vaguely on adding props to the level i.e. meshes that are not just shapes created in the level editor. All the infrastructure is in place in the game, but have realised that the editor is woefully inadequately designed.

So its that usual quandry - do I devote a hu...

Edge Clipping

Well, that was all a bit hardcore. Decided that the only way I could get edge walking working the way I wanted was to preprocess the edges to turn this:

Into this:

I was going just add the edges manually in the editor, but I thought this would get awkward so wanted to have a way to have it sorted automatically and now we have. Its run in the game...