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Journal of Lethargic Programmers

4: Adsense

Outerra Anteworld Alpha Demo released

Outerra Anteworld Alpha Demo released Outerra Tech Demo  Finally here comes the Outerra tech demo, coming together with the alpha release of our game Anteworld .Recent download links can be found here: demo.outerra.com This alpha release features:A complete, real scale planet Earth that can be exploredCreated from real elevation data with resolution 90m where available, 1km resolution for oce...

Book: 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes

3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes is a book by Patrick Cozzi and Kevin Ring describing the essential techniques and ...

Podcast about Outerra

I've never been much of a speaker, not in my native language and even less so in English. When Markus Völter, the man behind SE Radio and omega tau science & technology podcasts contacted me to make a podcast about...

A new terrain mapper&compression tool

Our old terrain mapping and compression tool has been recently replaced by a new one, developed from scratch. The old tool has been the only piece that was not done completely by us (core Outerra people), and as the result it felt somewhat "detached" and not entirely designed in line with our concepts. It was quite slow and contained several...

Ocean Rendering

Rendering of water in Outerra.

There are two types of waves mixed - open sea waves with the direction of wind (fixed for now), and shore waves (the surf) that orient themselves perpendicularly to the shore, appearing as the result of oscillating water volume that gets compressed with rising underwater terrain.

Open sea waves are simulated in a...