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Feathers and Code

4: Adsense

Welcome To My Blog!

This is my first entry. =)

Practical Example of needing decoupling...

Some people are probably thinking "Matty, your crazy. Coupling
is how programs do things; there is no way around it!" Well...
all I have to say is its time to put on your big girl panties
and grasp the larger picture.

All software projects grow until they are abandoned. The more
flexible the project--the better the chances it can adapt
to new...


It is impossible to write any non-trivial software without having to deal with
some variant of coupling. Even simple applications need to be coupled against
standard OS or Framework functionality to achieve many tasks.

Coupling is the action of having two independent entities where; for one to
function the other must be present.

The term entity is...

System Design -- Finite State Machines

Hello fellow developers! I'm working a project where I can share info with
the public again so I figured I would restart my developer journal.

I've been tasked with re-architecting a large project. The project grew
'organically' and has evolved into a large tangled mess. At this point it is
impossible to fix anything or add any new functionality; without...

Debugging the Dreaded 1935 During MSI Install

This is one of the most annoying issues when coping with installers.
At least its better than "your boned, good luck finding it;" however,

Error 1935. An error occured during the installation of assembly component
{<insert GUID here>} HRESULT: <insert cryptic error code here>

is pretty frustrating.

Luckily, for once, it actually put...

Installing To \Windows\WinSxS

If you've been following my manifest journal entries, then at this point you
will have everything you need to use winsxs/fusion--save one major problem: to
place files into \windows\winsxs you have to be running from a .msi installer.

The the days of xcopy and regsvr32 are officially over.

I've found three ways to do a winsxs intall: one relies...

strtok not threadsafe on windows

Anyone, like me, who started off in the land of "C" or before
stl really got standardized probably uses, or has legacy code that has strtok
for tokenization.

On Unix/Mac platforms--strtok has been replaced by strsep.
To me, this is more for convenience: strsep is smart enough to know
to skip double delimiters.

Eg, strtok("--Hi!-Dash-Seperated", "-") =...

Setting up Subversion on OSX

Revision control software is one of the most important tools a developer will ever use.

If you on windows and developing alone, microsoft source safe (VSS) will often be all you need to use.
VSS uses the SMB protocol for transferring files and as such, is not suitable for access across networks.
There are plugins, such as source anywhere and...

Dealing with a side effect of sxs.

I've you've been following my posts at this point you are almost
ready to install as many versions of your application on a system as you want.

Ready for another speed bump?
WinSxS is really only appropriate for compiled code:
You will have to change your distribution to place files in a versioned
location and you will have to change the...

Starting to pull the understanding of Manifests together.

If you are writing an application in c++ application in visual studio you will
typically be linking against the "microsoft c runtime."

If you look in your windows\system32 folder you will see a few of these.

Directory of C:\Windows\System32

07/13/2009 09:15 PM 149,019 crtdll.dll
07/13/2009 09:15 PM 690,688 msvcrt.dll