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Strife: Bitcoin to ingame cosmetic currency

Posted by , in Strife 14 March 2014 · 855 views

Strife Legends of Strife MMORPG distant melody
Legends of Strife

Implemented the purchase of ingame cosmetic currency (star shards) using bitcoin. Each strife account gets an unique public address to which the player can make payments. If the player is ingame it should take a minute or two for the server to pick up the payment and give the player his star shards. If the player is offline the server will pick up the payment the next time the player logs in. Star shards unlike the normal ingame currency (copper, silver and gold) is shared between all characters on the players account. Star shards will be used to buy various cosmetical things for your characters but in now way will it make them stronger.

As is shown in the below screenshot the player can either copy the bitcoin address from ingame and paste it into his bitcoin client or use a cellphone wallet and scan the QR code.

Posted Image

Your star shards is displayed under your normal currency in the inventory screen.

Posted Image

Other than that I have a couple of screenshots showing some of the recent work done on the terrain. Thnx for reading!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

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