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Day 1...

So I've only just registered here at and I thought I would start off by getting a journal started.
I hope to use this as a means of communication between myself and the public to help build some awareness for my games and get some feedback along the way!
Currently I'm working on an update for my iPhone game, Bouncy Disco.
After finding some minor bugs after it's initial release in Dec 2010, I've come back from the holidays ready to get it all fixed up.
I've spent some time this week re-building the code so that it runs more efficiently.
The next step will be to design some new levels. The game currently has 5 levels and this update is aimed to double that number.

Finding time between part-time work and uni to get this done is becoming increasingly difficult, but I'm determined to have it done over the next week or two.

I'll do my best to keep regular posts in here and keep everyone updated with what's happening.

Feel free to check out my site:

or even check out Bouncy Disco, which is available on the App Store:

All feedback is welcome! I'll be back when I have some more news!

- Benn



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