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About this blog



New version of the Beta is avalaible! (0.2.0)

~~~Try the Beta of Eart!~~~




A boy wakes up in a mysterious forest, with no memory of who and where he is. At the beginning, everything seems quiet, but soon he will realise he’s not alone…


-Freedom to explore!
-Diary that recounts events
-Random encounters like an rpg
-Skill-based combat system
-So many secrets to be discovered...


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Entries in this blog


Eart - Beta 0.2.0

Update Beta 0.2.0:
-The game is now divided into acts
-Fixed a small bug
-Some small additions before the final
-Now the sword must be recharged before it can hit
-Balanced some pattern of attacks
-Slightly changed a couple of sprites
-Slightly changed a soundtrack Try the Beta on Gamejolt:    



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