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Ever Wondered How Quick Your Reactions Are!?


Well now you can test yourself with our latest game due for release on the 21st September on iOS.

It fast, fun and bound to make you a little stressed but worth a play if you have time!



We have just opened up the latest build to Beta TestFlight, so if your up for a spin send me a Tweet and I can tap you up!

If you dont have an iPhone or iPad and still want to play. Here is a WebGL Demo

So we have been working on Methodize for a while now. I know what your thinking from the gif above "It looks a little simple!". Well it is graphically but plays really well and actually is rather fun to play. We are now in the process of creating different modes to add more content so will have updates regularly to keep you all interested. There is a 'Rapid' mode in this build so you can really test your skills! :)

Would really appreciate feedback on this thread on the gameplay and feel of the control as well as speed and difficulty of the game and work with any suggestions for other game modes you may think of.

Here is the game description: A rapidly fast addictive arcade ball game where reactions speeds are key to a high score. Methodize the different coloured balls dropped from the tube by tilting the platform. Use the touch slide control to bounce the ball into the correct container. Colour distraction, ball speed and pattern changes all add to the mayhem. In 'Arcade' mode to make things indefinitely harder the longer you survive the more the containers fill up and will overflow and so the elimination begins using bonus balls to clear out those balls! For the ultimate challenge try 'Rapid' mode!

So a little bit of history about Entity3 so you know why we are not creating huge 3D RPG's.......yet!

We are a UK based indie team who love making games. There is only 3 of us but we have soooo many ideas for games but without a steady income we cant spend months and months on a game which once released will not do anything because it does not get noticed. So at the minute we are trying some simpler smaller games with great gameplay and less focus on graphics..after all most games that are doing well at the minute are pixelated with 8-bit sounds so don't think many gamers really care about graphics too much ;)

Thats all for now. Will upload a Promo video we have created for iOS release shortly! Please do try the game if you have time and let us know if you find any bugs or anything you feel does not work!

Oh and thanks for reading!


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Mobile Methodize Release One Week To Go

Only one more week until Methodize is released on iOS

Get ready for some fast reaction gaming!
Entity3 is launching its latest arcade game, Methodize. A simple one touch game which challenges your reactions to the max! Addictive, fun and super fast this is the game for a novice and a master!
Test your reactions and download Methodize! Three rapidly fast game modes wherein the longer you play the faster it becomes. The player’s objective is to direct the balls to the correct container to score as many points as possible before you make a colourful mistake!


  Follow Entity3 Limited:
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Mobile Methodize Update - SHIFT mode and smoother gameplay!

Hi All, As we are getting close to launch day,  there has been a lot of hard work making the gameplay smoother and less buggy when the speed really gets going. The level up speed changes are more gradual now but still challenging.   'SHIFT' mode is also now complete and will be available for the launch, it is just as quick as rapid mode but on each level up two of the containers switch position!     So latest version is in TestFlight if anyone whats to beta test for us that would be awesome! Drop us a Tweet Follow Entity3 Limited:
Web | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube  




Promo Video for Methodize

Hi all, Back again and as promised our promo video for Methodize. Looks ok needs more content I feel but that is coming soon!... Methodize Promo 2 30.mp4      



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