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My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

FINAL POST TD CHALLENGE Hello All! This is my final entry post on Tower Defense Challenge, thanks for extending the time ^_^Y Lemme check if I complete the minimum challenge requirements, since I have encountered problem from this blog, I post my list on my own blog page ... [ Completed game rules and requirements ] Here's the some video feeds Wave 1 and 2     Wave 9 and Boss level     I will put the download link tonight preparing the distribution on project page as require ^ _^ y Thank you all!!!!
Dexter Z        

GameDev Challenge : Tower Defense : Dev Progress ( Turret 360+Audio+SoundFx )

Wazzup all ^_^y GameDev Challenge | Tower Defense | Dev Progress ( Turret 360 : Added Audio+SoundFX ) What's new : Yo peep'z development is really slow! BTW I'm using MonoGame framework for this entry, MG is only a framework or a rendering engine which means I have to write everything from scratch including camera 😄, I need to build a Game Engine on top of MonoGame to produce different kinds of games, all of my Skybox, Billboards, Quads, Particles, Models, Trails, Entity components and including Mesh Loaders was written from scratch (Not using MG conntent pipeline mesh loader), but the real pain in the butt 😄 is the rendering sequence for solid material, additive and transparent material to work effectively that can be use for using basic effect or custom shader, yep you have to write your own shader in MG if you don't want to use it's basic effect, MG basic effect only support up to per pixel lighting effect AFAIK the reason I need write a custom shader with normal map andh 3 light source, basically everything done here is purely code no editor or prefab tools was used. I like MonoGame because it's a code centric framework you have total control of everything, maybe next compo I'll use Unity or Xenko. 1. Added features to my custom OBJ mesh loader for better performance, It has an option now to render the whole model as one group even if the original model has  many   groups.
2. Improve trail header and tails trimming when not moving or can set life of a trail.
3. Swapping diffuse texture map at any given time.
4. Model diffuse texture can be an animated texture.
5. Adding child node to parent node with translation and rotation e:g: My Turret where the body is the parent node which on rotate on Y axis and Machine Gun is the child node which only rotate on  X axis but follow Y axis of the parent node.
6. Adding Audio and Sound Effects   Improving my trails bezier curve, but still not perfect 😄 Explosion collision detection :   Adding GRAPHICS OPTIONS : 1 = LOW 2 = MEDIUM   3 = HIGH LOW = Basic Effect no ambient lighting
MEDIUM : Perpixel lighitng only HIGH : Anti aliased and every model has ambient light + 3 light source + diffuse + normal map   And lastly here's some video feeds with TURRET firing on 360 in any angle with Audio + Sound effects ^_^y   EDIT : Add new video feeds WAVE#5 Prototype and I Loose : - D      

GameDev Challenge : Tower Defense : 1st Video Feed Update ^_^y

Wazzup peepz! need some update for entry on GameDev Challenge : Tower Defense    
   Dust clouds scrolling
   Asteroids scrolling CAMERA CONTROL :
  Mouse :     Left mouse    :  Dragging of Ship/Items  
    Right Hold     :  left right : Rotate by mouse clockwise or counter clockwise
    Right Hold     :  Up down    : Panning by mouse
    Scroll mouse  : Zoom-in and Zoom-Out   Keyboard equivalent :     Left handed :
      A-D     : Rotate clockwise or counter clockwise
      W-S     : Room in - out
      Q-E     : Pan  in - out     Right handed :
     <- ->    : Rotate clockwise or counter clockwise
     ^  V     : Zoom in - out
     Pup PDn  : Pan  in - out
SHIP TRIALS :     Finally my trail engine is now always facing the  camera on every angle ^ _^ Y   That's all folks for now  busy on the day job to focus on this challenge. very slow progress... T __T    

Tower Defense Challenge : TERRAZ : Defender of Celestial Sphere

WHAT : Defense tower challenge entry ^ _^ y TITLE : TERRAK : Defender of Celestial Sphere REALM : Celestial Sphere GENRE : Defense Tower

LEVEL :   Defend the 88 known Constellation Orion, Ursa,Cygnus, Scorpio Etc..
                level name is the constellation name. ( I'll try to level 1 for this entry : - D )
  SYNOPSIS : When humans created the biggest the biggest hadron collider little they know it served as signal from another world and tend
                    to invade the earth, Terrak Confederation must defend the constellation sphere from invasion before reaching earth.   EARLY SCREEN SHOOT :        

Multi-Player PAC-MAN Challenge Entry

Wazzup All ^_ ^Y March 30, 2018 on here, photo finish on Multi-Player PAC-MAN challenge, I only spend maximum of 2(two) hours a day on
this challenge working on it at night  just finish adding sound today :-D
Kindly unzipped the attached file to play and test it ^ _^ y

    PACMAN VS.zip



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