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Beware all who enter! Insanity! Blasphemy! REEFER MADNESS!

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If all goes well, I should be going to this girls 19th birthday party soon enough - in about 12 days, so says her daily updated MSN personal message.

Anyway, wish me much luck, Gamedev. Because like... She's, well, very hot, and she's wierd too, like me, so it's all good in the end. Yay.

Alright well uhm... I'm hungry.


I think my butane can is fucked. I kind of forced it the wrong way or something one time, now it leaks butane into the air (MY AIR) instead of into my lighter. I am disappointed.

Well, munchies.




Off to a party soon.

What the title says.

Don't you hate it when you sleep on your !beer, and it gets squashed? I sure do. [sad]

Anyway, my brain is still trying to recover from last night. I feel somewhat retarded now. What's simple arithmmatic? I don't know what that is.







Let's just say, SSRi's make !beer TWICE as effective. Little resinous material later, and I'm on cloud NIIINE.


Infected Mushroom is still the best group out there. Ever. If you disagree, you must be huffing paint thinner or something like that dude in that one video on fat-pie. Yeah, well, maybe you're not THAT stupid. [wink]


I can't wait until this Saturday. I'll be reuniting with my crew, so then I won't have to just break legs on my own like I did ALL CHRISTMAS BREAK. JESE! Leave it to some "materialistic holiday" to get in the way of a good leg breaking. You know how hard it is to hold a guy down AND break his legs? It's hard fucking work, I'll tell you.










But yeah. ... What?






So, after not seeing this community for quite some time, I've come back.

Let's recap what happened for the last while:

September: Went to college.
September to mid-November: Partied.
Mid-November: Kicked out of college.

Well, I do plan on reapplying for that course, since it was pretty fun. Also, just college life in general is fun. I made a ton of friends (who I see every weekend to party with, good times), so that's all good.

Also, I'm on meds now (which I should have done years ago). 10 mg of Prozac daily. It keeps me stable, level, and it's not a sedative (bad idea for me, since I used to sleep 16+ hours a day for a while there), but a stimulant. I just feel normal, and it's good. (Although I'm suffering one of the mild side effects right now - which is light headedness.)

But yeah, the stories I could tell about college, oh man... I could probably write a book about those two and a half months. Also, I really did need that time in college - if not for the education, for the friends I made. What's even more awesome, is that I didn't use the Internet hardly at all for that time, I began to forget my computer knowledge and began to learn about more important things in life: friends, socializing, women (yay), and generally just raising hell and having way, way too much fun.

Well, I'm kind of worn out. I'm going to lie down or something.

- Yosh.

EDIT - I guess I might as well mention a few of the good times I had during college (well, of the ones I can remember):

Second week in college I ended up at this girls house with a few other people (two guys, one girl). This girl was hot, a former dealer, and a very genuinely nice person - too bad she moved. Anyway, a few blades later, I was on top of the world. She did a few blades, and one of the guys did a few blades (bad idea for him). Anyway, he had ingested roughly 11 beer that night, so doing a few blades PROBABLY wasn't a great idea, in retrospect. So, we go outside to go to the other girl's house, and buddy decides he's going to take off his shirt, run ahead of us, and steals a parking sign - all done in under five minutes. From what else I can remember, we did see a group of people go barreling down the street horizontal to us with one in a shopping cart and a few others pushing - that was pretty funny (and wouldn't be the first time I saw something like that happening, either). Buddy does eventually come across a letter-sign-dealy and decides to take the "DRY" out of "LAUNDRY" and stuff it in his pants. An unmarked suburban decides to pull up at that moment with two attack dogs in the back. I was about to shit the pants at that moment. Anyway, the cop just told him to put it back luckily. All in all, buddy and his friend took out seven signs - you could still see the path of destruction for weeks throughout town, 'twas funny.

Well, that's all for now, I guess.




Another party.

So, I had another bit of a party last night. Man, am I ever worn the hell out. Let me tell you, I was surely FUBAR last night.

It kind of sucks that it's all over now, though. Oh well, at least I had a night of care-free-..ness.

Until next time.

- Yosh Out.




Dear God,

Hi, I'm bored. Fix it.

Yours Truly,




The cat ftw.

Why, I must say, as a man who is very learned in his love for the motion picture, that the "movie" entitled "The Ladykillers"* has most successfully lulled my persona into such a state of joy that I may call this "picture" of sorts a masterpiece, if you will.

Now, try to guess who my favourite character is.


Anyway, 'twas a good movie, so I recommend it to anybody who's bothered to read today. Also, I saw The Final Cut, and, even though I missed the first 22-23 minutes of the movie, I must say, very, fucking, good.

Well, I'm off.

- Yosh Out.

*A remake of the old 1955 classic, The Ladykillers. Now go see it you wankers.





Thumbs down in the bug department today; I have enough mosquito bites on my fat ass to kill thirteen small children. Shit. You. Not.

Anyway *scratches mosquito bites furiously*, man, do I need to go to college (read: party, get layed).

Well, I'm off to the motherland.






Say you've just had some magicly fantacular brownies. Said brownies made you feel great! Now, imagine being hungry on said brownies. Nonfantacular, indeed.

So uh, hmm... Rice...tacular!

Aaaanyway, what?


- Yosh Out.





Today, I party.

I have $160 in cash, and I'm buying lots of "supplies" for said party. It's gonna' be wicked fun, to say the very least. Too bad it's going to be a sausage fest, so I won't be getting remotely close to any sort of tail that may or may not have come my way. [bawling]

Oh wells, party! [grin]




No graphics card, but I'm 99% of the way there.

So, I got my gig of RAM (GB Micro, but eh), desk, monitor, wireless-g router & adapter (replacing for a USB version as to leave room for the PCI tuner on Monday), PCI TV tuner, other crap I can't remember. I'm pretty happy now. I can sit in my room, do whatever I want and look at whatever I want. [wink]

Anysuch, I'm just relaxing to some tunes and awaiting 10 o'clock. Why 10? Why, my mother is coming to pick me up for the village Irsh Pub night (Pig N' Whistle - don't ask). I'll have a drink or something, get out for a while, go home, sleep, and continue my regular anti-social behaviour. [grin]

Well, I best get in the shower shortly.


- Yosh Out.




Last day of work...

...for the summer, anyway.

I got a lot done today, really. I got the community website up, going and finished. I taught my boss how to make business cards. I got Google to search our site and put the little bar in the bottum. I wrote down various instructions on how to update the site and all that. I set up the blogger news page (which is hosted on the site) properly. I made a header for business letters. I got the gallery up and running and uploaded various photos.

Yeah, I got a fair amount done today - and still had a chance to slack off! [wink]

Well, off to home in about half an hour, here.


- Yosh Out.




Got a new computer!


Yeah, I'm pretty happy. I finally have my own fucking computer that I can do whateverthefuck I want with.

Sorry, had to vent. [razz]

Anyway, I had to use CPU-Z to figure out the RAM and motherboard manufacturer, but that wasn't too bad. It's neat that it has HT, so multi-tasking isn't as sluggish as it was with my (well...) Athlon XP 2800+.

So... All I need now is a graphics card.





Yeah, so I'm gambling with a bullet here (ATIC). Why a bullet? There service completely blows certain donkey anatomy, to put it lightly.

So, I ordered a system from ATIC (custom). Let's hope that gets accepted so I can finally get some computer parts on the go.

Also, I've been playing a lot of EVE Online lately (14 day free trial dealy), and I have to say, it's quite fun.

Well, off to occupy myself.




insert random words of cursing here

My credit card was denied yet again. You know, I thought my credit card company (RBC) would let be go over by about $60. They've let me go over by $20 before.

Well, shit.

I guess I'm buying a computer at Futureshop afterall. This sucks.

EDIT - Or maybe a Dell? Eh, dunno'.




If it doesn't go right this time...

Ok, I FINALLY (FINALLY), FINALLY got my freaking computer parts ordered AND confirmed. NCIX denied my transaction (twice) and seemingly banned me from their site for who knows what reason. Then, Tigerdirect cancelled the transaction I made there UNTIL I called today and straightened things out.

Apparently because I called over the phone the order is "instantly approved" or something along those lines. The representitive said that the order will ship this afternoon or early tomorrow morning and SHOULD arrive within five to seven business days. This better work, and I'm sure it will. The only hurdle to get over now is UPS and their retarded employees who don't know where to ship shit.

So, without further adue...





That is all.

- Yosh Out.





Best. Vanilla. Icecream. EVER!







I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

So, thought I'd conduct an experiment...

What would my thought pattern be like under the influence of ... !beer? (Hidden ref, go with it.)

For one, PINK FLOYD IS GAWWWD! Anybody who disagrees can go roll their eyes into ... cabbage rolls? WTF?

This music is truely ... Wow.

Holy crap - IT MAKES SENSE!~

Holy crap. It makes .... sense.

On a side note, I'm on a different plane of existance.

I'm here but I'm not.

Part of me is peaking through another dimension.

It's over? [sad]

Time for MOZART!~

Lacrimosa, from Requium For The Dead ......

Music of the gods.

Don't believe me? Get some !beer and ... Sorry, zoned, overtaken by the awesome music.

Epic man, freaking epic.

Just a note: I thought this would be a way more appropriate location to post this rather than posting it at the lounge.

I have no concept of time anymore, so it is not of concern to me.

Somebody in the quire just coughed, amazing.

I need a highq rip of these songs.

Oh! There's another good song!

Kyrie, starts off strange, but man does it ever hand out cans of 100% grade A preopened whoopass.

Awwww shiat.

Ok, I lied, this music clearly rocks all the way through.

!beer - learn it, love it.

Perhaps somebody could analyze this entry and make conclusions about !beer. *rubschin*

God damn this music is good.

I could feel like this every day of the week and not get sick of it.

Wow, it's almost ... Victorian.

*goes with it*


What the crappy crap. Amazing music.

HERE"S the part of the song. *grooves* .... *in his mind ;(*

This experiment is truely in the name of science, don't get me wrong.

Yeah, science.


Ahem. Composure ...

The vive les pants? WTF?

Nine In Nails - Piggy.


Anyway, I best go ... running low...


Until next time, folks!

You all rock hardcore! \m/ >_
- Yosh Out.

PS - LOL, proofread.





Well, I'm about to have an ulcer.

Apparently, because I didn't sign up to NCIX with the EXACT phone number I used to verify my credit card with (I did not know this was a requirement), my transaction was declined. I did not know this until I called asking why the hell I couldn't log in (STILL haven't had that questioned answered).

The tech support guy, even though he had a terrible accent, was nice enough and I assisted him in changing it to my mom's cellphone number, which is the phone I used to call the credit card company with to verify the credit card when I first obtained it.

THEN I sent a message to the webmaster of NCIX basically PLEADING with him to fix the damn login problem.

I need a few hours sleep, I think.

Driving me nuts. BLAH!

- Yosh Out.





Gentleman: "Good sir, where would I be able to fetch me a pair of those rather SPLENdid yellow pantaloons?"
Mr. Rood: "A pox upon thee!"
Gentleman: "I cannot express my exlcamitory phase, so I shall sit here and drop my monicle!"
Gentleman drops his monicle, shattering at Mr. Rood's feet.
Mr. Rood: "Fool of a took!"
Gentleman: [oh][attention]
Mr. Rood: "You should ingest a rather LARGE amount of stool softener, good sir! Maybe then you will not be so wrought with terror and angst!"
Gentleman dies of a blockage in his colon.
Mr. Rood: "Off to the opium den!" [grin]






Interesting stuff.

So, apparently, some people believe that I am somebody entirely different.

I am not going to deny or accept any of these accusations, but I can say this much: what is the past, is the past. Move on, get a hobby, I don't REALLY care if you all hate the ground I walk on or worship the socks on my feet. Rate me down, rate me up, It's just a number on an Internet forum - it ISN'T a HUGE deal to me. I have responsibilities, a life, places to go and people to see - and to be completely honest - it doesn't matter what somebody says about me, good or bad, on the Internet.

With that said, my foot is aching like all hell broke loose.

Until next time...

- Yosh Out.







My own motherfrickin' computer!





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