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Yes, it is a real cat!

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Torque Book

I've been poking around TGE now a little bit over the past two days. It does look quite nice. The source code is clean, very well commented and nicely projected(??) out. It takes a good 3/4 minutes to compile on my system from rebuild which is a bit of a downer, so I better watch out for not doing that to much.

The book I ordered on Torque is still due to come, so I don't want to go too far into the engine by myself when I have a book coming that is going to tell me all about it. But I have done what any programmer I'm sure would do, and that is just step through the code to see what it is doing. There is a lot of profiling code, which will defiantly come in handy for performance debugging. There is good use of singletons, objects etc... which I like to see.

One thing though which I am a little concerned about, is that it looks as though you have the client code and the server code in the same EXE, not DLL, but EXE. I'm not yet sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing as I haven't really looked too far into it. I am worried mainly because the server build will be full of unneeded code. But then things like the rendering code being available to the server would present a nice opportunity to create a pretty server control panel which I know will come in handy. If all else fails, I'll just alter the engine to work in separate Client and Server DLLs.

There are a lot of tutorial projects that come with the engine, such as a starter FPS project and a start Racing game project. I haven't looked at these much yet but they do look interesting. The builds they product are of good quality and they seem useful, so I'm happy.




Just baught Torque

I have just this minute purchased an 'indie' license to the Torque Game Engine. I must say it defiantly looks interesting. Annoyingly though I must say, I'm at work and hence cannot play with it for another ~6/7 hours @_@

Hopefully, all will go well with it. I have ordered the book on 'The game programmer's guide to Torque' and that should come within the next 2/3 days.

Have any of you used Torque at all? How have you found it?




Battle Engine to be on GBA


The battle engine I must say is moving along much better than I expected. Adding features is far more trivial than I had originally thought. It shows that a good, solid set of base code is definitely worth the effort.

The GDS has build 3 at the time of this writing. That has some nice features such as the Cure spell for the good team and better AI for the bad.

In build 4, expect you character face on the Battle Information Bar as well as some other nice features and more spells!

Build 5 will host items. Finally, a cure for that dreaded poison [smile]. Possibly, I may also start to introduce an actual game architecture. This will include menus and a real purpose to the battling. Feel free to lend a hand for an o-so-great story line to a game like this.

Other news is that I have decided to have the game run on all home brew consoles. This may sound like an arduous task, I am agree with you. So I am going to start with porting to one console at a time. The first being, as I am sure you have guessed, the GBA.

Googling has resulted in a nice dev kit I will use. This is called the 'HAM' Dev Kit. It is hosted here. It seems nice to work with, and depending on how the port goes, I may purchase the licence.

Getting art and audio help for this project is going a bit rocky. But that I expected. I am seriously impressed though at the number of audio guys on the Help Wanted forum. So I cannot say that I will be short in that area. Art though is a bit of a problem. Do any of you know of any good sites where I may be able to pick up an artist that will be willing to help? If so, thanks!

Personally, I just got myself a nice purty Sony Ericsson W800i. It's very nice. Radio, MP3, blue tooth. It's miles better than the K500i which I had previously. But on that note, it be bed time.





Battle Engine

[smile] my first entry.

So far I have been working on the RPG battle engine. It has taken ~1 week on and off to create it so far. I think I am doing OK.

I have got to the point where I am adding spells to use. It is a really easy process you simply 'plug' them in. I am thinking of developing a script of some sort in the near future so that users can create their own spells etc...

Just after writing this, I uploaded the engine onto the GDS. Here is a link to it:- Clicky

Thank you, bye



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