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I took some extensive time off of Mjollnir for many different reasons, although I HAVE looked at it a bit and corrected and/or added bits of code where needed. As I believe I've stated in the past, I use a pen and paper method of coding while at work, and have most of my stuff in it now. I'm going to plug in the gaps between paper and pc today if possible, then hopefully have a demo out soon. The project is starting to stagnate again from lack of activity, plus GU being down again. :/


I've been rather slack on coding. Concentration probs abound, and I'm barely closer to getting those player/sprite classes done. I'm going to work on it some tonight while I'm here at work.

I got a friend to download code::blocks and Boost for me. I need to learn what's different in cb than in Dev-C++. The good news is I should have broadband within a month, as we're moving inside of the city. I despise Thomaston, but at least I can connect faster than 26.4kbps in it.

The demo, delayed far more than I would like, will most likely be ready by Valentine's Day. Oh, how I despise that day.


I have this thing now, I might as well use it :p

I've been doing a lot of mental work on Mjollnir, my 2D game engine, trying to get a demo up and ready for whenever GU comes back up. That hacker could not have picked a worse time to screw up the site.

I was going over my code and noticed I had forgotten to delete the memory allocated for my sprite classes in the destructors, and fixed that. I'm about to go through and look for the same mistake in the quest/stage/map data classes to ensure I didn't do the same thing there.

Afterwards, I have to wrap up the Sprite classes, then plug in the links to get everything going, then write out the text files I'll need to test the engine for its first demo.
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